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Pols For HTJ

LL's been busy working on his column and is very sorry (not!) for the lack of blog posting today. One thing worth noting is that reporters have finally found the elusive Mayor Vince Gray and asked him if he thinks Ward 5 Councilmember Harry Thomas Jr. should resign.

No way! says Gray, adding that he prefers to "let justice run its course.”

So take that, Councilmembers David Catania, Mary Cheh and Tommy Wells, all of whom have called for Thomas' resignation.

LL also caught up with Ward 7 Councilmember Yvette Alexander yesterday and asked her about her tweet heard 'round the District in which she said she wouldn't agree to pay back $300,000 if she hadn't wrongfully spent it.

Lest Alexander be confused with the councilmembers who are calling for Thomas' ouster, Alexander says she's not suggesting Thomas has done anything wrong. In fact, she says it's a big deal that there's no admission of guilt in the settlement.

“I don’t know the ramifications of the settlement but I do know that he did not admit guilt," says Alexander. "And that’s the key thing.”

(LL's note: Settlements frequently have neither party admitting guilt.)

Alexander accused those councilmembers calling for Thomas to resign of "a bit of grandstanding" and says the council hasn't always acted consistently when it comes to ethical issues.

She says the council's decision to censure Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry last year looks rash in light of the fact that he wasn't criminally charged with any wrongdoing. And she says no one said a word after news broke that Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham didn't report the fact that his former chief of staff offered him an envelope full of cash on behalf of a taxi advocate.

"We can’t be selective when it comes ethics," says Alexander.


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    Kudos, CM Alexander! Thank you, thank you, for speaking to the issue of double standards amongst your colleagues and the media.

    Chew on that City Paper!

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    Time for new leadership in Ward 7.

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    Past time.
    Either 1) she's stupid and doesnt understand the dynamics of settlements (I'll not persue this legally if you correct the wrong) or 2) she's carrying water for someone who is most likely a parasitic criminal.
    Or 3) both.

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    The jerk stole over $300,000 from the city, money that was earmarked for kids' sports programs, and spent it on a luxury SUV for himself, expensive golf trips and night club bills. And the Mayor doesn't call for his immediate resignation? His colleagues are willing to condone this? Are you $%&*&#$E&%^#$ kidding me? This is almost as much a statement about our Mayor and the Council as it is about Harry Thomas, Jr. This story ends with a criminal prosecution of Mr. Thomas, him behind bars, and even more egg all over the face of those who refused to call for his resignation.

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    he is a freaking thief an he needs to go to jail

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    Our Council needs to be replaced, poste-haste.

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    @ Drew

    Or (1) you're too stupid to understand the dynamics of DOUBLE STANDARDS and how it has NO place in these affairs

    (2) you're a hypocritical, liberal ding by who plays 50 when it suits your view point

    OR (3) BOTH!!!

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    "She says the council's decision to censure Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry last year looks rash in light of the fact that he wasn't criminally charged with any wrongdoing. And she says no one said a word after news broke that Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham didn't report the fact that his former chief of staff offered him an envelope full of cash on behalf of a taxi advocate." SPLADOWWW!




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    i can't believe graham hasn't been censured and i can't believe HTJ isn't being kicked off or criminally charged. HTJ deserves all the negative stuff he's been getting and a lot more. the lack of outcry from the council speaks really poorly of all of them. gray could have a chance to lead here and is choosing not to.

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    WTF?!? Who is this crazy Alexander woman.

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    I've lived in this city for more than half a century and I will not stand for these fuking morons (Alexander) and crooks (HTJ) running the show any more!

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    Alexander is correct.

    The self-serving fools Catania, Cheh and Wells should just Shut-Up!!

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    One City. Fifth Amendment. Zero Standards.

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    Mayor Gray:
    I rush to assure you the citizenry is watching and statements such as, "Harry Thomas ain't on me" erodes the three pillars of your campaign: character, integrity and leadership. We(id est city)expect across the board fair treatment and quality governance. Now is the time for “Deeds, not words.” If you are not up to the job, you too shall be replaced!!!

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    I miss Fenty.

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    LOL at seDCDude and noodlez, defending Alexander who sticks up for HTJ's slush fund ativity while under investigation for using her own constituent service fund to enrich herself.
    You all are right, there is a double standard! HTJ got busted but YA hasn't had the verdict handed down yet!
    Don't worry, that'll be cleared up PDQ.
    As for me living in my own little world, perhaps I do, but at least that little world isn't AKA JAIL!

