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Doesn’t Sound Like an Assessment Anymore

Sulaimon Brown and U.S. Attorney's Office

There's been a couple of clues in recent days that the feds are taking the Sulaimon Brown investigation seriously. First came the abrupt end of Lorraine Green's testimony to a D.C. Council committee on Friday. Green, a close confidante of Mayor Vince Gray, wouldn't answer the committee's question on whether she'd spoken to former campaign aide Howard Brooks about the Sulaimon case. Brown has accused both Green and Brooks of giving him cash in exchange for staying in last year's mayoral race and attacking then-Mayor Adrian Fenty on the campaign trail. (Everyone involved has denied any wrongdoing.)

Green's attorney told the council he didn't want his client to say anything in public that might hamper the investigation currently being conducted by the U.S. Attorney's Office. The council agreed, and let Green's testimony end with the understanding that she is to answer the committee's questions once the USAO's investigation is complete.

The next clue was Gray appearance today on WTOP's "Ask the Mayor" segment with host Mark Segraves. Gray told Segraves he had not been interviewed by any federal investigators, but he'd voluntarily turned over copies of his emails and phone records. Gray didn't say when he'd turned over the records.

And a source close to the Gray administration tells LL that last month the USAO subpoenaed all the background checks and communications the Gray transition had with the firm it hired to vet potential candidates. The Gray transition paid $1,500 for a deep background check of Brown some time in December, recently released internal emails show. Brown, who was placed at the Department of Health Care Finance in a $110,000-a-year auditing job without an interview at that department, didn't start working for the city until the second half of January. (Former Gray chief of staff Gerri Mason Hall says she placed Brown at the agency in order to keep him from hanging around and nagging the mayor. Brown says besides the cash he was promised a job, but the Gray team has always maintained he was only promised an interview.)

When Brown's accusations first landed on the front page of the Sunday Post in early March, the USAO announced it was "assessing" the situation. Since then, the feds have been pretty tight-lipped about what's going on, and one might have reasonably wondered whether they "assessed" that Brown was a bit kooky and they a) didn't believe him or b) didn't want him to be their star witness in what would be a high-profile case.

But it certainly looks like there is lot more than assessing going on at present. LL has a call in with the USAO's spokesman and will update as needed.

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  • Rake

    Excellent. One City, baby!

    Whatever may come of this assessment, the sooner it's resolved, the better.

  • Will Update as Needed

    Several paragraphs that combine to say nothing.

  • SEis4ME

    So Alan, if you combined all three recent postings on this, what new relevant information have you now presented?

  • drez

    Typically no law enforcement will comment on an ongoing investigation unless it somehow aids that investigation. So it shouldn't surprise there's not much original reporting here. The only ones who know for sure what the USAO will do are the USAO, and they aren't talking.
    But from where I stand, it's entirely proper to bring together the actions and responses of those who are being "assessed", and to try to put them together in a way that make sense of them. Which is what Alan seems to be doing here.
    Fun Fact: What I learned from this story is that Gray himself seems to be included in this "assessment".

  • seDCdude


    wishful thinking clown!!

    You are the worst kind'a racist...THE HYPOCRITICAL KIND!

    So transparent!

  • @SamuelMoore

    I'm still more concerned with Team Thomas... That's where the real illegal action is...

  • Rake

    @seDCdude, so now anyone who doesn't approve of Gray is racist?! Somehow I missed that meme. And what's hypocritical - do you need a definition?
    BTW, apart from blind pronoucements and general nonsense, I have not seen one One Citidiot post a comment detailing what they LIKE about Gray's tenure to this point. So, do you want to be the first - what's Vince doing right? What has he accomplished so far?

    @Drez, exactly. While the One Citidiots may want to push this issue under the rug, Suderman did post some new info.

    @SamuelMoore, you are right, that investigation has been taking forever.

  • Andrew

    Uh, Gray is accused of paying money to someone to campaign against his opponent. That's a lot bigger than not vetting him.

