Loose Lips

Here We Go Again

Ward 3 Councilmember Mary Cheh has just informed her colleagues that mayoral accuser Sulaimon Brown is not cooperating with a council subpoena to hand over his phone, email and other records. Cheh says the council's lawyer is currently "taking action" in D.C. Superior Court to have the subpoena enforced.


Former mayoral candidate and city employee Brown, you'll no doubt recall, played hide-and-seek with the council's process server a few months ago over a subpoena to appear in person before Cheh's committee, which is investigating Brown's claims that he was given cash and a promise of a city job last summer by the Gray campaign in return for bashing former Mayor Adrian Fenty at campaign events.

After his famous sunglasses-wearing appearance before Cheh's committee, Brown said he wasn't going to comply with her subpoena for records because he said it was too broad. And so it goes...

  • Wrack

    Um... inherent power of the court to sanction?

  • Truth Hurts

    What's the point? Cheh publicly absolved Gray of wrongdoing long ago. If Brown's phone records show calls between him and Gray, is she gonna reverse course? NO WAY.

    Besides, she's already got the "wink, wink ... we understand our deal" text messages between Gray, his cronies, and Brown. Why not subpoena everyone's phone records? Including Gray, Green, Brooks, etc?

  • Drez

    Yes, with subpoenaing Suliamon's records only Cheh seems more intent on investigating Suliamon himself than any deals or relations between Suliamon and the Gray campaign and EOM.
    But maybe this is because the US OAG has already shared the results of their subpoena of Gray&Co's records with her?
    *whew*. I crack myself up.

  • Sally

    Has she asked for Loraine Green's phone/email records? How about Gerri Mason Hall?

    How long is Cheh going to carry Gray's water for him before it finally dawns on her that she's being played for a fool?

  • Southeast Ken


  • Anothernative

    If some of you clowns only knew how you sound you would hurry and shut up, you remind me of the witch hunters of Salems lot. Get some god damned lives.

  • SEis4ME

    The usual Fentyphallus's (DREZ and TH) strike again.

    Now there's a "secret" agenda perpetuated by Cheh and Gray to cover this up.

    To sane people, ANY witness who refuses to comply with court orders and makes a complete mockery of the institution itself, would raise their alarm.

    But oh, not these two! Despite this all, it's a cover up.

    Hey, is the illuminati involved too? Or how about that secret cell of aliens?

    The longer this goes on, the clearer it becomes that you two really are the crusty nutsacks that you are.

    Oh and by the way, has it been Gray's contention that he never received a phone call from Brown?

  • Adrian Bent-Me

    Sadly I have to agree with TH and Drez on this one. Cheh's oversight has no teeth and this douchebag S Brown will simply continue making a mockery of everything. What's to gain from it? The "records" are known and Gray and his staff engaged in a disturbing back and forth with this lunatic. No one can really defend this. It's inexcusable, but it happened. What can Cheh do to truly address it? Nothing that I know of.

  • stinkinthinkin

    LesLIE and Jackie Johnson of PeeGeeCee were arrested,plead guilty and spent thousands on them conspiring lawyers they hired and are still facing jail time.
    D.C. elected officials should start snitching on one another now,admit their guilt,resign from office (elected or selected if you are crooked)and beg the judge for mercy early.
    Finally everyone is innocent until investigated...is the police and prosecutors rule so do not be a fool come back to school and save the drool.

  • SEis4ME

    ABM, no one can defend what? That Gray and his people talked to Brown?

    Who's defending that by the way?

    And what is the disturbing part? Didn't know that was uncovered...

  • seDCdude

    TH and Drez can be likened to the left overs from a castration!!!!

    Go figure.....

  • Adrian Bent-Me

    SEis4Me- I guess you miss the part of hiring the fucking lunatic or the dozens of texts/calls/exchanges between Gray's camp and S. Brown. This has nothing to do with Fenty. It has to do with Gray and S. Brown. Making it another issue seems to be your M/O these days huh?

  • drez

    You do realize that the US Attorney has subpeonaed Gray & Co's records and empaneled a grand jury to investigate Gray's campaign and Executive Office, and that Suliamon Brown is cooperating, don't you?
    Whether you want to hear it or not, that's a pretty serious move. The next step is an federal indictment. You may not like that I'm the one telling you this (again), but those are the facts and your wishing otherwise or acting like a child and calling me names won't change them.

  • Truth Hurts

    @ SE assholes:

    When/if you address comments to me in a civil manner, I'll respond in kind. Until then, you can blow me.

  • noodlez

    S.E. VERSUS N.W.!




  • Truth Hurts

    "SE assholes" was shorthand for seDCdude and SEis4ME, and their comments to me.

    Wasn't aimed at people generally in SE.