Loose Lips

Vince Gray Channels Inner Barbara Walters

Find a TV! At 6 p.m. today, Mayor Vince Gray's new show debuts on channel 16.

The program, called "Inside One City ... Conversations with DC Mayor Vincent C. Gray,"  will be a monthly feature with Hizonner "that will provide District residents with an inside look of their government," says the mayor's office (in a news release that went out at 5:39 p.m. today).

The first episode centers around summer entertainment options provided by the District government.

Says the mayor's office:

Produced at the DC Office of Cable Television, the first episode of the monthly broadcast will feature information about “One City Summer Fun” and presented in three distinct segments. In the first segment, Mayor Gray interviews Deputy Mayor for Public Safety and Justice Paul Quander and Police Chief Cathy Lanier about summer programs aimed at producing safe communities, a major initiative of the Mayor Gray’s One City agenda. The three, Quander, Lanier and Mayor Gray, engage in a lively discussion of community engagement, safety initiatives and the impact of budget cuts on summer programming and the Summer Youth Employment Program.

In the second segment, the Mayor discusses the various urban recreation and leisure activities with Jesus Aguirre, the Director of the Department of Parks and Recreation, and Rebecca Renard, Program Director of Teens of Distinction for DC Public Libraries. This section of the show provides viewers with in depth information on sports, therapeutic, aquatic, environmental education, camps, outdoor adventures and other recreational programs. Emphases on enriching the summer through reading and educational programs offered at DCPS, UDC, CCDC, and DC Libraries are discussed. In addition, “One World, Many Stories,” the summer reading program offered by the DC Public Libraries, is highlighted.

The third and final segment features, Deputy Mayor for Health and Human Services, BB Otero, and Director of the Youth Advisory Council, Cedric Jennings. Mayor Gray interviews Otero and Jennings about community partnerships that have been integrated into the summer programming. All government agencies and several community-based organizations are participating in this summer initiative.

In mayor's office has Gray concluding: "With so many activities in store this summer, there should be no reason for anyone to be bored." 

  • conc3rnedrez

    Fenty used to go on NBC and FOX where the private media would ask him questions. Now, Gray is going on the state-run media to promote his agenda... just saying...

  • Ward4Citizen

    He was actualy very good. But it is a bit self-serving. Maybe he should do the same on NBC and FOX too.

  • Drez

    Seems like a good suggestion to me.

  • Jayem

    All mayors since Barry have used Channel 16 for their own promotional and publicity purposes and broader purposes. This is not new. There was a Channel 16 camera at every possible Fenty event. There was never hard news that came out of the former mayor's appearances on Fox and NBC.

  • Jayem

    Referring to the early Thursday morning plug-ins.

  • Art

    It doesn't really matter. The relatively few people who watch 16 are folks who already have a particular political slant. They are not likely to change their views based on what they see on that channel.

  • CocoNutMilk

    Yeah, Gray is looking like Barbara Walters right about now. LL - you are hilarious!

    More than that, these useless airings undoubtedly will be a waste of money. But that is what this administration believes in: haste in making waste.

  • What the flocka?

    I guess his first hosting gig will be a televised "hand-dancing" contest. He will do play-by-play on the participants and give insights on the best dancers, are they republicans or democrats.

    Just saying, he doesn't need a Barbara Walters like platform until he gets a complete make-over.

  • @SamuelMoore

    So, this is why we have an entire bureaucratic unit called the DC OCT? Their job is to produce shows?

    What I can't stand is they never show the "good" Council debates, they're always showing some less interesting committee meeting on 13 whenever the sparks are flying.

    How many FTEs does this office support?