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Sekou Biddle Mailing Leaves Out One Résumé Item

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A little while ago, this flier from Sekou Biddle showed up in the mail at my house in Petworth, in Ward 4. So far, it's the only mail piece I've received from any of the candidates for the at-large D.C. Council seat, even though the election's coming up in less than two weeks.

What's interesting about the mailing, though, is that it doesn't mention that Biddle already has the job. The flier touts his "years of experience in urban public education reform," and calls for "new leadership" for D.C.'s future. It says Biddle is "running for D.C. Council," but not that he's serving on the council now. Even more fascinating, it says: "Sekou Biddle's career has always been about getting results, not making political deals." A political deal, of course, was exactly how he got to the Wilson Building in the first place.

Is there any better illustration of the bind Biddle finds himself in as he tries to win the rest of the term? Usually, incumbents want to talk about their clout and what they've done for voters while in office. Biddle, though, doesn't want anyone remembering he's got anything to do with the D.C. Council. He's trying to be the outsider, even though he'll desperately need help from supporters of Kwame Brown and other councilmembers who endorsed him if he's going to hold onto his seat.

Have you received any other mailings from campaigns this month? If so, email me and let me know so we can try to post them, too.

  • R

    Got a Pat Mara mailing where he fails to mention that he's a Republican.

  • RooseColt

    I received the piece of mail, read it over and then remembered he was the guy that said they should merge Coolidge & Roosevelt. I will not support him at all trying to close my Alma-Mater.

  • W Jordan

    Biddle is not in a bind as much as you guys are silly. A large part of politics is connections and deal making. It would be silly to put someone on the Council with no connections and no ability to make deals. What we need is a press that brings some light to the deals and context to understanding the deals. The problem is the press helping to coverup the deals or focusing on the least important part of the deal.

  • Kwame Biddle

    Sekou "Fully Loaded" Biddle should updating my résumé. He'll be unemployed on April 27th.

  • Kwame Biddle

    Sekou "Fully Loaded" Biddle should updating his résumé. He'll be unemployed on April 27th.

  • Really

    I called the body dead on April 11th at 7p.m.

  • Mary

    We got mailings from Orange, Biddle, Mara and the most informative was from Orange. Biddle is trying to run and hide from how he got where he is and no mention of who supports him from Gray on down.

  • Grace Jones

    I received mail from Herman Munster look alike at my Adams Morgan home. I throw it in the trash. My husband and I have no intentions on voting in the special elections. None of the candidates are appealing to us.

  • SEis4ME

    This is another weird article. First Alan, now this.

    This doesn't sound sinister. Please tell me that you aren't suggesting that political candidates don't attempt to whitewash their "negatives" in an effort to win.

    Nah that would be ridiculous. I'm sure you don't mean that.

  • Wendy Washington

    Maybe Sekou has written off Ward 5. I am glad to say I have not received anything from anybody. (Now, I will be deluged tomorrow with campaign material.)

    Sekou could have left this out of the campaign literature "...he is committed to making the hard choices that protect DC residents..."

    Sekou -- where were you during the last mayoral election? That is the same BS King Fenty tried to feed us. That bird cannot fly on one wing. Some of us have long memories. Do not recycle rhetoric from a failed campaign.

    I agree with Kwame Biddle -- Sekou should be updating his résumé.

  • Sara Jane Moore

    Sekou ? is that a communist name ? and WTH is going on with his head....it's HUGE ! Plus, he needs to shave....I agree, he will be out of a job on April 27.

  • Grace Jones

    @Sara Jane; he's one ugly ass man. He look like Herman Munster or Frankenstien. I agree, he has a hugh ass head. All he need is spark plugs on both side of his neck. However, Sinclair Skinner is an ugly man too. I thought I was ugly, but these kids make Grace Jones look gorgeous.

  • DC Guy

    You all realize Biddle's skull was fractured when he was defending a friend many years ago? Wow, what a bunch of truly cruel people.

    Fully Loaded? When he drives, it is a 10 year old VW.

  • Southeast Ken

    I think SEis4ME is Phil Pannell. If so, I understand the mood swings.

  • SEis4ME

    SEKen, uhm no. SEis4ME is exactly who I said he is - SEis4ME.

    And I have no idea who Phil Panell is.

    DC Guy, it doesn't matter. Grace has a serious clitoric hard-on against black men.

  • Really

    @Wendy....I didn't receive anything either and I'm in Ward 5 too. He's making a major mistake at not even giving the appearance of reaching out to Ward 5. Says a lot by Benedict Biddle.

