Loose Lips

Proposed Redistricting Map

Sorry for the lack of identifiers; that big red ward in the middle is Ward 6.

  • Truth Hurts

    Rumor has it Harry "I'm getting ready to release those records" Thomas will finally cough up donor/expenditure documents from his slush fund tomorrow.

    He'll be standing somewhere on that big 5. Says he's got nothing to hide.

  • oh my goodness

    Is that ward 6 or a funky Texas map?

    This is really the only reasonable option they had to conform to the numbers but I sure am tired of Jack Evans demanding the White House and Capitol stay in Ward 2 which creates funny looking maps!

  • trulee_pist

    This statement in the committee report:

    The proposed boundary of 17th Street is clear and simple; this is a goal of redistricting. The extension westward of Ward 7 in this area is logical, as evidenced by the Greater Greater Washington Redistricting Game in which a majority of the several thousand participants of thison-line tool chose this area as the one where Ward boundaries should shift.

    ...is not only demeaning to the committee (really? srsly? proof of the logic is that it was the winning entry in a blog's online game? is the committee aware that on the Internet, no one knows you are a dog?) but it is a statement that is also completely false.

    Nobody playing the home version of that game drew the line down 17th Street in the game, because the game did not offer that capability. The game only allowed Census tracts to be shifted and 17th Street is in the middle of a Census tract. Nor does the line along 17th Street represent an effort to keep precincts intact, as 17th Street also runs down the middle of a precinct.

    Why 17th Street? Because Jack Evans calculated how many people he needed to shift out of W6 into W7 to leave W6 small enough to absorb parts of Evans' W2 that he does not want. Of course, that meant cutting things close to places that represent the opportunity for campaign contributions for Evans, notably the Convention Center, so that's "moated" into W2, along with the part of Penn Square Evans wanted.

    Equally "moated" is Eliot-Hine Middle School and Eastern HS in the new parts of W7 west of the river--in an ostentatious show of pretend "compromise," Evans draws a moat that leaves Eliot and Eastern on a W6 island.

    Nobody's fooled. This won't stand. We're keeping Fairlawn, Rosedale, Res 13 and Hill East. This is going to drag on for a looooooooooooong time.

  • trulee_pist

    Now I know how Poland feels. And we're not stupid, too. Keep yer paws off W6.

  • Southeast Ken

    I don't understand why some Wards are huge and Ward 1 is very small? Some parts on Ward 4 should be annexed into Ward 1. Where Ward 4 Muriel Bowser live in Northeast Lamond-Riggs should be annexed into Ward 5. DC is so fucked up!! I wish Hillcrest Ward 7 DC wasn't represented by Yvette Pig Feet Alexander.

  • MadWard7Resident

    @ Southeast Ken,

    I hope we can meet one day! You are so funny!

    I can not wait to get Yvette "Ms. Piggy" Alexander out of office! She is a nasty heffer! Wait until Hill East eat her alive! Now Kingman Park folks will have help to tag team her!

    Ms. Piggy, get the zip drive out and update that resume,
    your time in office is almost up! We will no longer be fooled by you!

    Where was Yvette Pig Feet Alexander at when all this redistricting stuff went down? She was chilling because the deal was done way before now!

    I hope you enjoyed your trip in Vegas on WALMARTS dime!
    You better enjoy because those perks are coming to an end!

  • Mike Madden

    Ward 1 is smaller because it's denser -- the wards are based on population, not square miles.

  • WhoSaidWhat?

    @Southeast Ken and MadWard7Resident,
    LOL. I thought I was in the minority with my disgust at Yvette Alex-nitwitt's performance. We need a really strong leader.

  • R. Starship

    I'm being edged out of Ward 6 by a couple of houses. We just moved from 13th & I to 17th & M NE. I suppose I had it coming in trying to find an affordable house. Goodbye Tommy Wells...it was good while it lasted.

  • Invictus187

    What's really sad is the ignorance of the committee to think that it was all about two schools. Yvette Alexander days are numbered as a Council person and so are Micheal Brown's. As hard as the residents try to make DC a melting pot, the Council do a great job of keeping us separated. If the really wanted to help Ward 7, Why didn't they draw the line more on Penn. Ave. versus 17th Street.

  • Brahmin

    I am in the minority here--where I understand the committee has a tough job and no one is going to be happy.

    The only thing I think is disgusting is that Jack Evans tries to keep peices of neighborhood for himself--even though he should/has to let go of territory.

    Is that Ward 2 keeping the Verizon Center and cutting half the Capitol?

    Otherwise, I think it is simply vanity and relationships--everyone wants to be on the same school bus as their friends. And a Ward 6 parking sticker is more prized than a Ward 7 or Ward 5.

    But you will get in theory the same city services in every Ward--so the ground to be upset are none.

    I do see the shifts in Ward making it harder for Alexander and Barry in upcoming elections. More so for Alexander--she is not as politically astute and as love by her base as Barry. Ward 6 residents are tough and will prefer somoene who is in their "type" like a Mark Long or Cleve Mesidor. The type--that well connected, high pedigreed--I have Jim Messina on my Friend's list.

    If they ran with the new demographic they would take her out.

  • Southeast Ken

    We have 13 ignorant fools on the Council of the District of Columbia. I agree, Ward 4 DC Councilmember Jack Evans is trying to keep all the mostly white affluent neighborhoods in his Ward. Jack doesn't give a darn about poor blacks. The funny part, all are Democrats fighting on the DC Council. I been telling other blacks, there are racists within the Democratic Party.

    I really dislike our DC Councilmembers.

  • MadWard7Resident


    If you look at the blogs and websites......WARD 7 wants CM Yvette Pig Feet Alexander to go! She is a Hot Mess!

  • Truth Hurts

    @ Southeast Ken: I'm not going to defend the city council. Most of the CM's are pretty bad, even if they didn't start off that way.

    When it comes to racism, however, it's not confined to just whites. A few black CM's are quite racist through and through.

  • Southeast Ken

    @Truth Hurts, but it's whites in the country will all the power and in control, not blacks. Also, it was whites that caused some blacks to be racist against them for their past and present hatred of blacks or anyone non white. I think, Jack Evans and David Catania are both racist white males. However, this isn't the same with Miss Graham. She likes her coffee black or brown.