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New DOES Director Is Out (Updated)

Department of Employment Services Acting Director Rochelle Webb is hastily departing District employment, Councilmember Michael A. Brown just confirmed to LL, who would like to thank his tipster for the heads up!

Brown declined to share the details on why Webb is leaving or whether she was fired or resigned. LL will update as those details become available.

Webb's been in the news lately for having a chauffeured driver during her first two months on the job, staying at the W hotel for a month, and because her son was one of a handful of children of top aides in the Gray administration to get city jobs (he later resigned).

Stay tuned for more.

Update: According to sources, Webb was fired.

Update No. 2: The reasons for Webb's firing aren't yet clear. According to one source, the chauffeur, the W hotel, and her son's job had a cascading effect that led to her dismissal.

The Gray administration just put out the following statement, which basically says nothing:

Today Mayor Vincent C. Gray, after consultation with At-Large Councilmember Michael Brown, Chairman of the Committee on Housing and Workforce Development, has withdrawn the nomination of Dr. Rochelle Webb as the Director of the Department of Employment Services (DOES).  Brown’s committee has oversight of the agency.

DOES Operating Officer, Lisa Mallory, will serve as the interim director until the Mayor nominates a permanent director.  Mayor Gray thanks Dr. Webb for her service to the residents of the District of Columbia.

Update No. 3:

Here's a copy of Webb's receipts for her month-long stay at the W hotel. Her room cost $181 a night and she never ordered room service or a movie.

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  • Rake

    Ah, the One City saga continues....so long Ms. Webb. We'll always have the W - at least the bill for it, anyway.

    I'm sure with a Ph.d from such a fine institution she'll land on her feet, or at least in a chauffeured vehicle.

    Hopefully this "departure" signals that Vince is finally waking up to the mess that surrounds him. Of course, it does leave a seat in the administration to be filled. I'm sure the 200-day plan has it covered.

  • TheAngryVoter

    No one man should have all this power. Kanye West for Mayor!!!


  • Damn Shame

    Finally the city had someone who was doing the right thing on the job and they axe her. Wonder what she knows giving that she is schedule to testify on April 7th. That should make for good popcorn entertainment.

    Did anyone else notice the coincidence in her firing before her scheduled testimony???

  • Employment

    It's amazing how much damage one person could do in 3 months. Gray is showing a bit of courage (that has been very lacking) in cutting losses now. "Dr." Webb was a joke. Good riddance.

  • Southeast Ken

    Didn't this woman just arrived to D.C. from Arizona?


  • Educated are you?

    Hey Rake, where is you PhD from. Do you even know what Ph D stands for? (quick go to google) If you would have done your research, you'd know she has a DM. And I found that through google. Regardless of where it's from she did the time and spent the money to finish it. Lord knows I'm still paying on my student loans. ugh.....

  • Southeast Ken

    Charlie Sheen for mayor! LOL LOL

  • Rake

    @Educated- Princeton, actually. 2004 vintage.

  • Educated are you?

    Rake, where is Princeton? lol Do you even know. lol

    I mean ,I know Uncle Phil went there....

  • Rake

    @Educated, believe what you will. Matters not to me. Good luck paying those loans.

  • Damn Shame

    Now this sounds very fishy. We thank you for your service, but we will show you the door. There is more to this. LL please find out!

  • DCAllDay

    Maybe this is the best thing for Dr. Webb. This government is jacked up in every direction.

  • Southeast Ken

    Alright for attending an Ivy League school in Princeton, New Jersey. It must be nice to be white, wealthy, and attended Princeton? My parents barely could afford to send me to Howard and back then, I recieved a Grant that I didn't have to pay back to the federal government. This was in the 70's.

  • WebbSlinger

    Is Webb eligible for unemployment?

  • GhettoConfucius

    Gray's got to take the blame for this additional dubious fiasco, but he needs to question those advising and making recommendations to him. And maybe stop listening to them immediately.

    Like Barry said, "If you're in a hole, the first thing you do is stop digging." Wonders never cease: Words of wisdom from an Ass.