    Now to be fair to Benedict Biddle, he received the head injuries when he was in a fight regarding his now wife. It was racially motivated and he had to have many, many, many surgeries.

  • Ward 5 Resident

    That is funny because I live in Ward 5 in Precinct 29 and my mother lives in 68 (around the corner from crooked ass Orange) and both her and I have received information from Biddle and Mara yet nothing from our bullshit ass former Councilman. So if you haven't received mail you may want to check the voter rolls or how DCBOEE has your previous voting history. I mean, I know my whole block received mail from Biddle and Mara because some of my neighbors and I had a discussion about it as well as my husband. Also our good friend who lives in 44 has received information from Biddle, Mara and Lopez (haven't seen these yet) but nothing from Orange.

    By the way how are we to expect relationships and results when no one on the council likes Orange, not even his own Ward 5 Councilperson likes him. I mean, real talk no one likes the man yet he wants to be on the council. The mayor is against him, the council is against him, I mean didn't he lose his own ward in his last two elections? Did he even win his home precinct in either of them. Talk about not liking someone and relationships.

    In addition haven't we seen what colors can do in elected leadership in this city in the past few months. Gray (enough said), Kwame Brown (enough said), Michael Brown (tax issues) now you want an Orange, shit lets, let it be please.....anyone but that town fool.

  • Respected Citizens

    He needs to say thanks for the short ride, and run in the next three years for anything outside of politics.

    Maybe, his wife can secure him a teaching job.

  • FoggyPlaza

    I've received lots of mailings from Sekou Biddle, about one a day, all using identical versions of my name and address; two or three from Vincent Orange; and the no-party-mentioned one from Patrick Mara.

  • Really

    Ward 5 Resident...Agreed. Nope I know I considered a "Super Voter". Benedict Biddle may be targeting just the high voting areas.

    I have family in Ward 2 and they received mail from Biddle. Makes me wonder why? LOL

  • Wendy Washington

    @Ward 5 Resident, okay, it is clear that you will not be voting for Orange. I won't even attempt to dissuade you on that.

    The fact that Harry Thomas, Jr., does not like VO is not reason enough to not vote for VO. Keep in mind, VO defeated HT senior, thus HTJ is predisposed to dislike him. Also, HTJ knew better than to challenge VO after HT Senior died. HTJ did not have a snowball's chance in hell of beating VO.

    True, VO made an all too premature run for the mayor in 2006, but that is precisely how HTJ won his current seat. Since then HTJ has proven that he, too, (just like Kwame) is in so far over his head, he should be shouting Lifeguard, Lifeguard!

    Just like Kwame, HTJ needs to worry about whether he will be soon be indicted -- HTJ for his Team Thomas duplicity and Kwame for his campaign fund "irregularities."

  • Ward Cl3aver

    I got an Orange mailer, doesn't mention his PEPCO Executive albatross.

  • Southeast Ken

    @DC Guy; thank you for explaining what happened to Mr. Biddle head/face. I always wonder why he looked like that, but I was afraid to mention it. What kind of name is Sekou? Is that an African name? Dam, I am glad my parents named me Kenneth. It's a name most people can pronounce.

    @Grace Jones & Sara Jane Moore; your comments made me fall out of my computer chair with laughter. My wife didn't think your comments were funny. Grace, you are a meess? Have you ever thought about performing in Atlantic City? LOL

  • Ward2forU

    This paper and its readers are sad sad sad.

    Are you really commenting on the man's looks? As if there isn't anything else to talk about...

  • Southeast Ken

    @Ward2forU; what does that make you? You are one of the sas readers! Maybe there's nothing to talk about regarding Biddle. Most people don't know this man or have never seen him in his own Ward. It's been alleged, Biddle shows off his white wife to attract white DC voters. Too bad he couldn't find him a black woman like Grace Jones to marry. LOL Brothers who think they have arrived tend to marry white women. By having a white wife, they think they will be accepted by whites in America. Tiger Woods is a good example.

  • itsjustamess

    It's so unfortunate Biddle sustained head injuries and I'm glad he's able to recover and function within reason. Some others aren't so blessed. That said, it's also unfortunate he hitched his horse to a fully-loaded, black-on-black cart that's going to be headed out of dodge really soon but you are known by the company you keep. Biddle is an educator so I'm sure he'll understand the moral of this lesson -- Don't wash your hands in muddy water because you'll come up in dirty. Kwame Brown is like an impacted, decayed tooth that needs to be extracted. A root canal won't do because he's bad to the bone. Vince Gray is a horse of a different color and that old gray mare ain't what it used to be and nothing what it said it was. We've grown oh so tired of his dog and pony show and the time has come to just put him out to pasture. We don't even have to shoot him to relieve of his misery. He's already attempted political suicide and the Feds are on call waiting to pull the plug on him. Arrest in peace!

