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The Crucial Maryland Vote?

Vincent Orange's got a whopping $135,000 cash-on-hand for the final week of the campaign, way more than the rest of the field.

It's a nice advantage to have, but only if Orange spends the money wisely. Here's proof, via former Ward 2 candidate Cary Silverman, that Orange might not be spending his money in the most effective of ways.

Orange sent Silverman a mailer at his address in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Maryland residents, LL is pretty sure, can't vote in District elections — at least not legally. And it seems like it would be relatively simple to make sure your mailers are all addressed to District residents.

How'd this happen? LL has asked Orange for comment and will update as needed.

Update: Team Orange responds: "I saw that article on LL and I checked what address we sent Cary Silverman's mail to.  We sent it to his former address in DC.  The mail must have been forwarded to his new address in Maryland."

  • http://distcurm.blogspot.com/ IMGoph

    he actually mailed that to an MD address?

    watch out in shaw. there will be a lot of ward 9 voters looking to cast their ballots.

  • WonderWardMan

    Cary Silverman is a dim witted queen! Duh? How could this happen? Well, my first guess would be that the postal software automatically updated with a mail forwarding request. Glad to know that Silverman has finally moved to the burbs, his spiritual home. I wonder if he hired that quack architect friend of his from Q Street whose speciality is, get this, garage doors as home facades, to spruce up the place.

    Jack Evans must be breathing with a sigh of relief although Marty O'Malley must be having some sleepless nights.

  • Andrew

    Considering your immediate homophobic comment you probably aren't worth debating with, but that doesn't appear to be a forwarded address label.

  • LewisJones

    You guys are that bored that your willing to make news out of any & everything? This week must be a boring week leading up to the election.

    If this is blog-worthy let's talk about how Bryan Weaver went to a McDonalds in MD and brought a happy meal for his kid? He isn't spending his dollars wisely!

  • Really?

    @LewisJones I was thinking the exact same thing

  • Wendy Washington

    LewisJones & Really?, amen.

    Not only is this non-story, no news value, let's consider the source. LL reports: "Here's proof, via former Ward 2 candidate Cary Silverman..."

    Clearly, the Orange campaign got Silverman's address from someplace. Perhaps Silverman made a small campaign contribution, thus wound up on the mailing list. Then turned into Benedict Arnold and sent the "proof" into the WCP.

  • Drez

    It would be interesting to know how widespread this is. Is it a one-off mistake (perhaps as suggested due to forwarded mail) or is it more common, for whatever reason.

  • Ward5 Resident

    Well this column is newsworthy to me as a voter. Although Orange has excellent credentials, it bothers me that (1) his fundraising is from outside of DC and (2) he's sending mail to someone who lives in Maryland. (A nice scrub of your mailing list can take care of that issue.)

    I live in Ward 5 and I'm an undecided voter (who is registered as an independent) and the only piece of literature I've received has been from Sekou Biddle. I haven't seen one thing from Orange and he's sending mail to Maryland????

    So, I'm sorry this is significant for me, if I can't hear from you during your campaign, how am I to expect responsiveness when you are elected?

    To be fair, I'm equally disappointed with everyone in the race and still remain undecided.

  • LewisJones

    Getting money from outside of DC bothers you? Our budget is trash, our spending habits are trash, thank goodness someone is taking money from another states pockets for DC.

    As much of a scum Kwame Brown is, its sad that even as he is corrupt can count on his Ward to support him, but Ward 5 plays these games and do not back a former council member from their ward.

    I'll tell you this much, I was on my way home from the grocery store last night and saw a 3 men tearing down Orange signs, I yelled out "HEY" and they started running.

    It's crazy how if people think Orange is not the best candidate, why is he the biggest threat in the eyes of the "establishment" or the "candidates", if Orange is apart of the "Old ways of DC" and the majority of the council was in fact in office during that time, why are they so against him?

    I do not see any other candidate getting direct "hating" from all angles other than Orange, and this guy has a Plan of Action, FUND-RAISED his money, and has a record of achievement in the city.

    How can you even demand a meeting for DC Statehood, and none of your gov't officials are respected outside of their own wards. NONE OF THEM. That's probably why they do not want Orange in, because they know he will get the job done and the "establishment" wants to keep toying with the residents while they spend your tax money

  • Brahmin

    I don't see a problem sending a mailer to Cary Silverman he has a huge constituency although he now lives in MD. If he was sold and blogged about it--that maybe 5 new votes.

  • DC Elected Official Crap

    Hello Lewis Jones,

    Please provide a description of the vehicle that the three men tearing down Orange posters might of been in?

  • LewisJones

    I said I saw them tearing down posters and when I say "Hey" they started running. I did not see them in a vehicle. Nonetheless it still baffles me that for people to have so much to say about Orange, and what he proclaims he can do for the city it doesn't make sense that people deem him as a threat.

