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Kwame Brown Doubles Down

Kwame Brown Says He Did Not Request Lincoln Navigator

Council Chairman Kwame "Fully Loaded" Brown is not backing down: He never specifically requested a freakin' Navigator, okay?

Brown's been on a mini media blitz today telling reporters, though not LL (yet—LL is still here if you want to call, Mr. Chairman), that he stands by his story that all he ever wanted was a black-on-black SUV, despite the fact that emails the Post obtained in February strongly suggest otherwise, and emails LL recently obtained do even more suggesting otherwise.

What about that email from a Department of Public Works employee that says Brown "wants a Navigator comparably equipped" to the mayor's?

“It’s an email basically saying that he said that he said that she said that I said something," Brown told WTOP reporter Mark Segraves.

Brown's point is valid; the email is not proof positive. But it is another piece in a very large collection of evidence that supports the idea that Brown requested a lot more than just a black-on-black SUV.

Anyway, we're all probably sick of this story by now, right? No? Okay, jerks, here's some more details.

On the damage to a rented Tahoe's driver's side mirror: It happened while the SUV was parked outside the Wilson Building and Brown was inside "working hard for the people," says Brown. A DPW spokeswoman says her department paid for the repair, which cost $337.93.

On why Brown says the rented 2011 Chevy Tahoe, which was black on black, was not an acceptable long-term option: "Residents wanted to know why I was driving around in a truck with Maryland tags. That's when I said, 'I can no longer can ride in a vehicle with Maryland tags.'"

(One email obtained by LL, however, suggests otherwise. Brown didn't always have a problem with the Tahoe's Maryland license plates. "It seems that the new Chairman didn't have a problem concerning the tags at all," wrote one DPW employee shortly before Brown's Tahoe was delivered.)

On the reaction of Ward 6 Councilmember Tommy Wells, who concluded his investigation of Navigatorgate in April, to the newly released emails: Unhappiness. Wells tells LL that the new emails should have been handed over by DPW back when Wells' committee began investigating in February. In particular, Wells says DPW should have told him it rented Brown a Tahoe for two months.

Wells says he'll be reviewing whether anything was deliberately withheld from his committee. A DPW spokeswoman says the department is satisfied that it provided Wells everything it should have, but noted there were thousands and thousands of emails to look through. "We probably did the best job we could," says DPW spokeswoman Nancee Lyons.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • Hillrat

    When can the recall start? January 2012 can't come soon enough!

  • Mary

    Kwame get real, no one believes that story. But, why did DPW rent a car for someone not yet sworn into the office? Why did DPW withhold the emails from Wells? This only makes DPW and Brown look worse and worse. Does anyone down at City Hall care how they spend taxpayer moneys? Clean house, let's get rid of all of them.

  • Skipper

    All gov't employees using gov't vehicles must IMMEDIATELY report to DPW any damage to their vehicles.

    So surely Kwame immediately reported the damage as soon as he stepped out of the Wilson Building!

    And surely there are emails describing the damage and when/where it occurred!

  • White daffodils and the blue sky

    They didn't withhold the emails, they sent them to wrong ward representative. Probably Yvette Alexander or Jack Evans got'em. Remember when you redistrict you will have reroute emails. LOL!!!

  • Truth Hurts

    The denials and attempts to cover up always cause more problems than the initial acts. That said, the Kwame's misdeeds thus far pale in comparison to the mayor's (and a couple other folks), both in volume and degree of seriousness.

    Not defending Kwame here, just wondering when we're gonna here about the lottery contract investigation, when anyone's gonna do something about Harry "gettin ready to release those records" Thomas, when we're gonna see the 200 day plan, when the council's gonna bar convicted out of state felons from lobbying the council and mayor, etc. Far more important matters, in my view.

  • Southeast Ken

    Kwame is an hip hop idiot. I really dislike all the members on the DC Council. Most politiciansa are corrupt and they can't be trusted.

  • anonymous

    “It’s an email basically saying that he said that he said that she said that I said something," Brown told WTOP reporter Mark Segraves.

    Well that certainly clears things up. Thanks KwaMiniMe.
    Onto the next!

  • Sally

    If only we had an Inspector General that had a minimum level of competence and ambition.

  • jimbo

    Tommy Wells says he is unhappy. Has he done anything about it? If it was a positive thing he would be all over it taking credit where no credit it due. Since it's another embarassing DC Council antic he is unhappy and hides.

