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Kwame Brown Pays His Brother

Council Chairman Kwame "Fully Loaded" Brown is in a world of hurt. The Office of Campaign Finance has just released its final audit of Brown's 2008 campaign finance report, and the findings are not good for Brown, whose reputation has already been battered in the last year over personal debt problems and for having very expensive tastes in taxpayer-funded luxury SUVs.

The most explosive finding from the report: $240,000 of Brown's campaign funds (about 30 percent of all the money spent by the campaign) went to a firm owned by his brother, Che Brown, and there aren't adequate records to back up those expenses.

The audit details how the money flowed from Brown's campaign through another company before winding up in Che Brown's firm, called Partners in Learning. (On his website, Che says he's a "renowned sales trainer, motivational speaker, and business coach.")

Kwame's campaign paid a company called Banner Consulting $380,000 in semi-regular installments to manage campaign field operations. The reports notes that $240,000 of that money went directly to Che's company without being reported by Kwame's campaign.

"Several expenditures were made to Partners in Learning in close proximity to the time frames if not the same day and the same amounts to Banner Consulting," the report finds. "It was also noted that the payments and/or transfers made by the Committee to Re-Elect Kwame R. Brown to Banner Consulting were paid and/or transferred to Partners in Learning on the same dates or in close proximity."

The report says Kwame's committee didn't provide records to back up that those payments were legitimate.

It should be noted that the Committee failed to provide the Audit staff with bank records and statements for Partners in Learning as requested by the Audit staff in the Interim Audit Report. The Committee provided a Profit and Loss Statement for Partners in Learning and copies of the invoices from Partners in Learning that were previously submitted to the Audit staff.

The Profit and Loss Statement provided by Partners in Learning reflects revenue totaling $241,663.42 received from Banner Consulting with a net income to Partners in Learning in the amount of $25,877.85.


The Profit and Loss Statement also reflects expenses of $169,164.00 for “day labor”; $1,052.98 for “fuel”; $2,696.61 for “office supplies”; and, $1,871.98 for “telephone and fax”. However, the Committee failed to provide adequate documentation to substantiate the aforementioned expenditures totaling $174,785.57.

The Audit staff submits that without documentation (bank records and statements of Partners in Learning) to substantiate and/or evidence the aforementioned expenditures totaling $174,785.57, it cannot attest that the financial records submitted, fairly represent the financial activity as indicated in the Profit and Loss Statement provided by Partners in Learning.

Based on the lack of documentation related to Kwame's brother as well as the Brown campaign's failure to report 210 contributions totaling $102,763.00 and 53 expenditures totaling $169,431.49, the OCF auditors are referring their findings to OCF's lawyer "for whatever action deemed appropriate." (The report also chided Brown's campaign for issuing eight checks, totaling $31,590.79, made out to "cash," five of which had insufficient documentation to account for where the cash wound up: "The Audit staff recommended that the Committee establish internal control procedures that would ensure that cash withdrawals of checks paid to cash are not made in amounts greater than $50.)

Che Brown tells LL he has no direct comment on OCF's findings, but adds that "all our records are with the Office of Campaign Finance."

Che says he is "really pleased" with the "tireless effort of the team" associated with Partners in Learning for his brother's campaign. He declined to specify how many people are members of the Partners in Learning team.

In a statement, Kwame Brown says the money paid to his brother was all above board, without mentioning the audit's findings that there's no records to back that claim up.

It is important for everyone to understand that all payments from our Campaign, as reflected in the Audit Report, were remitted pursuant to properly documented invoices and, as it relates to independent contractors providing services, Statements of Work were required as an attachment to their Agreements. We ensured that all such services were performed in furtherance of the Campaign, including my own brother who worked tirelessly on the Campaign.

Here's the OCF report:


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    Kwame is a loser! I am sorry I voted for this guy. D.C. Council Chairman Kwame Brown need to resign from officer. Can things be in worse for this guy? The answer is yes.

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    Hahaha, who writes Kwame's statements? Everyone know he don't know "furtherance, remitted, pursuant." That brother cant even tweet properly! Plus his brothers name is "Che!?" That's rich!

    My suspicion is he already is lawyered up, that's why his statement sounds like it was written by Mr. Akin Gump, not Mr. Kwame Brown.

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    Don't people see, this guy, and most of the rest of these jokers desperately need the job. That's the difference between Fenty, Bloomberg, Booker, compared to Gray, Brown, Thomas. They desperate!

    These brothers would be gettin the government cheese if it wasn't for this Council welfare job. And we keep voting these sorry sacks of shit into office so they can pilfer money from the taxpayers.

    Almost as bad is M. Brown, Evans, and Catania, who are much smarter, but use the Council as their part time job, so their law firms can pay them $300k to be on the damn Council! But without them, we would be in the real shit.

    We are fools in Washington, and it shows. Thank God the press is paying attention. Time to reform the Council so none of these users want to be on it. Make it a real job.

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    Stick a fork in him cuz he's done!

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    You idiot, Akin Gump is not the name of one person, it's the last names of two law partners.

  6. Wendy Washington

    LL, you should have just added this to the previous article on Kwame as an update -- because he is definitely not cleared.

    If anything, the are more serious questions to be answered. One question is for the OCF -- what are you going to do? A mere fine will not suffice. The documentation for expenditures was sorely lacking. Another question -- can we get an indictment? Some laws must have been broken here and I do not mean misdemeanors.

    It is too late to close the barn door, all of this should have been investigated and reported long before Kwame decided to run for Council Chair. Clearly, Kwame and company have decided that the DC electorate is the Brown family's cash cow.

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    Hmmm, I just realized the real story is how much brother Che gave back to Fully Loaded Kwame to help him pay his debts for them 13 cars he got and the boat. Follow the $ trail Mr. Loose Lips.

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    Ha!, Ha!, Ha!, you suckers wanted this arrogant prick in office, now suffer!

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    What @peteygreene said!

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    See the media has hyped up the whole Kwame campaign story like a man attending a strip joint, where he can see the lady dancing behind a screen. Everyone was salivating waiting to see that hot body so they could jack off. And what happen when the lady appeared from behind the screen….She looks like a baboon and then everything down blew just went limp.

    Now if we are going to ask for additional financial records then Fuck...let's see Fenty's records to ensure that Skinner, Moten and Karim didn't provide any kick backs.

    Public Lynching 2.0

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    @Rick Mangus; you are right I was a sucker and fool to vote for this guy.

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    Wendy now if we going after families then what about VO's son being treasure?

    Nowhere were Browns family members unqualified.

    There are families of dentist, doctors, teachers, train operaters, and yes politians.

    We have Clintons, Bushes, Regans, Daleys, Burkes, Carotherses.

    Allen have your read the book Barack Obama and the New Jim Crow Media by Ishmael Read yet?

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    @dinguskhan: Exactly. Our council members should be considered FULL-TIME employees and be forced to give up their other jobs. This is the only city council I know of that allows the members to get high salaries like this and keep their "real" jobs. Conflicts of interest are built-in to this idiotic system.

