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Sulaimon Brown Stands Down

Meet Sulaimon Brown, the populist.

The embattled former mayoral candidate agreed in D.C. Superior Court this afternoon to appear at a D.C. Council hearing next Monday, at 1 p.m. And he’ll do it to defend your rights.

“I am not an employee of the D.C. government,” said Brown, who worried that his appearance in front of the council might mean any citizen—even you, reader—could be “grabbed off the streets” and compelled to testify.

“As a citizen, I feel basically that my rights are being violated,” he complained.

But he was willing to waive that violation, apparently; Brown told reporters he'll testify in order to help bring "closure."

Brown also told Judge Judith Macaluso that he has no intention of letting the hearing get drawn out for several hours. He’s busy, after all. When he’s not mugging for the cameras after Mayor Vince Gray’s release from jail, or turning and fleeing from reporters after being asked to testify at the Wilson Building, family commitments fill up the rest of his schedule.

“I’m unemployed,” he said. “I’m asking the court to consider the fact that it’s not just affecting me, but also my family.”

Macaluso was apparently persuaded: The court order states, “if the hearing extends past 7:00 p.m., it shall be continued to another date set by the City Council, the subpoena remaining in force.”

Asked what he hopes will come of his Monday appearance, Brown said, “I hope it ends on the side of justice.”

Justice, that is, for every average D.C. citizen—Brown included.

Don't count on big news, though: Brown told reporters he won't be saying anything to the council that he hasn't already said to federal investigators. And given his propensity to send late-night text messages to D.C.'s press corps, probably nothing he hasn't said on the record before, either.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • Truth Hurts

    This will be fascinating to watch.

    Cheh: "Is it your testimony that Gray, Greene et al, promised you a job and gave you cash in exchange for you accusing Fenty of cronyism and other bad acts?"

    Brown: "Yes, that's precisely my testimony."

    Cheh: "Where's your proof?"

    Brown: "I just swore to it under oath. And I'm sure you read the text messages between Gray and me. Also those emails leaked to the press. And of course they gave me a job, right? Which everyone agrees I wasn't qualified for."

    Cheh: "Yeah, but how about fingerprints, DNA, video recordings, something... Where's that?"

    Brown: "You'll have to speak with the FBI, Ms. Cheh. Sorry"

  • Drez

    LOL @ TH.

  • Sally

    Cheh treated Lorraine Green with kid gloves when she invoked the Feds' investigation.

    Any bets on whether she does the same to Brown?

    And it must kill Cheh that she has to hold this hearing on Monday afternoon, rather than trying to bury it on a Friday afternoon for her buddy Gray.

  • Drez

    Oh, it's showtime, for sure.

  • dcgovcorruption

    Oh no, its take the 5th amendment time.

  • Southeast Ken

    Will Miss Cherita Whiting be there with her 12 inch painted finger nails? LOL

  • samantha

    Who is financially supporting Brown as well as aiding and abetting this seemingly delusional person ? Has there been a mental health evaluation on him ? What is his true past employment record ? Who is the "roommate" and where is the allegged baby ? How Much Has Brown Cost DC Govt and the Citizens ? He dsesrves a Rubber Room , Investgative Cost Payments to the City and Jail Time .It is time to pay up for defaiming people and their children.
    The job market is not looking to hire PSYCHOMAN ! Somebody is paying him . Follow The Money !

  • Southeast Ken

    @Samantha; you do know, under the American Disibilities Act, it's against the law to discriminate against someone with a mental disability? I am not a mental health expert, therefore I can determine Sulaimon Brown's mental health. There are over 20 million Americans suffering from some type of mental health disorder.

  • Truth Hurts

    Who's paying him? Well, the taxpayers were paying him because Gray, et al gave him a sweet city job. And, according to Brown, Brooks and Green were paying him during the campaign. How he got the city job, whether Brooks and Green paid him during the campaign, and whether Gray was involved are issues the council is investigating.

