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Ward 8 School Board Member Arrested

Ward 8 State Board of Education member Trayon White was arrested Saturday on a charge of unlawful entry, court records show.

White was arrested by a pair of D.C. Housing Authority police officers for standing in front of the Woodland Terrace public housing complex, court records show. White had been barred from Woodland Terrace earlier this summer by one of his arresting officers, the records show.

When LL contacted DCHA's police department to find out why White had been barred, the agency said barring notices aren't public record (that can't be true, right?) but that White should have a copy of the notice.

Here's an email from White explaining his version of events:

I was arrested because DCHA police told MPD that they gave me a stay away order, which is a lie.

I was never barred from Woodland, ever. I have been targeted by MPD because when they mistreat people I stand up for them especially if they right. If the person is wrong, I can't fight against that. Police follow me all the time even when I'm driving with my family. I was assaulted by MPD in 2006 and sued DC. Every since then I have been a target by DC Police. I have a great relationship with MPD senior officials who really cares. However, the vice unit aka "jump outs" is unethical and get away with illegal activities at the expense of people lives. This is one of many incidents. I have no criminal record, except protesting at the White House.

I feel disrespected and targeted. I have been labeled the leader for my generation, especially in Ward 8. That is one of the main reasons the people arrested me. I have served Woodland and other communities and have been featured on CNN, Washington Post, channel 7 and NBC and Community Foundation, etc. At this time I do this work with little and no resources. The community in Woodland Terrace is outraged. The president of Woodland Terrace Resident Council Davon Johnson was present and told the officers, Tray does not do anything but help the residents of Woodland everyday and all over Southeast. They explained they didn't care. I can't serve the residents if I am barred. I have yet to hear from anyone why I was allegedly barred.

  • tony

    "I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that his justice cannot sleep forever."
    (Thomas Jefferson,Slave Owner).

  • cminus

    @SEis4ME, I am absolutely not dismissing the validity of his claims of false arrest. I have no problem believing that MPD would do such a thing. I just don't know one way or the other yet, and until MPD either comes through with an order to justify the arrest or drops the charges in embarassment, I'm keeping an open mind. I think the city absolutely must discuss the issue once we get some evidence one way or the other.

    As for how his proficiency with the English language affects his suitability for office: this is the school board. Unlike any other office in the city, a school board member actually does have a professional need to know the finer points of English composition and grammar, because one of the duties of the school board is to decide which textbooks the District should buy to teach the subject.

    But, yes, proficiency with the English language is not the sole basis for deciding who should be on the school board, and it shouldn't be. I'm a former spelling bee champion, but I would not make an ideal school board member. And there are lots of other skills a candidate can bring to the board; possibly White excuses himself when the board discusses the English curriculum, and then rejoins the meeting when the topic changes to the science curriculum or preventing truancy or special education or facilities management.

    White's letter raises questions about his suitability for the school board. It doesn't yet show that the answers to those questions mean that he doesn't belong there.

  • SEis4ME

    @GOPUnite, your argument might hold water if nationwide, the GOP has been the example of austerity, compromise, and of course ethics. But it hasn't. So while it's reasonable to conclude that dems have done a poor job or running things, there isn't any substantive evidence showing how GOP is better. Attacking the only show in town is rather easy.

    It's akin to saying that the redskins have been a losing team because the headcoach is male and not female.

  • SEis4ME

    @GOPUnite, your argument might hold water if nationwide, the GOP has been the example of austerity, compromise, and of course ethics. But it hasn't. So while it's reasonable to conclude that dems have done a poor job or running things, there isn't any substantive evidence showing how GOP is better. Attacking the only show in town is rather easy.

    It's akin to saying that the redskins have been a losing team because the headcoach or the players are male and not female.

  • All of your city are belong to us

    "STRONGEST community leaders Ward 8

    BEST athletes Ward 8

    MOST children the past 20 years Ward 8"


  • GOPUnite

    @SEis4Me I only call it how I see it. If there were republicans on the council, then there would be a balanced arguement. "Ok the people on the council as a whole just arent holding their weight". But if majority of the council is represented by one party and 3/4's of that party is an embarrassment, you can only assume that either the election is a joke, the citizens are a joke or the party is a joke.

    I have been involved in elections before, they are tough on you mentally, physically and in some cases spiritually when you have to deal with citizens who demand everything but dont understand the feasibility of getting those demands met.

    The citizens....well thats a touchy subject because if it were just based on voting with no strings attached, a lot of people on this council would not be on it. Everyone votes with the intent of having an "I.O.U or Scratch my back I'll scratch yours" playing field. Until citizens invest in the future of their wellbeing instead of trying to get in on the foul play, then you get what you vote for

    But this democratic party....My goodness th majority are a bunch of clowns. They can't possibly tell me that these people are the cream of the crop for the council. And everyone I have seen step up to the plate that would be labeled a "newcomer" is just as bad as the current members.

    Granted not all of you are crooks, but you vote these people in so you should have part of the blame too.

    Republicans until given a chance have all the right to point the finger. Put us in the hotseat, or tell your folks to get their act together.

  • seDCdude

    What's so funny??

