Loose Lips

Harry Thomas Jr.: “I’m Willing to Risk Everything I Have”

While Sulaimon Brown was taking a bathroom break, LL went with the rest of the press corps to the front of the Wilson Building to watch Ward 5 Councilmember Harry Thomas Jr. dig in and defend himself against the lawsuit filed by the attorney general's office today.

Thomas was first chased around the block by reporters trying to catch a glimpse of him driving in the luxury Audi SUV that's a key part of the AG's case.

When things got started, Thomas came out swinging, saying he wasn't going to even consider taking a settlement, because he has done nothing wrong.

"I'm willing to risk everything I have," Thomas says.

His attorney, Fred Cooke Jr., says Thomas has no plans on resigning from the council or as head as the economic development committee, meaning Council Chairman Kwame "Fully Loaded" Brown has got some tough decisions ahead.

As for the specific allegations made by the AG's lawsuit, Thomas says he's got proof to back up his side of the story and will make those public in good time.

Given the level of detail in the AG's 27-page complaint, and the fact that politicos are already contemplating a post-Thomas council, and that the feds are already investigating, Thomas better move fast.

  • Rake

    Thomas says he's got proof to back up his side of the story and will make those public in good time.

    - The highest of high comedy - how long has HTJ been promising the Team Thomas records for now?

  • Truth Hurts

    You talking about Harry "getting ready to release those documents" Thomas? Why would anyone believe anything coming out of this fraud's mouth?

    He badly needs a mental competency exam.

  • Truth Hurts

    Actually, he's willing to risk everything he stole.

  • John Swift

    Isn't this also the councilman carrying water for walmart?

  • Sally

    Moment of truth for Kwame: Will he allow Thomas to continue chairing the Economic Development committee while the feds investigate Thomas for fraud?

    Time to man up, Kwame!

  • DC Guy

    I am glad to see the DC Government keeping the DC AG and FBI office busy.

  • HotGhettoMess

    Harry...Harry you knew this was coming! If you would have stop trying to front for your boyz/girlz at the Stadium Club you would not have this problem! I bet you wish you would have saved some of those benjamins!

    Oh well a hard head makes a soft behind!
    Just tell the truth and set your self free!

    I thought your girl CM Yvette "Pig Feet" Alexander was going to be the first causality of this buddy system.
    I see you are going down before her.... all because of your Greed!

    CM Harry "Playboy Bamma" Thomas, While you are cleaning out your office, tell CM Yvette"Ms. Piggy" Alexander to clean her office out also!

    I feel for your mother,she does not deserves this drama! And you father......do not get me started!

    Shame on you Harry!

  • Just Curious

    1. Vincent Gray and his cronies are consistently displaying a similar pattern of behavior. They use threats, abuse their positions and utilize illicit means to compel public and private entities to provide income and resources to their inner circle. Look at Gray's comments directed to Wal Mart, the involvement of Brooks and Green in the S. Brown affair, and Gray's behavior relative to the D.C. Lottery contracts.

    2. When will the Feds review the behavior of Yvette Alexander, Marion Barry, Michael Brown and Harry Thomas? They all colluded with Gray to enlarge their bank accounts and those of their co-conspirators. Look at the Team Thomas contributors... especially in 2008. Did any of those contributors have business before the Council? Yes, particularly Marchant and LTE... namely the Lottery.

    3. We've now learned that Gray met privately with Lorraine Green (Gtech) and Emmanuel Bailey (Intralot) to place them on bid teams for each company, respectively, after he took the unusual and unprecedented step of blocking the initial lottery contract award for nearly a year while Green and Bailey secured their deals. If this isn't contract steering, what is? More importantly, why did Gray do it and why was Gandhi complicit? Oh yeah, Lorraine Green was the HR exec for Amtrak who "offered" Gandhi the CFO position at Amtrak at a substantially higher salary than his DC salary, which he used to force DC to give him a higher salary.

    There is something rotten in Denmark and the feds have only scratched the surface. Who do you trust to drain the swamp DC?

  • Truth Hurts

    @ Just Curious: Re your item #3, yes, whatever happened to the DC lottery investigation the IG's supposedly doing?
    Why isn't it getting media coverage?

  • dchillrat

    Harry Thomas Sr. must be rolling over in his grave. "Thanks Son"

  • Boston

    This is all very sad for ward 5, we barely get anything from the council anyway. Now we have to come face to face with a councilmember most us knew was not fit to lead. I hope he does the right thing and steps down for his families/voters sake.

  • Just Curious

    @ Truth Hurts - Nada. At this juncture, nothing has happened with any of the alleged IG investigations and there are supposed to be at least 3 separate ones. Certainly, as far as I know, none of the central characters have been contacted or interviewed by the IG. Begs the question, is DC able to police itself effectively? Sadly, the answer appears to be no. The bigger issue is why aren't the local reporters and media holding Gray, the IG, and others accountable? Why aren't they asking these same tough questions and requesting copies of the alleged investigative reports or an update on their status? Hmmm...