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Loose Lips Daily: Legal Defense Fund Edition

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  • Kwame Brown Wants HTJ To Do Something
  • Wanted: New Elections Boss
  • Good morning sweet readers! Debt ceiling, debt smeiling, there's a football season. Go Cowboys! News time:

    The Harry Thomas Freedom Fund: The Examiner's Freeman Klopott is first out of the gate with the news that Ward 5 Councilmember Harry Thomas Jr. has one less thing to worry about: legal fees. Thomas' attorney Fred Cooke Jr. is setting up a legal defense fund, says another of Thomas' lawyers, John Ray. The fund will most likely help pay the expenses services of superlawyer Abbe Lowell (who TWT points out has represented Jack Abramoff and Puff Daddy.) Thomas says he knows nothing about said fund. In related news, if any developers and lobbyists want to create a fund that pays LL's bills, please feel free; working at Washington City Paper sure doesn't!

    AFTER THE JUMP: Step Down; Don't Step Down; Cheating is Bad, M'Kay?...

    Mr. Thomas, Step Aside: Ward 6 Councilmember Tommy Wells has become the third councilmember to ask Thomas to resign. Says Wells, on his website: "Although in my conversation with Council Member Thomas about the settlement he continued to deny any wrongdoing, he offered no explanation for the diversion of $300,000. In fact, he has not refuted the facts laid out by the attorney general in the civil complaint beyond asserting that they 'are not true.' We need better than that from public officials who oversee a city budget of more than $10 billion." Meanwhile Council Chairman Kwame "Fully Loaded" Brown put out a statement that says nothing and there are petitions calling for a Thomas recall circulating in Ward 5.

    In other news:

    Gray sked: 11 a.m. 9th street bridge dedication; 1 p.m. Col. Charles Young Monument Agreement Signing Ceremony at UDC; 6:30 p.m. Board and Commissioners Swearing-In.

    Council sked: Recess.

    • NU78

      Alan, D.C. law doesn't allow elected officials to be recalled during the first or final year of their term. Therefore, anyone who has started a recall petition against Harry Thomas is wasting their time right now.

    • Truth Hurts

      Mayor "character, integrity, leadership" Gray broke his silence on Harry "f... the kids" Thomas this morning. Displaying none of his one city campaign's three claimed traits (quoted above), the mayor gave HTJ his blessing to keep doing what he does best: lie, steal, and cheat on the taxpayers' dime.

      Welcome to the real "one city"

    • stinkinthinkin

      Damn, the corruption and 'God damn Washington D.C.' my birthplace, is pure swampiss with cheaters former and current DC Council members. Thank you WHITE and RIGHT council members,writers activists (handful are BLACK and taking FLACK)for asking Harry Thomas to resign and leave office right now.

    • Wendy Washington

      NU78, you may be correct and those who are circulating a recall petition may have to go through the same exercise after January 2012. Just keep in mind, if Ward 5 residents are willing to support a recall effort, it will send a strong message to HTJ.

      Although, Harry is clearly challenged on two fronts -- ethics and analytical/critical thinking. Some of us do not have to tax our brains to realize that if you breach the public trust, you lose the support of your constituents.

      Make that three fronts, because Harry failed to realize a basic premise of politics -- when you misappropriate taxpayer funds for your own selfish gain, you cannot expect continued support from your constituents. Especially when you have not done anything noteworthy for your constituents.

      We have five more months before he can be recalled. Many of us have long memories and will be happy to sign freshly printed petitions in January.

    • One that cares

      There he goes again...this guy can't stop lying. His lawyers are setting up a legal defense fund and Harry says he knows nothing about it. This guy is off the charts! Anybody giving to this fund needs their head examined.

    • SEis4ME

      TH...haven't had a Gray hard-on in a while hunh?

      Oh well, in a story about someone else, now is the perfect time to complain about Gray.

      How long is it before you climax?

    • Truth Hurts

      About 1 more minute in your mouth oughta do it, asshole.


      RUMOR: During CM Yvette Alexander's July 30th Fundraiser, supporters are being asked to bring TWO CHECKS, one or CM Alexander and one for HTJ's Legal Defense Fund. I was just told this information; please say it isn't so.

      To be clear Mayor Gray is condoning/endorsing the behavior that you can DIVERT $300K from children and then keep your DC taxpayer job and then have the Mayor to encourage his friends to pay toward a defense fund for you who have diverted money from the children of the very city he heads.

    • SEis4ME


    • http://www.dccabbie.blogspot.com Mad Cabbie

      Resign bitch,resign!

    • RAKE

      @THISISCRAP: HA HA HA!!! Character.Integrity.Leadership

      More like: Evasiveness.Investigations.Subpoenas


      Lest we forget: http://www.flickr.com/photos/afge/4684697885/

    • Brahmin

      I know wrong board --but does DC Government telework? And if not, why---it would reduce traffic.

    • One that cares

      I personally know HTJ from back in the day and this guy will never admit to any wrongdoing and will never resign. One of the most conceited fellas you will ever meet and like most Pols, he can hide who he is very well in public. He has waited a long time to be on the council and fully expected to follow in his father's footsteps. He lived in his parents house until he was almost 33 years old (until he married Diane) and he has never had a real job except a short stint as PA Director at DC General...which was a joke but that's another story. In short, he will attempt to do a Marion Barry and stay forever because he has no where else to go. Truth hurts and Wendy have it right about this guy. Now that his true character is out for all to see, it is best to be rid of him as quickly as possible and for Ward 5 to smarten-up, heal the wounds and move on. Harry Thomas Jr is and will more than likely always be a Con-man, a patholigical liar, and a cheat. Better to put him in a psyche ward at HUH (if not prison first) than have this dude thinking he is the smartest guy in the room everywhere he goes as a CM. Pray for him but show no pity for his crimes...the children of DC are watching. Teach them right from wrong.

