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Cabbie Activist: Gray’s Not Telling the Truth

In yesterday's big A1 Washington Post story on possible shenanigans over cash donations given to Mayor Vince Gray's campaign last year, there's a bit where D.C. Professional Taxicab Drivers Association President Nathan Price recalls a fundraiser for Gray at which a bucket was passed around and cab drivers gave $1,500 worth of money.

But the mayor has a different memory, the Post reported. "Gray recalled the event as a meet-and-greet at which he spoke and answered drivers’ questions, but he said he did not remember the cash solicitation."

LL caught up with Price for reaction to the discrepancy between his version of events and the mayor's. "It's typical," says Price, who feels like Gray has ignored his supporters in the cab industry since becoming mayor.

According to Price, the event wasn't a mere meet-and-greet, but clearly a fundraiser. Why? Because the cabdrivers presented Gray with a giant check, like literally a six-foot-long check, for $15,000, Price says. "It was a big check they'd gotten from Staples."

Next up, Price says Gray's not being truthful when he says he doesn't remember the bucket o' cash being passed around.

"He was five feet to my right," says Price, when the cash started flowing.

Price is currently trying to track down a picture of the big check, and LL will post it if Price finds it.


Stephen Glaude, who worked on the campaign and is currently the director of the mayor's Office of Community Affairs, told LL that he was at fundraiser and, like Price, was standing close to the mayor but "never saw any buckets of cash."

  • michaeliceman

    RUH RO!!!

    Honestly, this sort of stuff is not even funny anymore. There are times when I wish we could just focus on the business of the city. Let's acknowledge that the campaign was a corrput circus all the way around and just move on.

  • Jason

    yeah, and let's move on with a new mayor and city council...

  • DJ Ren

    Ha! Looking forward to a picture. Hopefully it includes the bucket of cash...

  • michaeliceman

    @DJ Ren - THAT would be PRICELESS!!!!! LOL!!

  • Jonathan

    http://www.recallvincegray.com is looking even more interesting

  • Truth Hurts

    "Gray's Not Telling The Truth". Got that one right.

    Price vividly recalls a bucket of cash and a 15k six foot check.

    So does Gray, I'm betting. He just won't come clean and tell the truth.

    One City. Leaderless, Integrity-impaired, Bad Characters.

  • seDCdude

    Loose LIPS finest....BIASED, corny, HYPOCRITICAL, numbskulls, PREDICTABLE and with a twist of bullshit to match!

  • Drez

    That's right... everyone else is crazy. None of this is happening. It's all a bad dream.


    I will tell you who was there and what transpired; yes, it was a meet and greet of sorts but ahead of time it was discussed, planned and executed by Howard Brook, Reuben Charles, Daniel "Dil" Belayneh, Juanita Britton and Novell Sullivan to have the taxi-cab drivers come with money in hand and I mean lots of money. They came with thousands of dollars in hand and Dil Belayneh came with hundreds of dollars in rolls of "blank" money orders per instruction for Howard Brooks and Reuben Charles.

    There was ALOT more than $1500.00 in a huge check collected. There was roughly $7-9,000.00 in CASH and blank money orders collected, along with the huge check for 1500.00.

    There was about four or five Gray office staff who went up in the Pastors office to count all that cash.

  • seDCdude


    that would be what you fentyites suffer from.....DENY, DENY, DENY, DENY...or just act like the cut ain't bleeding cuz your hearts do enuff of that!


    LESS is more, that's my new stance....don't need to repeat what's already been said and revealed, Drez you know wassup!

  • drez

    If you're okay with anonymous people funneling buckets of cash to the mayor, and his team laundering that cash and falsifying documents to cover it up, well, that's on you.
    And if that's where you're at, than less is more is a great stance to take. Cause you'll be getting a lot more of... a lot less.

  • Skipper

    One City. Fifth Amendment. Zero Standards.

  • Torpedo

    @THIS IS CRAP - I believe every word you are saying because this wasn't the only fundraiser of this kind that was held - and arranged by the folks you mention.

    You brougt up a name, Juanita Britton, who was Gray's volunteer co-coordinator for the campaign, so it be called, and who was involved in arranging many of these fundraiser-type (but the name they use is meet-and-greet) gatherings, perhaps if not knowing about them all. Britton was at the center of the headquarters as far as making things happen. But for some reason, I never saw her name really until you brought it up and wonder why she hasn't been interviewed/investigated like all the rest. The other co-coordinator was a little short fellow and bald...can't recall his name. I just wonder why these names haven't popped up in investigative reports and such.