    It also does not make since that people say he might not be able to work with the council. This isn't High School, the decisions that the council makes affects lives. If someone is paid to do a job no matter if you have something against them or your "buddies" have something against him, if the people vote on the person who can be a solution to the current problem, you work with them, or resign and take your talents elsewhere if your so damn good.

    All these emotions and influences from others always sway the vote, and while your happy your "favorite candidate" may have won (i.e. how people ADORED Kwame) the aftermath is that the most liked isn't the most qualified.

    The council needs to rebuild its image, and get some tough skin, and what people don't realize is that Congress could give a damn who is screaming DC Statehood, because the council has damaged the relationship between Congress & the City as well as EHN. We aren't respected because we don't have a respectable body lobbying for a respectable city to get rights.

  • AnotherDCResident

    So Biddle has Chairman Fully Loaded and Mayor Pay to Play's thugs tearing down VO signs? The scandal! :)

  • Cary Silverman

    Folks, I don't have any interest in this election - I'm not campaigning against Orange or for anyone else in the at-large race.

    In a tight race with a large field of candidates, *if* one of them is targeting the thousands of former DC voters who have moved to Montgomery and Prince George's County Maryland, but who have not been removed from the DC voter rolls, that may be a reason for concern.

    This wasn't a forwarded mailer, it was sent directly to Maryland.

    Absolutely, he can and should fundraiser from anyone, but this wasn't a fundraising letter and included no information about making a donation - and what purpose would a fundraising letter serve a week out from the election by the candidate with the most cash on hand?

    This was a mailer asking for my vote next week addressed to a Maryland home.

    Perhaps it is a simply an glitch caused by the automatic update of a bounced mailing by software and he is due to benefit of the doubt. But anyone who has done a mailing knows how easy it is to simply specify the state or ward to target it.

    Be careful that people driving up to polling stations with Maryland tags don't decide DC elections.

  • LewisJones

    @Cary I honestly do not think a candidate would go out of their way to make sure YOU personally received one of their pieces of literature, especially since you seem to want press out of mailings like this. Obviously you have some knowledge of politics so you are aware of how lit drops operate and you would be lying if you said candidates sit around a pick each & every person they send their 20,000+ pieces of information out to.

    Maybe you aren't familiar with last election season when Kwame had union members from Baltimore working on his campaign, or how Fenty had people from all over working on his campaign that were not DC registered Voters.

    I say all this to say, a piece of mail hitting your doorstep is superfluous news in the grand scheme of things and the simple fact that this is news-worthy is beyond foolish.

    I guess times have changed so much and there are so many new DC residents & registered voters that irrelevant stuff like this will sway a new breed to be bamboozled into voting another way. But you can't teach an old dog new tricks.

  • Mary

    You should not decide on a candidate based on a mailer probably done by a hired company to do the mailing. The candidate was not standing there saying mail this to MD. Get real! Vincent Orange is talking about collecting back taxes DC is owed, getting medicare payments uncollected and owed to DC, etc. He is for fiscal responsibility and desperately needed on the City Council. Gray and Brown can only come up with raising taxes so they can irresponsibly spend more on themselves and their friends. Gray and Brown also talk about not cutting the budget by cutting jobs which makes you popular with DC workers but may not be the best for the city. I understand Gray has not only brought back his security detail but several closed cabinet positions were reopened and people hired to cover the post. Fenty closed these positions as they were duplicated in other agencies. Where is the leadership and where is spending money efficiently and making budget cuts that are best for the whole city, not with Gray and Brown. DC needs Vincent Orange in there to ask the questions, get the answerers and make changes where necessary. That is why he is not supported by Gray and Brown.

  • SEis4ME

    Cary, if you know that you can't vote in DC, what's the point in making a story about this? Sounds rather ridiculous if you ask me.

    I received a mailer from Mark Warner and immediately assumed that it was an error.

    And to your warning, it's a nonstarter. If you aren't on the voter rolls and don't have proof of residency, how is it that you can vote in DC elections or is it something I fail to understand?

  • SEis4ME

    @Mary, Gray reopened and hired for cabinet level positions whose functions are served by other agencies? That sucks.

    Which ones are you referring to?

  • http://distcurm.blogspot.com/ IMGoph

    how many voters are aware of vincent orange's deep ties to shady lobbyists like john ray?

    he's part of the machine, people. just because gray and kwame don't like him doesn't make him this altruistic angel. he'd sell you out just as quickly as anyone else. ask the people of the capital city market.

  • Tom Brown Minions

    The guys in the Caravan vehicle for minion candidate tom brown are the culprits in the orange signs take down.

  • Education2way

    @IMGoph How is someone apart of a machine when the majority of the "Machine" doesn't support him? You completely make no sense whatsoever.

