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Does D.C. Want Fenty Back?

Former Mayor Adrian Fenty famously never believed in polls, except maybe The Washington Post poll that came out two weeks before last year's primary showing with near certainty that he was going to lose.

But if Fenty were to chance upon this Sunday's Post, he must have been heartened to see that nearly 60 percent of District residents approve of the way he ran the city. Fenty's approval rating is currently 11 points higher than just before he lost the primary election, and 17 points than where Mayor Vince Gray's approval rating is current sitting. (As when he was mayor, Fenty's approval rating is wayyy higher among white respondents.)

A big question people seem to want answered is whether Fenty would consider running again for mayor. He's given no indication that he does, and has been on near radio silence regarding District affairs since leaving office. But if those approval numbers keep tacking upwards, might they (and the chance for sweet revenge) prove irresistible?

UPDATE: Former LL Mike DeBonis wonders the same thing—and notices that Fenty's cell phone number ends in 2014. (Oops, it was Postie Nikita Stewart, not DeBonis.)

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • Grumpy

    He should NEVER run again.

    Not because he was ineffective but because 'screw you', you didn't appreciate me, you lambasted my wife (hated on her because she's beautiful and speaks with an accent) and found fault with my every decision. You got what you wanted which was me to be out of office - Now deal with it

  • drez

    He's had the 2014 number since he was on the council.

  • SEis4ME

    Does DC want Fenty back?

    Sure, I would imagine that some would.

    Would Fenty ever win again?

    Highly doubtful.

  • Mary

    DC wants a Mayor who gets things done and actually cares about doing the job, which Gray does not seem to even want to do the job. Fenty would not want to come back and it is DC who looses.

  • noodlez


  • ToiletLawmakers

    No, we don't want Fenty back. We must move ahead as in "if it's broke then let's keep on fixing it." We don't know how someone is going to handle the seat once we elect him or her, but just because we elect someone once doesn't mean we have to repeat the blind fault. Therefore, Gray is not coming back at all!! No how, no way...

    No, no one ever hated on Fenty as it is suggested on here. Michelle, for the most part, stayed out of the limelight save for special occasions. It is lame to suggest Fenty was hated on because of a wife with an exaggerated accent and who only falls into the cute category. If raccoon eyes and an irregularly shaped face and hard cheeks are what you call beautiful then hey you are the beholder.

  • noodlez


  • ToiletLawmakers

    @Grumpy - (aside: I know you're putting those words in Fenty's mouth, not yours.)


    The only mayor that's been there who I would vote for again is Tony Williams. None of the others (including Gray) were concerned about the importance of keeping the financial house in order. Williams also attracted top notch folks to his cabinet who understood economics and the importance of "quality of life" issues across the entire city. What ever happened to citizen summits.

  • Rake

    No thanks on Adrian (not that I think he would be interested). Now Tony Williams on the other hand - yes please.

  • Lovelace

    No. Fenty seemed interested in running more of an autocracy than a democracy. That wasn't good for the city either. Why are we content to keep recycling these same old chumps who keep exploiting us and our city for their own personal gain and/or that of their friends?

  • Grumpy

    ToileLawmakers, if you didn't read some of the hate spewed towards Fenty's wife towards the end of his run, then I don't know where YOU were. I read it and heard her interviewed about it. She didn't do anything to deserve that.

    AD was as arrogant and aloof as they come and he made mistakes. So go after HIM, he's the POL, not his wife. And though he made mistakes, he got some thing accomplished as well. Gray looks like he couldn't find tea in a Lipton factory.

  • michaeliceman

    Well, I was one who thought it was time for AF to go. He had alienated too many people and went off half-cocked too much. He made new enemies without making any new friends.

    That being said I have to give credit where credit was due. Right or wrong, AF made decisions. He was decisive. He was not "over delibrative." It worked against him A LOT!! But you never waited around waiting for him to act. He was going to do something - even if it was dismissing the media or refusing to give information. He was decisive whether he was doing something or whether he was refusing to do something.

    He figured out that if you include too many people in on a decision, the decision never gets made. My biggest fear about Gray was that he would try to be so inclusive and so deliberative that nothing would ever get done. I am sad to say that my concerns were dead on...so far! Hopefully he can make some strides soon.