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    @ Drez


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    Well then why don't YOU call for the resignation of Jim Graham?! If you think he should be forced out have the guts to say so. Don't get upset when others stand up for what they believe. I agree that there is a selective process going on but the bottom line is someone needs to call them ALL out. Graham and HTJ and Brown. You can't justify not calling out someone because noone called out the other person who did wrong? WTH kind of thinking is that? If you believe Graham did wrong YOU should speak up. You wouldn't be alone. They should all resign; starting with you Alexander.

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    @ Drez


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    Agree with D, DCGuy, 11th, NE John, Skipper, and American Rogue, and drez.

    Alexander's policy essentially is that two wrongs equal one or more rights. She's correct that no CM's censured or otherwise spoke out about Graham's ethics (at minimum) wrongdoing. But that begs the question, which is why hasn't any CM (including her) condemned Graham? And why do many CM's give Harry "f... the kids" Thomas a pass on converting over 300k in city funds meant for kids to his own personal use?

    Her point as to Barry's censure is equally idiotic. The vote was unanimous (except for Barry) and it was spearheaded by then council chair Gray (who also won't now criticize his buddy HTJ even though Gray takes credit for his AG's damning lawsuit laying out HTJ's scheme).

    Reasonable, fairminded people watch this political train wreck and just shake their heads in disgust.

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    Add Who Said What to those I agree with.

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    I dont understand this blog. It is divided on excusing wrong based on the color of one's skin. Bad is bad but why do people keep ignoring this? That goes for Graham, Barry, Thomas, Both Browns, Alexander, Catania, Wells, Evans, Bowser, Cheh, Mendelson, and yes, Orange too. And Gray!

    Who should go first? Well that depends on what you consider egregious. This is what list of rolling heads would like if left up to me: Graham, Thomas, Catania, K. Brown, Gray, M. Brown, Alexander, Cheh, Evans, Wells, Mendelson, Orange, Bowser.

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    Dear CM Alexander, let's see if we can clear this up. CM Thomas took the money. CM Graham did not take the money. CM Barry (I'm sorry, LL, that should be Mayor-for-Life) blatantly misused city funds, though that did give then-Chairman Gray an excuse to kill all earmarks to close a $600 million shortfall. Did Graham's failure to alert the FBI or fire Loza merit an ethics award? No. Did those events go unremarked? Hardly.

    Yes, Yvette, Marion did not go to jail for this one. If avoiding jail is your definition of ethics, then you're in good company.

    The undertone of race mongering over these scandals is a thin cover for a practice called Fake It Til You Make It, which is doing such wonders for our city. So tell us, Yvette, what color are the constituents who stand to suffer most from those two CMs' corruption? But Harry Jr. should have consulted Marion on how to be less blatant about one's skimming. Marion would have taken a group of disadvantaged kids along on his golfing trip to the islands. At least try to have some style. But hey, you get what you vote for.

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    @Suse, I see why you miss Fenty. He was a better thief, and his friends made lots of money off of the District.

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    @CocoNutMilk, don't you think Evans should be closer to the top.

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    Here's the deal. The media and blogs (Washington post, washcitypaper, examiner, dcwatch, DCist, GGW et al) have played a major role in shaping the opinions of the citizenry in DC. Whether it’s the continues stories about councilmember’s who all have some type of hue or the complicit silence when other councilmember’s who don’t have any hue pretty much do the something. Let’s also throw in there the silence by the media and blogs on the raping of the D.C. citizenry by the last
    administration. The story from most of them was the ends justified the means.

    So what you have is an unleveled playing field and those who hold the power especially among DC residents who rely on the media to received “accurate and objective” news….aren’t provided accurate and objective news.

    Hence, that brings us to our current politically charged state where those who are more involved and versed are seeing a clear pattern of unfairness. Nobody really is trying to excuse the action of councilmember’s but, at the same time some believe that if you are going to report or post 99 post then do it for everyone! Jim Graham was allowed due process so why not Harry?

    The media needs to stop with the rules for ya’ll and rules for us. They are silently fanning racial flames and aren’t acting responsibly. For instance Allen is working on a story about Kwame, Michael and Harry and their respective families’ ties to this area. Will Al travel to Alabama to research where Wells comes from? Or what about Jack? Mendelson? Catania?