    Assuming, as samantha claims, he's delusional and has a spotty employment background, inquiring minds would like to know why Gray gave him a 6 figure job. Was it payback for a deal made during the campaign?

  • ANON

    @Southeast Ken - I know right...it is a wonder (or ugghh maybe not but still a wonder) how does Cherita wipe her behind...poor girl needs help and a makeover, but nothing will really help that sagging face of hers.

  • whoa momma

    @ANON - you funny! No, speaking of Cherita W., would someone please put our COUNCILMAN MICHAEL BROWN ON TRIAL AND CONVICT HIS AZZ FOR HIS REPORTEDLY UNSPEAKABLE RELATIONS HE HAD GOIN ON WIT BIG C.W...just sayin...that is not a good look...but then again this is a guy who particpated in a reality show...clowns, clowns and more clowns

  • noodlez



  • Southeast Ken

    @noodlez; you need to chill my brotha and have a sense of humor. Have you seen this woman's finger nails? Her nails are longer than the late Daddy Grace.

  • Davy Hampton

    Finally, this is going to be a great show. Mayor Gray and his cronies are shaking in their union bought boots. These crooks are going to get what they deserve. I can't wait until the Feds get done with this guy.

  • leeshato

    Oh what a web we make when we pay some one and then fire him because he does not have the credentials that he should have to take(city funds). Mr. Brown should have kept quiet after he was fired he would have had a better chance at employment.He did some thing shady and he should have expected something shady to happen.

  • SEis4ME

    WOW WOW WOW! and the usual suspects are in rare testicular form once again!

    Sane Person: The e-mails never showed that Brown was paid or "promised" a job you know.

    TH (and his bf) Drez: It doesn't matter.

    SP: Do you remember the young guy who accused Fenty of paying for his vote?

    TH and BFDRez: Sure I do but this is about Gray. So what that Fenty was "accused" of something that never came full circle.

    SP: But don't you think a little consistency would help here?

    TH/BFDrez: Nope. That in no way excuses Gray for doing what we think he was doing even though there's a severe lack of evidence to support it.

    SP: Well ok, but aren't you a bit biased here?

    TH/Drez: Maybe so, but I'm inclined to believe Brown (and his antics) over Gray and "those people" he associates with.

    SP: So what's the big deal about Cherita and why must you bring her and her 60k salary up in every discussion.

    Southeast Ken: I was a victim of her unrequited love and I'm out to get her!

    SP: So you just stories about her online because she dumped you?

    SK: Yep!

    *TH and BFDrez gives SKen the high-fives*

    TH/Drez: Yeah Ken ftrom soufeast, glad you are on our team. We need a little sanity in the room.

  • Truth Hurts

    @ SEis4ME: Good effort, auditioning for the role of "Sane Person". Pathetic performance, though. All three American Idol judges would have rolled their eyes and stopped the music three sentences in.

    If you think Gray's been doing great things, there's nothing fishy about the interactions involving him, his top staff/advisors, and his hiring choices (including Brown), then you're a fool beyond help. That's your right.

    But it disqualifies you from playing the "sane person" character.

  • Rake

    LOL at SEis4ME, even more than usual.

    "I actually don't know what "great" things the mayor is doing. In fact, I don't think anyone does because we never hear anything good about him." - you don't think the two could be correlated in any way??? Oh my...how the One Citidiots have fallen.

    You do realize, don't you, that in order for "media outlets to balance their coverage w/a litte info about how our city is being run for the better", the city actually HAS TO BE BEING RUN FOR THE BETTER. That's where your little media analysis collapses...

  • Truth Hurts

    Speaking of media analyses, check out DeBonis' blog on one city's press corp.

  • Rake

    @Truth Hurts, you called it. Well done.

    ONE CITY, amateur hour.

  • Truth Hurts

    Calling all remaining one city believers: Check out Nikita's new money order pay off posting on WaPo's site. FBI's reeling in the net.