Loose Lips

Megaphone-Wielding Vince Gray Admirer To Help D.C. Remember 9/11 (For $37,000)

Robert Vinson Brannum, sworn enemy of The Washington Post editorial board and the District's omnipresent activist, has landed a new gig in the Gray administration.

Brannum has a temporary assignment with the Office of Veterans Affairs, where he'll help organize a commemoration of the tenth anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks, according to Gray staffer Steve Glaude. Brannum, who started last week and will work through the end of the year, will be paid about $37,000, with no benefits, Glaude says.

If you've ever attended a news conference, ANC meeting, ground breaking ceremony, D.C. Council hearing, or some other event involving District politics, then you've likely met Brannum, who has a near-perfect attendance record at such events. Brannum's also a regular on a variety of digital platforms, where he's been a vocal critic of former Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee and a loud cheerleader for Gray.

But where Brannum really gets attention points is his absolute loathing of the Post editorial board, which was a strong supporter of Rhee and has been a frequent critic of the mayor. So strong was Brannum's passion against the Post that he once attached loudspeakers to his car, parked next to the Post, and blasted his message of displeasure for all those downtown to hear.

More recently, Brannum wrote in a post for Examiner.com (not to be confused with the actual newspaper, The Examiner, though both entities are owned by the same reclusive Colorado-based billionaire, Phil Anschutz) slamming the Post and its editorial writer Jo-Ann Armao for calling on Ward 5 Councilmember Harry Thomas Jr. to resign.

"The residents of Ward 5 should not go without Ward representation to heighten or to renew Ms. Armao and The Washington Post's political orgasms left unfulfilled by previous political relationships and current secret dalliances," wrote Brannum.

Glaude says Brannum wasn't rewarded with a city job because of his "media activities" nor solely because of Brannum's support of the mayor's campaign. Brannum was hired, Glaude says, because he's been an avid advocate for veteran's affairs (Brannum is himself a veteran, and frequently wears his medals) and has the skills necessary to help the Office of Veteran's Affairs prepare for the Sept. 11th commemoration.

Brannum declined to comment, but records show it's been long road to getting a city gig. In one email Glaude sent to former H.R. director Judy Banks in January, Glaude wrote that Gray confidante Lorraine Green "suggested I not hire [Brannum] to work in the Wilson building but he insists on a job in the Administration. I believe Lorraine would say we should find him something."

Glaude says the line about Brannum not working at the Wilson Building was made in jest (though the Office of Veteran's Affairs is not, in fact, located at the Wilson Building) and adds that "if you know anything about Robert, he can be quite animated in his request for employment."

  • NE John

    blasm bthass mmmmm Gray Post, dats wut I'm talkin about?

  • @SamuelMoore

    This wasn't the Thursday column, was it? :)

  • Truth Hurts

    Google this guy and read about his "service" record.

    He's another sad example of the kind of sketchy people one city is spending taxpayers' money on.

  • Tedder

    known sexist, racist, and homophobe.

  • Drez

    Talk to him for 5 minutes. Look him in the eye.
    He's fucking crazy.
    I do believe he may be Suliamon Brown's father.

  • Reader

    With HIS military record, they're not only allowing him, but actually paying him 37k for 4 months to organize something through the VA?

    Fucking shameful. This city deserves what it gets.

    How embarrassing for us all, and yet most commenters won't see anything wrong.

  • Petey

    This dude is crazier than the Norwegian shooter. Someone get my man Vince recalled before the Control Board puts the man back in charge again with the quickness!

  • Truth Hurts

    Anyone google him yet? And read about his "service" to our country?

    A must read, especially for women.

    Here's hoping Armao does her homework on this great guy.

  • Observer

    Smh. This dude is off the chain. I'm not even sure how to react to this. But Gray is simply finding a way to reward on of his avid supporters. He probably won't even lift a finger for this event.

  • DC_Expat

    Nutcase. Emblematic of DC really.