    Lastly, if the media is calling for the council to hold each other accountable then I think it’s high time that the public ask the media to do the same.

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    @Really?, CM Thomas is not just accused of something. He agreed to a settlement in which he pays back $300,000. That is a tacit admission of wrongdoing no matter what he or Yvette says.

    The racial angle was introduced by people looking for one, and they're using it as a diversionary tactic. Pretty sad.

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    No one made up the fact pattern here, Thomas took funds that were raised for kids sporting equipment, etc. and used that money for personal expenses. Now he has agreed to pay it back and the criminal aspects are still proceeding forward. He could be sued in civil court and then you have the actions of the city council. The city council is suppose to have a code of ethics and expectations on what is appropriate for a memeber of the city council to do or not to do. The city council, chairman of the city council and the Mayor should let this councilmember know if they think stealing is a good thing or a bad thing for that CM to do. It is that simple and straightforward. Doesn't matter if you have to work with him, or you like or don't like him if the above mentioned CM, chairman and mayor don't take action the message is they approve of this stealing of money and hope Thomas can get away with it. Are they afraid to take action against Harry Thomas? What does he have on them?

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    @Rick Rosenthal
    Marion would have taken a group of disadvantaged kids along on his golfing trip to the islands.
    Perhaps, but in order for any of those kids to qualify either them or their mothers would have had to sleep with them. Otherwise, he'd just put them out at DCA 'cause they wouldn't... well, you know.
    That's what passes for "class" around here.

    @ Really?
    For instance Allen is working on a story about Kwame, Michael and Harry and their respective families’ ties to this area. Will Al travel to Alabama to research where Wells comes from? Or what about Jack? Mendelson? Catania?
    Why would he, when the first three (Kwame, Michael, and Harry) all come from local political dynasties (well, only sort-of Michael since his dad was a Fed). Not so with the last three. They didn't ride their daddies coat tails.

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    free me from the queue, please.

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    Im confused by the attacks here. Ok, considering who's attacking (DREZ, TH) then I'm actually not.

    But, unless I'm reading wrong, Alexander said she's not in the business of calling on her colleagues to resign, she (like me) believes it's political grandstanding. She then goes on to say that these same members were mute regarding the Jim Graham affair..

    And lo and behold, the usual nutspects are now asking why didn't she call for Graham to kick rocks.

    Didn't she just say why she didn't?

    Although I don't really understand her point about not admitting guilt, the rest of her commentary was right on target.

    @Rick Rosen...what racial angle did Alexander introduce in her remarks? Seems to me that you're accusing her of playing the race card based on something she never said. Sounds rather dumb if you ask me.

    Or rather....telling.

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    Really looking forward to the end of the current, Hustlers Getting Paid era of DC politics. Really looking forward to April 3, 2012. Vote. Them. All. Out. All of them.

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    Rick Rosendall wrote,

    "The racial angle was introduced by people looking for one, and they're using it as a diversionary tactic. Pretty sad."

    Damn Rick, it's pretty sad that "media" has been race-baiting every since the slight shift in DC's demographics. The media-- not the commenters who want and are now DEMANDING fair and unbiased reporting-- is playing the race card by not holding ALL politicians to same standards.

    Hey Rick, here's an urban etiquette tip I'll school you on: that reverse psychology shit-- about African Americans playing the race card when we speak-out against an ACTUAL, not perceived, unjust or discriminatory act--doesn't fly and in fact, it's quite disrespectful and it exhibits your inability to live in a culturally diverse world.

    I highly recommend that you head back to Hicksville USA if you neither can co-exist with folk of a different flavor nor handle the fact that All AMERICANS have a right to speak freely and voice their concerns.

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    Why is my comment #30 "waiting moderation"?

    Are we offending you impartial, unbiased and objective reporters at The Washington City Paper?

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    @StrangeFruit --

    The computer automatically flags some comments for moderation, for reasons that I'm not sure I completely understand. We try to go through and approve them as quickly as possible, but it's not immediate, since we have a small staff. I've approved yours now, I believe, unless there's a different comment you're talking about.

