Loose Lips

Make That the Fighting 45

LL missed this story in Roll Call in his morning round-up, but it looks like the appetite for getting arrested over the District's lack of budget autonomy is fading fast.

D.C. Mayor Vince Gray continued his campaign for autonomy for the District by returning Monday to the scene of his arrest last week, but this time the group of demonstrators was far smaller.

Gray refrained from engaging in another act of civil disobedience, but several advisory neighborhood commissioners and D.C. shadow Sen. Michael Brown blocked traffic outside the Dirksen Senate Office Building, as Gray and others had done April 11.

Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner Keith Silver of Ward 6 was arrested Monday after several warnings from the Capitol Police to clear the street. Gray was among 41 activists arrested last week.

Gray, who was wearing a tag issued during his arrest, decided not to block traffic again.


Monday’s protest was the third in just more than a week and the smallest yet. More than 100 attendees were at the April 11 event, while dozens turned out for another one Friday. But fewer than 20 protesters marched along the sidewalk outside the office building Monday, and the demonstration was over within an hour.

  • DBrighthaupt

    Could the 1st Protest heard around the World(?) merely dwindle to DC's 15 minutes? I wonder if its possible to poll all 538 Congress persons (excl Norton of course), asking:
    1. Do you really give a fudge?
    2. Did that protest sway your final vote on the budget?
    2a. Your personal opinion on DCs autonomy.

    Simple yes or no. Rarely do politicians give one.

  • itsjustamess

    Fewer than 20 protesters? "One" more arrest. Wow, this thing is really picking up steam.

  • Southeast Resident

    Protesting for DC voting rights could be done in groups on a rotating schedule. For instance, UDC students could take a day to do it. The Brookland Civic Association could take another day to do it. Also, DC public school students by school could take a field trip as part of Civics class to go down and protest -- Call it democracy in action. That way you can ensure that participation is greater than twenty and everyone in town gets to stay in the grill of those folks on Capitol Hill.