Loose Lips

Ground Officially Broken

Groundbreaking on H Street NE

Mayor Vince Gray picked up a shovel this morning, and it wasn’t just for digging himself out of the PR hole left by this morning’s Post report that his campaign staffers may have improperly handled cash donations above the $25 legal limit.

Instead, the mayor used his shovel for a more immediate purpose: breaking ground on Steuart Investment Company’s 360 on H Street project, which will bring 215 apartments and a 42,000 square foot Giant grocery store in a LEED-certified package to the west end of H Street NE.

Gray said he felt personally connected to the new development, since he went to school at nearby Logan Elementary.

“Frankly, growing up in this neighborhood was a challenge,” he said. “We didn’t have very many amenities in this neighborhood, so to be able to see this coming is a special pleasure for me.”

The project is slated for completion in the spring of 2013, just before the street’s newly-delayed streetcar project is scheduled to get up and running.

Ward 6 Councilmember Tommy Wells joined Gray in praising the project, saying one of the keys to building a "livable, walkable" city is facilitating access to fresh food. Wells also called H Street “one of the hippest streets in America.”

Because nothing says hip like a big grocery store.

Photo by Nick DeSantis

  • What the flocka?

    He grew-up around H Street and he is saying that he did not have any amenities, what? At one point there were so many amenities on H Street, you didn't have to venture downtown nor uptown. Again, Gray has a dementia moment.

  • Drez

    Nice to see this happening though. What's the construction timeline?

  • Sasha

    Go on Mayor Gray, don't let all this noise stop you from making your promises come true. You won by 10% points and all these improprieties dwarf in comparison what Councilmembers are facing right now!

  • duke

    Vinnie is as filthy as those morons on the city Council; yeah, I'm lookin' at you Fully Loaded and you Harry's Half-Wit. I can't wait to see the US attorney indict these bums. THAT will be a day to celebrate!


    @Sasha, I totally agree with your veiw, these fools aren't going to stop the madness even though they've yet to come up with anything substancial. It's starting to boaderline on racially motivated muck, just lump them all in the same little ball of clay,the after all they're all?????? any way mentality. If you think people can't see through you closet hood toter's, think again.

  • http://deleted leeshato

    It is good that the neighborhood is getting a grocery store I just hope that some of the poorer neighbors will benefit from all the new changes.