    • drez

      @ Rake-
      LOL they bought those little girls Rita's ices and they still look like bored props.
      @ Wendy-
      If I'm a recall orgainizer, I'm collecting names and addresses *now* so that I have my ducks in order on day one of the legal recall period.

    • Wendy Washington

      One that cares -- please do a post about Harry's time at D.C. General. I have heard the same -- Harry has not had a job in a long time, too. I believe D.C. General closed in 2001.

      I also want to know if he actually graduated with a bachelor's degree from Bowie State. His website says: "He holds a degree in Public Relations/Marketing from Bowie State University."

      Generally, when one holds a degree it is described as, ...a bachelor of arts (or bachelor of science) degree in [whatever the major was]. The website states that Mrs. Thomas has an MSW. C'mon LL, can you get that info through FOIA?

    • StrangeFruit

      @ THIS IS CRAP, How did you come to the asinine conclusion that mayor Gray is "condoning/endorsing the behavior that you can DIVERT $300K from children and then keep your DC taxpayer job"?

      What is crap, is your nonsensical comment!

    • Wendy Washington

      Drez, you are right in regard to preparing now. I know there are plenty of folks in my neighborhood who are ready to sign now to get it started. I suspect that One that cares is on point with post #14 -- HTJ won't admit any wrongdoing and won't resign. We will just have to send him packing.

    • American Rogue

      Hey tommy boy:

      Take a flying leap you walking-embarrassment to this
      city!!!!!! You are worse than your booze-hound daddy!!!
      BOHICA baby!!!!

    • One That cares

      @ Wendy, I had a couple of friends that knew Tommy at Bowie State back in the early '80s and they say he never graduated...he was too much of a womanizer to graduate; Q-Dawg et al. I never really asked more details. Only folks that can put that rumor to bed is BSU but I was surprised later to see that he claimed to be a BSU graduate on his website. Knowing him, he's lying.

      About the DC General Hospital, I heard that he got the job as a political favor for his father. I don't know all of the details, but I think he only stayed there a few months. The dude that hired him was mixed up in some kind of contracting mess and lost his job too I think. DC General was soon closed a year or two after that. I was surprised to see him include this job on his resume because I don't think he was there more than 90 days. In short, what Harry did for a living was quite unknown to most of the 'hood and open for much questioning but for sure he didn't do anything to prepare him for a seat on the Council. He was more of an employee for his father and working city contracts here and there. He never wanted to work for anybody (as in a regular job) because he couldn't stand to be told what to do. That's about all I know and definitely info I heard from other folks but they had no reason to lie that I know of.

    • NE John

      I've heard enough. Let me be the first to sign a recall petition.

      I had an encounter with this guy Thomas a few years ago at a local Brookland event. I looked him in the eye and shook his hand and had a Dead Zone experience. The guy just seemed like a big thug.

      Later I requested repairs for much used sidewalk along a major road in front of our house. Nothing was done. Later, a woman became stuck in her wheelchair in a hole where the sidewalk is missing. it is about six feet long. We had to help that poor woman out of the hole. It's been five or six years since the tree fell causing the original damage to the sidewalk, and yet the hole still remains.

      I don't like bringing up the fact that I pay a hefty amount of income and property taxes to the city, and that our family has lived in NE (now Ward 5) since the 1920's, even longer in DC generally, and that I had to pay private school tuition for all my children because of this dismal DC public schools, but you think that for all our investment my representative (HTJ) would have helped with at least this one repair. No.

      Let's recall the accomplishments Harry Thomas Jr.:
      1) Like his father, I don't believe he has sponsored/authored any significant bill.
      2) However, he has been instrumental in bringing strip clubs into my part of town.
      3) He also has facilitated Walmart's entry into NE.
      4) He stole about $400,000.00 from the city and still has not paid his student loans.

      WTF! Has this guy done anything whatsoever of merit for our ward?

      It is time to go Neanderthal on this mother fuker. And then move on to the other fukers like Kwame Brown, Michael Brown, and Vincent Gray. Recall all these basterds as soon as legally possible.

    • NE John

      Oh, and those strip clubs Thomas is helping are across the street from my mother, father, and brother's graves. You freak! You are over

    • dc5

      LOL @NE John... Harry Thomas doesn't "bring" strip clubs to Ward 5... Talk to the Lerner family charity ($600 million stadium donated) about forced removal of nightclubs from South Cap/M St area in SE. Those businesses used to thrive in DOJ property at 9th & E NW and before that at 14th & H NW. Businesses locate where zoning and rents make areas economically feasible. Across from a cemetary is perfect... I guarantee you they can't see or hear a thing!

    • Wendy Washington

      One that cares -- thanks for the update. I had heard most of it before, except I did not know that HTJ's tenure at DC General was so short. I agree -- he has no business putting a job of such short tenure on his resume, however, Harry continues to show us how very brazen he can be.

      I understand from some of Harry's neighbors that the local media figured out where he actually lives (and it is not at his parents' home). The media, of course, have been asking the neighbors their opinions on this matter.

    • Truth Hurts

      @ Wendy Washington, NE John, etc:

      Is there a web site or some other clearinghouse where residents who want to participate in the Thomas recall effort can sign up and/or donate?

      It appears there are many people who would like to help, but likely don't know how to.

    • Anothernative

      @WW+ AR, both of you are taking this thing to another level bad mouthing this mans parents like that, and when anylized shows deep underlying cowardest traits if you ask me, you know, if I can't get to you I'll get your loved ones kind of sh#t. I'm starting to understand how the people of Rosewood must have felt.