    Jokes on you if you can't debunk those FACTS because I will/can READILY back that claim up!!

  • seDCdude

    GOP is an idiot just like Newt, Bill O'Reilly, Sarah "dark meat" Palin, Chaney, Rick Perry, Bush (the whole clan), McCain.....need I write more?

  • tony

    @seDCdude, Man, these clowns up in here are crazy as hell.

  • seDCdude


    yeah man, it's rather disheartening to say the least at the abundance of walking dead amongst us! Would much rather be politically correct (LEXUS) than supportive of true change,commitment and progression!

    As if they are perfect and without flaw.....pitiful!!!!

    As polished as bernie madoff "appeared" to be, he was nothing more than a common thief, but this clown GOP runnin' round city paper blogs like a rabid dog spewing that garbage and misinformation as if the GOP is the cure all.......GTFOH!

    Ignorance is so easy to spot and debunk, just hit em' with common sensical FACTS!

    This was nothing more than an attempt to identify weakness and seek to initiate further removal then replacement of minority individuals from KEY positions!

    Bare in mind that just 10 years ago DC had a WHITE firechief who DID not have a highschool diploma.......look that up!!

  • StrangeFruit

    Dear StrangeFruit:

    To piss you off, I am going to exclusively use this name on here for every single post I ever make on WCP because you are a humorless prick.

  • StrangeFruit

    People, when you get arrested, you tend to be in a very bad mood which is not conducive to avoiding typos when writing emails about your recent experience.

  • Lexus

    Obviously seDCdude has no job. He spends all day on these blogs. Ooops! Now I've done it. Watch...a barage of ugly words to come from him. Watch...he cannot resist. His suffering ego is too overpowering. He cannot hold back. Here it comes........Ooooooooh Noooooo!!!!!

  • Isn’t It Obvious

    @GOPUnite: I am not a Democrat. So, please tell me how any of the people you named were people that I voted for? The last time I checked, once a person is elected, regardless of party affiliation, that person represents/serves the entire community. Thus, eventhough I did not vote for the people you named, unfortunately, they still represent DC residents.

    @SEis4Me: Obviously some people who comment on this blog do need the assistance of spell check and proper grammer. Especially when commenting negatively about a Board of Education member who is responsible for ensuring that our children receive a proper education, and that commenter (GOPUnite) fails to show that he or she in fact has an education; and knows the difference between a logical argument and one based solely in polical gain. However, thanks for your perspective.

  • StrangeFruit

    StrangeFruit Knock Off,

    Typical white man entitlement mentality. Claim it and exclusively use it as yours, cause I love the irony of a ignorant White Man calling himself StrangeFruit!

    Hilarious and LMAO!

  • DCDem

    @GOPUnite: Nobody DESERVES to be in any elected position. If you have a viable candidate that can convince the voters that they are "worthy" to represent the citizens then that is what will happen. Until then, sit on the sidelines and watch. You are not ENTITLED to be on the council. Kapeesh.

  • ginobli

    i see most of the people who are commenting about the grammar from mr whites letter, i see the issue of the letter is police abuse but nobody wants to discuss that fact until it effects them and their community. Im willing to bet my last dollar that all the people with bad things to say are living in wards 2,3,4,5 never been to anacostia and probably would never visit this is what makes my blood boil. Everybody has an opinion but nobody has the solution.

  • TheStrongSurvive

    Here is a man that has made the decision to devote his life to helping the community (Ward 8). He has not taken on the title of English Professor, but is committed to making sure the children of Ward 8 receive the proper education.

    I commend him for taking on that task, which obviously entails being ridiculed by people like you. I encourage him to walk with his head held high and to keep fighting. Few are called to do this work. It saddens me to see that those that are willing to stand for the cause have to be torn down by others. My prayer is that you always have a heart to serve and that God continues to provide you with the full armor as it is apparently needed in this war.

    Peace and Love

  • seDCdude

    Ayy Lexus,
    it would behoove you to refrain from blogging, from reading your convo with self my suggestion kid that you seek and take those medicines for that!

    What in Sam hell does my not or being employed have to do with YOUR coonish mental??

  • BiteMe

    This topic of discussion has clearly gotten out of hand lol. We live in the age of "lol" "lmao" facebook, smileys, and twitter. No one uses standard english unless it involves a professional setting.

    The guy clearly is an advocate for ward 8 students and their education so thats it. People can say what they want but he was elected the same way our DC Council was, so if you have a problem, you seriously need to re-evaluate the luxury of having a vote and that you stand by/support the person you vote for.

    @GOPUnite you are a fool. The republicans had thier change and LOST IT. The last thing you want is change and the way your party has bashed Obama and havent supported him on ONE issue since he was elected in office, I hope they run all you fools out of DC!

  • dude please

    I read about this in the Washington post and they said he also had a traffic arrest warrent. So that statement he made about never being arrested is not true.

  • dude please

    Does D.C school board has a code of conduct? They need to look into Mr.White arrest and conduct. According to other news sites he has been arrested many time for traffic violations. I hope D.C never becomes a state they can't even be a city...