    Only in DC do the voters put up with this crap.

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    @Wendy what laws? Please cite the law too.

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    I was making a funny, glad you got it :)

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    and yall voted in this piece of shit over Vincent Orange for chairman smh

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    Can the leadership in DC get any worse?? Every week another scandal comes along. They are getting bolder with the pilfering of public funds for personal enrichment and as usual, NOTHING is being done about it. How sad for our community. How truly sad.

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    Kwame, resign and reform your life.
    This matter needs to be referred to the FBI and US Attorney for further action.

  19. Respected Citizens

    City leaders can not in DC any longer go w/o severe reprimand for countless mistakes that indeed break the law.

    Kwame is a weak Chairman of DC City Council, just like today in the Council 5th Floor Main Chamber, when the tiny ball went at Muriel Bowser from a citizen.

    Guess Who threw it and why?

    People are becoming outraged with the overall leadership of the entire City Council and Mayor.

    Something has to give because this will lead to a major upset with severe outcomes.

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    'Southeast Ken', it's like the lyrics from a Rolling Stone's song, "We won't be fooled again", it should be something to remember for the next election for ALL of us!

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    Kwame: Damn, I think YOU better call Tyrone and tell him come on help you get your shit!!!!!! All you have been from the Peter Nickles vote to now is PRESENT so what is the point in anybody having any hope for your sorry ass now? Take that ragedy piece of of a mail truck and BOUNCE!

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    Statehood? More like Control Board. Kwame - if you love this city, do the right thing and step down now. We are counting on you to man up.

  23. Does SoutheastKen have a life

    Homeboy, you do not have a life..I see you posting on like everyone of these things...maybe you need to run for office, you sure have a lot of opinions...some even good...I think it might be time for you to run!

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    Will someone please start a recall campaign? I will fund it - no bull, I will.

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    Another disappointed by another Kappa brother. Kwame, you are no better than Fenty. Please resign from office because you have embarrassed yourself and all District residents nationally.

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    Another disappointment

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    Does SoutheastKen Have A Life; yes I do have a life. What about you because you are reading all my comments. This proves, your ass have a lot of time on your hands loser!

    I never would want to be a politicians because all politicians are crooks and deserve to be in jail. Are you Kwame or one of his loser family members trying to defend this loser? I hope Kwame get convicted by the U.S. Attorney's office or the F.B.I. and end up in a cell with Ted Loza playing house.

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    @Richard; There need to be a recall on this ignorant loser. D.C. Council Chair Kwame Brown is a dummy and many of his colleagues on the Council know this. They probably are laughing behind his back. Due to political correctness, other Councilmembers smile in his face daily laughing in their minds. LOL

  29. Wendy Washington

    Really wrote:
    @Wendy what laws? Please cite the law too.


    Did you bother to read the report? I am not an attorney, therefore, I cannot quote specifically any laws that may have been broken. I am just expressing my opinion.

    Anyone with an iota of business sense knows the following statement (if true) is damning:

    "Kwame's campaign paid a company called Banner Consulting $380,000 in semi-regular installments to manage campaign field operations. The reports notes that $240,000 of that money went directly to Che's company without being reported by Kwame's campaign."

    This, is a highly questionable practice. (Can you spell slush fund or kickback?) Along with the other irregularities cited, these actions are red flags and warrant further investigation. I am simply asking what the OCF's authority is and if laws were broken -- hence, are these indictable offenses?

    One of the irregularities cited was payment for invoices with no documentation. For example, when you pay a printer, the invoice should be itemized. For instance if brochures are printed, the quantity, color, # of pages, delivery charges,etc., should all be spelled out.

    If you want to serve as Kwame's defense attorney, more power to you. It looks like you will have plenty of billable hours. Serving as an apologist for Kwame, on this board, is futile. His actions are indefensible.

    As for VO's campaign -- if you have questions, address them to his campaign. I do not work for the Orange campaign, but given the recent sequence of events, it looks like Orange would have been the better choice for Council Chair. Unfortunately, the OCF report on Kwame's 2010 campaign finances probably won't be done until 2012.

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    I agree, Kwame Brown need to resign from office! Where is former DC Council Chair Linda W. Cropp? We need her back on the Council. Gray wasn't a great Council Chair either. Cropp knew the ends and outs of the Council and she knew how to led the Council.

  31. #31

    @dcgovcorruption what is corrupt? When Orange Juice Jones filed the compliant folks like the city paper and Joanna where salivating like dogs panting and waiting for the report. In fact Orange Juice Jones and JoAnn were at the office of campaign finance everyday. They just knew that this was it. So when the report comes out and there is really nothing folks like Wendy, Joanna and Orange Juice Jones aren't satisfied. They want blood and now they have to change the narrative and/or story to paint the picture of "possible" corruption.

    Sooo now we have folks commenting like the town people with pitch forks yelling "resign...he's corrupt...call the FBI". But when Al "crazy lips" reported on Kelly Valentine who is UNDER FBI investigation for not reporting or recording $8.7 million nobody said boo. In fact not once has anyone complained about any policy that they disagred with that Kwame sponsered or that he supported. So it boils down to most commenters not liking him for personal reasons.

    And this add the fact Al "crazy lips" posted the Kelly V. story he didn't even read the fucking reporting report. He just posted a three sentence summary and was like here now ya'll do the digging. But Al "cray lips" takes the time to comb through this report.

    We had soooooo much freakin corruption in the last administration and sooo many unqualified dancing with the Fenty stars who were agency heads as well as appointed to boards. And lets not forget the last administration blew a billion dollar SURPLUS which effects DC residents directly.

    We had an adminstration who did nothing about unemployment. Cut the DHCD's HAPA program. Didn't want to enact policy for affordable housing, cut a whole agency that served those who had mental health issues and let the HIV/Aids from decend to the point where federal funding was almost cut. Oh and didn't want to answer any questions on how the city was run.

    Now the shit thats happen lately to Kwame is more self inflicted and I and many residents are unhappy that Kwame isn't more self aware that one third of those who aren't happy and who have the media at their disposal are going to hammer away with whatever dirt (small or large).

    And Al "crazy lips" the title is misleading. His brother's company received $240k and could prove that all but $235.00 freaking dollars was spent on field operations.

    Do ya'll even know what it takes to run an effective field operation? How do you think he was able to blanket the city with all those Kwame Brown for Chair signs? Trust me it isn't out the goodness of homeowners hearts.

    The pattern is getting real old Al and company and the motives are transparent.

  32. #32

    Sorry, I can't vote for Vincent Orange. The man is an opportunist. He just finished running for Council Chair. Now he's running for the DC At-Large Council seat. What does this tell you about Vincent Orange. Orange don't give a dam about the people, he needs a job and power to being a member of the DC Council. The fool was on the Council where he should have stayed. He thought he was popular to run against Fenty. Orange got about 1,600 votes for mayor.