  • Drez

    Today's reporting isn't that Gray agreed to give the FBI and USOAG his email and phone records. it's that they asked for them.
    BY the way, I've heard rumors of phone recordings. Just rumors, but from connected people in the Wilson Building.
    I guess we'll wait and see! I've got my popped corn ready.

  • MadWard7Resident

    Talking about pay to play. Someone needs to check that scheme with Yvette Alexander! When she ran the second/first time for Council- her boys Amin Muslin and D.L.Humpheys were both running against her for the Ward 7 seat. All of a sudden they dropped out and then had jobs in her office after the election. All of these crooked politians do it.

    Check it out for yourself about Yvette Pigfeet Alexander!

    Vinne Gray just got caught with his pants down with big mouth Sillymon Brown on the scene!

    Please investigate Yvette Ms. Piggy Alexander! She is a big fat cheat and liar! We in Ward 7 can not wait to see her gone! Update that sad resume because your time is up!

  • Drez

    And today we learn that the Feds didn't ask nicely and that Gray didn't just turn over the records out of the goodness of his heart- Gray's emails and phone records were subpoenaed.

  • seDCdude

    Naw RAKe, you are a RACIST because you are 1 and the irony here is that you know you are!

    I'd respect you more if you wore your NAME on your chest, but cowards like you are too obvious as bloggers!

    You pound your bird chest at the slightest ALLEGATION of this administration, but yet supported, defended and still worship the fraudulent turtle who set this city back 20 years!


  • Rake

    Umm... guess I'll have another person to add to the ignore list.

    I'll say it again: What's Vince doing right? What has he accomplished so far? Do tell.

    And I'll say this again: When did I defend / support / worship Fenty? Please let me know.

    Couldn't help but note your last comment (like all of them), just included ad hominem attacks. Sad.

  • BorninDC

    Rake is typical of people who blidly support Gray. He has only one thing to fall back on, which is anyone who dares point out his corruption and incopentence are "racist".

    Gray's young administration has been rife with scandal, cronyism, and confusion. Ray Charles could have seen that.

  • Rake

    Bornindc, I think you mean seDCdude.

  • BorninDC

    Yes Rake, you're right. My bad. It's seDCdude that is a blind duffous.

  • Truth Hurts

    From whom did the US ATTY last subpoena a sitting DC mayor's phone and email records?

    Hint: Initials are MB....a close supporter of the current mayor.

  • seDCdude


    your mammy is a doofus, you delirious bastard!


    NAW jethro, he had it right the 1st time.....what kinda ad hoc ass question is that, the real question is how in the hell does anybody fix the mess turtle boy made?

    You magical twinkies are too funny; turned a blind eye in support of millions stole and embezzled, doggie parks and name sakes, just as long as you got your perks, teacher gigs and rent controlled apts/vouchers......you gentrifiers ain't fooling nobody!

  • Rake

    seDCdude: Typical One Citidiot. Solely ad hominem attacks, but no specifics. If Vince is so great, then what is he doing right? What has he accomplished so far? That's the real question - which by the way, all of your ilk have avoided answering thus far. We're done here.

  • Truth Hurts

    What's Vince accomplished so far? Well, he's involved stakeholders in a transparent, holistic, deliberative process designed to facilitate comprehensive planning proposals. Plus he's exhibited character, integrity, and leadership, combined with liberty and jobs for all (onecitidiots).

    Oh, and he's kept that Harry Thomas thing under wrap.

  • Rake

    @Truth Hurts, HA HA HA HA! Well put. ONE CITY, no progress.

  • Truth Hurts

    See Nikita's interview of one city in today's WaPo metro section. As per comment # 21 above:

    "Gray said his administration has been transparent and has sought to engage stakeholders."

    And: "the mayor has a plan but it hasn't been rolled out yet....."

    Finally: "I feel like I'm doing exactly what I said I was going to do."

    All under the article's subtitle: 'IT'S GOING TO BE A LONG FOUR YEARS'