Loose Lips

Team Gray and The Post

If you wanted to pick a when the honeymoon ended for Mayor Vince Gray, you'd do well to pick Feb. 19.

That's when The Washington Post first published a story by reporter Nikita Stewart on the Gray administration's practice of paying some senior aides more than the Fenty administration did, and hiring a handful of politically connected children.

So how did the Gray administration respond to the story? Funny you should ask, because LL has a copy of an email exchange between Gray's spokeswoman, Linda Wharton-Boyd, and his former head of H.R., Judy Banks, about the story.

The slight peek behind the curtain shows that Banks, apparently, felt betrayed.

"Thought Nikita was a friend......" Banks wrote to Wharton-Boyd at 10:33 p.m. on Feb. 19.

The next morning, Wharton-Boyd responded: "She is rather friendly press; but her editors are not."

So now you know: Stewart is friendly (LL can verify that she is in fact very nice), and Post editors are not.

  • http://jacques.chevalier@comcast.net NativeNapper

    Some polticians jokers dig their own cesspools and act like unadulterated fools who cannot find a useful tool.

  • NativeNapper

    What you shocked?

  • LOL

    that is because Banks is an idiot.

  • Rake


    "Thought Nikita was a friend......" Banks wrote to Wharton-Boyd at 10:33 p.m. on Feb. 19.

    Judy Banks is an idiot. Talk about not understanding the role of the press...not that there are any braintrusts among Vince's motley crew of 1990s rejects.

  • Respected Citizens

    Wharton-Boyd reduce your earnings immediately, as your son's employment in the Executive office is to much for our city to undertake, as you claim innocent.

    Your actions have served to scare our Mayor, and you call yourself protecting him, then do the right thing Linda.

    Councilmember Evans shall work to have YOU, Judy Banks removed from HR at the Convention Center, as Council must ensure your placement as HR Director in the government.

    Sister farewell and best wishes.

    So, it's time July for you to find a job in Maryland.

  • ME4DC

    @Respected Citzens....you are preaching the truth!

    Gerri Mason Hall took the fall for those two witches or should I say three witches (Lorraine Green, Judy Banks and Linda Wharton-Boyd)!

    Judy and Linda should be the next to go! They seem to be behind the scenes of this fat mess. Oh....lil Lorraine Green daugther Leslie needs to step down as well!

    All of these women are a bunch of fools! Bye! Bye!
    Glad Lorraine took her name back....they would have baked her dry!