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Read: More Email Madness

As promised, here's some more semi-interesting emails that have been released as part of the council's investigation into the Gray administration's hiring practices.

It's A Media Emergency

In January, Gray confidant Lorraine Green wrote to the mayor's spokeswoman telling her that the Gray family needed a media training session—stat. Turns out Carlos Gray, the mayor's son, was the subject of profile in D.C. Magazine that his sister, Jonice Gray Tucker, thought was "not on message in at least a couple of areas."  You can search for the article here, it's on page 112 of the January issue. LL has read it, and it doesn't seem like Carlos Gray is off message anywhere. Perhaps the questionable lines include the fact that Carlos Gray "is eager to flex his role as an ambassador of Washington's creative economy" and "sees his dad's new position as an ideal venue to advocate for his personal passion."

Here's the full email:

Linda...I know at one point you mentioned bringing the Gray family in for a media tutorial.  I think it should be done sooner rather than later.  Jonice sent me a link to a "profile" on the first son....Carlos that had not been vetted.  I have not read it, but according to Jonice, Carlos is not on message in at least a couple of areas.  She called him and asked him if he had worked with us on this, and he said no....but that Doxie had referred the call to him.  Please look into this and do what you feel is appropriate.  Thanks!

Yeah, That's Not Going to Be A Good Fit:

If you can believe it, Gray was asked if David Jannarone—former Mayor Adrian Fenty's development boss, who had supporting roles in some of the more awkward moments of the Fenty administration (firetruck donations, park contracts)—should be considered for a job.

"Judy .... VG said he is a Fenty person. Not interested in hiring him," wrote Green to Gray's former H.R. Director Judy Banks.

"Why Would I Hire Someone Who Lied To A Councilmember?"

Remember when Ward 7 Councilmember Yvette Alexander fired her former spokesman Andre Johnson, because he allegedly lied to her about his involvement in the Marion Barry reality show? Turns out Carlos Gray tried to help Johnson land a job in the Gray administration.

Here's an email from Green to Banks:

Judy...this is a person that Carlos Gray told we would find a job for after Yvette Alexander fired him for lying about his part in the Marion Barry reality show. Carlos even got Yvette to call me and vouch for him (go figuure?). I talked to VG about Carlos pushing for this guy, and his response was.."why would I hire someone who lied to a councilmember"? I don't think he ever told Carlos that though since Andre copied Carlos on his email to me. See my response to him below. Please call him and explain the budgetary issues, numerous persons with extensive communications backgrounds who worked on the campaign that are looking for jobs, etc. so he will understand he probably needs to look elsewhere for employment. (Not that this is going to stop Carlos, but if he persists I will have VG talk to him) Thanks!

  • Hypocrite Much?

    Aren't you glad Vince Gray isn't your father; he doesn't even protect his own son (his namesake) against the vile venum that this woman is spitting. And for the sister to not come to her brother, what is going on with this family?

    Well, it is true once the mother is gone the children are left on their own.

    Right or wrong, this is your son, your only son. Tells me alot about where your loyalties are. If you don't even protect your son, why would the residents, and these sad volunteers/supporters of yours.

    Fenty would never sell his family out for ANYONE less only a piece of tail.

  • PapaCanUHearMe?

    Vince Gray is no Barack Obama in his parenting skills, or should I say the lack thereof. If anyone of Obama's so-called "advisors" had spoken unfavorably about either of his children they would be G.O.N.E.!

    I too, am from the old school of thought; I can talk about my family, but they are off limits to everyone else.

    Yes, this Mayor, has an HR director referencing the weight of an applicant for employment, he has his closest advisor procuring a job for her daughter through the HR Director, that the daughter refers to as Aunt Judy (how cushy) as if she was the only person who worked Mayor Gray's camapaign who deserved employment, and he has his advisors boyfriends by her own admission being paid thousands of dollars through his campaign, which by Ms. Green's words Mayor Gray approved and then Ms. Brook's son is placed in a 100K job.

    Wow you guys sure did elect the purfect clow to run this circus of freaks and fools.

  • Holla Back

    Los, man, if you come across this post, man, I want you to know that we got your back on this one. Your pops is fowl for letting this poor excuse for a human being put you on blast like that. Man, ever since we have known you, man, you have had a love for your people and people in general. You have always tried to help those that came to you for help and don't let anyone try to tell you that that is wrong dude. Keep on being the good dude that you are and good things will come to you. You will always be our dogg man.

    Los, you getting played like this shows just how much of a bitch that Green lady truly is. Believe me dogg, you ain't the only one she shi++in on, wait til the rest of those emails come out and other folks names are in there with her chopping folks down. Sorry to say man, but your Dad is done. The streets are talking Recall. Many people can't wait until January 3, 2012, so they can get those petitions rolling. I agree with HypoMuch, if he will let this bitch talk about his son, then he ain't got no love or heart for the residents that voted him in.

    I want the streets to VOTE in 2012, but we will be starting our own streets campaign, ABI-DC2012 (Anybody But the Incumbent - DC Council 2012); if they supported Vince Gray then we will not support them for re-election in 2012. The streets are stronger than these politicians think and we will show them just how strong!

    We still love you Los, man! Keep your head up!

  • Southeast Ken

    @Holla Back; are you Ron Moten?

  • briefly

    Watching this administration is like watching clowns walk across a minefield.

  • Southwest Rob

    Suderman, are you going to post the emails so we can read them? I bet there are plenty of your readers who can shed light on comments within the emails.

  • seDCdude

    Damn Lorraine Greene is a SEXY M.I.L.F., aside from the fact that she handled that onslaught from Wells, Cheh and Satania with a certain eloquence, grace and in a sexxy cool calm way...damn I'm getting hard just thinkin' about her sexy MATURE self!

