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Biddle Dumps Brown

At-large Councilmember Sekou Biddle has kicked Marshall Brown, the father of D.C. Council Chairman Kwame "Fully Loaded" Brown, out of his campaign.

The move comes after Marshall Brown was quoted in a Post story saying that new white voters prefer dogs to people, snowballs to civil rights, and cafes to hand dancing.

The firing seems like a no-brainer for Biddle, seeing as he's trying to win a large swath of the Ward 3 white voters who were big fans of former School Chancellor Michelle Rhee in the special election April 26 that will determine whether he keeps his job. But it'll also means another round of stories reminding folks of Biddle's links to Kwame Brown and his damaged political brand; Brown, along with other councilmembers, has endorsed Biddle, who was appointed by the local Democratic Party to the seat in January.

Here is Biddle's statement:

The District of Columbia is a better city because of our growing diversity. While change can be difficult and at times uncomfortable, these kinds of comments are hurtful. My wife and I choose to raise our children here because of the diversity the city has to offer. Marshall Brown does not speak for me or my campaign and his comments in Marc Fisher’s story do not help move our city forward. While he is a longtime family friend, I found his comments to be counterproductive at a time when I am working so hard to bring people in this city together and I have asked him to step down from any future involvement in my campaign.

And here is what Marshall Brown said in the Post:

The longtime white population, the people who got involved in statehood, civil rights and environmental causes, thought of this as a black city ... But the new white voters aren’t involved like that. They want doggie parks and bike lanes. The result is a lot of tension. ... The new people believe more in their dogs than they do in people. They go into their little cafes, go out and throw their snowballs. This is not the District I knew. There’s no relationship with the black community; they don’t connect at church, they don’t go to the same cafes, they don’t volunteer in the neighborhood school, and a lot of longtime black residents feel threatened.

Longtime District political watchers will recall that Brown's no stranger to controversies over matters involving race.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • Hero Warship

    "new white voters prefer dogs to people, snowballs to civil rights, and cafes to hand dancing"

    Not that any of this is untrue - hence not really a racist remark. Same as saying most crimes in DC are committed by blacks - unfortunate but true.

    As for Sekou, guess he's gotta eat.

  • StrangeFruit

    Hero Warship,

    You just proved Marshall Brown point!

  • TheAngryVoter

    Publicity Stunt, no way in sam hell is Biddle not going to utilize Brown in the next two weeks of his campaign.

    This is a lose/lose week for Biddle & his butt buddies on the council.

  • Really?

    Benedict Biddle is done! I’m calling the body dead at 7:11 p.m. Them poll numbers must be looking horrible. Sad thing is that Josh Lopez is out hustling you. I see more of his signs then yours. What scares me most about Biddle is that when someone flips flops like this you can never trust them. They will always be persuaded by pressure. And the little pressure that was applied shows that he can’t tolerate pain.

    Bye Bye Biddle

  • SESoldier

    Sekou Biddle is a complete joke, I will never vote for him to represent my city. He is the type of guy that no one would have wanted to be friends with in school because he will prostitute himself to whatever outsiders say.

    I was in the room when Brown, Harry Thomas, and Barry were grouping people up on YOUR behalf for the Interim position. You did not earn not a DAMN THING on your own.

    You did absolutely nothing on the State Board, you give these roundabout Bullsh*t answers as to the things you have accomplished, and nothing is proven correct.

    You had no clout before Brown baby-sat you, you have no clout now. You have done nothing but played tag along and as a man thats a shame.

    Why don't you bring your family to your forums, or out to campaign with you? Are you hiding something from the citizens you HOPE with vote for you?

    SOUTHEAST DOES NOT SUPPORT YOU! So Don't Even THINK you will get any love from us, especially kicking Patterson off the Ballot.

    If you have guts, run against Bowser for Ward 4, and get her weak ass out of office before you go city-wide thinking your journey of NOTHINGNESS will get you in the door.

  • LewisJones

    Biddle you bite the hand that feeds you time & time again, and now your just desperate because you see things slowly pulling away.

    The council wants you to stay because you are their puppy, and they do not want anyone to blow their cover.

    Sekou Biddle = Sulaimon Brown 2.0 the revamped version

    But he will not have his job soon too....4/26/11

  • StrangeFruit

    George Orwell once said, “During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.”

    Sekou Judas Biddle just placed a wedge between him and African American voters for canning Marshall Brown for speaking an absolute and indisputable truth!

  • Celia Cruz

    Joshua Lopez is on his grind! He is demonstrating how hard of a worker he really is. He has much less money than the frontrunners, but he is still giving it his all. He is articulate and he shows a lot of perserverance for a young man who has a lot less experience than the others.

  • Really?

    Celia.....now don't take it too far. Josh is young and those stunts that he pulled in during the last election (i.e write-in) haven't been forgivin.

  • Celia Cruz

    @ Really? I hear ya...but don't you think he has matured just a little? He seems so nice and sincere as he is approached by city residents. Some of his ideas are good. I don't know him personally...I can only go by what I've witnessed from him.

  • Really?


    Matured nope and I warn all voters that all politicans are nice when you meet them. It's how they act when they get a seat of power.

    So no Josh for me. It's his past associations with Skinner, Karim and Fenty. The Nupe crew that has be worried. I didn't like his tanturms tatics during the election either.

    I can say that he's hungry which is good when you campaigning but it's a double edge sword as to how hungry are they for power.

    But hey it's America baby and vote for your choice.

  • SEis4ME

    Oh well, and there goes my vote.

  • January Capricorn

    Has the wound on Sekou's head open up? Experiencing side-effects?

  • DC Guy

    How is it Biddle was the only candidate in the upcoming election who felt enough for the rights of the citizens to get arrested?

    Orange was there and wimped out. The rest were no-shows.