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    If you want to check how Evans directs and distributes goodies..You will find it @ every one of his hearings..His Friends lined up to ask tax free this and that..low rents for this and that..zoning favors and plain old 'pay no taxes/sales tax to DC'...But someone has to do the hard work of going thru his garbage!! He is by far the biggest distributers of money and favors....And Miss Catania who gives till it hurts to his Hospital Girl Friends..32% of the budget she has taken to rovide health and human services!!

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    Repeat after me:
    HTJ stole damn near $400,000 that was supposed to go to kids in his own Ward. There, that wasn't so hard, now was it?
    All of this talk about media bias, how white people do it too, blah blah blah is just deflection and distraction.
    If the only card you all got to play is the race card, you're really pathetic. And not really worth listening to.

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    Just one question. Thomas took the money. Graham didn't. Does this matter?

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    @ Mike Madden,


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    CocoNutMilk - You are obviously are new to this. Race is everything to these people. They decry racism in one sentence and then ridicule gays in the next. They rant, THEY YELL, they make personal insults, they have terrible grammar, their arguments are usually flawed and incomplete. It's actually very entertaining, like watching people make fools of themselves on reality TV.

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    @ StrangeFruit --

    For what it's worth, I'd bet your comment got flagged because you used the word "shit." (And I bet this will be flagged, too.)

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    By James Jones • August 12, 2005
    Every D.C. councilmember gets two great seats for Nationals games at Robert F. Kennedy Stadium. The 13 reps and their guests enjoy wait service, a perch above home plate, and shelter from the elements. It’s one of the city’s most coveted perks.

    And for any given game, an enterprising councilmember can scrounge up enough unused tickets from colleagues to entertain a half-dozen friends and supporters.
    But the council seats aren’t good enough for Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans.

    On game days, you’ll find Evans in the front row—right next to the visiting-team dugout on the first-base side. He has four season-ticket seats in this prime spot.
    It’s not that Evans scoffs at the freebie seats accorded to D.C. politicos. “The council seats are perfectly fine,” he says. He’s just a real baseball fan, one who prefers the buzz of being among the people to the comfort and status of the city box. That preference came at a price of $14,060 this season.

    Lucky for Evans, he didn’t pay for the seats. According to a July 31 Office of Campaign Finance (OCF) filing, the D.C. Fund, Evans’ political action committee (PAC), picked up the tab this past spring.

    The PAC was created in 1991 to advance Evans’ political agenda. Over the years, it has contributed to politicians and supported national and local Democratic Party functions. It also covers some of Evans’ government-related travel expenses.

    If “the D.C. Fund” sounds like a generic name for a PAC, don’t blame Evans. He formerly called it “the Jack PAC,” a far more lively moniker. But then, earlier this year, the D.C. Office of Campaign Finance (OCF) encouraged Evans to take the “Jack” out of the PAC. The OCF argued that some donors might confuse the Jack PAC with the councilmember’s constituent-services fund.

    If city authorities had insisted on truth-in-labeling standards, Evans’ PAC would get another new name: “Jack’s Sports Adventure Fund.”

    The PAC’s most recent financial report shows why. Of the $27,443.84 disbursed from the D.C. Fund during the Feb. 1–July 31 reporting period, $21,264.08 went for sports-related activities.

    The groundwork for a successful big-league political season began in the spring. According to the OCF filing, on March 8 the D.C. Fund cut a $1,325.73 check to the Nationals for “D.C. Nationals’ Spring Training Activities.” Evans went down to Viera, Fla., to meet players, catch a game, and mingle with fans who made the trek.

    A second March 8 entry for $496.89 is described as “Reimbursement for airfare to attend budget meetings.” Generally the councilmember drives from his Georgetown home to the council offices on Pennsylvania Avenue. But when you’re at Space Coast Stadium catching rays and foul balls, performing your job as chair of the Committee on Finance and Revenue requires a longer commute. D.C. Fund Treasurer David Julyan will not confirm that the flight reimbursement was for a return-trip ticket from spring training in Florida.

    After spring training and an unbelievably hot first half of the season for the Nationals, Evans wasn’t about to miss the year’s biggest out-of-town baseball celebration. A July 14 report expenditure for $816.46 was titled; “Reimbursement for expenses incurred during All-star trip.”

    Things haven’t gone so well for the Nationals since the All-Star break. As of Aug. 10, the team had lost 22 of 30 post–All-Star games and dropped from first place in the National League East. If the Nats’ losing ways continue, they won’t be playing deep into October.