  • LewisJones

    18 years of education experience, so you are part of the problem Biddle. Every year you were involved in education is a year it took a step back...

  • Really?

    itsjustamess...ummm let's be real now. I got it you don't like Kwame. We all on these blogs have an issue with on councilperson or another. But Biddle without the Brown(s) hitch would have been out. He didn't have the team in place to make an impact. He doesn't have the drive to go door-2-door, he doesn't have the personality to reach out to a broadbase of supports. It was these things that at least got to Benedict Biddle to the table. He fucked it up after that.

    Orange would have been in and trust me he would have kept that seat.

    This is noway an endorsement for VO. It's the facts.

  • itsjustamess

    @Really - Let me be clear now as it appears I was not then. I staunchly believe and agree with everything you've stated as I was present at the DC Democratic State meeting where Biddle won the appointment which had he not the political backing and aggressive arm-twisting from Kwame, he would have never gotten on the council. I do not find him faultless at all. Just as I said he is known by the company he keeps and he welcomed Kwame's endorsement with a wide grin and open arms because he presumed with that attachment he would be sitting in the catbird seat. But, even with Vince and Kwame's support prior to the scandals, Biddle was never a shoo-in. It's like a woman wearing a size 10 shoe trying to fit her big feet into an 8. It ain't happening, baby!

  • Wendy Washington

    I would like to know why we had to suffer through all the machinations to appoint someone to the At-Large seat for such a short time. Why couldn't a special election be held in January instead of April?

    From what I have heard here (and through postings elsewhere), that meeting where Sekou was chosen was nothing more than a smoke-filled backroom where under-the-table deals were made. It seems to boil down to a small handful of politicians deciding for the citizens.

  • itsjustamess

    @Wendy - DC Board of Elections and Ethics dictate a process must be followed to allow fair access and competition to candidates. There was no smoke but darn sure a lot of heat in that room. The pressure Kwame put on the DCDSC members could melt a sauna down to a tin can.

  • Wendy Washington

    @itsjustamess, thanks, you've shed more light on what occurred during the meeting. Now, I have to ask why the DCBOEE and DCDSC think that process is fair to the electorate? Nevertheless, on April 26th we can show them that their choice does not = the voters' choice.

  • http://citypaper Tony

    Southeast Ken, Grace Jones is a ignorant human and your wife knows that she is very ignorant. Not Funny! Pray for that ignorant WITCH.

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  • Really

    itjustamess..ahhh I was there too! I think that what happen isn't unusual in politics. Pressure and negotiations are key. In this case it made sense.

    Why because in politics there are no permanent friends, or permanent enemies, just permanent interest.

    In this case it we had a campaign that got down and dirty. Who in their right mind would allow someone who fought you into their home? So the permanent interest at the time was to box Orange in and not give him an easy victory into a council seat. Make him work for it (i.e. time and money).

    Now, something similar happened with Obama and Clinton. The difference is that Obama and Clinton had a conversation to air out past hurts and come to consensus how folks will precede in their new roles.

    This didn't happen between Orange and Brown. Fences weren't mended. Orange didn't even take the step to try to amend until he saw that things weren't going his way. By then it was too late.

    Politics isn’t fair. It’s not like playing pattycake. It’s a contact sport and a lot times it comes down to who can wield their power. That’s why soooo many folks hate the Clintons. A great book to read to see other examples of this is Game Change.

    Now, the great thing for Orange is that there have been several cases where though the D.C. Democratic nominated a person to the council seat, but they didn’t when. Phil Mendelson is an example.

    I warn against changing or complaining about processes when they aren’t conducive to folks at the time. You never know when that same process might come handy later.

  • Really

    Forgot to add that what was unusal was that process was transpart and folks got to see live and in living color.

    It's rare espeically considering the last four years.

  • Ward2forU

    @Southeast Ken--stupid remarks all around. I read articles about all the candidates from Google News; I do not specifically read this site with its bigoted reader comments. I won't even comment on the stupidity of your remarks on Biddle's "white wife". Funny that you and your's motives for electing councilmembers has gotten you and your ward....where? Exactly. Stop voting based on race or you get exactly what you've gotten--nothing.

