Loose Lips

The Debate, In Photos and Sound

PHOTOS: Washington City Paper D.C. Council Candidates' Debate

If you didn't make it to the Black Cat for last night's Loose Lips D.C. Council candidates' debate, you missed out on, among other things, Patrick Mara scooping the Washington Post on its endorsement of him in the race; Bryan Weaver sipping a Pabst Blue Ribbon tall-boy; Vincent Orange and Sekou Biddle bashing each other while their supporters cheered them on; and Josh Lopez schmoozing the crowd until the bar closed down.

But thanks to the miracles of modern technology, even if you weren't there, you can listen to the whole thing here (or download it to play, over and over again, on your iPod):

You can also see how it all looked, in this debate photo gallery by Darrow Montgomery.

Look for the answers to the written pop quizzes LL gave the candidates here on the blog later today. And we'll have some video throughout the week, as well.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

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  • loganboydc

    I had wondered why members of the City Council had such an intense dislike of Vincent Orange. Now I know. What a self-aggrandizing and pompous blowhard.

  • Education2way

    Orange >>>> Voting for your tax dollars to be used for an SUV

    Orange >>>> Kwame's Best Friend

  • Kwame Biddle

    At one point last night I thought Sekou Biddle was going to unravel. He is in over his head. His alliance with Kwame Brown is far too complicated.

  • Southeast Ken

    Please read the comments to this article on Fox 5DC news regarding Josh Lopez. Joshua Lopez supports illegal immigration and illegals being able to work in the United States. This is why I wouldn't vote for Josh Lopez. I agree with another comment, Vincent Orange was on the Council of the District of Columbia for several years and he didn't do what he now claims he will do, if he get's elected. I will write my own name in on the ballot box because none of the candidates in this race is worth voting for. All politicians are liars and corrupt.


    Ward 7 Hillcrest DC Resident

  • DC Elected Official Crap

    I will be voting for the most intelligent, knowledgeable candidate with a successful track record--Vincent Orange-who happens to be a CPA which is sorely needed at the Council to help them count our tax dollars that are being mismanaged and stolen.

  • zed

    Modern technology? Is this recording a joke? Was this debate held in Kabul? So much god damn static.

  • zed

    @DC Elected Official Crap: most intelligent, knowledgeable candidate? Oh and racist. Puh-lease. Orange is part of the old school machine.

  • Mike Madden

    That's how it came out of the Black Cat's mixing board -- cable may have come loose at some point, or been jostled.

  • Calvin H. Gurley

    SouthEast Ken stated; "... Joshua Lopez supports illegal immigration and illegals being able to work in the United States..."

    Don't condemn Mr.Lopez he is just doing [what our Afro-American Councilmembers HAVE for many years refuse to do] - Lopez speaks up for his “ LATINO PEOPLE”

    Jack Evans looks out for his people in Ward3 and Ward2…the rich elite, law firms and big business.

  • Grace Jones

    Calvin Gurley, please seek some mental health counseling. There's no such thing as Latino people. A Puerto Rican is totally different from a Mexican as a Cuban is different from a Salvadoran. It's the federal government in 1970 that lumped all Spanish speakers from many countries into one group, regarding their race, ethncity, or class.

  • Grace Jones

    @Calvin; you do know, there are many black Hispanics? All hispanics aren't light skin or white like Josh Lopez. Hispanics are some of the racist groups on the planet. Darling, you need to get out of DC and travel the world to educate yourself. There are people in Cuba, Panama, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, and Colombia darker than me and I am a very dark skin black woman.

  • Dc_rez

    SE Ken, suggest you consider Mr Weaver. During the mudslinging sessions of the debate he came out pretty clean.