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  • Cost to Break Kwame Brown's Navigator Lease: $12,450
  • Good morning sweet readers! [Witty comment.] News time:

    Not What a Lawyer Would Advise: Cornell Jones, a former drug kingpin who is being sued by the city for allegedly using city AIDS funding to renovate a strip club, took to the airways to say he's being targeted because he is black and because openly gay Councilmembers Jim Graham and David Catania are "a couple of gay guys who sometimes get to acting like little faggots," TWT reports. Nothing like playing the race card along with the aggressive homophobia card at the same time. Cheers, Mr. Jones, stay classy. Also, how did the city ever get into business with this guy?!

    AFTER THE JUMP: Sulaimon's Records; Clearing Catania; Pringle's Problems...

    You'll Have to Ask the FBI: Former mayoral candidate and city healthcare auditor Sulaimon Brown was back in the news yesterday because 1) he finally hired a lawyer! and 2) he told the D.C. Council he can't answer their subpoena for bank and other records because he's already turned those records over to the FBI, and apparently he didn't make any copies to keep for himself before doing so. "The council is expressing to the courts and public that I’m being dilatory. I’m not being dilatory," says Brown in a letter. Since the council has already released its report, what does everybody say to just letting this issue drop?

    Clearing Catania: The Post reports that Mayor Vince Gray is moving "to dilute some of [Catania's] power over the direction of health policy" with the recent dismissal of a former Catania aide at the health care finance department. Kicker quote: "Before Genee Unger came along, Medicaid every year was a material weakness in our (budget), but she went there a couple years ago to right our system and … it appears she was fired for that,” Catania said. “It is interesting who this mayor has selected to bring into this administration. It seems to be based a lot on personal petty vendettas and not competence.”

    Not What the Doctor Ordered: LL is of two minds about new Deputy Mayor Andi Pringle and the disclosure that she voted in last year's mayoral primary while living in Rockville (pro tip: "North Bethesda" is a made-up term realtors use to make southern Rockville more expensive-sounding.) One one hand, Pringle, as a veteran political operative, should have known better. On the other, it could easily have been a just simple mistake not worth getting bent out of shape over. In any event, the Post editorial board has its mind made up about Votegate: Guilty! The Post serves up a blistering editorial with the headline ("More Hiring Headaches for D.C. Mayor") that Gray really didn't want to see. Pringle didn't do herself any favors by telling the Examiner that she didn't vote in this year's special election because "in my mind, I was in Maryland by then." When you've lived in Maryland for 18 months, such a statement might deserves the Post's retort: "Residency may sometimes be a complicated legal issue, but it’s not a state of mind."  Meanwhile, deputy chief of staff Paul Quander filled in for the mayor yesterday on TBD's Newstalk with Bruce DePuyt and said that "we missed one" while vetting Pringle but the administration has no plans to dump her.

    In Other News:

    • Gray administration clearly made appointments without looking at sloppy, overly long resumes.
    • Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson and former Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee tied the knot over the weekend. No word on whether "Thunder" Dan Majerle was there.
    • New speed cameras coming.
    • En fin, bike share to the Mall.
    • City breaks out $10 million to cover earthquake damages.
    • Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans apparently reads Post editorial page, writes letter to the IG over lottery contract non-investigation.

    Gray sked: Weekly presser at 10 a.m. WOL Radio With Bernie McCain interview at 4 p.m.

    Council sked: Roundtable on middle school at 10 a.m.

    • ColorMeUnimpressed

      Still harping on the voting issue. As the Post editorial points out, there are certain questions to ask when determining residency. It's not as simple as you moved somewhere so that's where your residency is. I wish the press would stop sensationalizing things and instead focus on things that really matter. Ask questions, rather than just coming to legal conclusions without anything to support those conclusions.

    • DJ Ren

      "It is interesting who this mayor has selected to bring into this administration. It seems to be based a lot on personal petty vendettas and not competence.”

      - Uh yeah, you think so, David? It's taken how long for you to figure that out??!

      As a side note, Cornell Jones's comments seem to play to the One Citidiot base here in the WCP comments section - I'm sure those folks will love it. Ugh.