    Tell me what machine he is apart of? The one Fenty built that brought all the republicans and independants to DC while kicking out a large portion of African Americans? The one who gave his frat brothers contracts to make loads of money off?

    Or how about Kwame's who paid his family members loads of money to handle his campaign, cheated the books to pay for lavish vehicles and used taxpayers money to lease out SUV's?

    Or perhaps your talking about Mayor Gray's machine who jacks up the salaries of his friends, and hires their children and puts people who lack experience in certain industries high positions?

    Or the Harry Thomas Machine that makes various organizations and hides money in them so he can spend it crazy?

    Please inform us what machine, because none of those individuals support Orange.

    Yall show support for politicians who have literally embarrassed citizens and their lives were the sacrifice for their mistakes yet you have the audacity to say "Because the "ESTABLISHMENT" doesn't like him it doesn't mean his is an altruistic angel?

    Get real dude, dont blow smoke up my ass with your weak statements. The city's leadership does not have the citizens best interest in transforming DC into a Progressive city. They will pull the blanket over your head and keep the city in shambles just enough to keep their power and keep people like YOU believing that these wimps can make change. They cannot do anything because most of those candidates the Establishment will not lose any sleep over and they not be respected just like Congress will not respect DC.

    We need someone who will put the pressure to Gray & Brown to keep their act together and bring about the change DC Deserves and not what will lessen their negative image bc they made mistakes.

  • TheAngryVoter

    Wow...such animosity in regards to this post. I kinda like it!

    This news about the mailing piece is beyond stupid though. It's so funny that this is actually on the blog and labeled as news how freakin bored is LL this week?

    Cary you must feel really special that you received something in the mail, because the average person would look at it, pay it no mind and throw it away. You must miss DC politics and need someone to show you love ahahaha.

    You are concerned about a piece of mail hitting your doorstep, and the city is surrounded by crooks, hired buddies, a terrible deficit, and getting disrespected like the Fat kid with glasses in elementary school, and you feel like this mail is important. Puhhhleaseeee.

    Orange received donations from people outside of DC...who cares? If you honestly wanted to make a contribution to any of the campaigns, go on their website and donate, if not why worry about it. Yall seem so emotional over everything outside of DC getting back on the right track. Orange didn't break any rules in getting the contributions and it makes you all so SICK because someone whispered in your ear and told you Orange isn't good for the city ahahahah.

    DC Voters can be so weak-minded at times its crazy.

    and last.....IMGoph what the hell are you talking about dude?

  • TheAngryVoter


  • Really?

    Well let me start off by saying Vote for who you would like. Me? I’m not sold only anyone yet. The only thing that I have decided is that Benedict Biddle get’s no love.

    Lewis, politics is a contact sport. I’ve heard stories (back in the day) of folks tearing down posters and burning them in front of the candidate’s house. LOL
    I have concerns with Orange (they are starting to fade as the election approaches) but nevertheless they are there. First, people raise the outside money issue for several reasons. Outside money can mean outside influence. Second, it shows that those who can contribute in the District don’t believe enough in him that they aren’t willing to put their money where their mouth is. But, to fair to Orange it could mean that he has worn out his local money wagons by running so many times that folks just can’t give. Also to be fair, I’ve seen his previous campaign records and outside money isn’t’ new. So it isn’t illegal and you gotta to what you gotta do.

    The second issue that you brought up is that people are worried that he can’t work with the council. Well it isn’t just hyperbole and it’s based on past experience. Example of suing the former Chair Linda Crop. It was petty and I’ll provide the facts of case in the next couple of post.

    2nd he was a slum lord, 3rd the new town issue for me. While the Florida Avenue Market isn’t eye appealing I don’t agree with purging the little business owners to make way for big developers. Choi wasn’t working to at least meet folks half way. He wanted to profit off of the land and if that meant throwing the businesses under the bus he was going to do it. Then back it up and roll over them again. Orange supporting legislation to make it happen worries me. Why? Because, over the last 8 years we have witness a city purge residents and businesses who don’t fit into a particular “vision”. We have councilmember’s supporting this purge and we need somebody who is willing to level the playing field to be fair. No one group should be getting everything. So can Orange help in this area?

    Lastly, I forgot about a whole other issue which Lydia over at housing complex brought up about the Housing Production Trust Fund. Where was Orange and his fiscal responsibility when the fund was been raped?

    But, with the jokers in the field now, I don’t know if I have much of a choice.

    Lastly, educated I don’t see what’s wrong with paying family members? They did their job and did it well. Isn’t Orange’s son working on his campaign? Just saying. Also he didn’t cheat the books, I think it has been established that this was a practice that the District has been doing since the inception of homerule. Gray’s hires haven’t been out of the norm and expect for S. Brown, all were qualified.

    I hope we can move the conversation towards substance about where councilmembers stand on issues.

