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Loose Lips Daily: Kwame Cleared? Edition

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  • Good morning sweet readers! Phew, it's been exhausting being LL, coaching Butler, and raising a newborn. LL is glad to have a break. News time:

    Cleared, but With a Fine?: WUSA9's Bruce Johnson has the news, via Twitter of course, that according to a source D.C. Council Chairman Kwame "Fully Loaded" Brown isn't going to be in too much trouble when the Office of Campaign Finance releases its forthcoming report of Brown's 2008 campaign monies. "Kwame Brown source says Campaign Finance Off report clears him of misusing funds. All funds there. Fines r possible," says Johnson. LL's question: If he didn't misuse funds, what are the fines for? The answer may not fit in 140 characters.

    AFTER THE JUMP:  Lorraine Out; Cherita Out; School Daze ...

    Lorraine Green Out: Mayor Vince Gray confidante Lorraine Green, who stands accused by Sulaimon Brown of being a giver of cash, will not be the chairwoman of the Washington Convention Center and Sports Authority. Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans held up Green's nomination after l'affaire Sulaimon broke, and yesterday Gray withdrew Green's nomination. "I like Lorraine Green and I'm sorry not to be able to work with her in this role," Evans tells the Georgetown Dish.

    Cherita Out: Another friend of Gray, Cherita Whiting, has left District employment at the Department of Parks and Rec following a string of unflattering articles in the Washington Times that raise questions as to whether Whiting properly disclosed that she has a past felony conviction. "Whiting said that she did not want to be a distraction to Gray, and that she departs on good terms with the mayor. 'There is no rift between myself and the Gray administration,' she said. 'If he ran for re-election tomorrow, I’d be right there with him,'" reports the Post.

    School News: Yesterday former schools chancellor Michelle Rhee stopped by The Kojo Nnamdi Show to talk scantrons and Erasure (Oh, L'amour, you broke my heart and now I'm aching for you). Rhee says bring on an investigation  into whether there was cheating on standardized tests during her watch "to lift the cloud and make sure that everybody's clear." In more bad news for DCPS, the feds are investigating how the District responds to "reports of sexual violence and what they are doing to prevent such incidents," the Post reports. "The inquiry comes after an allegation of a rape last fall at Dunbar High School in Northwest Washington. Russlynn H. Ali, assistant education secretary for civil rights, said that even though criminal charges were eventually dropped in that case, the incident raised broader questions that warrant federal review." And ... a second former guidance counselor accuses McKinley Tech principal of grade tampering.

    In Other News: Evans want 4,000 cops, minimum. Pension problems looming? CityCenter is last piece of the puzzle known as downtown.

    Council sked: 7th legislative meeting

    Gray sked: Appearance on Newstalk, tour of fire and EMS academy, meeting with Mendo, appearance at "25th Anniversary Players Unlimited Performance."

    • Marcus Allen

      How did Kwame Brown spend more than $800,000 on an uncontested campaign and not misuse campaign funds?

      It's a good thing the DC Office of Campaign Finance wasn't in charge of the OJ Simpson investigation, otherwise he might have gotten away with murder. Oh wait...

    • DC Voter

      Kwame Senior, aka Marshall Brown, is an expensive consultant. Race baiting don't come cheap!
      How much longer is it until we can vote someone in who is even marginally competent to do the job of Council Chair?

    • TheAngryVoter

      The Office of Campaign Finance is a complete joke. There is no way a man can spend $800,000 dollars and not know where the money is, then all of a sudden the money is accounted for and there are FINES?

      Call it what you want, but there is some funny business going on in that building and whoever is handling these investigations are clearly getting paid big money to right the wrongs and sweep it under the rug.


    • Rick Mangus

      We protect our own it seems, this pisses me off!

    • Really

      DC Voter....please $15k for 15 months is nothing for the experience that he brings to the table

    • Really

      Oh and why folks are boo-hooing and questioning $800K and funny business (again those who believe that its rules for ya'll and rules for us crowd) need to compare that he was running at CITY WIDE RACE.

      Fenty spent $5.5...Gray $4.5.

      Now the real question is how can council folks like Jacky Boy (Evans) raise around $800k for a Fucking ward race? Competition against Jacky has been pretty much non-existent.


    • TheAngryVoter

      @Really because an accountant doesn't file a campaign finance report with that much money missing from the report. Like at an accounting firm thats automatic "Your fired".