  • DJ Ren


    What a disgrace the Gray administration is. And it just keeps going, and going, and going, and going...

    OH, and this nutjob is also a HUGE HTJ fan - not surprising, since we all know Vince and HTJ are tight.

  • Typical DC BS

    Who's this moron Steve Glaude? Just because "if you know anything about Robert, he can be quite animated in his request for employment." So, because this idiot has a big mouth, they decide to pay him $37,000 for a job he has NO QUALIFICATIONS FOR?

    Good thing the Gray administration has learned it's lesson about hiring people who "pester" them enough. Jesus, I feel I'm back in the Barry days.

  • SEis4ME

    So how nifty is this. Two of Gray's most vocal Fentyboppers now want people to question Brannum. Yet, these same deep-throaters treated Suilamon Brown like he was the Archibishop of Canterbury, failing to do much "questioning" of his wild and unhinged ways.

    Go figure.

  • ToiletLawmakers

    @Drez, Petey, Observer and DC_Expat - I agree and cannot contain the laughter. I'm in stitches! This Brannum is beyond a "nut" and whatever is beyond a nut cannot even be explained. Someone said look in eyes. Yes, (lmbao) look in those crazy, poppy, glassy eyes and that half smirk I wouldn't trust around anyone alone, and you'll get chills even with a whole lotta people in the room. He eyed me once (in a misogynistic sort of way) and for the first time I thought I encounterd a psychopath of some sort.

    Someone on here called him a homophobe. I HARDLY BELIEVE SO given that on first impression one would take him for being part of the LGBT community. But who knows right? Everybody it seems try to keep stuff on the down low.

    By the way, he's president of the DC Federation of Civic Assoiations. Isn't that ironic? A nut as an assumed leader of a civic org. Who recommended him? But this organization has a history of seriously wanting folks serving as its president; the ones before Brannum were Ruth Marshall and Greg Rhett.

  • ToiletLawmakers

    I should have mentioned as well that Brannum's phantasmagoria can be seen in his use of "political orgasms" to describe the Post! What in the world...I'm still laughing; I cannot help it. I think this was the funniest read of the week dished by LL.

  • What the flocka?

    What is with Gray it is either a harem of women given jobs of high influential possibilities or he goes out and get an AARP certifiable crazy nut to do work. Next thing we will have the President of the National Hand-dancing Association becoming our Czar of Health and Fitness.

    If one believes in shopping for Christmas in July, then I surely hope we are of the sane mind to begin canvassing for recall signatures now for January.

    Please, Gray's children ask your daddy what is wrong???

  • JR

    Steve Glaude is just as shady and unqualified as this turkey, look him up. He's a slimy character, so no surprise he's in the gutter finding more like himself.

  • Anon

    Wow - when you think it can't get any deeper it does. Brannum is a loon. You would see him on the campaign trail and just think, loose cannon. When is common sense ever going to surface?

  • watchingtoo

    B is not a fag.

  • itsjustamess

    Sulaimon Brown, Cherita Whiting, and Robert Brannum - which two are most alike? Time's up! Cherita Whiting and Robert Brannum are both two crazy, loud-mouthed, outlandish, freakish looking and acting, mental cases who have plastered their lips to Gray's old pasty ass and kissed it til aint a dry spot on it and they smooched a job out of it.

    By the way, Sulaimon Brown ain't crazy at all. In fact, he's smart and shrewd as hell. He kept Gray in the paper, on the hotseat, and under investigation for nearly all of his administration and I don't think he's done with them yet. I'm waiting for this mess to come full circle and end up with Catania being hauled out of the Wilson Bldg by the Feds. Now, that will be some poetic justice for his ass for sure. Remember, Catania started all this when he demanded that Sulaimon Brown be fired. LOL! I can't wait. You heard it here first.

  • whatyearisitagain

    At this rate Team Gray may as well hire Michael "testify for the sake of testifying" Sindram, too. I hear he and RVB get along really well.

  • Diane De Bernardo

    Yeah, this guy is a real piece of work.