    Absolutely irresponsible and disrespectful that those EMAILS were hacked and released in this INSIGNIFICANT witch hunt of the USUAL kind!

  • nativepundit

    It is ridiculous, to say the least, to print this kind of salacious content about private citizens and their efforts to secure employment. The names of the parties should have been redacted. It is mean spirited and possibly actionable. Treading dangerously LL.

  • seDCdude

    LOL, man y'all are vicious and extra!!

    No where in these emails does she say ANYTHING vile or disrespectful about CG and neither does VG throw his namesake under the bus.....y'all trippin' and Holla back you can't be serious slim!

    LG did what was appropriate considering the fact that dude lied, period!

    This is a non-ISSUE!

  • seDCdude


    thank you!!

    This shit flies foul and dangerously low and too close for comfort!

    Not only is it treading all the way across the lines, it makes you wonder what recourse do average individuals have when CIVIL LIBERTIES no longer hold merit or a right to privacy!

  • DBrighthaupt

    Were these not DC Gov't Emails? Learned the difficult way that they are The People's emails. A reporter is not on a special-access-to-information level that any other legal resident can't reach. Just gotta have clout, political capitol or something over the gatekeepers to get it in your lifetime is all.

    If DC Gov't emails, YEA SUDERMAN - gonna share? Not like WCP is new to it ;-) Just jokes. I have no interest.

    Mr. Carlos is a very pleasant, personable, approachable young man. He's going to be alright.

  • Rake

    @sedcdude, Native: Calm down, One Citidiots.

    As DBrightaupt points out, any/all DC government emails may be requested through FOIA by ANY citizen, not just reporters. Spare me this ridiculous "actionable" / "civil liberties" nonsense.

    I guess it's probably easier for you to believe that emails shouldn't be released than the truth - which is that these folks are incompetent.

  • Southeast Ken

    The Washington Times is staying on the Cherita Whiting story. There's more drama regarding story. I can't wait to see the Washington City Paper write dirt or an article on Ms. Whiting. The City Paper seems to dig up dirt on everyone else associated with Mayor Vincent Gray.


  • Southeast Ken

    It's been alleged, Cherita Whiting doesn't like Ward 4 DC Councilmember Muriel Bowser and made personal attacks against her in emails sent to other Ward 4 residents. It's my understanding, the feelings are mutural with Bowser. DC Ward 4 Councilwoman Muriel Bowser now chairs the committee overseeing Parks & Recs. I suspect, the Ward 4 Councilmember is going after Ms. Whiting for her attacks on her and former Mayor Adrian M. Fenty. Payback is a bitch!

  • Southeast Ken

    Rake is correct about the emails. Government emails can be requested by the media and others. I once sent an email do a city government official in North Carolina. Later, I recieved and email from a newspaper reporter. I was wondering how the reporter got me email address. I was told be an elected official in that city, there's a State law in North Carolina, all cities with the State email address are public. Now, that's scary. Be careful what you say in emails sent to government addresses or to any email address. It can come back to haunt you.

  • itsjustamess

    Southeast Ken - I'm loving it! You just wait until Cherita is facing possible jail time AGAIN for lying to the feds, she's going to sing accapella, solo, loud, and long about the real dirt in the Gray administration. She is going to be like unchecked diarrhea and a month's supply of Imodium AD will not stop her up. Gray should have never got in bed with her, now he's tick and flea infested and itchy as hell.

  • itsjustamess

    As far as the emails are concerned - they are public information, PERIOD!!!! So are phone records, text messages, and any other electronic communication utility taxpayers pay for. Did these fools not learn anything from Detroit? Text messages and perjury are what earned Kwame Kilpatrick and his Chief of Staff/lover, Christine Beatty an extended stay in jail. It's a good thing Gray is already symbolically acclimating himself to the prison life, it may soon be a reality indeed. Lorraine Green and the rest of Gray's bedwarmers are sure to get their prison issue jumpsuits as well. Cherita Whiting, a federal prison veteran is going to be "alright." Been there, done that!

  • Southeast Ken

    LOL@itsjustamess; it seems, there is more to the Cherita Whiting story, but the City Paper hasn't investigated or written about it. Everyday this story is becoming an soap opera. Many of the ABC soap operas have been canceled. I guess, Cherita Whiting is the new Erica Kane. LOL LOL

  • itsjustamess

    Sorry Southeast Ken - Erica Kane was evil but she at least looked like she had class. The City Paper isn't going to do an all-out cover on Cherita because for a long time she provided it with juicy tidbits and gossip. So, LL and others are beholden to her. The same with Yvette Alexander. The City Paper is loyal (right now) and won't bite the hands that have been feeding them. But these two dumb blondes are going to make LL defy all conventional wisdom and past allegiance and he's going to break a story with a headline more sordid than, "You Put Me Out Because I Wouldn't Suck Your D---!" It may read, "I Sucked Your D--- And You Still Put Me Out!

  • Flynn

    itsjustamess: A comment posted under the same moniker got deleted from today's Wash Times article about Cherita W. but it spoke the truth. That woman runs her damn mouth all over the city trashing people in her crosshairs and now her ass is incognegro.

  • itsjustamess

    @Flynn - I am one and the same. Wardinfo, who I strongly believe is Cherita Whiting, got the message before it was deleted I'm sure. She is truly a scandal that Gray can't handle. Stay tuned, I'll be posting the truth again.

  • Anothernative

    The reason it may be so hard for people to grasp the FOIA and these emails, IS PROBABLY DUE TOO THE LAST ADMINISTRATIONS STANCE ON IT. Get it like Grant got Richmond, remember?

  • DBrighthaupt

    @itsjustamess - I hope so ;)

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