Loose Lips

Read: Team Thomas’ Bank Records

This week's column focuses on where Ward 5 Councilmember Harry Thomas Jr.'s nonprofit, Team Thomas, spent its money. The information came from copies of Team Thomas' bank records, which you can read here:

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Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • Wendy Washington

    Looks like somebody @ Team Thomas has not mastered the ability to balance the checkbook. $370 paid in overdraft fees in February 2008. (See pp. 19-20.)

    Harry, can you please explain what the hell you were doing at the Peabody in Little Rock? What youth athletic activities were held there?

  • Truth Hurts

    These bank card charges and withdrawals lay bare Thomas' scam. In short, he vacationed at luxury resorts, treated himself to anything he wanted, and paid personal bills under the guise of "helping kids" through a fraudulent slush fund.

    He's simply a two bit, low life punk. And he got caught.

  • Art

    Hey Alan, thanks for the records, but your redacting job SUX! Everything you tried to redact is perfectly visible. Wait...maybe that's that point?

  • Danielle

    Agree with Wendy - going through this you can see tons of overdraft fees and ATM withdrawals. He also kept checking his balance at non B of A banks and getting charged. I guess when you're vacationing in Florida and Las Vegas on your charity's money it doesn't matter. Also $690 at Love nightclub? Hard to explain how that was helping the kids learn how to play sports.

  • David

    What's with all the money spent at the Newton Food Market? Seems kind of a strange coincidence that not long after Team Thomas spent thousands of dollars at a corner market (weird in itself) the place got robbed and someone was killed -- hmmmm???

  • James

    Were's the outrage from Ward 5 residents? I am befuddled that DC residents seem to have become numb to the antics of the jokers they elected.

  • http://www.microventuresupport.org Jerome Peloquin

    The problem here is one of perception of wrongdoing. Taken out of context, almost any data set can be made to seem, 'questionable.' still, we have some serious questions here and they are being adjudicated by the civil courts even as we speak. At stake are hundreds of thousands of dollars ... not to mention a political career left in shambles.

    His Las Vegas trip was part of a council effort to bring business to DC. An argument could be made that he was networking to gain contacts and potential contributors to his non profit. The LOVE expenses could also be so described. Spreading influence is often done through entertaining. The unfortunate thing is that this seems to be part of a pattern of behavior on his part, a pattern of behavior that is questionable and that can and will be interpreted as dishonest and misleading.

    My advice to Harry is, "... , if he wants to have a political carreer here i DC he needs to come out to the electorate and make his case to us, the electorate ... not the civil courts. I for one, am willing to hear him out before making any decision. You can follow your lawyers advice, or you can keep your job. I doubt you can do both.

  • One that cares

    Come on Jerome, Harry has no case to make...there is no perception of wrongdoing...there is wrongdoing! If you knew him, you would understand that this is totally in line with his character or I should say lack of character. There is no benefit of a doubt to give here. He has acted true to himself. Dogs bark, cats meow, Harry tells lies and steals.

  • Calvin H. Gurley

    Mr. Peloquin…you are well aware of the media’s courtroom trails in the newspaper. And, as many Politian do…they hire lawyers, they make statements of innocents in front of the cameras and then the grit-work is done by the investigators…and now you have the TRUTH.

    I see Mr. Thomas and Mr. K. Brown’s plan of action not deviating from the above narrative.

    BALTIMORE (AP) — The accusations that Mayor Sheila Dixon used holiday gift cards for the needy during personal shopping sprees may sound like a minor embarrassment at worst, a small-time case of a politician enjoying the perks of power.

    From a wise man point of view; please take time to read and answer the question;

    “….did these elected officials [alleged wrongdoers] need the money….
    Or did they just want the money…?”

    Mind you…councilmember makes $125.00 per year for PART-TIME JOB.

    TRUSTING CITIZENS….spare no one…kick out all our councilmembers for being INCOMPENTENT.
    If you trusting citizens won’t…the Feds are coming and gaining ground – and they will.

    Calvin H. Gurley

  • One that cares

    Also, the Harry that I know will never, ever, ever admit to any wrongdoing. He will blame all others, play the race card, and continue to make up lies even after those cold steel bars close behind him. He will bet that he can bamboozle his way out of this and fool all who are willing to give him the "benefit of a doubt". Arrogant, deceiving, without conscience, sociopathic tendencies galore.

  • stinkinthinkin

    Everything Harry Thomas is theft,graft,lies,deceit,fraud,concealment,wicked,con artist,cheating on his family and taxpayers to boot and the DC residents should contribute him out of office soon or he can wait for the FEDS to handcuff him.

  • seDCdude

    Jerome you make a great point, and that is the place/gray area afforded WHITE politicians all day everyday! "Oh he played golf, well that was a networking session" JUSTIFIED, "he/she took trips to Cancun to generate business", JUSTIFIED, "drinks bought, dinners eaten on the taxpayers dime while HOBNOBBIN' it up for social perks and reduced costs" JUSTIFIED, so goes the life of a politician........

    and Mr. Gurley I'm with you, just be careful what you ask and/or settle for, because if this style of persecution is accepted then what's next!

    an Example most certainly must be made....but Marion Barry has suffered enough to at least to have insured a more balanced and THOROUGH approach to this type of matter...Across the board BLACK pols. have and are being railroaded for NORMAL politics; Rangel, Waters, the Johnsons, Barry, Gray, Brown, Harold Ford, David Patterson and now Thomas.....I'm just saying!

    GREED is a mother, but systematic/covert racism is another animal all together!

  • Wendy Washington

    James, I am puzzled by your question in post #6. Have you not read other articles here and on the WaPo website? Just check out LL's post yesterday.

    There are plenty of frustrated Ward 5 residents, like me, who have long called for HTJ to resign. I have never voted for that fool.

    To call his performance mediocre would be too kind. With all these revelations, it is clear Harry was too focused on his graft to actually serve his constituents. He has to go -- sooner rather than later.

  • disappointed

    Harry Thomas's action are unacceptable for a politician who had honorable parents. He should of known better. He owes the residents of Ward 5 who elected him an explanation. I don't like him stealing from the youth. He has shown a lack of intergrity and character.

  • DANG!

    All I got to say is why Harry! U used money for the kids to play golf!