Loose Lips

Watch Vince Gray Leave Jail

Unlike Washington City Paper, NBC4 waited around last night until Mayor Vince Gray and the 40 others arrested on Capitol Hill were released from jail. Take a look at video of Gray walking out here:

View more videos at: http://www.nbcwashington.com.

And here, Gray speaks to the press after his release:

View more videos at: http://www.nbcwashington.com.

  • http://smith lisa

    so why was Sulaimon Brown out there watching Gray get released?!?!? Please look at the very end of video to the left of screen he's def in the background. This man just can't get enough of the spotlight.

    Gray and Brown (Kwame)should have been kept in for all the scandal there are involved in these days.

    This publicity stunt was a FAIL!

  • PearlGirl

    What's a FAIL, is DC residents getting shafted over and over again. I understand the consitutional arguement but something has to change.

  • ME4DC

    Gramps working on building his representation! Where was the other CMs.....Punks!

  • Typical DC BS

    I have to give credit where credit is due. Good for the Mayor (and councilmembers) who protested.

    They should be doing this EVERY WEEK and inviting DC residents to join them. If we EVER want to get Congress' attention, that's the way to do it.

  • DC Elected Official Crap

    It would be great to see mayor gray and chairman brown leading demonstrations in wards 7/8 for jobs and against violence in our community.

  • Respected Citizens

    It would be heroic for Mayor Gray to say that Dr. Webb is telling the truth about his desire to outsource DC Project Empowerment, so his friends like Thomas Gore at ARE, Sasha Bruce can be recipients of these funds.

    Also, for Michael Brown to stop acting like a PUNK and speak the truth about his oversight of Employment Service, but full endorsement (RIGHT or WRONG) of Mayor Gray outcomes knowing that this man, then Chairman played a significant role in his winning an At-Large seat.

    Now, let's assess the public demonstration which was a great cause, but employed to elevate the issues that beface them, like Fully Load Brown, Hiring Practices of staff's children, Salaries Above the Cap. What's next, the remaining of Fenty's administration that are still incompetent, like Lisa Mallory heading DOES.

    Why does this leader of our city, permit staff overlapping that Dr. Webb addressed, and a Solicitation process that NO ONE w/ high end salaries currently in the Youth Programs nor it's Executive offices including the Interim can develop.

    Staff at DOES in the departments above lack knowledge of Workforce and WIC laws, some of the same inconsistent working ethics will continue UNTIL an experience leader with the right to bring in their own STAFF, including a Chief of Staff will be recruited.

    Hopefully that person can effectively deal with the politics of bull shit in DC, and not just come with skills of Employment and Training Labor law, procurement, and program operations and accounting integrity.

    DC's has become too damn dirty and unfit for overall government decency.

    Damn Gray I thought you wanted transparency, but you operate just like Stupid Ass Fenty.

  • watchingtoo

    The council will never care about the DC residence. Unless it's about money they can not steal.