Loose Lips

Alexander: Bring Back Earmarks

Ward 7 Councilmember Yvette Alexander was on the Kojo Nnamdi Show today to talk about ethics and possible reforms of the council's ethics rules.

"As far as ethics goes, I'm a big supporter of ethics," reassured Alexander.

But, adds Alexander, she says the council shouldn't be so "reactive" to each crisis that pops up, but councilmembers should just follow the rules that are already in place.

Alexander says the council's reaction to Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry's issues over steering city funds to his special lady friend is a perfect example.

"We wiped out earmarks, which really affected my community," says Alexander.

Alexander was also asked about Wal-Mart, ("Wal-Mart is great."), Ward 5 Councilmember Harry Thomas Jr.'s recent settlement and lack of explanation over allegations that he improperly steered more than $300,000 in city funds into his own bank accounts ("I'm still waiting for an explanation too."), and her re-election chances ("I am Ward 7.").

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • Brahmin

    Her statements were measured and reasonable. Although can be construed otherwise I understood her point.

  • NE John

    Is Alexander the fat one in the red shirt?

  • NE John

    "Wal-Mart is great."

    You stuidass! You are almost as stupid as Harry Thomas!!! WalMart is a hillbilly organization that has no place in this city.

  • Sally

    Time for Yvette to update her empty resume.

  • Southeast Ken

    Do anyone have the number for Jenny Craig?

  • WDC

    If you think that photo is scary, you should see her in person.

  • Ward7Diva

    CM Alexander needs to go! She is dumb and stupid!

    @Sally: CM better get to typing fast because her time is almost up!

    CM Yvette "Pig Feet" Alexander is a big fat joke!

  • Wow!

    WCP - Why must y'all continuously use that picture of our beloved and gentle councilwoman from Ward 7? Everytime I see that pic I think of two large spud missles pointed at me.


    Why can't we stick to the issues and lay off this attack on physical features, and you so called grown ups wonder why our kids are so superficial. I know all of you have perfect bodies and all but give the woman a break.

  • Ward7Diva

    @4OURFUTURE: IF CM Alexander would stop focusing on her own weight.... we would not bother either. She is always talking about how much weight she lost and what she is eating and this and that! She claim she lost 22 pounds:

    Her State of Ward 7 Address theme was: "Get Fit Ward 7".

    Just like anything else: She want results with her weight and the people of Ward 7 want results also! The people of Ward 7 are the Biggest Losers based on results from CM Alexander!

    CM Alexander needs to go.....getting rid of this dead weight will be the only solution!

  • leeshato

    I live in ward 4 if she is not a good councilwomen than the people of her ward should elect or not elect her based on her record. Let us not make comments about her weight or intelligence. We all should elect people based upon their record. If they do not serve the people who elected them then put them out like the community did Fenty.