      It's baffling anyway because weren't these allegations based off a campaign from 2008? OCF let the "mistake" sit for two years, only to finish an investigation and find there is nothing wrong with it? Just sounds very weird if you step away from it a check it out for what it is.

      oh.... & R.I.P to the accountant. I heard he passed right after that campaign

    • TheAngryVoter


    • SEis4ME

      Southeast Ken, Cherita is out, Alan posted a story about it, yet here you are STILL BITCHING about it! Read the damn article on this very page. Cherita is THERE!

      Although Alan does leave this out of the article, The Times has published that Whiting told a reporter that she hadn’t disclosed her conviction, but Judy Banks, Gray’s former personnel director, said at the hearing that Whiting had made the proper disclosures.

      Since I haven't followed this story, did the idea that she didn't disclose her conviction only made to a reporter OR is there evidence that she lied on her application?

      The statement by Banks suggests otherwise.

    • Southeast Ken

      Fuck you SEis4ME! Mind your dam business. Your mammy is a bitch!

    • http://citypaper Tony

      Marcus Allen,O.J. was never convicted of murder. No EVIDENCE!

    • http://citypaper Tony

      My brother Southeast Ken,don't let Alan bait you.

    • Really

      Really dust off hat...@The Angryvoter...see your mixing up and confusing folks by using the word "accountant". In the campaign world the correct word to use is campaign treasure.

      While a councilmemeber/candidate can have an "accountant" on staff and while the "accountant’s" books can show that the campaign books are balanced this doesn't necessarily mean that the campaign records that are filed at the office of campaign finance are.

      Why Really?

      Because kiddies campaigns have folks called campaign treasures. Now sometimes these campaign treasures have accountant background and sometimes they don’t. Sometimes they have experience in campaign finance laws and sometimes they don’t. And sometimes the accountants and the campaign treasure aren’t communicating either because one thinks that the other is doing their job.

      In this case it seems that there were some administrative mistakes made by the campaign treasure. Apparently, the campaign was able to account for the donations coming in and expenditures of those campaigns.

      So, don’t just assume that the campaign treasure has an accountant background.

      See the media has hyped up the whole Kwame campaign story like a man attending a strip joint, where he can see the lady dancing behind a screen. Everyone was salivating waiting to see that hot body so they could jack off. And what happen when the lady appeared from behind the screen….She looks like a baboon and then everything down blew just went limp.

    • TheAngryVoter

      What you fail to realize @Really is that the guy did have an accountant background and he was a legit CPA. Speaking in past tense because he passed away months after the campaign.

    • SEis4ME

      SoutheastKen, "Fuck you?" really?

      I'm quite accustomed to online sparring but this is as gutterbutt as trash can get.

      Fact is, your inability to comprehend what you've read forced you ask Alan to provide what he already had.

      That's not my issue but yours.

    • TheAngryVoter

      Regardless of whether he was an accountant or just a plain old treasurer,it does not make it cool to have $800,000 missing. That's just plain LOOSE.

      If your in a marriage, and your wife leaves the house door wide open the whole night and someone walks in your house then she runs down the stairs and pushes them out the door and closes it, you could give two damns about the end result as much as your are pissed off at how did she completely leave the door open. Thats exactly what happen.

      Think about how many other campaigns that this could have happen to and OCF was just lazy as hell & didnt check. Just another method for government fraud.


    • SEis4ME

      @TheAngryVoter, yes, OCF is in on the conspiracy to prove that Brown didn't violate any laws.

      You know it, like the media and fellow council members, is attempting to cover up Browns misdeeds.

      Go figure

    • Southeast Ken

      SEis4Me, as I stated to you fuck you and your mammy. Mind your fucking business. I was addressing Alan, because he hasn't done an entire article on Cherita Whiting, but he continue to dig up dirt on others, particularly black men.

    • Southeast Ken

      SEis4Me, you are the same asshole that defended Miss Catania for being the white racist gay male that he happens to be.

    • Really

      Theangryvoter...First the campaign treasure wasn't a man it was a women and she doesn't have an accountant background

      2nd it wasn't $800k that was mishandled. He raised $800k during 2008 and what was at question from the Office of Campaign Finance was around $239K

      Come-on Angry...while I don't agree with you at times man,I respect you and you gotta have the facts correct before we can argue on the merits.

      Have you read the report?

    • Ward 4

      @Southeast Ken, I've seen emails sent from Ms. Whiting with all her titles at the end. Many of us in Ward 4 that knew of Ms. Whiting had know idea of her criminal background. I knew she came across as a little rough with 12 inch painted finger nails. Her appearance told me a lot about her. Oh what a web we weave Ms. Whiting and not the weave in your hair.