  33. Wendy Washington

    So is Kwame's brother named "Che" after Che Guevara?

  34. #34

    I don't recall any scandal around former DC Council Chairwoman Linda Cropp during her tenure on the Council of the District of Columbia.

  35. January Capricorn

    Kwame, please tell us that you don't believe that District residents are that dumb? This is utterly ridiculous and quite pitiful. Do you know that every episode in your career is being memorialized. Therefore, your darling children will bear the brunt of this idiotic series. As many will recall your days of irresponsibility and throw it in their faces every chance they get.

  36. #36

    Grace Jones making intelligent comments: Rickie and Southeast Ken concurring: Those acts make me reach for a BIG ROCK. I am weak.

  37. #37

    The best government that money can buy.

  38. #38

    @GraceJones you sound like a complete fool. Tropicana pointed out these issues during the chairman race & people ignored them. And you see where it has gotten us..Straight up embarrassed.

    With the credentials that he has which alone should have told you he was better than Kwame Biddle I mean Sekou Brown, he should have been Chairman and we wouldn't have had to deal with 3/4's of the BS we deal with now.

    If he is an opportunist, he would be a dumb one to run for chairman, then not get selected by his own party who he represents NATIONALLY, then runs again. Clearly it's something he seems more interested in than an opportunity.

    Who is an opportunist is KWAME BROWN, who thought he could purchase an SUV & get away with it, or slide his brother some bread.

    Don't be a loyal dummy, try using your vote this time with your brain


  39. #39

    I am an Orange Supporter

    Grace Jones- Vincent Orange does care about the people....he warned us about Fenty and Kwame Brown, yet DC citizens didn't get the memo....you can't argue the man's skill set...JD, LLM, CPA....I mean come on the city is in financial shambles, I'm going with the guy who knows his numbers and warned us about these idiots....as far as his decision to run it makes sense, he got 50,000 votes the last election and he knew Kwame was going to fall apart, so now the stuff he was saying is legitimate...you need to think things over Grace!

    Really- you attacking kids now, thats not cool....but VO's son is summa cum laude graduate from Morehouse College w/a degree in Finance....so what are you saying? Orange has raised the most money...and I bet you his OCF report will be clean...of all the jobs you said the Brown family had, none of them were accountants or lawyers...thats why Kwame is screwing up...you REALLY need to quit the BS!

  40. #40

    I don't care what you Vincent Orange folks say. I will not be voting for any of these fools. The lessor of the 2 evils is bullshit. As I see it, all of these fools are evil. Vincent Orange was a pimp for PEPCO and he came to a 4A ANC meeting several years ago supporting the high rate increase PEPCO wanted to impose on DC residents. I will never forget that. Hell no, I will never vote for Vincent Orange. Ward 4 has the most professional blacks and the highest turnout for voting in the District.

  41. #41

    Why didn't Vincent Orange keep his ass at PEPCO as a Vice President? He's another wanna be corrupt politician. He was a joke in the mayoral race several years ago against Adrian Fenty.

  42. #42

    I know all you regret for voting for Vincent Gray and Kwame Brown. Adrian Fenty was one of the best mayors this city ever seen. Vincent Orange will be like Barry and the rest, only representing blacks in the District. It's time for DC to elect a Republican mayor, a female mayor, and a white mayor. The same goes of the Council Chair, but it would be nice to see a majority Republican Council. The Democratic City Council has screwed this city and it's residents with their liberal left wing policies. It's time for a change.

  43. #43

    For the record, I am a registered Independent voter in the District of Columbia.

    Native Washingtonian
    Colonial Village Ward 4

  44. #44

    I have read all the comments with interest. There continue to be a scandal or investigation surrounding D.C. Council Chairman Kwame Brown and several of his colleagues. My partner and I will be sitting out this election because we don't see any of the candidates worth voting for. On the issue of Vincent Orange, he was dead set against gay marriage when he ran for mayor. He stated, marriage was between a man and a woman. When he ran for Council Chair against Kwame Brown, he realize the voting power of gays and lesbians in the District. Vincent Orange flipped flopped by saying, he now supports gay marriage. How can voters support a liar like Orange and the rest running for office?

    Adams Morgan Resident

  45. #45

    What's next? This city is at recess. It is obvious we have become a big playground for the power seekers. Even Congress is on the verge of a time-out. Too much money and too many perks and benefits make for big-headed assholes. They all need to go. It doesn't matter what the party affiliation is because they are all Fckups

  46. #46

    LL did you have to post the "mob picture again"? Self-centered big-headed assholes.

  47. #47

    I hope City Paper charged Sinclair Skinner a fortune to place his "wanted poster" of an ad. What problems can he solve? He had no recollection of anything during his hearing nor did he meet the proper qualifications of an engineer while receiving tax-payer dollars for jobs he didn't do. Another scam by a big-headed mob boy. He needs to get a real job damn it!

    That mug is scary looking.

  48. #48

    Dang thats all i got to say about it! Get rid of him. Where are the young upcoming politicians in DC. Get rid of all these Washingtonians.

  49. #49

    @Ward4Residentit doesnt surprise me that your a resident from colonial village, and to make matters worse your an independent so to be quite honest you are irrelevant anyway.

    You claim Ward 4 has the most "Professional Blacks" but the majority of them seem to go in favor of Tropicana anyway so you lose on that spectrum.

    From 2008-2011 if you look at how much stuff that has happen globally and with this economy, ain't no way in sam hell you could have thought that electricity rates were going to stay the same. NEWSFLASH BUDDY if you DID go to college, you would have learned about inflation rates, the cost of living and how those two elements are impacted during an economic downturn. You bitch & moan about electricity but you live in Colonial Village? You will never have a problem paying your bills. Oh, and I don't see you causing hell about Gas Prices? Why because goods & services rise anyway & there isn't anything you can do about it. Pepco will raise their rates even if Tropicana was there or not because they have to leverage the amount of loss they would take due to the cost of providing service vs. revenue.

    And you say its time for a republican mayor? ahahaah who allowed this baFOON to voice that on here. DC will never have a republican mayor, especially no time soon. Republicans were lucky to have Carol Schwartz represent the city during her time.


  50. #50

    Kwame needs to step down, but since he needs the job and his ego won't stop, he will stay in office. Elect Vincent Orange to do the fiscal responsibility thing and oversee how the tax dollars are spent before Kwame blows through the money with another scandal.

  51. #51

    @M.Matthews of all the corrupt scandals that have transpired in this city, and how all of the taxpayers have been lied to as Kwame rode around in SUV & how Gray attacked Fenty on the same stuff he is doing now, and you claim Tropicana isn't worthy because he had a change of heart? WoW, I would never hope for other people to share the same 1 dimensional minded views like that.

    I read the comments from the Gertude Stein Forum, and from the assessments they gave, Tropicana was labeled the most improved candidate on the issue of Gay Marriage. Saying that "he realized the power of gay & lesbian votes during the CHairman Race" is bullshit too, because EVERYONE east of the river, which is a large population than the LGBT community, voted for both Gray & Brown because thats what the sensible vote would have been.

