Loose Lips

Do You Know These People?

Although Sulaimon Brown got only 209 votes in last year's mayoral primary, his second career—as a political appointee turned Vince Gray accuser—has won him almost as much fame as anyone else in D.C. politics.

Washington City Paper asked people in the District if they could identify Brown and several other prominent local politicians. Watch the results:

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    no, i Don't know these people))

  • ToiletLawmakers

    Excellent video guys!!

    There was a poignant statment made by the guy with the dreads, which is: "WE DON'T EVEN NEED A MAYOR!" To add to that, we need to obliterate the city council as well.

    Congress please step in!

  • TheAngryVoter

    Funny video, then again they should have asked how long those interviewed have been DC residents. It seems as if all they knew about the individuals are stuff the newspapers tell them, therefore they truthfully might not even care about what goes on in DC heavily or are just bandwagon voters lol. Nonetheless good video.


  • http://twitter.com/kcivey Keith Ivey

    Yes, TL, we can be saved by Congress, those paragons of ethical behavior (who also have zero accountability to us because we can't vote for them).

  • Walter Fauntroy

    Nice work, fratty white guy:

    "He's the current mayor. Everyone hates him."

  • W Jordan

    The politics of race and class and how we are handling it are killing DC. The political shenanigans even corruption under Gray is basically no different than under Fenty and Williams. DC has a corrupt place media blitz is a tactic by those uncomfortable with political influence from the so called Black Wards. The approach is self-destructive for the city, but subtle racial stereo-typing is just too powerful a tool to pass up. Whether a particular politician is Black or White make little difference, its which side they are perceive of being on. This is why the Mayor One City theme is made fun of so much. Unfortunately now we just don't have the overall community and civic leadership to move forward. It's like the Republicans and Obama. They would rather see Obama and the country fail than have success under Obama. Same dynamic in DC. Shameful.

  • Emotions

    W. Jordan has made the best comment I have ever seen on this site. Responses?

  • DCster

    How can you respond to W Jordan? He speaks the truth, and it IS shameful. Thankfully not everyone buys into what the media dishes out.