  • anon

    I know this for a fact. Mr. White was originally barred by Housing police on housing property (for lawful reasons). I will not go into those reasons. He was seen this past week back on the same proprty he was barred from. Housing police (not MPD) arrested him that day. Because Mr. White is a public official, he spoke to his people, who spoke to DC Chief of Police who spoke to the Housing Chief of Police and the original barring notice was removed from Mr White. However, Mr White had to go to DC Court for his arrest and the DC Judge also issued a stay away (read, Court Order) from that same area based on the facts presented at court. Yes there was an original barring notice, and yes he was lawfully arrestted for violating such order, and yes he still has an order issued by a DC Judge.

  • Lexus

    I was right! seDCdude could not...just could not, resist responding. And respond with his venomous nonsense he did. He was sucker punched and he is too full of himself to realize it. Poor...poor...poor suffering ego needs to be fed. Come on silly...give up some more of that snake venom you use so well. Yes, there is a connection with your being unemployed and the hate in your heart...can't you see that? No...but everyone else on this chain knows it. Spend time looking for gainful employment instead writing insults to so many people. Poor, poor seDCdude. Wait one minute everyone....here comes his UGLY..........

  • seDCdude

    You are delusional as hell, right along with being a COON!

  • Fontaine

    For all critics who just talk just talk and never be in Se Treyon can go and talk to younger guy who wil otherwise be without the positive person and I'm not a role model or nothing like it but I cant knock a man for helping his community so shut up and help him before one of them same youngsters be putting a gun in ya face

  • Trayon White

    I am Trayon White, thanks to all who wrote to defend me. My transcripts, report cards from high school, college (University of Maryland Eastern Shore), and grad school (Southeastern Univeristy) transcripts speak volumes. Never got less than a "B" in my entire college career 3.7 accumulative GPA. People are going to judge others if they are right or wrong, so I let God be the who He his because He is the ONLY perfect one.

    The reality is I had to send something in less than 5 minutes. I was in a meeting and sent it to someone to have them proof read it. However, they were not responding in a timely fashion. I read all this and thought to myself. I would rather tell my side and be scrutinize about my grammar, or let it hit loose lips and read even still all the comments. I can take all the remarks because my forefathers endured worse. Thanks to you all for your criticism and supporting words. They are both healthy for me. God has called me to be a servant leader, and that is what I will be doing long after this is over. The reality is...... (grammar again right!?) I will be scrutinized again for this insert and eventually something else. So, as I continue my journey I will continue to serve and smile when my young people and their parents cry and tell their story of how they became successful. Jesus said if I testify about myself it is invalid. The changed lives along my journey will speak louder than politics and my grammar. Thanks all. Peace and Love

  • AClassAct

    I tip my hat to you, Mr. White. Thank you for your hard work and advocacy.

  • Im Just Sayin

    Thanks Trayon for taking the words out of my mouth, in
    regards to your educational experience.I can gauranteed you that no one from this blog list even thought about pulling up your educational backgroud, that played a huge part in your position today. By Trayon getting arrested, this has nothing to do with Black or White......Democrats or Republicans. This have everything to do with Housing Police and MPD abusing their authority against the wrong people. Now can we get back onto the subject.

  • dude please

    So Mr White is this you first arrest? Because the Washington post quoted that you have been arrested before and stated you had a arrest warrent. So how does a " smart person" with a " education backround" get arrested more than once?.

  • Meziah76

    I serve with my brother, friend, and comrade TRAYON WHITE in this TRUE WAR on POVERTY. We are Ward 8 son's that chose to give back to the community that we were raised in, To show I'll people that you could be successful without being the DOPEMAN!!!. We both are EDUCATED, INTELLIGENT YOUNG, GIFTED & BLACK UNDER THE AGE OF 40. With the mind-set of helping I'll people to become better, some are questioning his abilty to serve on the school board. Contunie to follow his carrer and you will see why. WHILE it has been a struggle on this battle field. We have done GREAT work here in Ward 8, over the last 4-5 years. If you guys want to find something to talk about, talk about the REVOLUTION that's going to take place.... We will STAND TALL on this issuse and many more... STAY TUNE to the STREETS... WE ARE COMING... IT will be a modern day CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT....JESUS CHRIST ,MARTIN LUTHER KING JR, GHANDI, NELSON MANDELA, MALCOLM X, TUPAC, AND OTHER GREAT PEOPLE STOOD UP & AGAINST THESE KIND OF SOCIAL INJUSTICE ISSUES.


  • tony

    @trayon, you don't have to explain yourself to these demons. Man, do your work and leave the judging to others.Because at the end of the day, you and I both know that there is a GOD that sits high and look low.

  • StrangeFruit

    @ Trayon White,

    Speak the truth brother, and middle finger to the CIty Paper and all the haters.

  • leonard poe

    Mr white keep doing what you are doing people are always tring to make powerful people look bad so they can try(try) to still your shine stay strong and dont break black man.

  • Karl Rudder

    My brief discussion yesterday with Trayon White had him inform me that his approach to HELPING DC YOUTH was to, "provide talks for the youth!" Our little brothers and sisters are in need of having better tutorial service from their parents and the vast resources of the DC community and not mere talk service from anyone!