Loose Lips

What Should We Ask D.C. Council Candidates?

The Black Cat is the place to be for all D.C. politics junkies tomorrow night, as Washington City Paper, NBC4's Tom Sherwood, and WPFW D.C. Politics host Chuck Thies host a debate for the D.C. Council at-large race. The election will be held April 26. Present and former Loose Lips columnists will be in attendance.

Details of the forum are here.

What questions should we ask the candidates? Leave your suggestions in the comments here, and we'll pick some to read tomorrow night. See you there at 7 p.m.

  • http://genxaestheticism.com eve

    Why do you think it's OK to using taxpayer dollars to help pregnant women eliminate their own offspring? Why isn't there an opt-out for people who are violating their consciences by supporting the deliberate death of fetuses?

  • ME4DC

    For Mr. Sekou Biddle:
    How are you any different from Kwame Brown?

    You have tight associations with him and his father Marshall Brown!

    I believe birds of a feather flock together!

    Please explain how you are different?

  • Mike

    Please comment on Candidate Vincent Orange's very detailed plan to cure the budget shortfall without dramatic spending reductions and without tax increases which he outlined in the NW Current Voter Guide. Is he wrong about these available revenue sources, if so why.

  • Mike

    For Mr. Mara: House Republicans continue to show their contempt for home rule by imposing their conservative national social agenda on the District. This is true whether we are talking about gun control or how DC residents should spend their own tax dollars. Why should any part of DC home rule be entrusted to a Republican? Please don't tell me you and they speak the same language therefore you will be an effective advocate - this is hardly reassuring.

  • Walter Fauntroy

    If elected, what would you focus more on: anti-corruption initiatives or voting rights and statehood?

  • DCster

    Mr Biddle:
    You have talked about using innovations from charter schools such as KIPP DC to improve the public school system. Which innovations are not currently being used in the public schools, and how would you encourage their adoption?

  • alleyoop

    in recent years the fate of contraversal issues have either left up to the council and or left up to the voting public. in such cases where does representing a direction held by the people stop and turn into you leading them in a direction? and vice versa?

  • alleyoop

    what is and whats going to be the most valuable relationship once you've become elected?

  • alleyoop

    what advantages is that realtionship going to give you as you sit on the council?

  • alleyoop

    In 1842, a ship struck an iceberg and more than 30 survivors were crowded into a lifeboat intended to hold 7. As a storm threatened, it became obvious that the lifeboat would have to be lightened if anyone were to survive. The captain reasoned that the right thing to do in this situation was to force some individuals to go over the side and drown. Such an action, he reasoned, was not unjust to those thrown overboard, for they would have drowned anyway. If he did nothing, however, he would be responsible for the deaths of those whom he could have saved. Some people opposed the captain's decision. They claimed that if nothing were done and everyone died as a result, no one would be responsible for these deaths. On the other hand, if the captain attempted to save some, he could do so only by killing others and their deaths would be his responsibility; this would be worse than doing nothing and letting all die. The captain rejected this reasoning. Since the only possibility for rescue required great efforts of rowing, the captain decided that the weakest would have to be sacrificed. In this situation it would be absurd, he thought, to decide by drawing lots who should be thrown overboard. As it turned out, after days of hard rowing, the survivors were rescued and the captain was tried for his action. If you had been on the jury, how would you have decided?

    and as a captain of dc what programs are you going to throw over board so that the city can survive?

    are willing to have more potholes and increase education funding? etc..

  • candycane1

    If you're really serious about education reform, why are you supporting Kaya Henderson? After the testing scandal, budget disasters which now include major cuts on the school level, the fact that there is no curriculum still, that some of the high schools are no longer accredited(under the Fenty/Rhee/Henderson regime) why is there such a great push to confirm a person who has demonstrated that she is just as unqualified as Rhee? Why was there no search to have the "best" candidate vetted?

  • DC Is Watching

    Biddle, Marshall Brown has always been who he is. Nothing has changed. Why kick him off of your campaign now? We have watch you change directions more times than the wind. The real question is, who are you?

  • JeffH

    For Mr. Biddle, Mr. Orange, and Mr. Mara: If you were not running, which of the other candidates would get your vote, and why?

  • loganboydc

    For all of the candidates, but especially for Patrick Mara: Do you support collective bargaining rights for municipal workers? No one has asked this question during the campaign, which I find strange in light of what is happening in states such as Ohio and Wisconsin.

  • asktoughquestions

    For Mara: Why did he say it was okay for the DC Republican Party to have Congressman Allen West as its annual dinner speaker? If you are trying to build the GOP brand in DC, how does West fit into that strategy? http://voices.washingtonpost.com/dc/2011/02/allen_west_to_keynote_gop_dinn.html

  • loganboydc

    Do you support collective bargaining rights for city employees? If so, all employees? Teachers? It is surprising that the candidates have not been asked this question considering what is happening in Ohio and Wisconsin.


    If not you, what other candidate would you support for the seat and why?

  • Education2way

    Mr. Biddle: You have 18 years of educational experience and have been on the council for about 3 months. What are 4 things that you have accomplished in both fields that you can honestly say you lead the initiative and/or there are people/documents that can vouch for your achievements?

  • Josh

    In light of the increased population and evolving demographics of DC, as well as the numerous scandals and Federal criminal investigations of the established political class, will you support an open primary for Washington DC primary elections? If not, why do you support silencing the voice of the hundreds of thousands of non-Democrats living, working, and paying taxes in DC?

  • Concerned Ward 3 Voter

    The universities and university hospitals in our city employ a huge number of people (107,000 in health care and 92,000 in educational services in 2010), approximately one-fourth of the DC workforce. University students make up more than 75,000 people, about one-eight of the District's population. We have isolated examples where an appropriate win-win strategy with regard to campus plans has been highly successful, in particular, giving GWU of a small parking lot and increased building height in exchange for a restored School Without Walls with a beautiful modern addition. Or permitting GWU to redevelop the former hospital site at an increased density in exchange for a new full-service grocery store, a lovely new public space along Eye Street and new market rate apartments, in addition to a new trophy office building, with the income from that permitting GWU to build more on-campus housing and move students from outside the boundaries back onto campus.

    However, at a recent meeting in Ward 3, you all pandered to the NIMBYs who can't bear the thought of what has been a huge surface parking lot for decades being turned into academic buildings, dormitories and a bit of retail. Instead of blasting AU, shouldn't you be urging them develop a lively center there at Nebraska and New Mexico, a new law school focused on improvinging the walkability and vibrancy of Wisconsin Ave. and to get serious about redeveloping their holdings in Tenleytown, to create a more vibrant center which would benefit them and all the residents of the area?

  • http://dcrca.org Rob Fleming

    With an alcohol and drug problem three times bigger than HIV/AIDS -- the worst in the country -- and a huge treatment gap, what will you do to prevent the onset of addiction and promote recovery and reintegration of those who have AODD (Alcohol and Other Drug Disorder)?

  • Proud Ward 8 Resident

    Failing public schools with low enrollments are closed. Candidates often say the city cannot afford to keep them open. NO CANDIDATE can tell me their plan, if elected, how to turn these schools around? Ward 8 does not want ANYMORE "managing partners." KEEP THEM! What is the plan to increase enrollment, turnaround low-performing shcools and improve public education in D.C.?