    It's funny how some of these voters babysit these low-life politicians like Kwame because they kick ass so quick & will agree with everything for a vote but will try to nit pick at someone else who does agree off first glance.

    NEWSFLASH who established the LGBT Affairs Office on the council & made it permanent entity at the Wilson Building????????????? Vincent Orange did that. All yall claim these other candidates are so with you, but even at a time when Tropicana had other views about Gay Marriage, he made sure the LGBT community had a voice in the Wilson Building.


  52. #52

    The Brown Brothers need a reality show, stat. It could be called "Fully Loaded - and Fully Paid". Each episode could start with Kwame driving his Navi (sitting on a telephone book), talking to his creditors, while driving over to his brother's house to drop off some checks made out to "cash"...the end credits could have Kwame (Fully Loaded) and Che (Fully Paid) speeding off in their boat, one step ahead of the repo man (or process server).

    Good Lord. Oh, and Really, the basis of your argument seems to be that if the prior administration did something that (you) deemed corrupt, it is now ok for the CURRENT administration to do the same. Nice moral relativism, but I'll take a pass.

    My only question is - what are these morons GOOD at? Kwame can't think his way out of a paper bag, can't pay his bills, can't fudge campaign numbers properly, can't manage the council, can't keep a car lease under the rug... and I don't even have time to get into Team Thomas. If these fools are really going to try and rob the city blind until their term runs out (or they are recalled, whichever happens first), they should take a trip down to New Orleans and learn from the experts. This is just embarrassing.

  53. #53

    Oh, and Really - Kwame Brown wasn't running for council chair in 2008 - oh, and by the way, he was unopposed in that election. But he needed to spend $240k with Che to run an "effective field operation"?

    Really, Really? You do realize that this audit was concerning Kwame's '08 campaign, or does that harm whatever point you are so clumsily trying to make too much to mention?

  54. #54

    My only question is - what are these morons GOOD at? Kwame can't think his way out of a paper bag, can't pay his bills, can't fudge campaign numbers properly, can't manage the council, can't keep a car lease under the rug... and I don't even have time to get into Team Thomas. If these fools are really going to try and rob the city blind until their term runs out (or they are recalled, whichever happens first), they should take a trip down to New Orleans and learn from the experts. This is just embarrassing.
    LOL That is just right. The brazen incompetence and corruption is shocking. Their kids, or clowns, or whatever. But whatever they are, they're not professional at anything. Except maybe lying to people's faces.

  55. #55

    Kwame only has a degree in Marketing. Thats what he is good at selling the citizens dreams as he manipulates us with his whole "I take full responsibility" BS. He charmed his way into the chairman seat & reverted back into the snake he always was. The voters were just dumb enough to buy into it.

    Those articles about his credit card debt, that damn "Bulletproof" & all the other car fantasies that midget has were not attempts to "down the black man" but to let fools realize "that's not a guy you really want in a powerful position in the city"

    But what do voters do? Vote who kisses their ass the most they cry all damn day about how they have been betrayed or how the council does not look out for the people.

    Thats why we are the laughing stock of politics.


  56. #56

    @ Wendy Washington in your comment #6 you said “If anything, the are more serious questions to be answered. One question is for the OCF -- what are you going to do? A mere fine will not suffice. The documentation for expenditures was sorely lacking. Another question -- can we get an indictment? Some laws must have been broken here and I do not mean misdemeanors.”

    This statement lends one to think that you know that laws were broken, hence why I asked you to cite them.
    @Wendy Washington again comment #6 you said “Clearly, Kwame and company have decided that the DC electorate is the Brown family's cash cow.”

    Hence my reply that families work on campaigns and be providing the example that VO son’s is working on his campaign. This reply is also FactsfromSE.

    @FactsfromSE see that’s one of the problems with the Orange crew that a lot people are turned off by is that they think titles make the person. Orange ain’t clean either….what happen with those properties that he was accused of being a slumlord with? Oh and last I check his son isn’t a kid..he’s a grown man. And I never said anything about his family being accountants. So what I’m guessing is that your picking up my comments from the previous post between Angry Voter and I. Go back and re-read those comments again.

    @Rake said Good said “Lord. Oh, and Really, the basis of your argument seems to be that if the prior administration did something that (you) deemed corrupt, it is now ok for the CURRENT administration to do the same. Nice moral relativism, but I'll take a pass.”

    Rake the reason for me to continue to revisit the past is this. If your true (and this is inclueds the media) belief system is to hold fiscally irresponsible politicians who hire unqualified people then it would have been demonstrated through examples (comments in your case) that you were just as outraged when they previous admin did more egregious things.

    @Rake…I’m aware that it’s a “08” campaign and again Angryvoter and I discussed this in the previous post. If you understand the inner workings of what it takes then you’ll understand that paying folks to knock on doors isn’t cheap (across the city mind your), those signs aren’t cheap. And even if he was running unopposed I thought it was strategic to show any potential competition that if they were going to come they better come hard because look what I do when there isn’t any competition. Oh and Rake why don’t you head over and look at Jacky (inside man’s) records and then wonder why someone would raise around $800k to run a single Ward race?

  57. #57

    Wait, so OCF decided not to move forward with any action accusing him of misusing funds?

    Wasn't Fenty recently "cleared" of any wrongdoing but found his frat bros were up to no good?

    Not surprisingly, the same Fenty'ites celebrating Fenty's "clearance" are now attacking Brown for basically the same.

    Go Figure.

    Retards UNITE!!!!

  58. #58

    Really - Again with the moral relativism.

    Phil Mendelson spent $300k in a CONTESTED city council race....was that not strategic? Did Phil not "come hard". Hillarious.

    Way to try and confuse the issue, though. Jack Evans, et al are not germane to Kwame's continued problems. I'll be right there with you when/if the OCF investigates someone else. Sadly for you, Kwame is an idiot, so these problems will continue until his term is over, he is recalled, or he resigns (which he would do today if he had any self-respect).

  59. #59

    M. Matthews:

    Please do not sit out the election. I also dislike all of the candidates, but I will vote. Either write in "none of the above" or vote for yourself or a neighbor. You MUST VOTE to register your protest!

  60. #60

    For the record, Kwame Brown didn't run unopposed in '08. Michael Brown and Patrick Mara were on that same ballot, as was "write in" Carol Schwartz. Back then, a lot of voters couldn't tell the Browns apart.

    I interviewed a lot of voters after they'd voted in '08. Many of them said "I really like Brown but couldn't remember which one to support so I voted for both of them".

  61. #61

    Jack Johnson is probably furious that he got busted by the Feds while Kwame Brown breaks every rule in the book!

  62. #62

    @Really, this is the last time I will respond to your irrational rambling. Out of the 60 posts made thus far, your posts have been the only ones on this board to defend Kwame Brown.

