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We Are Marshall

Marshall Brown, father of Council Chairman Kwame "Fully Loaded" Brown, was barred this morning from the Office of Campaign Finance's hearing on problems with the chairman's 2008 campaign finances.

Marshall Brown showed up at the OCF hearing but wasn't allowed to participate because he's not officially part of the 2008 campaign, according to OCF spokesman Wesley Williams.

“He showed up but he wasn’t allowed to attend the hearing," Williams says.

The hearing was about a recent OCF audit that savaged Kwame Brown's 2008 campaign financial disclosures. Among the audit's more troubling findings: Brown's campaign paid a contractor to do field work, who then promptly paid $240,000 to a firm owned by Brown brother, Che Brown. The Browns did not provide requested bank records to prove how the money was spent.

Kwame Brown wasn't at the hearing himself, but sent his attorney Fred Cooke Jr. in his place, the Post's Tim Craig reports via twitter. (Kwame's campaign treasurer was also there.) Craig notes that Cooke barred Marshall Brown from answering questions about why he was at the hearing.

"When Marshall was asked why he's here, Cooke shouts out... 'Don't answer that,'" tweets Craig.

Craig also noted that Marshall Brown was in the hearing room for about five minutes before leaving.

(It's the new new journalism, reporting on other reporters' tweets!)

When LL called up Marshall Brown, he said he had no comment on this morning's hearing.

Loyal readers will recall that LL's most recent column notes that Marshall Brown has been a strong presence on all three of Kwame Brown's campaigns but there are only records of him being paid to work on the 2004 race. Marshall Brown declined to comment when asked if he'd been paid for working on his son's other campaigns.

Now LL is no P.R. expert, but it certainly doesn't look good for Kwame Brown when his father shows up and then gets booted from a hearing that presumably focuses on campaign money going to a family member without being reported.

Kwame Brown's already under the spotlight for dislike of luxury SUVs with gray interiors and the Post editorial board is calling for OCF to refer the 2008 campaign finance matter to the U.S. attorney's office. Shenanigans involving his father, who was recently fired from At-large Councilmember Sekou Biddle's campaign for saying mean things about new white voters, is probably the last thing Brown needs right now as he tries to rebuild his brand.

It's also not the only area where Brown looks disorganized. When LL tried, again, to get a copy of records showing how Brown spent his privately raised transition fund, his office referred LL to the transition's attorney, Lloyd Jordan.

But Jordan says he doesn't have those records . “I have not touched, seen or had anything to do with that," says Jordan, who added that he'll try and find those records for LL because "I’m tired of people asking me for it."

  • Skipper

    Wait - so the guy who's Kwame's "transition attorney" is the same guy who was just appointed by Gray to the BZA?

    Wow, small world. Or something.

  • DC

    Pity poor "Fully Loaded"! Caught once again in the maw of the ancient ones clawing desperately to get us all back to the bad old days.

    Marshall probably didn't take any money. Its not about money with Marshall, its about that aura of smug superiority, its about finally being tall.

  • Drez

    The longer you live in DC the smaller a town it seems.

  • Drez

    Or "something".

  • NU78

    Skipper and Drez,

    If it's the same Lloyd Jordan, he was brought to D.C. and into the local government by Mayor Tony Williams. I thought all you guys who bash Gray adored Tony Williams and his team...?

  • Drez

    Williams as a person was fine, but he was too big picture/not hands on and so lots of details- including certain hires- suffered.
    He had a lot of scandals in his top ranks. People indicted, incompetent managers who left under ethical clouds, etc.
    Not saying Lloyd Jordan was one of those, just noting DC is a very small town and the same names come up over and over.

  • native_resident

    You see, this is what happens when we let primarily carpetbaggers: Marion “Potty Mouth” or “Barry Taking Money From His Women” Barry(your welcome is worn out), Mayor Tony “Behind the Back” Williams, Sharon “Any One Can Pat My Fanny If You The Money” Pratt-Kelly(DC Native), Adrian “looking out for the Nupes” Fenty, and Kwame “Stinking Lincoln” Brown in the big government jobs. And oh yes, Mayor Vincent “the Wit, Nit Wit” Gray run the peoples city.

    You mean the only person willing to run against Ward Seven incumbent Yvette “Big Momma” or “Big Spending On The Wrong Stuff” Alexander: is pimping Ronald “the Bully” Moten? Mr. Ron may be a former crook and former bully, but he got balls.

    And then we have Mr. Harry “Tommy Guns” or “the Athlete” or “Feed My Face” Thomas, Jr.

    I would have thought that DELANO HUNTER would win Ward 5 Council person the last time. Harry Thomas you have too many skeletons.

    It is sad that honest and decent black folk do not hold these high government positions.

    With all of the problems in my home city, it seems that the contest is to see who can get the most.

    Hot dog we got a hot mess here. This is why ordinary citizens that live outside of DC can talk about us like a dog.

    If we are every going to get Capitol Hill off of our backs and make them RESPECT US, then ALL 600 THOUSAND PLUS DC RESIDENTS WILL NEED TO STAND UP!

    All Anglos, Latinos, Asians and black Americans must stand up.

    Plus, the Congressional Police can not lock us all up, not at the same time.

    This is ridicules.

    This is a sad song that we are singing.