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Loose Lips Daily: VO Wins Edition

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  • Amber Alert: Sulaimon Brown Is Missing
  • Good afternoon sweet readers! Apologies for the delay; LL was out late at Vincent Orange's victory party wondering where Sulaimon Brown was. Oh wait, he was there, not getting served his subpoena! Also at the party, Mayor Vince Gray, Councilmembers Harry Thomas Jr. and Yvette Alexander, and Ron Moten. Not there: Council Chairman Kwame "Fully Loaded" Brown, who hasn't yet called Orange to say congrats. News time:

    It's a VO Day: By now you're all aware that Vincent Orange will be the next at-large councilmember, narrowing defeating Republican Pat Mara in a low turnout race. The unofficial final numbers: VO, 28 percent; Mara, 26 percent; Sekou Biddle, 20 percent; Bryan Weaver, 13 percent; and Josh Lopez, 7 percent. In the school board races, D. Kamili Anderson won in Ward 4 and Trayon White Sr. won in Ward 8. Says Martin Austermuhle, "Orange won on the strength of his performance in wards 5, 7 and 8, where he claimed between 55 and 66 percent of the vote. He also led in Ward 4, denying Biddle his home base. Mara performed most strongly in Ward 3 with 49 percent of the vote, but also led in ward 2 and 6. Weaver took Ward 1." Says the Examiner: "As Biddle and Mara dueled over white votes in Northwest, Orange sopped up the black vote in Wards 4, 5, 7, 8." Says the Times: "Vincent B. Orange, a former D.C. council member whose bids for mayor and council chairman fell short in 2006 and 2010, secured an at-large council seat Tuesday by taking majorities in wards 5, 7 and 8 and letting a crowded field of opponents split the crumbs." Says the Post: "If Orange’s margin holds after final absentee and provisional ballots are counted in 10 days, his victory would be a setback for Brown and Mayor Vincent C. Gray (D), who both endorsed Biddle, 39, but were unable to extensively campaign for him this spring as they tried to contain ethical controversies at City Hall. In an interview after declaring victory before 11 p.m., Orange said his win was a rejection of the city’s leadership. 'Georgetown, downtown, Ward 7, Ward 8. They said: ‘You need to back off. We want Orange.’'"

    AFTER THE JUMP: Mara's Take; OIG problems; Praise for Cora;

    Mara's Missed Moment: Slate's Dave Weigel reports that RNC bigwigs, including chairman Reince Priebus, attended Pat Mara's election night party at Meridian Pint, only to see Republicans fall just short of getting one of their own on the council. "We got the silver again," said Mara. "Biddle took too many votes, and I was telling people, that might be a problem." Whoa, ain't no silver in politics (unless of course it's one of the District's normal goofy at-large races)—who does Mara think he is, Mitt Romney? As Ricky Bobby says, if you're not first, you're last. So, did Mara do well enough to run again in a year? Does he even want to? "I honestly don't know," Mara tells LL. And what about Biddle? Is his political career toast? Does Weaver have momentum? What are Lopez's plans? So many questions!!!

    In other news: Ward 6 Councilmember Tommy Wells' message to readers of the Hill website: back off, Uncle Sam. More on Charlie Sheen. Courtland Milloy praises Cora Masters Barry. Tom Sherwood on OIG fire truck report: two years late and so what? Jonetta Rose Barras on OIG, he's gotta go.

    Gray sked: Commission on HIV/AIDS meeting at 4:30 p.m.

    Council sked: Redistricting hearing at 10 a.m.

    • incredulous

      And, don't think of upgrading your ride on the towpath or the Capital Crescent Trail without first visiting the unofficial non-sponsor for VO, which Tommy Wells may be boycotting. http://www.velo-orange.com.
      To complaints that that V-0 is in the tenth ward, Anne Arundel County: There are dealers somewhere in Vincent's At-Large DC.
      Latest: OMG, there's a V-O dealer right in Tommy's ward!!!

    • meanteeth

      Wasn't Biddle required to resign his post in order to run for At-Large? How come Mara wasn't?