    • drez

      From WP
      Residency may sometimes be a complicated legal issue, but it’s not a state of mind. That’s why Ms. Pringle needs to be more forthcoming about the circumstances of her move to Maryland. Why, at the time of her move, did she change the apartment number, but not the street address or town of residency, on her D.C. Board of Elections and Ethics registration? Where did she pay taxes? Where was she registered to drive? Did she establish accounts with utilities?
      Meanwhile, the firm she touts on her résumé,Pringle Communications Group Inc., is not in good standing with the D.C. government. Records from the city’s Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs show the firm’s articles of organization were revoked in November 2009 because it failed to file required reports. Yet even with its corporate status revoked, it apparently — according to information about recent clients on Ms. Pringle’s résumé — continued to operate. When we sought to ask why this might be, Ms. Pringle declined to speak with us.

    • Typical DC BS

      Cornell Jones is being picked on because he's a scumbag with an "in" who misused city funds. He'll be next on the list to be investigated for about a year (we have the SLOWEST federal prosecutor in the nation) before charges are brought against him.

    • noodlez


      YEAH PUT GAYTANIA IN A CORNER AND SEE HOW HE ACTS! THE QUOTED STATEMENT “It is interesting who this mayor has selected to bring into this administration. It seems to be based a lot on personal petty vendettas and not competence.” BASICALLY PROVED CORNELL WAS RIGHT.

    • cgcandi

      Catania is crazy, Unger was straight out of school and he picked her up from working at Kinko-FedEx... she had no experience; just ask the people who worked with her at DHCF... who wouldn't want to be Chief Operating Officer at a 2 billion dollar agency at the age of 25??? most people work for a grade (CS/MS) 16; Catania wanted her there to protect his interests in the sole source GW contracts... and now he has no one...

    • Keith B.

      Corny Jo' sounds like a sambo caught with his hand in the jar. Repo man's gonna be getting busy in his neighborhood soon... can he handle that truths?

    • NU78

      How does someone move to Maryland 18 months ago and -- after having moved at least 5 months earlier -- still think she's entitled to vote in a D.C. election? If you look at the residency requirements online for Montgomery County voters, it seems pretty clear that she was domiciled in Maryland, not D.C. Alan, please stop making excuses for Ms. Pringle -- or else tell us what you know that makes her action anything other than breaking the law!

    • DJ Ren

      To wit:

      "As a side note, Cornell Jones's comments seem to play to the One Citidiot base here in the WCP comments section - I'm sure those folks will love it."

      Annnd, not an hour later: YEAH PUT GAYTANIA IN A CORNER AND SEE HOW HE ACTS.

      Ah, One Citidiots. At least they're consistent.

    • Danielle

      Those resumes are PAINFUL. Carolyn Cross (deputy director, Department of Corrections) can't even spell the name of her employer or Strayer University. Yikes.

    • noodlez


    • DJ Ren

      @all caps, it's "consistent", sweetie.

      And I'm not Rake. Nor am I gay, just not homophobic. Nice try, though.

    • tony

      @noodlez, you are wasting your time dealing with these racist clowns. You can't change their twisted thinking. As far as they are concern, any black person who dare to think for himself or refuse to submit to their demonic beliefs and godless values is trouble. Clearly, your viewpoints are reasonable, balanced and fair.

    • noodlez




      first Cornell didnt call them a faggot,what he did say was they both act like faggots.if u been in this city u would know that the FBI been investigating this issue almost 4 years now and havent found any wrong doing on his part. and let me ask why havent he been call down to the council 2 be ask about these allegations. and if u been in this city long enough u would know that CATANIA rake everybody over the coal about healthcare dollars.they got offended 4 being call a faggot,well look what they are calling him. he also made some allegations about both of them, that they arent commenting on.that was about the $4million that whitman walker swindled...

    • tony

      @insider, Cornell is doing the right thing in going on the offensive. He suppose to defend himself. If Catania and Graham and others are going to try and destroy him then Cornell is well within his rights to defend himself. Catania has spent his entire career attacking people and engaging in name calling. And as soon as someone call him a name he cries like the bitch he is. Fuck him!

    • Drez

      Dude's a thief like Thomas and he's going down.
      All the rest is pointless noise.

    • DCDem

      Cornell should be just fine with the progressives. He and their boy A. Fenty go a long way back. He's even bailed Fenty out of trouble a time or two.