    Your time would be better spent trying to round up defense fund money for Kwame, maybe Che, too. The bottom line is that Kwame managed to engage in money laundering during the 2008 campaign. His lame excuses really will not fly with those of us who can think critically and logically.

    As one of the other posters pointed out, if Kwame wants to be a corrupt politician, he should really go to New Orleans and take lessons from real professionals.

  63. #63

    @TheAngryVoter, please seek some mental health counseling. You come across as idiot with you ramblings. I can assure you, there will be a white mayor and a Republican mayor in the District. The demographics is changing. More white college educated professionals are moving into the District and most do want to continue to see D.C. as a cash cow city supporting social programs, higher taxes, and corrupt politicians. In reference to Vincent Orange, he supported the very high rate increase his former employer PEPCO wanted to impose on D.C. residents. I can assure you, residents living in Colonial Village and other D.C. neighborhoods are paying much higher taxes than others. I will never vote for Vincent Orange. The man is an opportunist. On the Council, many Ward 5 constituents complained about his not be responsive to them. Adrian Fenty was very responsive to Ward 4 residents as our Councilmember and we saw him constantly in the Ward. Former Mayor Fenty held his agency directors accountable and customer service was a priority. Vincent Orange will not serve or represent all D.C. residents if elected. He's only looking at the part-time salary and power of being back on the Council of the District of Columbia. Control Board, where are you? On another note, President Obama will not be re-elected. Many white Democratic voters will vote Republican in the next Presidential election.

  64. #64


    More white college educated professionals are moving into the District and most don't want to continue to see D.C. as a cash cow city supporting social programs, higher taxes, and corrupt politicians like Kwame Brown, Marion Barry, Vincent Gray, Vincent Orange, Michael, Brown, Jim Graham, Jack Evans, etc.

  65. #65

    "So is Kwame's brother named "Che" after Che Guevara?"

    Nah, he's named after Comrade Mary Che(h).

  66. #66

    Kwame Brown, Marion Barry, Jesse Jackson - and DC wonders why they are "unrepresented"? They don't DESERVE representation nor the vote. Call it what you want but DC politics is race based - period. Until DC is able to get over the race barrier and elect non-crooks to represent them, the USG needs to just kick 'em all out and run them as well as they're running the rest of the country....that way there's no real change - except the both the mayor and Mr. Brown don't seem to run outta town as much.

  67. #67

    Can someone please tell me why is it that only the city's black politicians are being accused of corruption. I mean damn! Over the last six months, nearly every single black politician on the city council has been accused of some form of corruption. First it was Marion Barry who was accused of taking a "kick back" from his then girlfriend. Harry Thomas was then accused of operating a "slush fund" that was financed by developers doing business with the city. Chairman Brown is accused of living "high on the hog" at the taxpayers expense and failing to properly account for campaign contributions. Michael Brown is accused of not paying his taxes. Evette Alexander is accused of raided her own constituent fund to personally enrich herself and friends. Mayor Gray is accused of nepotism. These black politicians have been publicly berated and chatised by their white counterparts. I am sorry, but the notion that the city's white politicians being able to demand that the city's black politicians live by ethical stanndards that they themselves don't live by, is to this African-American, laughable. It was Jim Graham's office that was raided by the F.B.I.. It was Jim Graham's chief of Staff who pleaded guilty to bribery and other felonies. It is Jack Evans who has maintained a cozy and very suspect relationship with the business community which has earned him several reprimands from the authority. It was David Catania who steered non-competitive contracts worth millions to his pet project-GWU. So, where is the 24 hour news coverage concerning these politicians professional and personal misdeeds. Where are the blogs written by white folks calling for congressional intervention. Where in the hell is the community outrage. Where are the calls for them to resign. This is wrong. This is racist.

  68. DC Elected Official Crap

    It will be up to the US Congress to intervene and establish an ethics office for reviewing allegations involving dc local elected officials. The DC government lacks the integrity and professionalism to conduct any investigation involving the mayor, chairman or councilmembers.

    I would recommend that the Federal Election office be delegated the authority to review campaign reports for dc local elected officials. It is criminal to allow excuses for money laundering by the Brown family. The fact that Che does not have receipts for expenditures in the amount of $240,000, shows a contempt for the transparency required for the use of campaign funds. No receipts---this means in simple english--the money was stolen and used for personal expenses. Che didnot learn his lesson from the late 90's when he got caught up in a scam that created his criminal record.

  69. #69

    @Ward4 puhhhlease, Adrian Fenty took care of Ward 4 and shitted on everyone else in the city.

    All these investigations about the school system remind you those events took place under Fenty's Administration.

    Fenty spent like a wildman, and put on a front like everything was good in DC.

    Fenty did not do anything special for Ward 4 that wasn't already taking place.

    Thats the problem DC is facing, you all are so quick to vote for who you like & who will come to your house and get the cat out of the tree or get your trash cans out the alley instead of voting in someone who will get this city on track.

    All the "personable" politicians are in scandals and why might you ask? Because they kiss so much ass that they got stuck into promises and favors they couldn't uphold.


  70. #70

    @TheAngryVoter; you need to take a chill pill before you have a stroke. You appear to take things to serious. Get out and enjoy your life. Local DC politics will always be raced based. Congress need to take over the federal city.

  71. #71

    @Tony, nice try. But throwing "racist" around is just lazy, and flies against the facts in these cases.

    Regarding your "in the past 6 months" claim...

    Barry was censured in 2010, more than 6 months ago, and he wasn't just accused, he was found to have taken a kick back. Plus he doesn't pay his taxes (on his income or his car, apparently).

    Harry Thomas was first investigated in 2010. This issue would have been put to bed long ago were Thomas to have provided records that were requested. He did not, so the investigation continues.

    Regarding other "accusations"

    1. Kwame: was found to have improperly accounted for campaign finances (at minimum). Did request an SUV, then another, on the tax payers' dime, at an unreasonable rate. Did spend over $15k on an office renovation. These are not accusations, they happened.

    2. Michael Brown: The IRS doesn't file a lien if you are "accused" of not paying your taxes. He didn't pay, had a lien slapped on him, and is now on a payment plan, or completed a payment plan. This is small potatoes.

    3. Alexander: The consituent stuff is still pending - so yes, she is "accused".

    4. Mayor Gray: Currently the FBI is investigating Suliamon's allegations, several appointees have resigned due to nepotism/cronyism charges, one was terminated for approving absurd transition expenses for her staff, and there is another appointee about to undergo serious scrutiny. Newsflash: Did you know Vince's new budget increases the Office of Film and TV's budget by almost the exact same amount ($125k) as Lorraine Green's daughter makes - she was just transferred to a position in that agency...

    Care to refute any of this, Tony? I am in complete agreement with you that Jim Graham is shady, but as for Jack Evans and Catania, come back when you have proof, not just your opinion that "Jack Evans who has maintained a cozy and very suspect relationship with the business community"....