  • Anne

    As someone who actually knows a little bit about DC government policies, let me set the record straight about a few things. What these stories fail to report is that there is legislation supporting a council chair receiving a vehicle after election. The council chair-elect doesn't have to wait until after he/she is sworn-in. Not only is there nothing illegal about this process, it's actually been going on for years. It's only garnered this kind of attention because Brown was being rather picky it seems

    So to answer Mary's question, DPW leased Brown a vehicle before he was sworn-in because of a law by Council that allows it. Which also means there was no reason to withhold any emails because Wells office was well aware of this activity.

    You gotta realize that the media doesn't exist to give you the FULL story. They exist to give you the BEST story.

    If you want the full story, you gotta do your own research.

  • AnnoNymous

    Crooked officials (elected and appointed) do not want to see and use "straight records". Kwame forced others to do what he wanted and William O. Howland wanted to be reappointed...They knowingly broke laws for their own greed and arrogance. They did not provide all emails records to Tommy Wells and conspired to fire Michael Biggs using him as a scapegoat..when the top officials actually knew and approved these transactions. Kwame and Howland must be held accountable for all waste and abuses relating to this scandal.

  • controlboardadvisor

    @Anne - please put that crackpipe down and seek help. This scandal is NOT about the Chair be eligible to receive a vehicle by law. It is about the lying, conspiring, and coverup of the way he obtained it. Now, if you choose to take a big gulp and swallow Kwame's hogwash, then do so without trying to convince the rest of us who know better, "something stinks to high heaven." People lie but emails don't. Those two DPW employees knew exactly the shadiness of Kwame's childish requests and predicted accurately one day the chickens would come home to roast. Now, we're left hunting and counting all the dirty eggs he's laid.


    Many folks licking their lips to stick it Kwame where very happy to lick Fenty's behind.

    Kwame is a certified dumb axx but no worse than Fenty and his supporters.

  • Kwamegate continues

    Unfortunately, Mr. Biggs was forced to resign his position at Public Works for ruffling the feathers of Chairman Brown. The DC government needs an independent "Ethics Agency" which should be part of the General Accounting Office (GAO) since the dc government is not capable of policing itself.

  • MadWard7Resident

    Let me frank......Kwame "Raccoon Bandit" Brown, Vince "Skeletor" Gray and Yvette "Pig Feet" Alexander
    time is over in DC politics!

    I live in Ward 7 and we are sick of them also! They continues to pimp the community!

    They will play both sides of the fence to get what they want. When I see them in public, I look the other way because I am so embarrassed by the dirty games they have been playing!

    Remember "Charity starts at Home" ......they have done the bare minimums at home!

    Keep this in mind....we have not sratched the surface in all of Kwame mess! Keep dugging you will find some other drama! (Girlies always hanging out with him, some of his shady friends and his family (daddy&brother))

    Yvette "Pig Feet" Alexander.....I have to let you know that you will be the first causality of this drama. You and your staff better get that zip drive out and update that resume! You will pay the price in this next election cycle! Sad but True!

  • Marciela

    Every investigation in DC seems to get stalled. What is going on with Yvette Alexander and her constituent fund? That has fallen by the wayside. It is a shame so many councilmembers are looking shadier by the day. What does the DC Inspector General actually do?

  • HotGhettoMess

    @Marciela....yea what is the deal with that money??

    I wonder if CM Yvette Ms. PIGGY Alexander spent that money on eating Pig Feet!

    Now we will never get things in order because Deborah Nichols is gone as the DC Auditor. Kwame appointed a greeting card owner to run that office. The lady has not even passed the DC Bar. She is a friend of a friend with Kwame Brown! LL check that out!

    At this point I do not think we will see what really happened with Harry "Playboy Bamma" Thomas, Yvette "Pig Feet" Alexander, Kwame "Raccoon Bandit" Brown money problems!

    I am so disappointed with DC Politics. Vince "Skeletor" Gray is a big joke! He will be a one hit wonder as Mayor.

    CM Yvette "Pig Feet" Alexander needs to start cleaning that office out at the Wilson Building. Your time is coming to an end. Sorry you have to pay at the polls in the next election cycle!

  • Truth Hurts

    Don't forget the lottery contract the IG's supposed to be investigating. Deep six that one too.

  • Faragut

    Dear Anne -

    Your comment is classic. You use the fact that these practices have been going on for years as a defense for the bad behavior. The whole point of our anger and frustration is that these self serving politicians continue to undermine our confidence in them and the system...and as you note, they have been doing it for years.

    Anne, take this back to your employer, we're sick of the bad behavior. We're tired of watching our tax dollars used for the wrong things. Shape up or ship out!

  • TheAngryVoter

    tsk tsk tsk. I bet people will think before they vote now!


    shoutout to everyone I use to argue on here with

    How's it going SE Ken? Longtime no talk!