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D.C. Log Cabin Republicans: Is David Catania a Chivalrous Sell Out?

The D.C. Log Cabin Republicans, the most influential gay Republican group around, have some fightin' words for Councilmember David Catania after he made glib remarks about Republican Party's lack of relevance in District politics.

After the D.C. GOP claimed that 10 out of 13 councilmembers had broken District law by using their constituent service funds to donate to political groups, Catania, a former Republican, told The Washington Post that the local Republican Party is all wet.

“This is evidently all the GOP has, since it has an absence of qualified candidates who can get elected. ... So it resorts to backbiting. It’s not a strategy. It’s just entertaining," said Catania, adding: "If there were a Ward 7 Republican Party, I would have probably given to them, too. ... But there doesn’t appear to be any Republican Party in the District outside of Georgetown."

That last line was evidently too much for D.C. Log Cabin President Robert Turner II, who issued a press release today saying Catania ought to "know that Republicans, while few in the District, are spread all over this city. We are a cross-section of our communities, being of all races, ethnicities, sexual orientation, and economic status. To insinuate otherwise is simply ignorant."

Turner goes on to say that “we must now ask if he’s at home with ‘constituent services’ funds that are effectively slush funds for well-connected insiders. Has the former paladin of good government sold out?”

Okay, LL admits it, he had to look up what "paladin" means. From the Internet: "A knight renowned for heroism and chivalry."

Since the sharp-tounged Catania has probably never been called "chivalrous" before, LL asked Turner about the slight. Turner explained that since Catania is fond of using big words, Turner thought he would "find one of our own and toss it in his direction."

Turner added that he is has grown tired of Catania's "nitpicking and name calling," especially his remarks about the D.C. GOP not being able to find a qualified candidate to run. Republican Pat Mara was an "outstanding" candidate who came close to winning last April's special at-large council election, says Turner.

Turner says his group doesn't endorse candidates who aren't Republicans, but that several Log Cabin members have helped on Catania's previous campaigns. That support is likely to diminish in the future because of Catania's rotten attitude toward Republicans, Turner says.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • Thief, Level 4

    Dude, how do you not know what a paladin is? DIDN'T YOU PLAY DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS?!?!?!?!

  • Cap City Records Panhandler

    When Catania was a GOPer he visited Bush's Texas ranch on invite.

  • http://www.glaaforum.org Rick Rosendall

    First of all, David Catania's sharp tongue was a significant factor in his special-election victory that first put him on the Council as a Republican in late 1997. I don't recall Log Cabin objecting to his sharp tongue back then.

    David was pretty much driven from the GOP by the disgraceful way he was treated in 2004 by the D.C. Republican Committee, which acted purely as a toady for the RNC and kicked David to the curb for defending marriage equality. He was one of two Republican Council members before that. The other was Carol Schwartz, who was knocked off the Council by Patrick Mara. Patrick has continued to boast about this success of his, despite the fact that it left the Council without any Republican representation. Hey, congrats, guys!

    For Robert Turner of Log Cabin to jump on David's hyperbole about Georgetown is a convenient way of ignoring the accuracy of David's statement that the GOP is irrelevant in D.C. politics. I am a Democrat with a long history of working across party lines, and I think our local politics would be strengthened and the results would improve if the GOP were more competitive. But that seems unlikely any time soon, if you consider that the local GOP's choice for a keynoter at its fundraising dinner earlier this year was right-wing nutbag Rep. Allen West. That pick can hardly have been made with the D.C. electorate in mind.

    Good luck to DCRC in trying to appeal simultaneously to the Tea Party and liberal urban Republicans and independents. To paraphrase LBJ, DCRC would have been a lot better off had they kept David inside their tent pissing out, rather than outside their tent pissing in. You make your choice, you pay the consequences.

  • Drez

    Good analysis by Rick.

  • Java Master

    Rick Rosendall pretty much nails it.
    I cannot think of a more irrelevant and ineffective group within the Republican party than the Log Cabin.

  • LongTimeRez

    Yeah, and Carol Schwartz would still be on the Council if she hadn't had a reality break and stabbed Catania in the back, trashing him from the dias over the baseball stadium of all things. Payback's a b*tch!!

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  • DCCommish

    Thank you Rick! You do them justice by telling it like it is! As for Carol Schwartz...she was right...this city should have never gotten into financing the richest sports franchise in the world for $615 million! Please! She let Catania have it and she should have! Carol run so I don't have to look at Pat Mara posters in the 2012 eleciton!

  • DCCommish

    FYI Robert Turner need to supply the demographics of his party to show any creditablity to his statement "We are a cross-section of our communities, being of all races, ethnicities, sexual orientation, and economic status" I bet they live west of the river, make over 100k a year and are mostly white!

  • Tom M.

    Let's look at "outstanding candidate" Patrick Mara. In 2008, he won a close GOP primary election with Carol Schwartz. He went on to get just 10% of the vote in the general election for At Large City Council. He garnered FEWER votes than WRITE IN candidate Carol Schwartz in that tally. He came closer in the latest tussle but under circumstances not likely to be repeatable -- special election, low turnout, all candidates vying for the same spot (not a primary leading to a general where a non-GOP candidate can beat a GOP candidate). Since i generally vote D, i hope the GOP continues to consider Mara as highly successful/qualified candidates. But as someone who thinks a bit of competition could raise the game her in DC government land, it would probably be better if the GOP did NOT.

  • AMNeighbor

    Give 'em hell, David!

  • http://happyone.org Thequietstorm

    David is a FAGGOT who knows are far to go with the real Republican mobsters, like Bush and the boys.

    In other words, his ass knows when to shut the hellup. Just like sucker ass Gray, Kwame, Michael Brown when it comes down to Ug Moe Graham, KKK Mr & Ms Evans, and KKK Ms. Fat face Catania.

  • Drez

    Good info by Tom M.

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