  72. #72

    Rake, I stand by the position that black politicians in this city are being held to a double standard. And, that the white politicians have been given a pass. While you acknowledged that Jim Graham is shaddy, you failed to point out the gravity of Graham's misdeeds. However, you went to great lengths to explain the misdeeds of Barry, etc. and herein lies my exact point. Again, it is this sort of bias and uneven reporting of the city elected officials misdeeds which leads one to question the seriousness and fairness of the allegations themselves.

  73. #73

    Rake, that's ridiculous. You're relying on innuendo to prove your assertions.

    1) Improperly accounting for campaign funds is nothing abnormal in campaigns. It certainly isn't enough to warrant special criticism of Brown. Based on e-mailed records, Brown was given the "option" of "choosing" the "type" of vehicle he wanted. Maybe he "shouldn't" have but he acted not only according to direction from DPW but consistent with the practices established under previous administrations. Yes, criticize him for doing what he was given the option to do. But, it does not amount to a substantive criticism.

    2)Gray being accused of wrongdoing is simply that - an accusation. The fact that you repeat it doesn't make the allegations truthful. Nepotism in business is nothing new under the sun. The idea of hiring family/friends is absolutely, positively, nothing new to business. It’s just not. It hasn’t been a problem UNTIL Gray became mayor. So sure again, criticize him for nepotism. But, to criticize him for acting in a manner consistent with established practices reeks of sheep shit.

    If you wanted to be consistent, you would not have said anything about Gray because you have absolutely ZERO proof - just your opinion.

  74. #74

    SEisforME, you are right, I should have noted that Suliamon's allegations against Gray are just that. Allegations. That's my bad.

    The resignations, etc did happen, and were a result of nepotism. I'll refer you to the same comment regarding moral relativism and prior administrations that I made to Really on those.

    With regard to Kwame, so it's normal for campaigns to be investigated by OCF, and for that investigation to produce the following findings, and further, these findings don't warrant "special criticism"?
    + Brown failed to report 221 separate contributions, plus other income, totaling more than $133,000.

    + Brown failed to report 53 separate expenditures, plus other expenses, totaling almost $203,000.

    And the final conclusion that "We have determined that the reports, statements and responses filed by the Committee to Re-Elect Kwame R. Brown are not in substantial compliance with the District of Columbia Campaign Finance Reform and Conflict of Interest Act" - and then referred the findings to OCF counsel....this is "normal" to you, and doesn't warrant special criticism?

    WRT the Navigator - Kwame lied, brazenly and repeatedly, about the circumstances of his request (which was, and is against DC law - regardless of prior administrations), the type of requests he made of his vehicle, the fact that he sent one back for being the incorrect color, and only returned the vehicle in the face of a citywide uproar. Do you deny this?

    Funny list of rationalizations re: Kwame's behavior. Must be getting lonely for you in One Citidotville...

  75. #75

    Er, no. I didn't defend Kwame for anything. I only put into perspective the facts. The OCF results are what they are. Based on what I recall, the cleared him of the charges but added that his office has not been forthcoming with the appropriate information. Is this incorrect?

    What specifically did Kwame brazenly and repeatedly lie about? Does DPW not have any responsibility here or does the Council Chair bear responsibility for the actions within a department under an administration that he/she is not in charge of? Kwame was given the OPTION to CHOOSE his vehicle. If that should not have happened, someone in procurement should have found that out and let him know. THAT did not happen. And we only found out about the law thanks to Tommy Wells who conveniently chose the year 2011 as the one in which he would review DPW purchasing policies.

    So again, blame the brotha for doing what HAS been done. But don't make a case for corruption based on it. That's lazy.

  76. #76

    Let's see. We've got Kwame Brown, Michael Brown and "Sillyman" Brown. All we need is Andrew H. Brown to have four of kind.

  77. #77

    Please, SE. Kwame lied about what he requested the SUV be equipped with, that he sent an SUV back for being the wrong color (only to counter with that awesome "black on black has better resale value" comment - on a lease), when the SUV was requested, what / when he knew of the SUV's cost and when he inquired about returning it.

    Surely you haven't missed any DC related news from say, February until now, correct? Cast a blind eye if you wish. Just don't be surprised if you end up asking yourself what came first, the resignation or the re-call...

    And I'll ask again, so you don't believe that the OCF audit results are cause for special criticism ?

    Did you vote for Kwame, or are you Che? Just wondering why anyone defends this man, who is so clearly in over his head, and out of his depth.

  78. #78

    Sometimes it is better to keep the devil you know. Fenty may not have been people friendly or a good communicator, but he at least made an attempt to do things the honest way, hire the best qualified, and balance the budget. This administration and council are a joke.

  79. Wendy Washington

    Jamnew, I beg to differ. When it comes to the choice between two evils, take the one you never had before. This is not to defend Kwame's actions, because the reports about his personal financial woes, during the campaign, gave us a warning sign. So, those folks who went ahead and elected Kwame should have expected something of this nature.

    But let's not even try to paint Fenty as superior. He managed to blow through the $1.6B surplus left by Anthony Williams. In fact, he blew that surplus almost as fast as General Grant went through Richmond. The only difference here is that the WaPo and WCP were never friendly toward the current administration. Again, no excuses for Kwame's behavior -- he has brought this on himself and should save us the trouble of recalling him.

  80. #80

    SEis4ME, you do not have to explain yourself or defend the city black leaders. The hard reality is that black leaders have always been sujbected to a double standard and always will. You and I both know that if "others" are "examined" the way these black politicians have been examined you will have enough material to make a horror movie. So, while the sons and daughters of JIM CROW remains stuck in their backwards thinking, black people will continue to excel. And, I am confident that Mayor Gray, Kwame, Barry, etc. will be able to withstand the vile and withering attacks from the enemy.

  81. #81

    Rake, when confronted about it, Kwame attempted to skirt the truth. Ok, and? He should be recalled because of that? Well, if that's the biggest complaint, ok.

    Yes, you're correct, the results are cause for criticism.

    No, I didn't vote for Kwame Brown. Never had any intentions on doing so.

  82. #82

    Damn, Kwame moves real sloppy. His arrogance is being revealed.

  83. #83

    @Wendy…I’ve tried to be at least cordial to your ass but fuck it and fuck you! See Wendy I am not the only commenter who realizes the double standards being applied here Your ass ain’t a lawyer and don’t have a fucking clue as to how campaigns work. All your good for is squawking when something is posted.

    You throw out comment bombs like “indictments” and “money laundering” when the report hasn’t indicated it. and even tried to provide a context for how the inner working of a campaign work.

    Nope your ass slithers out on post like this. Didn’t see you squawk once about Skinner or Moten post. Fucking Chicken head.

  84. #84

    Hey Tony, are Cris Darden and Marcia Clarke advising you?

  85. #85

    Thanks SEisMe.

    Regarding the OCF, in a just a few posts you've gone from "Improperly accounting for campaign funds is nothing abnormal in campaigns. It certainly isn't enough to warrant special criticism of Brown" (73) to "Yes, you're correct, the results are cause for criticism" (81)...