    The other name that you are searching for is Jerry Brown, he was the volunteer co-coordinator. Currently, he is the Deputy Director of the Office of Ex-Offender Affairs.

    @Torpedo, if they ONLY.

  • Torpedo

    @THIS IS CRAP - Yes you are so right and now it comes to me that Jerry Brown is the guy they say had a past conviction where he served hard time in the joint for more than a decade. And now he is Deputy Director of Ex-Offender Affairs. I guess his past lifestyle goes hand in hand with his present work. I recall this guy stomping around like he was really important or something when I saw him the few times around campaigning. And yeah, since he was pivotaal in the One City campaign work, why hasn't his name appeared in any investigative reports and such.

    This guy, Jerry Brown, was provided a decent job with the past he has, so why were other hard working individuals who happen to have decent characters, past and present, shunted from employment wishes.

    One thing is for sure about One City govt, they will surely reel you in for work if you have any sort of a criminal backgroud.

  • Torpedo


  • http://deleted leeshato

    If Mr.Gray has lied to the taxi drivers or Suliman Brown that is the same thing that Fenty did to the rest of us. He was a one term mayor and Mr. Gray will be a one term mayor if he continues to do what he is doing.

  • Terry Miller

    I went to a lot of meets and greets and fundraisers for Gray and never saw anything like that. People did give checks, for sure, but I didn't see any hats passed around or money orders or things of that nature.

    Maybe it was only the cabbies..?

  • Terry Miller

    I just had a thought. I've never actually seen a "blank" money order. Don't you have to buy money orders in certain amounts? How does this work?

  • proudfriendofdrjerrrybrown

    @THIS IS CRAP/@Torpedo
    This in no way excuses any illegalities or wrong-doings on the part of Jerry Brown, if such were committed. However, as a close-friend and mentor, I do take exception to the cavalier manner in which you have flung around his past behavior(s), i.e., “…conviction where he served hard time in the joint for more than a decade.” While this is certainly true, allow me to draw upon his academic and professional bios and cite to you what he currently personifies as an individual who has indeed made a spiritual and intellectual transformation that serves as a model for others who continue to struggle with criminal recidivism and the decadence that encompasses the life of the heroin addict.
    Since his release from prison, over twenty years ago, Jerry has successfully matriculated a researched-based doctoral program at Morgan State University, Baltimore, Maryland. And, might I add, he did this all on a full academic scholarship. He did pre and post doctoral research at the University of Chicago’s National Opinion Research Center. For those of you unfamiliar with NORC, it is the same organization that made its name with products such as the Gallup Poll and the world-renown General Social Survey. NORC clients’ include the American Bar Association, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Department of Defense, the World Bank, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

    A lot of men and women are alive today because of his involvement in HIV education and prevention at the DC Department of Corrections: his master’s thesis served as the rubric for the now awarding-winning HIV discharge planning intervention that serves the inmate population at the DC Jail. He led the fight for HIV medications to be distributed to exiting inmates; whereas, before his involvement, they often had to wait a period of time before these critical medications were made available.

    I can go on and on about his post incarceration achievements, but this is really about you throwing shicht up on a wall, any wall to be specific and hoping something sticks to your intended target. What I suspect: the two of you are disgruntled former Gray for Mayor Volunteers who were not invited to partake in post-victory spoils, i.e., you were not given a job or whatever else you craved. Therefore, in the proverbial, because your arms are too short to box with Mayor Gray, you reach down and lash out at a guy who is just trying to make a difference in the safety of our community by working with a population that most people run away from if they even acknowledge their presence.

    Again, if he’s dirty…it will come out. I will not excuse any wrongdoing on his part. However, that is separate from the ad hominem the two of you are engaging in at the above replys.

    Have a nice life!!!

  • proudfriendofdrjerrrybrown

    Correction: "replies"


    @proudfriendofdrjerrrybrown, I never spoke negatively of Jerry Brown, I just supplied the name and place of employment. Please address your comments to someone other than me. Thank you.

  • Torpedo

    @proudfriendofdrje -

    1) That guy Jerry is perhaps a good guy. I cannot speak on him personally, of course. He did some good work and probably could have done a lot more good work had not his prior choices got in the way. But if the information set out there is true, which you confirmed, why become so annoyed to the point where you are way off the mark in an attempt to throw attacks based on fantasy? How is it that you are weighing facts against your fantasy of who you think we are and why we said the things we said?

