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Evans and Graham Subpoenaed in Lotto Deal Suit

D.C. Lottery

The mess over how the D.C. Council awarded the D.C. Lottery contract oh so many moons ago shows no sign of disappearing soon. Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham and Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans have been been served with subpoenas to testify in a civil trial brought by Eric Payne, a former contracting officer with the CFO's office. The Examiner reported last week that Mayor Vince Gray and CFO Nat Gandhi have also been served subpoenas.

Payne says he was improperly fired after resisting Gandhi's undue political pressure while the lottery contract was up for bid. Gandhi has denied any wrongdoing.

Why Evans and Graham? Payne says they were witnesses to Gandhi's alleged pressuring.

"Upon information and belief, the CFO had committed to certain City Councilmembers and other politically connected individuals to terminate Plaintiff and re-bid the lottery contract," Payne's complaint, filed in federal court, says.

Graham says he's done nothing wrong and would be happy to make his case at the appropriate time. But he adds that the council's counsel, David Zvenyach, plans to ask that the subpoenas be quashed. Zvenyach declined comment.

  • Ward One Resident

    I'm beginning to think that the only thing the Grahamstander knows how to say is "I've done nothing wrong."

  • NE John

    Gandhi is no man of peace. He just wants a piece!

  • tony

    Jim Graham as a witness? Are you fucking kidding me?

  • EnoughAlready

    @Ward One Resident and tony-LOL!!!

  • Just Curious

    Hmmm.... Why would Graham fight the subpoena? If he did not break the law, he should be willing to say so under oath. More importantly, did his former employee, who is currently incarcerated, participate in any of these lottery meetings? Are Graham, Evans, Gray and Gandhi able to break the law with impunity?

    Just Curious

  • Truth Hurts

    Who is Payne's lawyer?

  • NE John

    None of these people produce anything of value. Nothing creative. Nothing worthwhile. Rather, they prey on the ignorant, stupid, and otherwise defeated of our society. Fukin pathetic scum, these agents are.

  • seDCdude

    Jim Graham is familiar......slick, sly and wicked, just like some of these sneaky posters righ'chere in thread!

    Nothing but excuses, deflection and aversion, sound familiar Drez, GE Ren, Truth Hurts and a few others.

    Nothing worst than a weezle personality!

    They do more harm than good, as pointed out so eloquently by NE John!

  • Crook

    What about Tom Lindenfield? His ass was involved in this.

  • Truth Hurts

    seDCdude: You're such a dumbass.

    I've been one of Graham's biggest critics for years now, so your post is nonsensical.

    Btw, learn how to spell, dude.

  • Drew

    Relevant question: was Gray acting outside the scope of his authority as Chairman of the Council when (and if) he directly engaged in negotiations surrounding the selection of a vendor for the lottery contract? Vendor selection is an "executive" function, properly delegated to the agency responsible for procuring contracts, usually the Office of Contracts and Procurement. Even in the context of the OCFO, an independent agency, their selection of a vendor would be more properly viewed as an executive function performed through their office of contracts and procurement. It is possible that such direct involvement in vendor selection could be viewed as beyond the two recognized roles of a council member, that of oversight and as lawmaker. And, let's not forget that Gray is a sitting Mayor. If the judge forces a sitting Mayor to testify in a civil trial, it could have far-reaching implications, especially given the current political climate in DC. This will be a great argument to hear before a judge.

  • Truth Hurts

    See today's WaPo editorial.

    Missed your opportunity to be out front on DC's failure to investigate the lottery contract, LL. Too bad.

  • DC5

    Eric Payne's attorney is Donald M. Temple.

  • Truth Hurts

    @ DC5: Thanks for the info, but I learned Temple is the atty shortly after my earlier post. Actually, I know him and he's an experienced, highly regarded lawyer. Also read the complaint (detailed and well written). Odd that we're hearing about it only now given it was filed a year ago.

    Maybe I'll contact Temple/Payne and see if I can be helpful. The lottery contract debacle has bothered me for a long time.

  • seDCdude

    "but I learned TEMPLE "IS" atty"

    WOW....dumbass though? ME, learn how to spell??

    TH you come straight out of a CRAKKa JACK box.....

  • seDCdude

    Ayy TH,

    I guess you're right, I for omitted a K....you unadulterated baboon!

  • seDCdude

    "BAFOON".....you knew that though!

  • Really??

    @ Truth Hurts - If Gandhi, Evans, Graham and Gray did as Payne alleges, what local and federal laws did they violate? It sounds as if Irv Nathan is saying that any and everything done by legislators is ok because they have absolute immunity. I'm interested in knowing what laws their actions may have violated, particularly since DC Council members, according to the AG, are able to wantonly disregard the laws. Anyone have any thoughts?

  • Truth Hurts

    See my response to your other post, similar to this one.