    No worries for the council’s premier sports fan, however. Come winter, there’s another venue, another must-see team, and another convenient PAC expenditure.

    On March 11, the D.C. Fund shelled out $4,565 to Abe Pollin’s Washington Sports and Entertainment Inc. The purpose: “Purchase of season Wizard tickets.” Evans won’t say how many good seats $4,565 buys you.

    From a legal standpoint, there is nothing wrong with Evans’ sports-spending binge. But D.C. United officials must feel as if the equal-time doctrine has been violated. Perhaps the D.C. Fund doesn’t think a club that brought four Major League Soccer championships to the District over nine years meshes with the Evans political program.

    Evans is missing out on a bargain. Four mezzanine-level seats for the 18 United home games would have set the D.C. Fund back only $2,160. Now we know why Freddy Adu feels underappreciated.

    Evans gets testy when asked about funding for his sports fandom. “What’s important is, what we are doing is legal,” Evans says. He refuses to list who has attended games with him or used his tickets. “That’s none of your business,” he says. “My responsibility is to report who contributes and report what we have spent, [and] that is exactly what we have done.”

    Under OCF rules, Evans is barred from having any direct involvement with the D.C. Fund, and he’s tight-lipped when asked about specific expenditures. Perhaps the fund’s ESPN-themed disbursements are inspired by its chair, attorney William Hall. Hall is a huge baseball booster and serves on the D.C. Sports and Entertainment Commission’s board of directors. Hall didn’t answer requests for comment.

    Evans is the only councilmember to maintain a PAC. All the contributions and expenditures reported by his treasurers over the years have been perfectly legal. The PAC has always reported on time. And it has actually supported causes other than spectator sports: It paid $500 to Evans’ fellow Democrat and Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on the District of Columbia member Mary Landrieu, of Louisiana, $500 for a Gay and Lesbian Action Alliance reception, and $150 apiece to two ward Democratic organizations, among other recipients.
    Evans argues that some of the spending on travel to sporting events was for government business that the city would normally pay for. Mayor Anthony A. Williams traveled to the All-Star game on the District’s dime. “You get a lot of criticism for spending taxpayers’ dollars,” Evans says.

    Plus, who’s to say Evans isn’t working on behalf of the public during those one-run squeakers at RFK? What better way to hash out the nuances of property-tax reform, a ban on smoking in bars and restaurants, or new regulations that might hurt business than over a three-hour ballgame? At least when the Nats are at the plate, Evans and his pals won’t have to worry about missing any action.
    Maybe the seats remind Evans of the good old days on the D.C. Council. After all, former Councilmembers Kevin Chavous and Harold Brazil—who voted for the baseball-stadium plan after being thrown out by voters in the 2004 Democratic primary—have been seen in the same section as the Ward 2 rep.

    And just who is bankrolling Evans’ sports jones? The list of folks who responded to Hall’s 2005 appeal for D.C. Fund contributions are fairly predictable Evans backers: Big developers, downtown parking companies, and lobbyists for helped push the total 2005 collections to $41,700.
    None of those folks, however, did as much as Van Wagner Communications Inc., which on June 27 contributed $10,000 to the PAC.

    Van Wagner owns 15 of the 32 billboards that are allowed in the District under a 2001 law Evans moved through the council. The signs went up in the ’90s despite a citywide billboard ban. The Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs, which regulates signs, was in chaos at the time. Some residents wanted the city to enforce a total ban, but Evans’ Special Signs Amendment Act of 2001 made sure the existing wall signs and billboards outside of downtown stayed in place.

    The company’s vice president, Ray Sipperley, calls the $10,000 contribution “a way to give back to the city.” “We try to give back to the community, be it through charity or political candidates,” he says. “That’s the just the way we do business.”

    The D.C. Fund is a convenient place for caring companies such as Van Wagner to make a big statement. Under D.C. law, companies and individuals can contribute only $2,000 to a candidate during each election cycle—$1,000 for the primary and another $1,000 for the general election. OCF Chief Counsel Renee Bunn says there is “no limit” on contributions for PACs.

    That’s beneficial in a year when hobnobbing at expensive sporting events seems to be a priority. And Evans makes no secret of what was behind this season’s appeal to friends and supporters.

    “We needed to raise enough money to pay for the baseball and basketball.”

  43. #43

    @ anne fleming,

    You don't know what Graham did or monies pocketed before he got a whiff of the FBI being on his trail.