    On the Navigator, you've gone from "What specifically did Kwame brazenly and repeatedly lie about?" (75) to "when confronted about it, Kwame attempted to skirt the truth. "(81) Nice euphemism - we both know he lied outright. Admit it, you'll feel better.

    Just thought I'd point out the above. Give me 10 more posts and you'll be calling for a Fully Loaded resignation!

  86. Wendy Washington

    @Really, what you should really do is sit your stupid ass down and take some English and reading comprehension lessons. Just because I disagree with you, you go into personal attack mode. You do not know me personally and I sure as hell do not want to know you. Having a discussion with someone as deficient as you clearly are -- might diminish my brain capacity. Why do you give a flying fuck about which articles I choose to comment on?

    As I said earlier, your time is better spent working on Kwame's defense fund than fucking with me, because you really do not know who you are fucking with. If you are ever man enough to hold a face-to-face debate I would mop up the floor with your stupid ass.

  87. #87

    Thank you Tony and thank you SEis4Me. They don't want to admit that there are rules ya'll and rules for us...oh let's take another look at Jack Evans (for the rest of the story google fightback.org (jack evans in violation of law)

    Aside from Mayor-elect Vincent Gray, and possibly D.C. Council Chairman-elect Kwame Brown, Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans may be the most influential elected official in the District of Columbia. Mr. Evans is the powerful chair of the Committee on Finance and Revenue and he plays a key role in determining which projects receive District taxpayer support.

    Former Washington Post reporter John Hanrahan has some questions for his Councilmember of 20 years. In particular, Mr. Hanrahan has raised concerns over Mr. Evans’ involvement in a deal which provides $272 million in public subsidies to assist Marriott in building a 1,175-room, 15-story luxury hotel alongside the Convention Center.

    After spending years guiding the deal from its infancy, Mr. Evans recused himself from voting on the matter at the very last minute. The DC Examiner noted in passing that Mr. Evans recused himself “because his law firm, Patton Boggs, represents Marriott.” In addition to his Council salary of $125,000, Mr. Evans earns $240,000 a year from Patton Boggs, the country’s largest law and lobbying firm.

    Directly following the November 10 groundbreaking for the Convention Center hotel, at an upscale reception, I asked Councilmember Evans why he had recused himself. The powerful chair of the Finance and Revenue Committee, after having just answered my first question, abruptly turned and walked away.

    In an Oct. 27 article at DC Watch (“Evans Didn’t File Required Conflict Statement”), Hanrahan writes: “If a conflict of interest falls in the DC government forest and no one hears it, is it still a conflict of interest? In other words, what good are the District of Columbia’s conflict of interest laws if no one will enforce them?”

  88. #88

    Couple things, Really.

    First of all, I'd like to call your attention to the following line in that missive: "Mr. Evans recused himself from voting on the matter"...

    And add another - Patton Boggs is not the country's largest law and lobbying firm. Not even the biggest law firm in DC...Skadden, Jones Day, Latham and Watkins, Kirkland Ellis, et al are all larger (in both attorneys and revenue).

    And this little rejoinder: Directly following the November 10 groundbreaking for the Convention Center hotel, at an upscale reception, I asked Councilmember Evans why he had recused himself. The powerful chair of the Finance and Revenue Committee, after having just answered my first question, abruptly turned and walked away. - Seems like the author had a thin skin. He got his question answered after all...

    I'm no fan of Jack Evans, but your "article" needs to be a little more well-researched.

    Oh, and by the way, Vince Gray is also a huge supporter of the Marriott project at the convention center.

    I guess it's back to more vague "rules for us and rules for y'all" nonsense for you. Enjoy.

  89. #89

    Nawh Bitch you started the personal attacks first. Your stupid ass has a short memory....but it's your style. Go back it re-read your shit.

  90. #90

    Rake...again we want to gloss over the glaring...which is "After spending years guiding the deal from its infancy" which if we go by the laws of LL readers like you self. One would think that aside from his salary that he received a kickback.

    And he didn't file a conflict of interest report?

    So again another politican blowing off rules.

    Is it right no, but you didn't see blog after blog written about it, nor did you see folks like yourself commenting about.

    Truth hurts!

  91. #91

    Geez, this might be the most exciting weeks on a blog I have every been involved with. We should have a Wrestlemania to support all this channelled aggression. I know I sure as hell wouldn't might a cage match vs. GurleyMan. Give him the stone cold stunner and toss Lincoln Navigator coupons everywhere ahahahah just kidding


  92. #92

    For you Rake!

    Hanrahan continues, “[C]ouncil members who recuse themselves — in the language of Municipal Regulations… “shall prepare a written statement describing the following: (a) The matter requiring action or decision, and (b) The Nature of the potential conflict of interest with respect to such action or decision” and then “shall deliver a copy of the statement to . . .The Board of Elections and Ethics, in care of General Counsel, . . .The Director of the Office of Campaign Finance” and the “Chairman of the Council.” This is not some mere technicality: It is spelled out clearly and succinctly in the law — and Evans has not complied.”

    Hanrahan writes, “In answer to my FOIA requests, the OCF, the BOEE, and Gray’s office all stated that Evans had not filed such a mandated statement. This means that Councilmember Evans has been in violation of the city’s conflict of interest law and regulations for the last sixteen months (to say nothing of the DC Bar’s conflict of interest standards) — and neither the OCF, the BOEE, nor Chairman Gray has done anything about it. Nor, apparently, do they intend to do anything about it.”

    In a recent interview at his house near Dupont Circle, Hanrahan said, “This saga goes back really to June and July of 2009 when the Convention Center hotel financing package was coming up for action by the Council.

    “And bear in mind, this was a project that was near and dear to Jack Evans’ heart. He brought this thing along. If you’re a business person, you’d say he did a masterful job of bringing it along, getting it right up to the moment of passage by the council, and with this big subsidy for Marriott.

    “So in late June, and on into July, suddenly, almost out of the blue, on five separate occasions… he suddenly recused himself and did not offer any explanation… [T]he Examiner newspaper on July 1st 2009 said that the reason he recused himself was because his law firm, that Patton Boggs represented Marriott. Marriott was one of their clients.

    “Subsequently leaders of the Committee of 100 and the Federation of Citizens Associations wrote Mr. Evans and Chairman Gray a letter saying, ‘What was this all about, this recusal? Please explain what this is, when did this apparent or potential conflict kick in… they asked him a whole bunch of questions. The upshot of it was that there was never any response from either Mr. Evans or Chairman Gray.

    “So this recusal was in place without any explanation for it. Then months and months went by and suddenly there was a problem for the Convention Center hotel — a lawsuit filed by another company involving Marriott.

    “Without getting into the complications of that lawsuit, [it] was gonna hold up any further progress on the Convention Center Hotel. At this point, according to both the Washington Post and the Washington Business Journal, Jack Evans worked behind the scenes to put the deal back on track, to get the warring parties to settle their lawsuit.