      Cherita Whiting
      >> Former Chair of 4B ANC Commission
      >> McKinley Tech PTA President
      >> DCPTA Board of Directors
      >> Chairperson Ward 4 Education Council
      >> DCPS Education Compact Committee
      >> Ward 4 Rep for Water & Sewer Advisory Committee
      >> Commissioner on the Commission for Women District of Columbia

    • SEis4ME

      SEKEN, if memory serves me correct (which it does) I believe my only response to you regarding Catania was to question why you insisted on referring to a man "Mr. Catania" as a woman "Miss Catania." I know nothing else about his sexuality or racial hangups.

      Interestingly enough, you're criticizing what you perceive as Alan's "special" interest in writing negative stories about black men, yet you want him to write more negative stories about black women. Namely Cherita.

      Ok, maybe that really isn't interesting after all. It just is.

      Frankly, considering your choice of words, you sound like a black angry homosexual who has major issues with white homosexuals.

    • SEis4ME

      Oh and by the way, the question remains unanswered, did Cherita lie to a "reporter" that she hadn't disclosed the information OR did she lie to her "employer."

      Since you seem to have quite a bit of knowledge about this (and I don't) which one is it? Reporter or employer?

    • Southeast Ken

      SEis4ME, sorry to disappoint you, I am not gay. If you are gay, it's your busniess. Once again, fuck off and mind your business. NO one was addressing you. I address Alan, not you.

    • Southeast Ken

      Thanks Ward 4 for you comment!

    • Ward 4

      SEis$ME, you do sound rather bitter. The Cherita Whiting story is a story to write about. Alan has failed to write about her because Alan at the City Paper was included in many of Ms. Whiting emails to other Ward 4 residents trashing Ward 4 Councilmember Bowser. I have seen copies of Ms. Whiting emails with Alan copied at the City Paper along with Dorothy Brazile at D.C. Watch.

    • Ward 4

      SEis4ME, people have a right to their opinions. Who died and made you the blog police? Cherita Whiting, an ex-felon appointed a $65,000 position in the DC Government by the Gray Administration is an important story like Kwame Brown, S. Brown, Ron Moten, Vincent Gray, and Marion Barry. If you don't like what others have to say, keep your thoughts to yourself. There are many Ward 4 residents that want to hear more about the Cherita Whiting story. Finally, the Washington Post wrote about it, thanks to the Washington Times. I doubt there will be anything in the DC Watch newletter on Ms. Whiting. Ms. Whiting is quoted, she's going after Bowser in the 2012 to find a candidate to unseat her. If I were Cherita Whiting, she need to go hide under a rock because many living in Ward 4 will distance themselves from this woman.

    • Ward 4

      Ms. Whiting, if you are reading these comments, Ward 4 DC Councilwoman Muriel Bowser will be re-elected and there's nothing you can do to prevent it. You ghetto behavior and your nasty comments written in emails have mand many Ward 4 residents see you for who you really are, an ex-felon that served time in prison for stealing $100,000.

    • itsjustamess

      Cherita Whiting is as arrogant as she is ignorant. When she boldly told the reporter, Jeffrey Anderson, that she did NOT check the box neither offer the REQUIRED details of her federal incarceration, little did she know, her words, "Those who know, know, those who don't, I felt didn't need to." would come back to haunt her in the worse way. It became very clear that Cherita was a lightning rod for scandal and the moment the Times story broke, her DPR job was on life support. Her bragging about her cozy friendship with Cathy Lanier cost a female cop her job yet it exposed the unethical and possibly criminal handling of her internal affairs case by Lanier. Cherita Whiting's troubles are the end result of two things: 1) Her continous and willful failure to CHECK THE DARN BOX and 2) Always running her mouth too DARN much. The Gray Administration knew it had to dump Cherita before she was called to testify before Council and her application was called into question for its authentication. Judy Banks testified at the first hearing on the Gray hirings there were two employees recommended for firing because they lied on their applications, one of them obviously being Cherita Whiting. Now, watch where she lands. The telltale sign that Gray and company has taken care of her will be if Ms. Gutter Ghetto Fabulous DOESN'T start yanking her neck around like the Exorcist and selling woof tickets about not having to tell any darn body she is a felon. Gray had better promise Cherita something or she will be for sure "The Scandal Gray Can't Handle!"

    • Grace Jones

      SEis4ME, didn't you use to work at the Club House back in the day or the Lost n Found? During one of my performaces back in the day at these establishments, I thought I saw you, Pull Up To The Bump Baby!

      The City Paper should write in full details on this woman as they did with Kwame Brown. Mayor Gray's administration is turning out to be worse the former Mayor Sharon Pratt-Kelly. I don't think Gray will be a one term mayor because he will not finish this term due to more scandals.