    Why hasn't there been follow-up, investigative reporting since we know for a FACT that Ted's and Graham's relationship was more personal than employee and employer.

    When you have an employer loaning money to an employee to buy a HOUSE; paying for the "chick on the side" abortion, and, then jeopardizing his "good gov't" council seat by not reporting Ted to the AG, there's NO WAY IN HELL you can tell me that Graham hasn't had his hand in the cookie jar with his Ted.

  44. H Street Landlord

    Exactly Anne.

    Thomas has agreed to pay back the government 300k plus. Why would he do that if he didn't steal?

  45. #45


    Thanks. I really was asking a question, and you gave a no-nonsense/no-rant answer. Exactly what these exchanges should be.

  46. #46

    @drez..it isn't a distraction...hell ya'll folks were distracted when hommie blew $1 billion in a surplus. Nope what we are asking for is consistent coverage. When all that crap went on last admin it wasn't 99 post.

    Give me 99 post about all the councilmembers, without any new news, just repeating the same thing.

    I asked this question before and I want to ask it again. How many folks over at the citypaper who report on DC politics aren’t white? And if there is one how long have they lived in the city.

    And drez if you went out and spoke to everyday folks in DC (all Wards) you will find that they are asking the same questions.

  47. #47

    @ Mike, my comment #34 was also waiting moderation and I didn't use any profanity? Nevertheless, I was released from City Paper's holding cell and I can now exhale.

  48. #48

    @ anne fleming,

    Why are you attacking me? I do understand when you are personally involved and your financial livelihood is at stake, it's a hard pill to swallow reading factual, but damaging comments about Graham.

    Anne, I guess the City Paper was also ranting when it reported, "Graham put the $3,200 late-term abortion onto his personal credit card, according to a receipt included in court records." This was for Ted's chick on the side.

    Here's the full article; read it for yourself. Oh, it also mentions about the condo. And, the next time you accuse me of being nonsensical and rambling, I hope you are prepared for my non emotional ( unlike you) evidence laden response:


  49. #49

    @Drez...political dynasty. Really? A dynasty is a sequence of rulers considered members of the same family. Kwame is the only one in his family to hold office or position of power. Harry’s dad held office how long ago and Harry really wasn't a player before or after his death. Michael...well let's just say his dad played on whole level that is surely higher then his.

    Hell, I heard Wells and this is MOST Likely utter BS, but I heard it from some folks that Wells could have some KKK ties...aren't they political?

    Why not include Muriel….her mother and father were/are very political too?

    If you are going to do it let's learn about where all the councilmember’s come from. Not just the ones that some perceive as the reason why the previous administration was ousted.

    Smells real foul

    But, your comment pretty were along my thoughts when I heard about the story. Are the media and those who are upset with the last election fearful of families, who seem to contain a particular hue, from maintaining any type of political power in this city? These men have been office for awhile and now we worried about ties? Oh yeah I guess when you don’t yes’um or ask permission then “these boys” need to be shown their place.
    Again, I don’t excuse HT or others actions…but the media overkill is just that. If they had been consistent and used the same coverage with all politicians then I wouldn’t have a bone to pick.

    I guess it's ok to celebrate Kennedys, Bushies, Clintons, family of doctors, family of teachers, family of football coaches…just not these types of families.

  50. #50

    @ Anne fleming,

    Sorry, I meant to direct my response @ ADM Faragut! Please forgive me. Thanks

  51. #51

    What happens to rabid, raging animals? Okay then do the same to Evans, Gray, Thomas, Brown(s), Graham, Catania, Alexander and so forth.

  52. #52

    Time for new leadership in the Mayor's office. I blame myself, I voted for the guy, but it's now clear that Vincent Gray is a throw-back to DC's old "go along, get along" ethics culture. It's really starting to feel like "Barry Time" all over again.

  53. #53

    I blame you Bob, just like I blame my wife. I tried to warn her, but she played the race card on me! And we're both white!! She also voted for Kwame, after I begged her not to. What can you do?

  54. #54

    Patrick Mara (that his name??) is waiting patiently and smiling.

  55. #55

    WORTHY OF A REPOST!!~!!!!!!!!!!

    You don't know what Graham did or monies pocketed before he got a whiff of the FBI being on his trail.

    Why hasn't there been follow-up, investigative reporting since we know for a FACT that Ted's and Graham's relationship was more personal than employee and employer.