    “This is just ridiculous and outrageous that someone who has recused himself from the matter – recuse means you don’t involve yourself in it at all, at any level – he’s back in the middle of it again, and he’s steering the deal into fruition. And, sure enough, he was successful. He and the Attorney General, I believe, held closed door meetings and got the parties back on track and the Convention Center hotel goes ahead.”

  93. #93

    Careful - careful, Really.

    "One would think that aside from his salary that he received a kickback."

    This statement broadly constitutes libel...evidence? Where's the truth there?

    Should I just wait five minutes and post "there are rules for us and rules for y'all" in response for you?

    ONE CITY: Sketchy characters, no integrity, less leadership.

  94. #94

    @TheAngryVoter bahahahaha! Your right and as I stated before while I don't agree with everyone and try not personally attack anyone, unless provoked *side eye to Wendy* I do enjoy the back and forth and I'm happy that we have folks who are engaged in DC politics.

    Now back to your corner in the ring Angry Voter.

  95. #95

    Rake...well well well...I see my point is stuck in your head.

    Rake said "This statement broadly constitutes libel...evidence? Where's the truth there?"

    Bahahaha. Yup Rake and that's exactly what rules for "us" did with statements like “indictments” and “money laundering” So where is the truth? It's all an assumption at this point.

    And Rake what about his failure to file the conflict of interest report.

    But again...let's say one more time class there are rules for ya'll and rules for us.

  96. #96

    Who said anything about money laundering? Apart from your baseless kickback allegation, that is...

    A conflict of interest form should have been filed. On that, I agree. Oh, and what side does Vince Gray fall on with regard to rules for "us" and "y'all", since as chairman he should have been the one requesting, then demanding, that a form be filed?

    Aside from that, you're funny, Really. Generally mis-informed, but funny nonetheless. Can't say I blame you - gonna be a long for years or so listening to "I told you so's" every week.

  97. #97

    @Tony, I get my information from history. You know, the history of blacks being denied the right to even vote until just a few decades ago in a country that has existed for well over 200 years. You know, the history of blacks who were forced to live in segregated sections of this town and forced to attend segregated schools. You know, the history of blacks being denied the right to hold elected office in this great city until the recent past. You know, the history of blacks being denied good paying city government jobs when whites held power in this city. You know, the history of blacks being denied city contracts when the whites held power in this city. You know, the history of blacks being subjected to the very same double standards that they are being subjected to today.

  98. #98

    Rake...please see *side eye* Wendy's comment. Hell see the majority of the comments that folks posted.

    Now you saying as the Chairman, which I agree with, but what about your OUTRAGE? Why didn't you call for him to resign or a recall?

    Did you read them are you focusing your special attention just on me? I know I look good, but focus!

  99. #99

    @Rake, maybe a clarification is in order. I do think having the OCF investigate the matter is cause for concern. However, based on the findings, this isn't a "special" case deserving the attention it has received.

    You castigated Brown for brazenly and repeatedly lying. I consider Bill Clinton or Michelle Bachman as an example of that. IMO, what Kwame did amounts to telling a white lie because he was trying to save face, not embezzle money.

    None of the things YOU brought up amount to a legitimate call for his resignation and it was w/in that vein that I initially responded to you.

  100. #100

    Lol'z, SEis4ME, you One Citidiots are too much fun.

    You castigated Brown for brazenly and repeatedly lying. I consider Bill Clinton or Michelle Bachman as an example of that. IMO, what Kwame did amounts to telling a white lie because he was trying to save face, not embezzle money.

    --- and Bill Clinton didn't lie (brazenly, repeatedly) to save face (re: Lewinsky)?!?!?!

    Now "white lies" and "brazen lies" are their own category - HA! Good clarification. Quality is Job #1 in ONE CITY...

    And that's 100 posts - I'm out!

  101. #101

    darn, posted too quick. SEis4Me, Clinton's lie (Lewinsky) is different than Kwame's how, exactly, since we've now apparently drawn the line between white lie and brazen lie at embezzling money...

  102. #102

    Well Rake, Clinton lied under oath and was later impeached. Seems like a big distinction to me.

    And yes, white lies and brazen lies are in their own categories. I would imagine that's why if you asked anyone whether there was a distinction, they'd say yes - save you of course.

    But I see your angle, when you can no longer accuse me of being a Kwame lover, you think of something else.

  103. #103

    Tony, your history is factual but that does not give those corrupt people a free pass.

  104. #104

    To the person who stated there are double standards for Black pols and White pols in DC...Let me tell you why it's easy to believe so but it doesn't have to be so. First of all, the Black councilmembers sitting on that dais see, hear, and know far more corruption, theft, and waste among their peers than we, the voting public, EVER will. They are charged with providing oversight of every agency, contract, deal, and relationship doling out DC taxpayers' dollars. They are petty cowards and crooks and have NEVER called out a White colleague for any wrongdoing or appearance of such. They don't do their homework and are too afraid Catania might "read them." They believe the White man has the coldest ice. They are simply just too darn happy to ALWAYS be invited to the party but NEVER insist on having a seat at the meeting. Their antics prove this select group, or at least too many of them, are hankerchief-head field slaves who are banjo-strumming happy Massa is willing to at least throw them a morsel of chickenbacks and pig feet. A disgusting lot they are indeed. Collectively, they have power and don't know what to do with it. In fact, they would rather abuse it than use it. This city has been pre-dominately inhabited and run by Blacks and yet our so-called leadership is solely responsible for letting the wolf into the henhouse. They are giving this city away with perks, incentives, and free passes because they are too dense to educate themselves on effective governing, money management or economic development. They face ridicule for the most assinine things and too many times do not appear but rather "prove" themselves to be 39 watts short of a 40-watt bulb. I believe in and have tried to support my own but my mother always said, "Do cry over nobody that won't shed a tear for you!" Full disclosure: I did not and have never voted for Vince Gray, Kwame Brown, or Yvette Alexander. As a Ward 7 resident, they make me puke! I wish I could place each of them on a DCPS test and let those second-guessing children ERASE their sorry behinds.

  105. informed_underserved_voter

    Currently at a meeting in Ward 4, called by CM Barry to address concerns with the operations of our ANC. He has summarily dismissed and shutdown the citizens who have attempted to speak on their concerns, many of whom have had no success escalating these concerns (malfeasance) for years, and to multiple authoritative agency. There is atmosphere of contempt towards citizens in this room, that is endemic, citywide.

  106. #106

    WTF is Barry doing in 4? Is is dialysis clinic there?

  107. informed_underserved_voter

    Drez..he's chair of the committee which has oversight over the ANCs. ANC4B has been a mess for years and operates like a fiefdom. For years, several of us have pushed complaints to the council, OCF and DC Auditor, who have refused to investigate our claims. Barry told us (citizens) that he wasn't going to discuss our concerns and if we "don't like how the ANC is run, then run for a seat". That seems to be the quick answer to taxpayers who actively pursue accountability. He also told us that the ANC is primarily charged with maintaining the interests of the city, not the residents. Go figure.

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