    • Truth Hurts

      WaPo's editorial about Pringle's voting fraud was absolutely correct. LL, why do you make excuses for her? Did you too vote in DC?

      And why, LL, do you omit any mention of Pringle's company doing business (illegally) in DC after its charter was revoked by DCRA? This Gray hire is just more of the same. Politically connected people who disregard DC laws at will. Why should anyone comply with DC laws when this current crop of pols flout them with impunity?

    • tony

      I have a feeling that this city will be dealing with Cornell and Harry Thomas for years to come. However, there are options for those who wishes not to---Virginia is on one side of the border and Maryland is on the other.

    • Keith B.

      I'm hoping if they leave the light on long enough, all the roaches will stay scattered. Gotta start somewhere, shoulda started years ago.

    • American Rogue

      Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson and former Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee tied the knot over the weekend.


      You really want to look at that every morning!?!?!? She's the type of woman that justifies the existence of porn!!!!!! What a box-head!!!!!!!!!

    • tony

      @Keith B., HOPE is a powerful thing but reality is supreme.

    • seDCdude


      The usual faggotry at work here, and to think ol' Sally acused me of being gay, but call a spade a spade with these clown azz KKK buttbangers, who are only a coupl'a zip codes away from a white sheet and a hood and bar da doe' Katey.......all hell breaks loose!

      Cornell called it right and so did Tony, Insider and NOODLES as usual!

      This is exactly what you get when the realm "allows" the FAKE to fester and prosper where they should NOT, ie Catania, Graham and Wells....run they asses outta town and DC politics!

    • seDCdude

      American Rogue

      KJ just may have an agenda...talk about an odd couple.....DAYUUUM!

    • NE John

      Drez is right. To the slammah!

    • Jane

      Some of those resumes are a hoot! Are people seriously using the word "operationalizing"??


      Tony u are off the hook. but u are right.any person that stand up 2 these bullys in suits. they go crying like little girls.

    • CornIsAPunk

      Cornell Jones is a punk. Punked out in jail, closet punk now. He's been crushing on Catania ever since he got elected. Every time he testifies before the Council he croons Catania's name. That's right... Say my name, Punk! Go figure....

    • Drez

      No, they are utilizing the word "operationalizing"!

    • seDCdude


      WTH!!! Where I come from, a grown ass "man" calling another grown ass man sweetie is GAY as hell!

      Check your sexuality champ....GE Ren is Rick
      Mangee" Mangus, "shim" ain't fooling nobody!

    • Truth Hurts

      Hey LL, you can stop making excuses for Pringle now.

      Probably resigned because there are still more skeletons in her closet.

    • LongTimeRez

      "Why should anyone comply with DC laws when this current crop of pols flout them with impunity?"

      LOLOL... how quickly they forget! Keith Lomax, RBK Inc., Maryland resident, big Fenty donor and BFF, $11 million-plus in contracts ($9.75 mil after Fenty elected in 2008)ill-gotten with registration as DC LSDBE (even tho company in MD) for "work" unsupported by documentation.

      Lomax was apparently so ecstatic over DC's generosity, that he registered and voted in DC--even though he's a MD resident--for the 2008 US presidential primary. BOEE finally purged him from the voters rolls in the last year.

    • Cheez

      Catania and Graham are faggots whats the problem? They are what they are.

    • tony

      According to the City Paper, Cornell is suing the city back over their allegations of financial misdeeds on his part. Now, this is how you fight back. This should serve as a lesson for other blacks who come under attack because they simply want to feed their families like others. At some point you fight back and let the chips fall where they may before you just cave in and call it quits. Good luck, Cornell.

    • Really?

      I know a lot of newbies who pay taxes here, have homes, but haven't changed their voter registration. Why? because they have reprensentation in their home states.

    • this is scary

      i don't know if i've read an intelligent or lucid statement here. the same ignorant folks still talking stupid here.

    • Keith B.

      Corny sounds like the whiny bitch now. I'm sure he's glad that you don't mind your tax money supporting him and his, tony, but I wouldn't give that fatass a dime if he was out on the corner with his hat out. He's no hustler, he's a straight up con man.

    • seDCdude

      Keith B

      shut"chur bitch ass up!