  • LacaiRaine

    I just returned from 119 D Street NE where national Capitol Police transported 41 DC residents to finalize their police booking for Civil Disobedience charges in connection with their protest on Constitution Avenue NW on Monday, April 11.

    As a 17-year transplanted DC resident, I could not have been more pleased and proud to be a DC resident than TODAY; my Mayor, my Chair, my Councilmembers standing up for the residents of Washington DC by putting their bodies on the line.

    I am so proud of Mayor Gray; I am honored that I have the distinction of being able to not only tell my young adult children of the convictions of men and women in the Civil Rights struggle but now I can show them a modern day Civil Rights struggle being played out on the steps of the Capitol. As District residents they can now see how honorably and forthrightly their leaders rose to the challenge.

    Today, in police custody, Mayor Gray, Chairman Brown, Councilmembers Bowser, Wells, Brown, Alexander and Biddle were booked, fingerprinted, body-scanned and incarcerated. These leaders stood with 35 of their DC residents in this common purpose of openly challenging this "Congresses" igregious and self-serving "taxation without representation" and "disrespect" of the District of Columbia residents.

    Again, I am so deeply honored and proud to be a District resident!!!!!!

  • itsjustamess

    And I thought I was going to have to campaign against Biddle...thanks Marshall. If it were not for the sheer excitement of it all, I could pretty much sleep in April 26th.

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  • Tito Puente

    @Celia Cruz; Cubana what have you been smoking girlfriend. Josh Lopez is an asshole and most people will never vote for this jerk. He is Hispanic, but he's of Guatemalan ancestry. He will not get the Puerto Rican and Cuban American vote. We Puerto Ricans don't have anything in common with Central Americans. We have more in common with blacks.

    Let me remind people, all Hispanic ethnic groups are not the same. We come from different cultures and make up different races. There are lot's of blacks in Puerto Rio and Cuba. This is not the case in Guatemala.

    Sekou Biddle will never get my vote. This guy is a loser. Most politiicans are prostitutes. They will sell their mother's soul to Satan to get elected.

  • Education2way

    @DC Guy the real question is where was Harry Thomas & Marion Barry.

    and why would any candidate running for At-Large other than Biddle be with "The Establishment" getting arrested? Outside of this "Kumbaya DC Kumbaya" stunt moment, the city has terrible problems and the last thing any smart person would do is be seen getting arrested with Gray & Kwame Brown smh.

    I wonder how that conversation between Biddle & Brown was about his father getting kicked off the campaign team

  • Gordon

    Muriel Bowser never turned her back on the person who helped get where she is today; Adrian Fenty. Even with all his negative press. The woman has principles. That's how she won.

    Biddle has no principles. He would not be on the council if was not for Kwami (with all his problems).

    Biddle has proven to be a sell out.

    Vote Vincent Orange!

  • Celia Cruz

    @ Tito Puente LOL on Biddle; I hear ya on Lopez. I have heard that from several people, I am just wondering why so many think that he is a jerk. He must not have been too nice to people. On a sidenote, he went to UDC and he joined a Black frat so I don't think he has too many problems with Black people, at least I hope not.

  • Really

    Gordon...Agree! Nobody said anything when Fenty used his political will to ensure she got in.

    Gordon...I just can't wish I could be can't on VO

  • Education2way

    @Really out of all the candidates running, as bad is it may sound, Orange is the only candidate that could get us out of this mess while keeping our dignity as democrats.

    Kwame should have never won chairman to begin with, and his financial problems were pointed out by Orange, and people thought he was trying to bring "another black man down". Well, to his credit, he was speaking the truth.

    Biddle really has not proven why he should be anything more or less than just an "interim" councilmember. His actions & voice really holds no weight in the council chamber other than a person who will go with the flow and cause "The Establishment" no problems.

    But moreso just off the fact that Kwame is a screw up and I feel like an idiot for not hearing what Orange said during the Chairman race, im atleast going to lean more towards him for this race. Say what you want but I have yet to hear anything as terrible as what the council allegations are right now.

  • Concernedaboutdc

    I'm voting for Vincent Orange.

    Say what you want, with Gray, Brown and the rest of the yahoos on the D.C. Council supporting Biddle I'll never vote for him.

    Their endorsement is the kiss of death.

    Vince Orange is a CPA and a Law Degree and has the experience and track record to bring some financial since to these tone deaf legislators currently sitting behind the dais.

    There would be no home depot in Ward 5 had it not been for Orange, or the Giant Store.

    He is AGAINST raising taxes and is FOR economic and job development.

  • Respected Citizens

    Marshall Brown knows that he's no longer wanted, after receiving a certain amount of pay. One would ask how much did he received from his son's campaign which may be ther real result for unaccounted funding.

    Sekou Biddle enjoy your temporary stay at City Council, because your Double Sworded-Head is out, and staff.

    Quality, Identity and Knowledge is what's needed in DC, not the Black man married to a White wife syndrome with a little background w/ School Board education.

  • Wendy Washington


    I agree that Vincent Orange is the best candidate for all the reasons you cited. More importantly, too many of those who inhabit that ship of fools known as the City Council have endorsed Biddle. That alone makes me suspect that Biddle goes goes along to get along. Orange will not be so malleable.

    When Biddle is called Judas/Benedict Arnold - those terms are too kind. He cannot be expected to serve the interests of his constituency. He has demonstrated that he will flip-flop on important issues at the drop of a hat.

  • ME4DC

    Biddle someone needs to stick a fork in you because you are DONE! Ward 7 & 8 has no Love for you!

    Voters do not be FOOLED! Big Brown, Lil Brown and Biddle are still FRIENDS! This was only done to play DC Voters as Dumb Fools!

    I hate to say it but VO is the better on of all these CRAZY NUTS!