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Marion Barry’s Son Charged With Intent to Distribute PCP

Marion Christopher Barry, the adult son of Ward 8 D.C. Councilmember Marion Barry, has been charged with possession with intent to distribute PCP, court records show.

The younger Barry was arrested on May 28, according to a statement filed by police at Superior Court, after officers reported finding five sandwich bags "almost full" of marijuana and a vial of PCP that contained "sufficiently more than than used for personal use."

Barry, 31, is being charged with a felony drug charge. He's being represented by Fred Cooke Jr., who did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Through a spokeswoman, Marion Barry also declined to comment.

In the  court documents, police say they arrived at the younger Barry's apartment on Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue SW after being alerted to what sounded like a fight. When a police officer knocked on the door, a man answered but would not open the door, court records say. Police then called the fire department to have the door opened. Once inside the apartment, the officers saw blood on the floor and drugs in "plain sight," according to court records.

Court documents say that Barry fled the apartment by jumping out a window, but later returned and sought medical treatment for a bloody foot. He was arrested at the scene, court records say.

The court records also indicate that Barry and prosecutors are working on a plea deal.

The younger Barry was previously charged with assaulting a police officer in 2005. Court records indicate the charges from that incident were dismissed.

Here's the complaint:

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  • Isn’t It Obvious

    @SEDCdude: more people than I can list have told me that I am articulate. Thanks for asking. ;-)

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  • DcNative

    @DC Native, I gotta change my user name because I don't want to be confused with you!

    In ref. to Barry's son growing up with a positive role model, he did and her name was Effie Barry, who died of cancer when Chris Barry was young man.

    Drug and alcohol abuse are at epidemic levels in the country and if you don't know, talk to Nancy Reagan and W. Bush, their children were caught-up in the same shit as Chris Barry.

    Give the kid a break, he is not Marion Barry!