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Sulaimon Brown Flees!

Sulaimon Brown Won't Testify at D.C. Council

LL was hanging out at the council hearing on Mayor Vince Gray's hiring practices, when the one and only Sulaimon Brown appeared at his side.

After exchanging hellos, LL asked if Brown was going to testify as planned.

"Hell no," said Brown.

Then most of the rest of the press corps and Brown left the hearing room and went to the entrance of the Wilson Building, where Brown held court on why he wouldn't testify. His reason, basically, is that he thinks the hearing is nothing more than a "witch hunt" designed to sully his good name. (Imagine your own punch line here, dear reader.)

While gabbing with the press for about five minutes, Brown was informed that the committee was ready for him to testify. Despite the collective will of the press corps, Brown refused, and walked out the front door of the Wilson Building.

On their way back to the briefing room, reporters ran into Ward 3 Councilmember Mary Cheh as she was coming out of the ladies' room.

While Cheh was refuting some of the things Brown had said, her chief of staff made his way through the pack of reporters and had Cheh sign a subpoena ordering Brown to testify. He then went off, along with a few other Cheh staffers, to try and find Brown.

But after a fruitless search of Freedom Plaza, Cheh's staff gave up. Brown, like Kaiser Soze, was gone.

So heads up, Sulaimon: a process server is likely heading your way.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • Bob

    Let's just call him Sullyman Brown.

  • Wendy Washington

    Sillymon already demonstrated he knew how to evade process servers when they were tracking him for stalking the 13-year-old.

    Today's antics, first showing up, then fleeing (to use LL's description) only makes his credibility all the more questionable. Your headline should have read "Disappearing Acts."

  • Tformation

    So first he cries foul and calls for investigation while making statements to the press, then when investigations pop up all over the place, he says they are witch hunts and refuses to cooperate with anyone who isn't a reporter. The only ones who can spread his madness without him being under oath. I guess Cheh will have to find out when his next FBI appointment is so she can serve him on the way in. Or better yet, have them do it while he's meeting with them.

  • deedle

    Man, how slow are you? He's broke and unemployed, so he probably couldn't pay for a cab. His bike got stolen. He probably can't afford downtown parking fees. So, he fled on foot. You couldn't have tailed him to see where he fled?

  • StrangeFruit

    He is a strange fruit!

  • last Chance

    He seems very intelligent.Who in there right mind would testify before Dc council clowns.Marion Barry..former drug addict arrested by FBI and can't pay parking fines. Cantania is a witness because he was part of the initial drama...and Mary Che is a friend of Grays who made public negative remarks about Brown before he had a chance to testify.I even heard Catania say on News Talk this week that Brown was a criminal, that may be true but it doesn't look good if you say that before you interview him.It shows that his mind was already made up.

  • Sulaimon the Coward

    Right or wrong, all the people that testified would still be employed if it wasn't for this douche. He should have been the main one testifying since he wanted to make all of these accusations against Gray. And then he shows up and doesn't testify. What a media whore.

  • SEis4ME

    DREZ, SEKen, Rake, hello? Hello? Are you there?

    This was your ace in the hole.

    Lions, Tigers and Bears oh my!

  • What the flocka???

    @Wendy Washington, the reference of "Disappearing Acts" priceless.

    Did anyone see him on the news last night? It was painful but it was like a car-wreck and I was the rubber-necker.

    Sillyman, needs to take a cue and furlough himself from DC.

  • Drez

    who cares whether he talks to Cheh?
    Neither is Brooks or Green.
    What matters is that they talk to the FBI.
    And they are.

  • Drez

    /HTML tag

  • SEis4ME

    Point is still the same. Obviously, based on his sheninigans and testimony, the BOMB that you and your cohorts have been hoping to drop, is a dud.

    Doesn't matter though, you all will salivate nonetheless.

  • Drez

    That bomb (crazy starfucker though he is) has already caused Gray to sacrifice his HR director, his DOES director, his Chief of Staff, cost Ms Lorriene Green her appointment, and spurred ongoing investigations by the FBI and USOAG and congress.
    Oh, yeah, and put Grays approval ratings at lower than Fenty's were last November, and forced Mary "CYA" Cheh to hold this charade of a hearing or risk loosing her base. And all in the first 3 months of Gray's/Cheh's term.

    Some dud...