    2) I did not volunteer for any campaign but had gone to a few gatherings with someone who had. The whole set up was ghetto to the max and the present aftermath confirms my visual inspection of that campaign! I did not want to involve myself with the mess after observing it. Most of those people behaved as if they had been chewing on raw meat and ready to leap on you and tear you apart if they even thought you were there for something more than just to volunteer. The scene was so absurd that I pleaded for my acquaintance to abandon that crap.

    3) You do not have a right to tell people what they can discuss on these blogs and in what manner they do it with your inappropriate use of "cavalier" to describe what I and another blogger had discussed. That was stupid for what do you think blogs are for? It provides a venue of expression of all types. Just read every last blog on WCP to find out. You'll stay busy that way instead of writing novels on Jerry Brown's behalf. Are you Jerry Brown?

    4) How dare you put Gray out there like a bigger-than-life figure whom someone needs to box with in order to achieve something in this city. Heck, he had to beg and cry for Obama to sit down with him (as though equals...lmbao) Did St. Elizabeth lose a patient in you? Are you one of the ones at Gray's footstool and this is the reason you speak favorably of him against all the voluminous scandal ongoing? Yeah, you are a brainwashed native. I bet Jerry Brown is a native too, and let me guess, he probably went to Dunbar, right? Why utter such ridiculousness? Don't answer that because you'll just pour more foolishness.

    4) I live a fabulous life!!!

  • Torpedo

    @THIS IS CRAP - You know I never spoke negatively of that man either as what was stated was only facts. Why do people have a problem with that? Why is there such an ease to defend scandal in the case of what "proudfriend" has done?

  • CocoNutMilk

    @proudfriendofdrje - after going over the blog here, I am trying to figure out how did things go from cabbie talk to mentioning Gray's volunteers to you partially quoting J Weldon J in a sick attempt to compare Gray to the Divine. Gray as Mother Theresa!

    @Torpedo - I would have to agree with you that something is seriously wrong with this friend of Jerry Brown so off to bedlam you go friend!

  • Clear View

    I am constantly amazed at how so many contributing hear take themselves, their ability to interpret and the past of others so seriously. Most people don't have any first hand knowledge of any of the things they comment on, have never been exposed to the situations or environments they judge and more. The truth is that Mayor Gray is a dedcent and honorable person. He entrusted some people who weren't and if that makes him dishonest or unfit to lead....get me another planet to live on. Another truth is that the Mayor learns and adjusts from his mistakes and that does make him fit to lead! Citizenry is important but we should not think it entitles us to blindly, superficially judge others, even our leaders...if you judge...dig, find out the back stories so you don't add to the clutter which already clouds too much thinking!!!!!

  • CocoNutMilk

    @Clear View - speak for yourself as for V. Gray being a decent and honorable character!

    -The first hand knowledge that we speak on actually comes from what we see being effected by this vampire in all his contradictions and outright stupidity. So, it is safe to say that your ability to interpret about this man isn't all that keen?

    -"He entrusted some people" Would you give me and everyone else a break with this lame azz retort for this man's corruptness? That cannot fly. In fact, it never did as you people thought it would.

    -"Mayor learns and adjusts from his mistakes" Are you delusional? Didn't Gray supposedly take office to correct the mistakes of Fenty in a most transparent way? Gray's mayorship, especially as a so-called seasoned politician, has no room for learning and adjusting from mistakes. You are quite ineffective as Gray's ghost spokesperson. But, what did Gray learn from his lie that he didn't know Sulaimon Brown? You know what he learned: AN FBI PROBE! Did he think he was Bill Clinton: I never had relations with that man, Sulaimon Brown. Right after Brown's firing, Gray was televised saying he didn't know who Sulaimon was, just like he didn't know how his campaign was being mismanaged by his friends and himself, right? First hand knowledge is that Gray had been seen on many occassions engaged in intimate talks with Sulaimon. Would that be speaking from the pov of first hand knowledge?

    -"Judge our leaders" Speak for yourself here again. You may consider Gray your leader, I don't.

  • worku

    let the mayre do his job suliman you have acriminal history they can not find a job for you pleas there is alot of things to do do not west our time

  • michael

    Given the campain of hostility and hatred led by Fenty against the district cab drivers the amount of money alleged to be contributed for any other reasonable contender, luckily Mayor Gray, meant nothing. The over 8000 fatally affected drivers could have done a lot more better if they were well organized.However, the statement given by Nathan Price is disproportionately over blown lie perhaps steming from his own personal ego.