Loose Lips

The Wilson Building Today

LL was running around the Wilson Building today chasing various stories. Here are a few tidbits he picked up along the way:

1) The online gambling legislation is hilarious. At a gaggle with reporters after a lengthy hearing, Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans and hacks were still trying to figure the details of the law, which was passed last December without a public hearing. In any event, Evans indicated that he may be tapping the brakes on plans to start online gambling in the District in September, over concerns that the public hasn't had enough time to weigh in on so-called online gambling "hot spots" that will be sprouting up around town. Note: tapping the brakes does not amount to killing the law.

Meanwhile, anti-gambling activist Marie Drissel shared with LL some of her FOIA results, which show that D.C. Lottery partner Emmanuel Bailey was keeping Councilmember Michael A. Brown (the sponsor of the online legislation) apprised of contract negociations with the Office of the Chief Financial Officer.

"Huston we have a problem!" Bailey wrote to Brown's private email in March of last year. (It's actually spelled "Houston," but if you're from there, you would pronounce it "U-ston."

2) The District has various mid-budget-year holes it has to fill, which include an additional $700,000 for "increased pharmaceuticals spending" by the Department of Corrections; between $800,000 and $2 million for three to nine fired teachers D.C. Public Schools expects it will have to reinstate; up to $43 million in additional spending by the Department of Health Care Finance, and $1.5 million in "unforeseen increased ticket processing" by the Department of Motor Vehicles, which is related to paying for collection agencies to collect on unpaid traffic tickets.

  • stalledoninternetsuperhighway

    CM Mendelson urged Interim Director Thomas P. Hoey to have the DOC web site updated more frequently than quarterly to give more meaningful stats on the populations fluctuations -- and how often the population exceeds the actual revenue available for the jails which are far below the budgeted expectations. Hoey suggested that updating the web site more frequently might add other budget pressures. http://doc.dc.gov/doc/site/default.asp

    All these DC.gov sites should be as easy to update as blogs. When is the DC Government going to upgrade its web services to better serve citizens and electeds? FOIA's should be a thing of the past, all public docs should be published and easily searchable.

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  • Skipper

    Has the latest Michael Brown shenanigans been referred to the Inspector General?

    And how pathetic is it that the Council enacts such a huge impact law in December, and yet no one seems to know how this gambling part got into the law, what any of the details are, or if it's even legal?

  • william alston el

    its time to lock all those crooks up no homerule until we can rule ourselfs.

  • la esquina

    Doesn't anyone think it'd odd that no one said hardly anything about this law for nearly 7 months after it was passed? There was plenty of time to raise a stink about this, so IMHO, there's plenty of blame to go around when it comes to the Council, the press and us citizens in general.

    Why are folks acting a fool about this now? Seems to me January would have been a good time for LL, Wapo, et al to say "hey, this passed without a mark up or public hearing." I think a big stink is being raised for no reason.

    As for Michael Brown, I'm not ready to condemn the man over one piece of legislation. He's been very progressive, very pro DC and is one of the few CMs who has made serious efforts to expand services for the downtrodden.

  • Respected Citizens

    Brown has an underground ulterior motive, and we shall soon find it out.

    He is not to be trusted, wife during his election had filed for a divorce, once she learned about his dating with nasty nails, Cherlita Whiting.

    Then he lied to downtown clinets about being an attorney before he passed the DC Bar.

    Remember, he's riding on his Dad's back, and he's too tall and stupid to fit in such intelligent shoes of integrity and honor.

    The real truth, is that Michael Brown is Bi-sexual, look at the cold score on his bottom lip.