    • Grace Jones

      Former DC Council Chairwoman Linda Cropp knew how to chair the Council and she didn't have a scandal surrounding her.

    • itsjustamess

      @Southeast Ken - I don't know if Cherita was sired by the famed go-go guru Chuck Brown or not. My specialty is not genetics, DNA testing, or executive producing for the Maury Povich Show. But suffice it to say, whoever beget this wrenched person can only hang their heads in shame.

    • Southeast Ken


    • 20-20

      "Nobody calls me Cat to my face" Lanier appeared to try to distance herself from Ms. Whiting in that Times article.LOL! Many in Ward4 dislike Bowser but you can best believe that nobody will take seriously a council candidate endorsed by Ms. Whiting.

    • Adrian Bent-Me

      SEis4me- I'm with you on this, these other idiots appear to the be the same person. If Southeast Ken wanted to really only address Alan, then he had the option of sending an email to him privately. But posting an idiotic comment on a public forum and then getting defensive when holes are pointed out in his reasoning, is simply idiotic.

      Southeast Ken- you are a fucking moron. I've told you this many times in the past and have no problems reminding you of this now.

      Everyone else- Whiting is out, issue resolved. Focus on the douche of the week, K. Brown.

    • Southeast Ken

      FUCK YOU Adrian Bent-Me. You are the fucking idiot. Now you are a Psychic and can tell who's writing from behind a computer screen? You should call yourself 'Mother Love' the wanna be Psychic. You and SEis4ME can go straight to hell taking your mammies. If you don't like what someone states on here, ignore their comments. You both are cyber bullies! We live in a democratic society where others have a right to their opinions. If you don't like what others have to say, shut the fuck up and stop the personal attacks. I have never made an person attack against you Adrian Bent-Me. The Cherita Whiting story was worth a full article to write about as Alan did with others. I guess it's ok for this white guy to constantly attack black men in all his articles?

    • Robink59

      Kwame Brown, Marion Barry, Jesse Jackson - and DC wonders why they are "unrepresented"? They don't DESERVE representation nor the vote. Call it what you want but DC politics is race based - period. Until DC is able to get over the race barrier and elect non-crooks to represent them, the USG needs to just kick 'em all out and run them as well as they're running the rest of the country....that way there's no real change - except the both the mayor and Mr. Brown don't seem to run outta town as much.

    • Adrian Bent-Me

      Southeast Ken- my abundantly moronic friend, you are so unbelievably stupid at times, that you're giving Kwame a good name. You are ranting about Alan not covering a story about a woman who probably turned down your pathetic advances and now want to make this a race issue? Ok. Well, the story is in the post now, she's no longer employed, so that might make you oh so much more attractive to her. With your Sinclair Skinner good-lucks, your strong grasp on reality, and let's not forget your Chris Brownish temperament, I think you're a winner slugger. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

      Now about the race issue. So would you prefer if a black man wrote about Kwame's shady dealings or would you prefer Jack Evans do insanely stupid and blatantly shady things so that Alan can continue being employed? I'm really fascinated as to what an idiot of your caliber would suggest. Making this a racial issue just detracts from the fact that shady behavior has no place in public office.

    • Southeast Ken

      Adrian Bent-Me, go FUCK yourself and stop making comments to me. I don't know or never met Ms. Whiting. Have you seen Alan continue to attack the white corrupt Councilmembers like Miss Graham and Jack Evans the way he do the black politicians? I am not condoning Kwame's corrupt immature behavior, but the white media is very biased to it's reporting, the same way the Judicial system is. Blacks are giving much higher sentences for doing crack cocaine, but whites that use cocaine is given a slap on the wrist. A black person that kills a white is given a death sentence. A white that kills a black person is given maybe 10 years in prison or less.

      I will take a break from this blog because I will not take your and others personal attacks against me for my opinions. Maybe you need your ass whipped like the bitch that you are by Chris Brown, since you brought up this kid's name. It's ok for the white boy Charlie Sheen to beat on women, do drugs, and act like an asshole in the eyes of most whites in America. I guess you are one of those accepting white boys Adrian Bent-Me over.

      Ward 7 Resident

    • Southeast Ken

      Rick Mangus, you are still cool with me!

    • Adrian Bent-Me

      Southeast Ken- I guess being a homophobic, race-baiting asshole gives you some sort of pass to solicit sympathy for your stupidity in southeast, but it doesn't with me. So, I will gladly point out your stupid, moronic comments as I see fit, cause you know what, it's a public forum. If you don't want to respond to comments about your comments, then don't comment. Simple solution asshole.

    • http://citypaper Tony

      Southeast Ken,take a hiatus and pick your right battles. I am with you but cool down.