  • tired

    Oh hell no.

  • ToiletLawmakers

    I am sure you are right Grumpy. I just never really noticed her until she undignified herself with crying to save her husband's job. I felt no pity, however.

    Nonetheless, after a little digging, and I know people want to put this thing to bed but I think it wise to let us not forget of what we do not want to repeat for the next election, this non-repeat I speak of includes Fenty as well. But we need to obliterate the nepotism as shown henceforth. Before that, I didn't see any pictures of Leslie Green, Lorraine's daughter, doing the one-shoulder two-step. There ought to be a hand dance called the one-shoulder shuffle.

    Sulaimon never lied when he testified to being up close and personal with Gray. Here is the link to the event that was held at Eatonville in August 2010. In the first picture, you can see Sulaimon happily peering over the shoulder of Vince Gray. This was an event put on by the "Young Professionals" (ha ha ha). Well, some didn't think it was a laughing matter when all of Vince's young un-professionals received jobs or if they were already in the government, you better know their salaries increased significantly. Here are the pics:

    1. Marion Barry, Yvette Alexander, the umbra of Sulaimon Brown, and a smudge of someone to Vince’s right…he’s the one cheesing with the cheese teeth.

    2. Vince Gray, Sulaimon Brown looking as though on something, crackhead-DL-looking boxer, unknown girl with shiny black wig, and David whats-his-name…the one who was at every rally screaming GO VINCE GO!

    3. Lorraine Green, Midget Man Howard Brooks, along with a crackhead-DL-looking boxer and Carlos Gray…there is some unknown meathead looking chap too standing there looking more like a doughboy than an athlete if he is one.

    4. These were all hopefuls “to be hired.” I think none were but their talents were sure used up. The one in the pinstripe walks around looking mad…perhaps she was given the boot too like Sulaimon.

    5. This one here was locked in the Gray camp. Go figure! It is said that she is the niece of slain education board member Terrence Hairston. Hairston was the board member murdered by the two girls who were just out of their teens in I believe circa 2004. According to the WaPo news article, the girls went to the Hairston home seeking cash, but Hairston allegedly was looking for and had had a good time but didn’t know that he would be giving his life in exchange for those activities. The girls are doing life sentences. They wanted money, he decided to fight back against a gun, and they needlessly snuffed out a bright young man.

    6. Gray’s partner in mischief, Stephanie Reich, the image over Barry’s shoulder that looks like someone tried to rub out someone in the picture with an eraser. Oh no, pink lips are there, so that is a face, dear me. Oh and Barry with some low-budget Cassie copy-cat. http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.152821921398862.29521.124791444201910#!/photo.php?fbid=152823158065405&set=a.152821921398862.29521.124791444201910&type=1&theater

  • LongTimeRez

    Absolutely not! But we would like the $9.7 million back that Fenty gifted to his former chauffeur, Keith Lomax, owner of RBK Landscaping and Construction (RBK). Along with the other $20 million-plus that disappeared in 2008 and 2009 under Allen Lew's "stewardship."

    "The Auditor found that OPEFM's contract and procurement files for RBK did not include 6 purchase orders and supporting documentation for payments totaling $9,756,525 to RBK. Table II presents OPEFM payments to RBK under purchase orders that were not found in OPEFM's contract and procurement files, and lacked documentation justifying and supporting the payments to RBK."


  • Stinkinthinkin

    Some of them flix are alright and some need to be out of sight for goodness sake. Fenty should stay away from the District Bldg and Gray should move to Ward 9 and Kwame should go to down to Treme' in Louisiana or restart the 'WIRE' series on HBO. And the other bums just kick 'em out of office for good starting with that white dude, Jack Evans and ending with Harry Thomas the junior/senior crook.

  • Southeast Ken

    My answer, hell no. I wish Fenty would disappear off the face of the earth.

  • Southeast Ken

    P.S. I would vote for Charlie Sheen to become mayor, before I would vote for former dictator King Adrian Malik Fenty.

  • FormerDCer

    Right on, LongTimeRez. The report on the parks contracting fiasco was a in itself a fiasco. The contracts that were yanked from Banneker didn't go back to DPR for lack of experienced people at DPR; they went to Lew's shop so they could be handed to Lomax's outfit. I know. I was there.

