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Loose Lips Daily: Twiddle My Thumbs Edition

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  • Fenty: I've Got No Regrets
  • Good afternoon sweet readers! LL is sick today and spent much of the morning running barefoot around his neighborhood trying to find a missing dog. The dog is fine, LL is still sick. Abbreviated news time:

    That Must Be Some Fancy Twiddling: Kudos to The Washington Times' Luke Rosiak, who shines a much needed bright light on the epic dysfunction going on at ANC 5B. The whole thing merits a read, but LL's favorite part is: "And it maintained office space inside a Salvation Army facility, where without any discussion or contract drawn up by the commission, Mr. [William] Shelton began paying a friend, Patsy Staten, $25 an hour to answer phones about 25 hours a week. Ms. Staten signed her own timesheets. In repeated calls to the ANC office during those hours, no one ever picked up the phone. Asked what she did at the office on a typical day, Ms. Staten said: 'Twiddle my thumbs.'" Yes! Awesome quote! That's your tax dollars at work, people.

    In Other News: Former At-large council candidate Adam Clampitt takes mayoral ass kissing to new heights. Mayor Vince Gray magically finds the moula to keep MLK Library open on Sundays. There will be blood, and school closings. Meet a guy who will lose to Marion Barry. Taxi fare cap lifted. Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans says he has no intention of getting all up in CFO Nat Gandhi's business over latest employee-theft brouhaha.

    • Lorna Doone

      OMG! There is utterly no substance to Clampitt's screed. I knew there was no there, there, when he was running. He came out of no where his claim to fame being he would flirt with homosexual men by batting his eyelashes and wiggling his butt. He takes professional journalists to task and then proceed to plagiarizes Gray's campaign literature.

      Is he paid to be on that Board? He must really need the money. Of course, other the the eyelashes, the butt, and the homosexual men I could never fathom what were his visible means of support.

    • DT

      Lorna, you are an idi0t and / or an @sshole, what a child.

      The argument that the media is sensationalist is absolutely on point, especially in this city more than anywhere I've lived. Grow up media and learn the concepts of "substance" and "hard news." Learn the subjects you report on beyond the superficial surface and stop being so freaking lazy!

      The argument the "Dean" put forth that the media is there to report what is wrong with the city and not what is being done right is ridiculous by any intellectual standards. To report is to show what is going on, not only what is going wrong; otherwise the public does not get a real picture of what is happening.

      It is true there is polarization and even a racial divide in our city, which is highly unfourtunate and the media is only exacerbating the issue.

      Is it time for a refresher course on what being a journalist?

    • frank

      Adam Clampitt has served his country in the armed forces. He is a much more valuable asset to our District and country than you Lorna. Rethink your life, especially the way you insult people that are more valuable than your winy, incoherent ass.

    • http://distcurm.blogspot.com/ IMGoph

      Clampitt's article is fluff. The other stuff said by Lorna Doone is batty, but the first sentence is correct.