    When you have an employer loaning money to an employee to buy a HOUSE; paying for the "chick on the side" abortion, and, then jeopardizing his "good gov't" council seat by not reporting Ted to the AG, there's NO WAY IN HELL you can tell me that Graham hasn't had his hand in the cookie jar with his Ted.

  56. #56

    "The undertone of race mongering over these scandals is a thin cover for a practice called Fake It Til You Make It, "

    Naw slim, the OVERtone of "picking and choosing", playing 50, double standards, rules don't ALWAYS apply and what's good for US ain't good for them is COVER to an old American Classic.....WHITE SUBJECT/BLACK SUSPECTS......

    N*gga pleez!

  57. #57

    Really: Hell, I heard Wells and this is MOST Likely utter BS, but I heard it from some folks that Wells could have some KKK ties...aren't they political?


    Whoa, dude. Seek help. Right now.

    If comments like this form the basis of your arguments, just stick to posting long articles from six years ago. You'll look moderately less foolish.

  58. #58

    GE Ren

    and what's so dumb and far fetched about it????

    I mean shit he is from ALABAMA, correct???

  59. #59

    You CRAKKKAS, Rake, GE Ren, NE John, TH AKA Rick Mangus, Skipper, Drez and Ward1 are some of the most bizarre creatures I've ever had the pleasure of reading!

    Y'alls thought processes can be likened to the same morons who stoned, spit on and mistreated JESUS en route to his crucifixion!

    You can be so rabid and to think you fake clowns "attempt" to use the THEFT from the kids as your justification in wanting HT out, if that were GENUINE, you mud ducks would have definitely been screaming till you were Blue in the face at the utter RAPING AND PILLAGING OF THE POOR, OLD AND ADOLESCENT at the hands of the last administration!

    Moten $10 mill for ABSOLUTELY nothing in return!
    Million $$$ contracts to friends at the disenfranchising of locals and the benefit of GENTRIFIERS!
    School Closings to the detriment of COMMUNITIES, CHILDREN, SOCIAL PROGRAMS, CHILDREN!!!!!!
    CLOSING of RECREATION based DAY CARES detrimental to FAMILIES and (you guessed it) F*****G CHILDREN!!

    And NOT a peep, but because HT "appears" to you all to be part of the OLD GUARD (Black Political Power) of DC, all hell be unto him!!!!

    Thats's just the OBVIOUS shit....you clowns need to rethink and reposition your base, strategies, targets and cross hairs, they're WAY OFF.......perturbed INDIVIDUALS.....wicked, fake and half way retarded if not all the way for most of you!

    Shame on youz!

  60. #60

    Don't stop now. Tell us what you really think. From the heart this time. You're already changing the way a lot of us analyze one city's problems.

  61. #61

    @seDCdude: Yes, Wells is from Alabama. You, presumably, are from SE DC. Should we then make some baseless statements about you based on where you are from?

    Way to stereotype. Clown.

  62. #62

    Dj Ren Tin-Tin, I clearly said may be utter BS. The point being that LL uses other baseless crumbs to make post to then turn them into stories....so why not use this one about Tommy " nobody puts baby in the corner" Wells?

    Also instead of me using blurbs I put the whole story for folks to read. I was pointing out that this council has a history of creating slush funds for personal use. Why 2005, because folks have short memories.

    Jack in-the-box didn't have to pay the money back and in fact gave the same "ain't nobody business" answer that has been used by others. Again nobody said boo?

    But yet the Media holds Jack in-the-box as the smartest one on the council, when in fact the only reason jack is even important is because he oversees one on the most powerful committees on the council.

  63. #63

    THs your dumb azz, be mindful that I always speak from the heart, as well as recognize the PLAYERS and who is in the GAME and how the RULES either get CHANGED, ENFORCED or hell even IGNORED based on ones ILK!!

    You give yourself WAAAAAAAAAaaaay too much credit, "changing the way a lot of us analyze one city's problems" LMBAO @ YOU! Who in the hell are you?? You're irrelevant, sheeple!!!!

    I knew you were delusional, but dayuuum!

    GE Ren

    that's the problem with imbeciles like you, with your spin doctoring hind pots!!!!! You can make chocolate out of mud if it suits your opinion EGGbert!

    Go figure then hollA back on the 1s and 2s SPIN DR.!

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