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Tommy Wells: Not Ruling Anything Out

Tommy Wells

LL has a new failsafe interview technique: jump in at the end of a Tom Sherwood interview when the TV camera is still rolling and ask an awkward question.

Sherwood was asking Ward 6 Councilmember Tommy Wells about new ethics legislation when LL asked Wells if he was planning on running for mayor.

"We've got a perfectly good mayor who I want to be successful," Wells said.

Sherwood asked Wells if he had his sights on any citywide office. "I chair a committee that affects all the lives in Washington," Wells said.

Sherwood asked again.

"We just had a recent election and we have a new chair and a new mayor, and I will do my best to make them successful," Wells said.

"So you're not ruling out anything?" Sherwood asked.

"I really want our city to keep making progress, and I want us to keep moving forward. And I will be a part of that," Wells said.

"So you're not ruling anything out," Sherwood asked again.

Finally, Wells was broken.

"Um, no, of course not, I'm not ruling anything out," Wells said.

Photo by Sasha Issenberg

  • Concernedaboutdc

    Wells is a car hating facist that wishes to use the power of the legislation and taxes to force his agenda and sentiments on the people of the District. A family of 4 NEEDS a car, DC has tough winters. Wells is a perfect example why democrats should consider a conservative representative in the District.

  • Skipper

    The geeks over at Greater Greater Wells just got a massive collective erection.

  • LeftOut

    I'm sorry, but the boozing will be an issue.

  • Wrack

    Yes, that's right, he's a fascist. Tommy Wells is a fascist. Yep. He sure is. (I hear he also hates black people, Jews, homosexuals, and the First Amendment. And eats babies.)

  • Dan

    Car hating fascists are SO much better in NYC.

  • MVGSG Outsider

    Tommy Wells is an awesome Mayoral candidate. He is honest, committed to social issues that affect the poor and disenfranchised and he believe in "liveale, walkable, workable communities".

    He gets my vote!

  • John

    Go Tommy!

  • cminus

    DC has tough winters.

    Thanks, concernedaboutdc, that's the best laugh I've had in ages.

  • Sweet and Lowdown

    @ MVGSG Outsider - A council member committed to "liveable, walkable, workable communities" would take a public position on a major proposal for transit-oriented development in his own ward. A mayoral hopeful ducks conflict. We're waiting...

  • Concernedaboutdc

    Yes, a facist with homosexual facist followers. lol.

  • RealDC

    Oh please, Wells is about as smart as a box of rocks. The last thing we need is a dumb drunk in the mayor's office.

  • Terry Miller

    If you watch Tommy Wells at hearings he mostly seems arrogant and self-righteous. Sometimes he seems actually bored.

  • Karl

    Tommy Wells is the last person we want in the Mayor's office. He's pompous and belligerent and loses sight of the issue. Wells also has ethical problems -- he is so in bed with Akridge over the Union Station deal. His chief of staff is also an ANC Commissioner who does his bidding nicely. Wells should go back to being a social worker after he gets some counseling.

  • Rake

    @ Terry: Sometimes he seems actually bored.

    Honestly, wouldn't you be bored if you had to listen to idiots like HTJ (Playboy Bamma), Fully Loaded, Marion, Yvette, and Cheh bloviate all day?

    I would spend half the day asleep.

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