Loose Lips

It’s Like Rainnnn, On Your Wedding Day

How's this for a small world: the head of fundraising for former Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee's advocacy group, Students First, is married to the guy who helped unseat Rhee's boss, Adrian Fenty, and ultimately Rhee herself.

Tali Stein is V.P. of development for Students First. She's married to Mo Elleithee, the veteran Virginia political operative who helped manage the message of mayoral candidate Vince Gray last year. (Elleithee was also one half of the Mo-down, a televised faceoff with Ron Moten that's probably now required watching in high school debate classes around the country.)

Before Students First, Stein help raise money for Hillary Clinton's 2008 presidential bid, and worked for the Democratic Leadership Council.

Talk about a win-win for the Elleithee family. Not only does the husband get to claim victory in a political contest, but the horribly awkward dynamic between Gray and Rhee leads to a new job for the wife. Win-win!


  • Truth Hurts

    Just watched the Mo-Down for the first time. Made me wonder about two issues.

    1) Why isn't Mo Elleithee Gray's chief of staff (or in a comparably influential position)? He handled Gray's campaign messaging skillfully, and he appears to be a reasonable/likeable guy. At a minimum, I would've expected him to be in Gray's secret support/advisory group. Did he and Gray have a falling out? Is he pleased with Gray's perfomance thus far?

    2) Did the IG ever investigate the lottery contract? If so, where's the report and what did it say? If not, why not? After all, DC's then AG and chief contracting officer made a detailed, written, formal investigation request to the IG 9 or 10 months ago. It strikes me as very odd that no media outlet (that I'm aware of)has followed up on this matter, which involves several hundred million dollars.

  • samantha

    Sounds like Political whores to me . Of course birds of a feather flock together -Fenty-Rheeform Stein -Parker .These are true bedfellows .