    I don't know a lot about Biddle; that's why I read the articles from all the papers. I'm not even sure what race he is, because he's light, and could be mixed; who knows. It doesn't matter to me. but Ken--your comments about Tiger Woods--he's of mixed heritage too. I didn't know that partial black heritage means that you must exclusively date black women, or you're a man who's too uppity and thinks "he's arrived." This is 2011, is it not?

  • Southeast Ken

    @Ward2forU; Tiger Woods parents aren't white. Tiger looks like the average black man walking down the streets of Southeast or anywhere in America. I've been told many times, I look like Tiger Woods. Both my mother and father are black. I stand by my word, Biddle's being married to a white woman thinks this will attract white voters. With all the educated black beautiful women out here, this guy marries a white woman. No wonder so many black women states, they can't find an educated or black man that doesn't have a criminal record. Some of the college educated brothers think having a woman woman on their arm makes them accepted by whites in America. I don't need the validation of white people to be accepted by them.

    For the record, my wife and I will not be voting for any of the candidates in the race. None are worth voting for. Please go crawl back under the rock you came out of.

  • Southeast Ken

    @Tony; my wife agrees with you! Y'all leave Grace Jones alone. If she look like the real Grace Jones, then understand her lack of self esteem. LOL

    Grace says, she's married to a white male, more power to her. I do know many bi-racial children of a black and white parent grow up confused. Asian and Hispanic groups marrying whites have been more accepted in America. Black and white relationship haven't been as accepting.

  • Southeast Ken

    @Ward2forU, I had to go back and read your comment again. Biddle is not light skin. He look like the average brown skin black man and woman in America. If you had said, he was light skin like Lena Horne, former Congressman Adam Clayton Powell, and the late Dr. Charles Drew, I would agree with you.

    Biddle is not light. He look more like he's African to me.

  • Southeast Ken

    @Ward2forU, it was whites in America that instituted the one drop rule, not blacks. I suggest you go talk to your white ancestors about this. There are a lot of whites in America that's still undercover racists. I read many of their comments daily on blogs because they can hide behind computer screens and say how they truly feel in their heart about black people. U.S. Democratic Senator Harry Reid stated, whites in America only accept articulate light skin Negroes like President Obama. However, President Obama isn't light skin. He's brown skin like most of us blacks. Obama's father was a very very dark skin black African. His father's genetics dominated his mother's white genetics.

  • Ward2forU

    @southeastken--I've seen the man in person. A lot of the pictures of him on the web, he looks darker than he does in real life.

    Ignorant yet again--why do you assume I am white? Is it the same ignorance that only allows you to vote your race? I agree with you; there are many disgusting comments on many mainstream sites--words that one would never utter in public, much less to the face of someone of the race they attack in their comments. I suspect that some of the things you say here, you wouldn't utter in public--not necessarily because they are racist remarks, but because they're downright stupid.

    Obama is not black. Obama is mixed. It's known that a child of mixed race whose parents separate associates with the parent whose home the child lives in. Perhaps this is why Obama went by "Barry" and not his more cultural given name for most of his life....?

    PS--you can never tell who's typing behind a username, can you? I'm just as "black" as Tiger Woods and Obama. I guess my dad thought that he "had arrived".

    I'm sure you won't be voting in this or any other election. You can't get away from that felony conviction, can you?

  • Southeast Ken

    @Ward2foryou; your liberal city council passed a law, former DC felons can vote. However, I am not a ex-felon. I think you are confusing me with Cherita Whiting in Ward 4. Obama is a black man regardless of what you say. Look at his skin tone, Negroid features, and hair texture. He father made Wesly Snipes look light skin. As I told you, black genes dominate over white genes in most cases. Both Biddle's parents are Negroes and the man isn't like skin fool. What is it with you and skin color? Are you a part of the brown bag test? In the eyes of many whites in America, Biddle is still the N word regardless, if he's married to a white woman. He can go some places in Virginia and in Maryland, and whites driving around with Confederate flags wouldn't welcome seeing a Negro or colored man with a white woman. As I stated, I am proud to be married to a beautiful black woman and this isn't a racist comment. Biddle will never be accepted by whites in America. They will turn on him as they did with Tiger Woods. I read some of the most racist comments about Tiger during his separation from his blond wife. Tiger wasn't a wife beater. He only cheated on his white wife with other white woman. Once whites in America turned on his behind, he can running back to the black community like Michael Jackson and O.J. Simpson, once they got into trouble.