  • Drez

    By the way, <SEis4ME
    I (I have no "cohorts") have nothing whatsoever to do with this "bomb".
    This is all self inflicted by Gray. The result of his own dirty and inept campaigning and governing.
    I'm just here, munching on popcorn, and providing the laugh track.

  • Drez

    Free me from the queue, pls.

  • SEis4ME

    Yep, based on the over the top media coverage and response from DC residents, Gray was forced to do exactly what he did..even though I didn't agree with his decisions.

    But let's not act as if Gray (or his staff) were implicit in what Brown accused him on. The faux outrage from those like you was built on Brown's accusations which I'm sure we'll find out were false.

    Yep, he ended up doing all that and the end result will be a DUD. Those will be the facts and you nutjobs will have to find another testicle to attach yourself to.

  • Adrian Bent-Me

    SEis4ME- Drez and company will spin the fiasco however they see fit. It's their right because they're sort of our "right"- get it? Our delusional friends enjoys taking tidbits and milking it dry to advance their political agenda- making our elected leader a failure (sound familiar). I've agreed that shady business has not place in government and when Gray does his best to "clean house", these assholes aren't satisfied. They just want to see him crash and burn and don't care at what cost. Drez and company, our homegrown teabaggers.

  • Adrian Bent-Me

    As for Sulaimon. What could we really have expected this man to say or do. Though he wouldn't have been sworn in, I think his fear was that his testimony would enable the council to poke holes in his very twisted logic. As a man campaigning for elected office, wasn't he required to disclose all sources of campaign contribution? By him not doing so, can't he be penalized for this? Am I missing something here?

  • Drez

    You reap what you sow.

  • Wendy Washington

    @SEis4ME -- your post #15 is absolutely on point. Throughout this entire Sillymon fiasco, I questioned his veracity as well as his sanity. The whole scheme as he presented it was totally implausible -- and yet the WaPo continues to repeat it ad nauseum. If his allegations have not been proven, why keep repeating them?

    When it is all said and done, Sillymon will still be looking for a job and he will still be unemployable. In the past, I would have said unemployable in this town, because of the Internet, his reputation (including his six skirmishes with the law) will precede him. Yes, he pulled the pin, but that grenade will do more damage to Sillymon than anyone else.

  • Lee

    The real problem is that Fenty's supporter hate that he lost- "get over it". You can use Brown and anything/one else to come down on the Gray's administration - like it or not he is the MAYOR! He might have had to lose certain staff members, but believe me there is a long line of people wanting to work for him, so that's not a problem. You can talk about Barry, call him what you may - he got elected and will continue to be elected in Ward 8. Just know that the Wash Post and other media outlets has not been able to MAKE the citizens of DC do their bidding. Sure that might change, as more and people are pushed out of the city - but in the mean time 'GET OVER IT".

    I totally agree with Wendy Washington, when she says that Brown is still looking for a job and will be looking. If Drez and the likes think he is of such great character - then why don't you hire him?

  • Drez

    You all are pathetic.
    Accept some personal responsibility.
    If a man like Suliamon can bring your house down, how sound can it be?
    Time to man up, and stop being such rank amateurs.
    What's the point of all the passion you put into the election if you can't govern this One City?

  • itsjustamess

    @Drez - Well said! You're a man after my own heart...I think.

  • Drez

    If your heart is warm and welcoming, than yes.
    If not, we can discuss other options offline. ;)

  • itsjustamess

    @Drez - Why are you flirting with little ole me? I'm so flattered!

  • Adrian Bent-Me

    Drez- you're calling for people to take personal responsibility? You, the same die-hard Fentite who refused to ever acknowledge the slightest element of shadiness that surrounds Fenty, Skinner, Jannarone, Karim, Moten, Lomax, etc... Oh, this is fucking rich. You hypocrite.

    itsjustamess- Drez is already taken. His boyfriend Truth Hurts hasn't been around much since their enchanted face-to-face, but I can imagine the two still going strong. Besides, how can you really get involve with someone as illogically inclined as Drez? To each his own I guess.

  • drez

    I've no regrets. Please see:

    How many scandals have there been in just 3 short months? Funny how Holder, who endorsed Gray, heads the office who has to investigate him. This less than 1/16th of Gray's way into his term. Awkward!

  • drez

    Oy. Release me from the queue, please!

  • Truth Hurts

    @ ABM: Just saw your punk ass swipe at TH. Blow me.