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Gray Reset Now Official

What magical timing! A week after a council report slammed Mayor Vince Gray for failing to mind what was going on with hiring during the first few months of his administration, Hizonner introduced the District today to two new folks he says will right the good ship Gray.

Gray, rarely looking up from a prepared statement while speaking in a dull monotone, acknowledged his administration has hit some rough spots but says the new crew "are committed to ensuring we have an ethical, accountable and transparent administration."

LL has already introduced you to the new hires, but they are new chief of staff Chris Murphy and deputy chief of staff, Andi Pringle.

Murphy wants you to know that he believes in Vince Gray and believes in the District, that the city's best days are ahead, and that Gray is "uniquely effective" and is working "tirelessly to build a more vibrant city for all of us." Murphy says one of his first orders of business is to do a thorough review of the mayor's office and to make sure it's performing at the "velocity and quality" that Gray deserves.

Murphy's family was there today, including his son Aidan, who you may recall is the DCPS student who successfully lobbied Council Chairman Kwame "Fully Loaded" Brown on the matter of serving chocolate milk at school cafeterias.

As rumored, Pringle's gig will include overseeing the mayor's communications shop, which means she'll be the boss of Gray's spokeswoman Linda Wharton Boyd, whose salary is about $40,000 more a year than Pringle's. Awkward!

But LL, what do they look like, you say? Well, here you go:

Chris Murphy

Andi Pringle

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    Email alerts like the one below (at bottom) sent out (in redundant duplication) to civic groups and leaders city wide should be a first item of business for the new hires.

    On it. I have forwarded to our Office of Communications. We'll address. Thanks for bringing it to our attention....oddly enough some got it correctly but quite a few didn't...I think it may be how the original message was formatted.

    Stephen Glaude
    Director of Community Affairs
    Executive Office of Mayor

    From: [CCCA Prez]
    To: Glaude, Steve (EOM)
    Sent: Sun Aug 28 09:08:50 2011
    Subject: Re: 7:00pm EOC Status Alert

    Thanks. Messages were garbled on my desktop email (Apple, OSX) not my iphone. Thanks for looking into it.

    -----Original Message-----
    From: Glaude, Steve (EOM) (EOM)
    To: [CCCA Prez]
    Sent: Sun, Aug 28, 2011 5:06 am
    Subject: Re: Fwd: 7:00pm EOC Status Alert

    For some reason...its only happening with a couple of sends...other ANCs are responding with great thanks for the info. Will work with OCTO to figure it out. No sure if its my phone, our server, or your phone...we'll figure it out and fix

    Stephen Glaude

    Please have techs fix this text rendering error. Doesn't look good coming from the Gray Administration.
    I would recommend that all these items be posted on the ONE blog and then copied into emails from there -- with a link to each message as a back up.

    -----Original Message-----
    From: Glaude, Steve (EOM) (EOM)
    To: Civic Associations/Community Groups
    Sent: Sat, Aug 27, 2011 3:14 pm
    Subject: Fw: 7:00pm EOC Status Alert

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    AL�ɕ����́������Օ́�Ёѡ�́ѥ���4(4)Mх��́����ٕɹ���Ё �����IL�ɕ����́������Օ́�Ёѡ�́ѥ���4(4)�䁥���ɥ���9������ɥ�́ɕ���ѕ��4(4)]��ѡ�ȁ����є�]��ѡ�ȁ����є�Ѐ�������Q������ѕȁ���!��ɥ�����%ɕ���݅́����ѕ����������́�Ք�ͽ�Ѡ����]�͡���ѽ�������Q����ѽɴ�݅́��������99��Ѐ�́5A
    ���Mѽɴ���ѕ�ͥ��݅̀�ԁ5A ������ݥ����ѡ�́�́��
    ��ݥѠ�����́Ѽ��ԁ5A ���]���́ݥ����ѕ����������������ݕ�����܁�����A4�������������ݕ����A4������4�Mչ���4(4)9]L���́���Օ������͠������]�ɹ������ȁѡ�����ɥ�Ё���

  • Cap City Records Panhandler

    Does Gray have any tone other than dull?

  • What the flocka?

    No...baby, please say that Gray didn't say the "old crew" then bless his heart. I am thinking Ms. Pringle can hand-dance pretty-well as for the new white guy, maybe the "hustle" is on the up-swing.

    Oh! I can't wait for the meeting in the ladies room outcome regarding Ms. Boyd and Ms. Pringle, that's going to be lovely. Always remember the higher the heel on the pumps, them more lady-like you appear.

  • Skipper

    Godspeed to Murphy!

    So we're paying around a quarter million dollars for two Gray communications people? Or is one going to be nudging out the other?

  • Sally

    Awesome that his new communications person is the same person who created a race-baiting campaign mailer!

    One City, Zero Standards.

  • Really?

    Really? Cause last a remember Fenty had the most monotone, choppy and incoherent speeches.

    @ Sally…holla at me about if you want a list on all race baiting that was conducted my the former Mayor, oh and remember the comments that you post on this site supports one of the biggest race baiters in the media.

  • knackers

    @CCCA Prez: that is the most coherent message I've seen out of the Gray administration yet. Question mark, question mark, question mark: indeed...

  • http://deleted leeshato

    I hope that this hire will help improve his adminstrations quest to be one city.

  • Really?

    @Tony...Let the church say Amen...AAAAAAman!

  • seDCdude

    WOW @ Tony.....

    They ain't ready for that TRUTH and the NEWCOMERS love it!

  • Honest Abe


    Right on! I can agree with you on this one. I still say Harry Thomas & Kwame Brown need to go. January 2012, let the recall petitions circulate.