  • Wendy Washington

    Sure, the WaPo poll would (of course) proclaim that 60% want Fenty back. Now would that be 60 out of 100 respondents? Is just that electronic poll on the Post's website? You know the electronic poll that allows anyone to vote any number of times? You do not have to prove you are a registered D.C. voter to participate in those polls. The folks at the WaPo are not actually trying to pass that off as some scientifically accurate poll?

    The WaPo should be ashamed and LL you should be forced to relinquish your press credentials for not getting a disclaimer from the WaPo.

  • Wendy Washington

    In the words of Whitney Houston, HELL TO THE NO! D.C. does not want Fenty back. We do not need an autocracy or aristocracy.

  • LongTimeRez

    "The report on the parks contracting fiasco was a(sic) in itself a fiasco." --FormerDCer

    FDCer (lucky you!)-

    Clarification: This DCOPEFM (Office of Public Education Facilities Modernization headed by Allen Lew of Convention Center and Baseball Stadium fame) scandal was IN ADDITION to the DCDPR (District Dept. of Parks and Recreation) scandal.

    Don't know if Lomax and Turner were dipping into that trough also.

  • Drez

    It was a random telephone survey of over 1400 people Not some lame pseudo Internet poll.
    The Fenty approval ratings were just a very small part of it. It was mostly about Gray.

  • hymesb

    Depends on what DC you are asking. The political community...no. They have exactly what they want. Me. No. Much more fun watching these self-serving morons implode.

  • Concernedaboutdc

    A snowball stands a better chance in hell.

  • Wendy Washington

    Drez, call it what you want. It is not truly a representative sample of the city's voting population. I have been a registered voter since the 70s and for some reason, never been canvassed in any of the telephone surveys. Nor have any of the people in my circle of family and friends.

    The bottom line -- the WaPo just won't get over the fact that their boy lost. Therefore, any findings from their "poll" would be suspect.

  • Five To Go

    Hell to the No!

  • Five To Go

    @Stinkinthinkin, You are 100% right!

  • Five To Go

    @ToiletLawmakers, you are on point, with the links to some of the events with Gray and Suleman. I enjoyed your -" a-photo-is-worth-a-thousand-words" style!

  • Concernedaboutdc

    @WendyWashington: You are right. Many of those polled live in the city but are not "registered to vote" in the city. Many are carpetbaggers from the states here working for the federal government while retaining their voting rights in their home state. I can't blame them there. However, answering a poll and being able to sway a vote are two different things altogether.

  • seDCdude


  • Concernedaboutdc

    Adrian Fenty was the most polorizing Mayor the District ever had.

  • FormerDCer

    Agreed, LongTimeRez. The DPR scandal led to another scandal at OPEFM (albeit one that seems to have slipped below the media radar). Fenty was always the driving force, although his people took the fall for him in the Trout report, and will continue to take the fall for him in any future investigation(s). The park contract with which I had involvement went over-budget and over-schedule, something I noted repeatedly in emails to the bosses. Y'all were seriously ripped off.

  • crickwall

    These Fenty people are dogged and determoned and are still laying in wait for their chance to steal an elevction. They are behind most of the mud slinging against Vince Gray. Oh how beautiful it was the morning after the primary last year and the FentyCrew had been dismissed (Incidentally does anyone really believe Fenty only lost by 3-4,000 votes?).

    And they were behind the SulaimonBrown ousting, and the false allegations against him (sexual harrassment? please). Why have we never heard or found out who proffered such slander, they shoul;d stand before a Hearing themselves. And why was there a problem in getting Mr. brown a j.o.b. in our government anyway----that's simple patronage.

    These are our disgruntled little Fenty contingent at work. Even this rag was leaning with Fenty, and Suderman's partisan coverage of the Brown hearing attests to that, at least for this reader. Suderman, you know who you are, and you are a sham.

  • crickwall

    re; To "Mary"

    DC resident's want a Mayor who "gets things done." ? What are you talking about? Mr. Gray is making every effort to put DC residents to work, something that never even croseed Fenty's mind. If you can't figure out by now Fenty and his people are Republicans, and are prascticing his dirty trix even yat. I hope Vince finds a way to separate them from their paychecks.

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