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Loose Lips Daily: Councilmember Ronald Moten? Edition

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  • White People: Tax Us
  • Good morning sweet readers! LL finally got around on his vacation to watching the "new" Indiana Jones movie. Man, did that stink. LL had to turn it off once Shia LaBoeuf started swinging on vines in the Amazon. Is that guy contractually obligated to ruin franchises from LL's childhood? News time:

    Councilmember Ronald Moten?: It's looking more likely that Peaceoholics co-founder/mayoral campaign strategist/music mogul Ron Moten might actually run for the Ward 7 council seat next year. This is good news for anyone who enjoys political theater because, love him or hate him, Moten is easily one of the most entertaining characters in the tragicomedy known as D.C. politics. Moten told LL yesterday that he'll do it if enough residents of Ward 7 show that they are serious about supporting him. What perfect timing then, for a positive profile of Moten by the Post's Courtland Milloy. "No doubt Moten has something of a hustlers’ streak and rubs many people the wrong way. But if he sometimes has difficulty transitioning from a streetwise persona to a more suite-wise sophisticate, at least part of the problem could be a result of the vast distance between the worlds he’s seeking to bridge," write Milloy before quoting Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton saying Moten is "a man with unusual experience, well-known for his effective works." For a must-read on Moten (which he probably hates) see this Washington City Paper profile from 2009. And LL just jogged his own memory banks and recalled that the first time he ever met Moten was caught on tape. "Chairman Gray, how can you call me a crony, sir?" Ah, memories.

    AFTER THE JUMP: These Hearings Are B.S.; House Republicans to D.C.: Show Us Your Money;

    These Hearings Blow: The Times' Jeffery Anderson has a sharp-elbowed piece about the likelyhood of Ward 3 Councilmember Mary Cheh's hearings on the Gray administration's hiring practices being a "political dead end," especially if key witnesses like Sulaimon Brown don't even bother to show up (please come, Sulaimon, for the sake of the press corps). "Given signs that key witnesses are refusing to comply with subpoenas issued by Committee Chairwoman Mary Cheh, observers say District residents should brace themselves for a hearing — if not a final committee report — of little consequence. Lost in the rhetoric of nepotism and public integrity that has emanated from Ms. Cheh’s committee hearings is a trail of conflicting testimony and unanswered, if not unasked, questions." Cue anonymous council staffer sniping at Cheh: "Is she caught between a rock and a hard place? Yes. Has it influenced her handling of the matter? Absolutely."

    House Republicans to D.C.: Show Us Your Money: The House Oversight Committee has invited Mayor Gray, Council Chairman Kwame "Fully Loaded" Brown and other city bigwigs to come justify the city's budget at a hearing tomorrow morning. "The subcommittee's chairman, Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-SC., has called the hearing to examine the fiscal sustainability of D.C. spending," the committee says in a news release, before reminding everyone about the control board. Umm, is this a sign that overlord Gowdy is about to get all up in D.C.'s business? Or is he just going through the motions? LL doesn't know! Per the AP: "Ilir Zherka, executive director of D.C. Vote, a nonpartisan group that lobbies for more independence for the District, said Thursday's hearing was another unwelcome intrusion into local affairs. The group was planning another protest on Capitol Hill Wednesday. 'We suspect they have ulterior motives in holding this hearing," Zherka said. 'We'll see on Thursday what those are.' Brown, however, said he had no reason to question Gowdy's motives. 'I've only known him to want to be helpful in terms of the District of Columbia,' the council chairman told AP."

    You're In Charge: In a piece about the D.C. Council tweaking the mayor's budget to include more funding for police officers, BikeShare and $1 Circulator bus rides, Chairman Brown gets the quote of the day award. Brown says his top priority is going to be restore funding in the mayor's budget for homeless shelters and victims of domestic violence. But other than that, Brown says he's likely to defer to the mayor, who once led the Department of Human Services in the 90s, on other social services budget cuts. “If it was any other mayor that sent down these cuts, I might pause,” Brown said. “But I had to take a second and say, ‘You know, this is a man whose whole life has been in this area.’ So, the least I can do is say, ‘He’s put some thought into it.’”

    In Other News: Clarification on the number of DCPS employees who need to find a new job.

    Gray sked: Weekly presser at 10 a.m.; Meeting with Iraeli ambassador at 11:30 a.m.

    Council sked: Budget work galore.

    • Typical DC BS

      Ron Moten and the word "effective" mentioned in the same sentence? He's been effective in cadging money from the DC government. However, he's never provided ANY proof that his group has been effective for all that money he received, other than providing anecdotes about how his group staved off further violence.

      But that's like giving me a million dollars because I told you I could prevent the sun from falling out of the sky. The sun didn't fall from the sky, but was I the reason it stayed up there?

    • Southeast Ken

      DC politics is a joke and Ron Moten running for the Ward 7 Councilmember should be in the National Inquirer.

      Charlie Sheen for Ward 7 Councilmember!

    • informed_underserved_voter

      LOL@ Typical DC BS; love the "sun in sky" analogy.

    • TheAngryVoter

      Ron Moten...... wasn't he driving around in the Hummer during the summer with that guy from that GoGo Band?


    • wardocinco

      Ron Moten is a magician: he has a knack for making foundation and government money disappear and fancy cars materialize in his driveway.

      I suspect his candidacy could also make a lot of money magically appear in Yvette Alexander's campaign coffers...

    • controlboardadvisor

      But the sad part of it all is Yvette Alexander is such a blond, beached buffoon, she makes him, Elmer Fudd, or Forest Gump a very viable candidate.

    • Southeast Ken

      LOL@controlboardadvisor; is it true that blonds have more fun eating pig feet sandwiches? LOL

      Ward 7 Hillcrest

    • watchingtoo


    • watchingtoo

      whites are not going to like this moten, but kick their asses. You can find many blacks that will back you. Just envite those nice black families back into DC pushed out by whites, gays and the uncle toms and have the Black Panthers to back and protect you and the black residents. Whites are wicked and tried to hurt every black poor person they saw. Go hitler style on those white people and run them out of the city. If barry does not help you then he is just to old to remember what the whites did to black people and are still doing under cover so a few older white men told me!!!

      The Washington Legal Clinic, they are part of the problem and any other white people who claim to help. They are just trying to warehouse the blacks just like hitler.

      You got my vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Vinnie

      @wathcingtoo, you are lucky, the Washington City Paper don't censor comments. A local blog, Prince of Petworth would not let you post these type of comments.

    • Southeast Ken

      The DC Council website have posted Vincent Orange to their site.

    • MadWard7Resident

      Hey! I do not like Yvette Alexander but Ron Moten running to represent my community is a Joke! I would take pig feet eating Ms. Yvette "Ms. Piggy" Alexander anyday.

      She is a fat hog and and He is a short bastard!

      Both are dumb and dumber!

    • seDCdude

      Councilman RON Moten, got dayuum that burns my eyes, but guess what, it only goes to show how toxic DC politics have become when I clown as such can be an "expert" on urban plight, the purveyor of "opportunity" and the recipient of $10 million dollars....WOW!

      I tell you what, let the scoundrel run and win, but with conditions; that for the next 20 years he must serve in a PRO BONO capacity or forfeit all salary for the next 10 years to a REPUTABLE charity in the area..I know of a few and RM ain't part of em in NO capacity!!!

      Only difference between him and Yvette Alexander is that we don't hear her EMOTIONS so you won't be upgrading anyway!!!

      He should never EVER be allowed to receive 1 IOTA of a dollar ever from the citizenry of DC...