  • Chris

    Well can't fault Orange - the mailing list was provided by Board of Elections and Ethics (sic) - of the 93,337 inactive records purged in June 2010 - many still are on the books!

    I know of one instance where a person registered in 1975 never voted and still on the books!

  • incredulous

    The story of DC home rule / self-rule is that too much of DC Government cannot, similarly, do the simple stuff like stopping mailings to out-of-state addresses. People will soon be able to live out adult lives in DC without ever having seen stupid inefficiencies stopped. Civil and political life in the pre and post Soviet -stan.

    Well, these are a distraction from stupid corruptions. Whose are worse, Kwame Brown's or HR Crawford's?

    Read elsewhere about the inability of DC Government to stop out-of-staters not just from using DC-paid early childhood education, but from crowding out DC residents from the same services and slots, AND DC Government recovering none of the losses once discovered AND confirmed by auditors.

    WCP should hold a contest in which readers submit nominations for "nation, colony, or city-state and period" most like DC, with explanations why, and references to histories that support the case. Majority of rulers and ruled must be "Caucasian," so racist tracts are one-sided and healthy self-mockery is encouraged.

  • Ward 5 for life

    I will start by saying this, Chris, we can fault Orange and his campaign team. I have run and worked on campaigns on the state, local and federal level across this country including DC. In addition I'm an elected member of the Democratic Party who has lived in Ward 5 and still does and have yet to receive any information from Orange. As a fellow member of the DCDSC I should be on that list. As a voter who has voted in every election since at least 2000 or 1998 I know that my address is good but nothing from my former Councilman and fellow Ward 5 Resident. Funny how it goes to MD but not DC and the funny part is that no person on my block which is in a top 25 voting precinct has received it as of yet. Well I guess I'm not special like the Montgomery County resident.

    Furthermore to the others who say that he is an outsider, how do you call a former two term Councilman who in turn ran for Mayor and City Council Chair back to back and who was the lobbyist for Pepco in the position that has also been held by a former Mayor and Chief of Staff for the Council Chair is about as dumb as saying that the sky is not up. The fact that he has done all of that and is the National Committeeman for the DC Democratic State Committee shows that he is an insider. The fact that most of his talk is about what he has already did as a Councilman in the past shows that he is not an outsider. Next you are going to tell me that being elected ANC doesn't make you an elected official.

    Come on, he is an insider just like any other former elected official. He actually talked about it during his chair race about how he was able to campaign for the smart grid technology as Pepco's Lobbyist and how he made it happen. The man is a career politician and that is about the only honest thing to say.

    As for raising money in MD or other places, he has always done it so I'm not going to talk about that but I will say stop the lies about being an outsider who is not part of the machine. He is still part of it, he just doesn't have his name in lights anymore and wants to see them there again.

  • Really?

    Look! whether it's the new machine or the old machine, what difference does it make? Everybody is pushing an agenda. The only questions for voters is whose agenda is in line with yours?

    Josh views are inline with Fenty

    Mara views are inline with Fenty and Washpost and with most likely side with Jimmy (Teddy) Graham, David, and Jack (inside man) Evans.

    Weaver (wildcard) not sure...He could go the way of mendlenson or the new establishment

    VO (wildcard) not sure. He may go and work his way with the group, but supports big interest so little man loses out.

    Sorry to the others in the race. I know that your out there but the media isn't giving you any air time.

  • TheAngryVoter

    @Ward5ForLife how much did Kwame pay you or threaten you to vote for Biddle, because there is no way in sam hell that nobody could have possibly been the BEST candidate for the Interim seat.

    Therefore YOU are apart of the Machine, the Democratic State Committee is corrupt in its own entirety. Especially the fat butterball lady that works for Pepco who runs that terrible club.

    If you think Orange wasn't good, what the hell do you think Harry Thomas Jr is? You would be a complete fool to think he has done anything for ward 5. Tell him to keep his rotten behind out of Stadium nightclub!!!

    ANC's..... eheh they don't do anything any damn way so who cares?


  • http://distcurm.blogspot.com/ IMGoph

    education2way: developers. big money.

    i'm firmly in the middle class. i'm lucky enough to have bought a modest house. i'm not the type supporting orange with maxed-out money donations. that's the part of the machine i'm talking about.

    there is a political side and a financial side to "the growth machine." look up harvery molotch's "the city as a growth machine." it's a good read and explains who holds the power in our cities quite well.

  • Herb

    Someone should tell Orange that Gaithersburg isn't exactly in his "Ward 9" base.

  • Really?

    @Imgoph so who are you going to support?

  • http://distcurm.blogspot.com/ IMGoph

    really?: i've been a bryan weaver supporter and volunteer since day one.

  • Lynette S Fromme

    IMgay is talking out of his ass, again !

  • http://distcurm.blogspot.com/ IMGoph

    homophobia is the sign of a closeted individual. come out into the sunshine, my friend.