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Loose Lips Daily: Post-Parade Violence Edition

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  • Twelve Arrested at White House Protest
  • Media Scolding
  • Good morning sweet readers! Parades are for fun, not violence. If violence is your idea of fun, you should watch wrestling. It's on TV all the time. News time:

    Post-Parade Violence: One man is dead and several others are injured after a shootout at the end of this year's Caribbean Carnival. Police say the shootings were the product of two beefs between warring crews (warning, these videos are not pleasant), and the man who was killed was an innocent bystander, the Examiner reports. Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham says he wants to know why the intended target of Saturday's shooting is the same intended target of a February shooting that left a high school students dead. WUSA's Bruce Johnson is one of many wondering why Mayor Vince Gray and Police Chief Cathy Lanier haven't said anything. Meanwhile, Councilmember Muriel Bowser took to the Twitter to inform that she's not happy with this year's shortened parade route. "Thousands of people on Georgia Avenue looking for the rest of the Parade. This short route is a disaster," she said, adding "Broken promises and total disrespect of Caribbean community and GA Avenue businesses." This year's route was shortened because organizers of last year's parade still owe the police department money. For photos from the parade route, see Matt Dunn's slideshow here.

    AFTER THE JUMP: Gray's Job Plan; Screw School, I'm In For Cupcakes; White House Protest...

    Gray's Jobs Plan: Six months into his administration, and the mayor is ready to announce his plan to fulfill the central theme of his campaign—getting District residents back to work, reports the Post's Jonathan O'Connell. Among the plans, says Deputy Mayor Victor Hoskins, is to reorganize the Workforce Investment Council. Gray is current at The Yards to announce his plan. The speech has the "feel of a campaign event," notes WBJ's Michael Neibauer, who also notes that Gray is using a teleprompter.

    You May Teach, and I Shall Go Make Cupcakes: Postie Bill Turque gets an interesting exit interview with Bill Kerlina, former principal at Phoebe Hearst Elementary who is off to make his dream of serving gourmet cupcakes to the residents of Howard County come true. Kerlina unloads his frustrations with DCPS as he's walking out the door, telling Turque that he felt former School Chancellor Michelle Rhee's IMPACT teacher evaluation is just a way of firing unwanted teachers. "The reform, in my opinion, is getting rid of people," he says. Kerlina also says he was asked by a DCPS official why he didn't recruit more white students to his school.

    President MIA at Voting Rights Rally In Front of His House: D.C. Voting Rights advocated organized a rally Saturday in front of the White House. Avowed District-supporter President Obama didn't come. But 12 people did get arrested.

    Why Gray's Numbers Are Down: The mayor's popularity is down, according to Gray campaign aide Kenneth Trombly, because the WaPo wants the mayor's numbers to be down. "It is sad that The Post seems unwilling to abandon its transparent agenda and allow the man who was elected mayor to govern on a level playing field."

    In Other News:

    Gray sked: Visit with mayor of Brussels, Suite 509 JAWB, 9 a.m., Remarks at HIV Testing Day, Bread for the City, 10 a.m., Economic development update and Summer Youth Employment Program opening day tour, lumber shed at Yards Park, 10:30 a.m., SYEP opening day tours, Clyde’s of Gallery Place and DC Central Kitchens, 11 a.m., desk work and staff meetings, 1 p.m., Belgian economic trade mission reception and sister city signing, Belgian ambassador’s residents, 7 p.m.

    Council sked: Committee on Government Relations and the Environment round table on surplus D.C. properties, Room 123 JAWB, 1 p.m., Committee on Aging and Community Affairs hearing, Room 412 JAWB, 2 p.m.

    • http://www.keithjarrell2012.com Keith Jarrell

      Ward 4 had no representation at the planning table for the 2011 Caribbean Festival Parade. Why didn't current Councilmember Bowser know in advance that this years parade was going to leave out many of her residents and business owners. Who she is now to cry over spilled milk? Where was she when the planning was going on and the parade route was being shortened? MISSING IN ACTION! Ward 4 business owner along the Georgia Avenue have no one to blame but Muriel Bowser as this is a short coming on her part.

    • please help us


    • Jay

      The parade route was shortened because the parade organizer failed to pay the bill for last year's police presence. The police presence is obviously required because even with a shortened parade route, there was a shootout at this year's event killing an innocent bystander.

      Muriel Bowser's tweets seem unreasonable. Does the lost tax revenue equal or exceed the amount parade organizers owed the District for last year's police presence? (Which doesn't factor in what is owed for this year's!) If not, what lost revenue is Bowser referring to?

    • CocoNutMilk

      Leave Muriel alone! And focus on the council folk who are committing crimes! Not being at the planning table for this dirty event is no crime! Each year this event gets dirtier and dirtier. The powers that be really need to shunt it from DC's list of public activities.

      Everybody at that parade either looked like they smelled badly or actually did. I got outta dodge because of that fact...glad I missed the shooting.

    • RealDC

      @coconut milk : you are ignorant!

      With regards to Bowser not doing the job that you are paid to do or were voted to do is a crime. Judgement day is April 3, 2012!

      Ward 4 deserves so much better!! DC needs real leadership!

    • CocoNutMilk

      RealDC - why call names?

      Is it because you are an idiot! Not only are you an idiot but you are "ignorant" as well because I bet you are one of the "we-can-do-better" Gray supporters, right? Speaking of "real leadership" as you say! Can you explain your move on that decision for "real leadership"?

    • RealDC

      Coco - stating that the participants "smelled" or "look like they smell" is ignorant and insulting.

      As far as being a "we can do better" Gray supporter, yep, I voted for him. Did not have much of a choice, his opponent was a jackass that could not get out of his own way.

      Real leadership for DC is the person that will lead based on the truth, not this made up truth for the convenience of the situation. They will have vision and discipline. The people will matter.

    • CocoNutMilk

      @RealDC - you need to look up "ignorant"! While what I said may be insulting, it's definitely true so there's no ignorance in that.

      Frankly, if we want to look at an example of "real leaderhship," then let us look at the Governor of Alabama. Let us do what he did and effect a major reform bill. Now that would be real leadership!