    • Rake

      Give it up Davy, nobody is interested in Sinclair Skinner's whining, either in person or by proxy.

      On to items of importance, what say the commentariat about the election outcome? Obviously the big losers (apart from the candidates not named Vincent Orange) are Gray, Fully Loaded, and the rest of the One City crew. Clearly they are no kingmakers, and their own ward solidly backed one of their biggest critics.

      Oh, and BTW, Vince fired Leon Swain (Taxicab Comm) today...looking forward to those deets.

      One City, one less One Citidiot. Thanks for the memories, Sekou Brown.

    • 11th

      reading the sinclair skinner link, i thought, "wow, this PR is sounding like something from dan snyder." lo and behold, there's an explicit reference to the law suit that links the headline to the picture of snyder with horns. i never knew the origins of the "eeny meeny miny mo" rhyme and doubt many others did either. to me at least it seemed like a silly way to say folks had to choose from a long list of candidates and there wasn't a clear favorite or particularly attractive candidate.

    • Hypocrite Much?

      STUPIDEST STATEMENT OF THE NIGHT “I feel like it’s trending lower than in ’97,” said Mike Price, campaign manager for Democrat Sekou Biddle. In fact, it trended higher!

      This guy lives in Ward 7, does not know his own ward and chose him to be your campaign manager and you were an unknown candidate.

      Mr. Biddle you seem like a smart guy (I didn't vote for you, I voted for VO), but you made some dumbass moves in this race.

      Your campaign leadership was 99.9% white and out-of-towners. This is Washington, DC and if your campaign leadership is not from here then you don't know the trends here and that was made clear by your defeat on last evening.

      I visited your campaign office and could not get over the fact that the ONLY people in your enclosed glass office space were white men and later you brought on a white lady. What did that get you; a loss that's what!

      Oh, and I can't forget that rude tag-along young chic that stayed glued to you at every event, she was a turnoff, a complete turnoff! I remember her rudeness from being Adrian Fenty's special assistant, if he fired her, she shouldn't resurfaced in your campaign.

      I did not see any black leadership in your campaign office, what a turn-off, that is the main reason the people turned away from you.

    • Southeast Ken

      I didn't vote for any of these fools!


      Ward 7 DC Hillcrest

    • Sekou Orange

      Biddle's campaign wasn't all white: remember, before he fired Marshall Brown he hired Marshall Brown.

      Now they're both unemployed.................

    • Really

      Biddle Diddle made soooo many political mishaps. The biggest was listening to his crew and catering to a group that was already divided. VO seemed to be the only smart one that knew you needed a certain % of the votes in Wards 4,5,7,and 8.

      Well, it isn't smooth sailing just yet for VO. First he has a 1 and half to make an impact before he has to run all over again.

      2nd, although he won his job through the people of the District of Columbia he still has to work with 12 people everyday in order to get things done and most of those 12 people didn't like him. So he has to choose between Team Brown or Team Evans/Catina(sp)

    • Really

      Sekou Orange, yes it was and maybe if he didn't fire Marshall he may have had a chance. Oh well, maybe he can join Fenty at Oberlin and preach about political suicide 101!

    • Wendy Washington

      So, Vincent Orange won, I am glad my vote went to good use. When is Biddle's last day and VO's first?

      I tried to tell Biddle that using the color orange for campaign signs only made voters think of Orange, but he would not listen.

      VO -- you have a mandate -- do not act like those other fools already on the council.

    • Rake

      @Really: and maybe if he didn't fire Marshall he may have had a chance...

      Surely you must be joking?!? Sekou's association with this One City Debacle is EXACTLY what cost him the election. Both Fully Loaded and Marshall are doubtless aware of this. Look at how badly Sekou Brown was beaten in W7 and W8. Marshall is going to help that how?

      And I think you know Marshall isn't going to help in Wards 6,3,2,1 with his recent comments either. For a self-proclaimed campaign expert, you really seem to miss a lot. Maybe it's the One City blinders you have on?

    • Herb

      Another self-serving hack elected to political office in DC. That really helps the campaign for fuller voting rights. Actually electing a Republican again to the council might have demonstrated to recalcitrant Congressional Republicans that DC might have a wee semblance of a two-party political system.

