Loose Lips

Bowser Faces Early Challenger In Ward 4

Baruti Jahi, who lost to Ward 4 Councilmember Muriel Bowser by more than 55 points in 2008, just announced he's going to try again.

Jahi describes himself thusly: "Jahi holds a Ph.D in Political Science from Howard University, is a past president of the Shepherd Park Citizens Association and, a community organizer who is very active with Ward 4 Thrives, a community-based organization opposed to the placement of Wal-mart in Ward 4."

Thanks to next year's primary election being in early April, expect more announcements like this one shortly. Well, Ron Moten?


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  • noodlez

    "opposed to the placement of Wal-mart in Ward 4."-IF THIS IS TRUE THEN HE HAS MY VOTE!


  • Typical DC BS

    Another NIMBY moron "community organizer". Fail.

  • yeah yeah yeah

    please get rid of her she does nothing, offers nothing and get's nothing done. can fenty run again...good start for him to come back in 4 years as well.

  • Dan

    Bowser was always nothing but a rubber stamp for Fenty, now that her brain is gone, she's lost. REPLACE HER!!!
    Don't know anything about Baruti Jahi I guess we'll see who else throws in there hat.
    A lot of money has been spent to revitalize Georgia Ave. and it's finally starting to payoff, new buisnesses, some housing and restaurants. Let Walmart come in and you get to look forward to empty, boarded up, burned out, poor excuses for homeless shelters for people that have no future. Because Walmart took all the money back to there Family and left nothing behind for the city, but a bunch of junk from China.

  • MadWard7Resident

    Sorry Ms. Muriel Kissing Fenty Butt Bowser your time is up! Update that resume! You big loser!

    While you updating your resume.......tell your girl Yvette Pig Feet Alexander to update hers also! Her time is up!

    All is these incumbents time is up! Sorry jokers!

  • Mary

    Muriel Bowser is an intelligent, thoughtful councilmember who is always looking out for her ward. Fenty backed her as he knew she would do a good job. Fenty is gone so get over it and get over your anger. You got Gray and he is a do nothing for DC. Happy with that! Don't throw out a good councilmember as there are so few on the city council. As a whole the city council has a poor reputation with the residents as they are all about ego and covering up for other councilmembers instead of working for the city residents. Bowser should be kept on the council working for her ward, and you would be crazy to go for another Gray suck up.

  • DC Is Watching

    @Mary, Oh please! Bowser is a joke. What has she done? "Fact, Fact, Fact, Fact". Yes, that was her yelling that bs during last year's Mayoral forum in Ward 4. Really, she has embarrassed Ward 4 long enough. We need better representation, really we do!

    Now I do not think Jahi is the answer either!

  • DBrighthaupt

    I always thought highly of Councilmember Bowser. But then that dark stormy day she De-Friended me on Facebook - well - I cried for mili-seconds. Since that tragic moment, life has been the same. I kind of saw her as learning and growing into that seat. She's one of few who ask worth-knowing questions from the dias - and without self-hyped made-for-TV monologues before them.

  • Southeast Ken

    DBrighthaupt, please go on a date with Marion Barry so you both can smoke 'crack'.

  • Ward4Voter

    Bowser should bow out! She uses photo opts to get out her failed message. Georgia Avenue Development is a failed Fenty plan. Lower Georgia Avenue---Ward 1 developed--Ward 4 plan seems to be getting off the ground---but lack family restaurants and upscale shops, i.e. women, men, and children clothing---not Walmart! Why not bring in upscale shops like--Georgetown/Downtown--employment for Ward 4 residence. Bowser has failed to work with business leaders in Ward 4---why? Bowser owes Ward 4 voters an explanation about her role in economic development---money kickbacks--related to her campaign donors in first campaign.

  • monica1st

    Not a fan of Bowser. Fenty is gone. The emperor has no close. She can't hide behind that man's arrogance, money, and political machine. So, she's out there now by herself and floundering. People have long memories and don't forget her rubber stamping everything Fenty.

    Bowser is completely arrogant and condescending. Horrible at customer service.

    Fenty plans to run again for MAYOR in the future and needs Bowser in that job to do his bidding. If Ward 4, doesn't vote her out, we are gluttons for punishment!

    Hellllllllll NOOOOOOO. She's gotta go.

  • Ward4Voter

    Bowser should bow out! Ward 4 residents must smartup to the Bowser/Fenty Takover Plan! Haven't we had enough? Why continue to use the same old plan--that hasn't worked for four years? Economic developmemt--poor--education---continue to fail---crime---slightly improved---housing---disastrous---seniors services--big party, picnics--without the butter--jobs---no chance. Why should we send Bowser back to represent Ward 4 on the Council with a failed grade?

    Bowser should bow out!

  • TCB

    I never supported Muriel primarily because she is and has been nothing more than a tool for Fenty ~ for that reason alone she should go ~ but JAHI ~ who is he? I tell you what if i had to vote today i would take Muriel over him but who knows ~ more shall be revealed.

  • AnswerGirl

    I can tell you that Ms Bowser is not helpful at all. She is full of herself and in the next few days I plan to make her behavior and lack of interest known. For you to dismiss someone because there is no name recognition is STUPID and to me reflects a certain laziness or unwillingness to read and discover on your own!

  • Louis Simmons

    It is time for her to go.....Ms. Bowser sent out that newsletter to say she saved the E6 busline. That busline on service a small portion of ward four...a more affluent part so you see her loyalty. What about the E2-3-4 busline we have to wait 45min to one hour for a bus at night. So Muriel who did you serve.

  • http://washingtoncitypaper.com southeast lady

    As a lifelong resident of DC at 72 years old today, I have never been more disappointed in two political people than I am at Mayor Vince Gray and kwame Brown.