      Orange, quite frankly, is disgusting, with his late, race-based appeal in the eastern part of the city. And his PEPCO ties mean that DC will once again go easy on one of the country's poorest-performing utilities, while Maryland tries to get tough on them.

      There's only one good thing about Orange's narrow "victory." He'll stop his perpetual campaign for any office, at least until his re-election rolls around. I'll bet he never stops asking for money, though.

    • Herb

      "VO -- you have a mandate."

      Uh, two percent in a light turnout election isn't a mandate. And a "mandate" for what exactly? PG-style thics and governance practices?

    • MadWard7Resident

      VO I voted for you and now you better act right! When you start setting up your office. Tell Yvette to start cleaning hers out.

    • Brillig

      Skinner can blow it out his backside. No one got upset when the Mayor, Council members and ANCs kept referring to "Paddy Wagons" when they got arrested.

    • Really?

      @Rake you proved my point, which is that he would have aleast helped him split the vote with VO in Wards 5,6,7, and 8. Now world on the street is that he said he didn't need those wards, wondering if he had second thoughts about that this morning. Again, the Votes were ALREADY split in Wards 1,2,3,and 6 and none of the those folks running were courting voters in 4,5,7 and 8. Duh!

      Nope Bendict Biddle got cought up worrying about perception and now looking at this race as a numbers came. And now you have V.O. is happy like a fat kid loves cake.

      Interesting that you don't find Bowers affilation with Fenty as a problem? Just saying.

    • Southeast Resident

      @ Herb, you are the only hack. If you think the Republicans give a damn about DC having one of them on the Council, you are wrong. Just ask Catania and Schwartz. They would not respect Mara even if he did get there. They don't like RINOs which he really is in their eyes. VO was the best qualified of the bunch without question. He's done the job successfully before. Not any of the others could claim that. That is why Evans is happy to see him back, despite being too much of a chicken or lacking the conviction and courage to stump for him. VO is someone who can keep count, manage money, and write a law. The Council needs a few more of those. Again it just shows that the darker ones have to be five times as good or qualified in the eyes of the lighter ones to get what they deserve. Keep on keeping on VO, in making sure that we all have a fair chance city wide, you can't help but help the sorry folks who didn't vote for you too.

      Hey, Josh, the Fenty folks left you on the side heading for the hills. Plus, you got to do a better job of registering and getting the latinos out if you want to represent.

    • Rake

      Really, who is Bowers?

      Your "point" re Wards 5,7,8 is comical - Marshall Brown wasn't helping Sekou Brown with ANYTHING. Voters in 5,7,8 saw Marshall and Kwame as part of the same problem - this One City charade. If anything, Marshall's presence hurt Sekou as badly in 5,7,8 as it did in ,1,2,6,3, but hey, you're the "expert" so whatever, the numbers must be wrong. That's cool.

    • Really?

      @Rake Ward 4...mispelled her name.

      Rake your basing all this on how you feel. What I saying is that Biddle didn't have anybody on his team to tell Biddle to reach out to those Wards. Marshall provided that piece. Get over Marshall's slap in the face and look at things for different view points. With or without Marshall's comments Biddle already had problems with Wards 1,2,3,and 6.....because they were split. With or without Marshall's comments he already had problems in Wards 4,5,7,and 8 and we ignored the value of those votes.

    • Rake

      Really, Sekou Brown was running for an at-large seat. Of course his connections to Fully Loaded and co bothered me and I could vote accordingly. The Ward 4 councilmember is out of my hands - I live in Ward 6.

      Actually really, I'm an economist. I look at numbers, not feelings. No argument that Sekou ran a bad campaign. I just differ with your specious point that Marshall Brown was in any position to help Sekou given the numbers in the Wards he lost. The numbers reflect an electorate fed up with One City. Full Stop. The demographics in each ward may have been different with regard to the anti-one city candidate they picked (VO vs. Mara or Weaver), but the intent was the same.

    • tony

      I am happy that the Council has a black majority. I guess, white folks must wait a little longer for their "white rule" in "chocolate city".