  • DCAllDay

    So she got the rate that all the neighboring governments get. Why was this such a big deal, if the money was already accounted for in relocation expenses. Ahh that's right. Because she got it and we didn't.

    In the words of Clayton Bigsby, "If you go some hate in your heart, let it out!"

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  • OutsidersNotWelcome

    Just goes to show if you are not a native Washingtonian they will spit you out. DCist is reporting Webb would not "play nice" in other words conform to the norm this city has seen. Too bad she didn't get a chance to implement her plans for DOES.

  • Cherita Whiting Lives

    I'm still going strong in DC baby. Felonies and all!!! I have no post graduate degrees except for the degree of hard knocks! I'm Ms. Untouchable.

  • Dingus Khan

    Webb suffered from wrong place at the wrong time, so Gray disposed of her like a tissue. Another difference from Fenty.

  • Southeast Ken

    LOL LOL LOL LOL@Cherita Whiting Lives; your comment made my day as I am watching 'Two and Half Men' reruns on the WB Channel.

    My question, will this person be next?

    Charlie Sheen for mayor!

  • Rah Rah DC

    It's great that Mayor Gray is bringing forth change while you argue of degrees, locations, and etc the people suffer the problem with most is that once in office you forget the mission statement(google that) People are suffering and those in office is seeking perks..get real and find a solution for the city

  • Jane

    Ms. Webb rubbed many people the wrong way. She not only stayed at the W for a month, was chauffeured on tax payers dime, made sure her son got a job. She also had her entire staff accompany her to DC and pushed others out of the agency to make room for her friends.

  • Maximillian

    This is the quintessential "Emperor's New Clothes" situation. What you had in Webb was an individual who felt that she did not have to build relationships in this government. Rather, she threw her employees under the bus, threatened employees and brought in under-qualified, overpaid staff (e.g., Stephanie Reich) to tell her how great she was.

    She is a case study in how NOT to lead an organization. Arizona can have her back!!

  • Southeast Ken

    Will she be eligible for unemployment?? LOL LOL

  • Southeast Ken

    I am a native Washingtonian and I have never thought about leaving home to take another job in another city. This woman packed up everything and moved to D.C. from Arizona. One would think, she would have something in writing to guarantee something like this would not happen. I can't imagine being offered a job in Miami, Florida and I pack up my wife, kids, and move there to be later told within a few weeks, I am terminated. I know, people move to different cities all the time for employment. This would be devastating to me. At least here in D.C., if I am terminated from a position, I have family, friends, and I know my way around the city.

  • Kate

    @Southeast Ken - that's not the way employment agreements work in the real world.

    In the rest of the world not having ever left the place you were born in is not considered the plus that it is here in DC. There is a whole wide world out there. I suggest checking it out someday.

  • Southeast Ken

    Kate who are you to judge me. My wife and I have travel throughout the Caribbean and Europe over the years. I never said, I have never been out of District. There are a lot of people, both black and white who have never moved from their hometown to seek employment.

  • Southeast Ken

    @Kate, there are many native New Yorkers who have never left NYC to seek employment because they feel New York City is the best place to live on the planet earth. The same go for natives of Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Miami, Los Angeles, Greensboro, N.C., Durham, N.C., Atlanta, Ga. etc.

  • Go West Webb

    Webb was in the position for less than 90 days. A lot of people lost their jobs at DOES in that short period of time and it wasn't due to performance. Damn shame and now she's gone. #getitogethergray!!!

    @Cherita- SMDH!

  • Dr Pangloss

    Webb suffered from wrong place at the wrong time, so Gray disposed of her like a tissue. Another difference from Fenty.

    Pretty amusing the standards some DC residents hold: woman stays at W for a month (at the cost of something like $5500), assigns a chauffer to drive her around, puts her child on the payroll, etc, etc..

    This woman apparently thought she was appointed head of the "Department of Gettin' Paid." Good riddance. It's no longer 1989.

  • TomFoolery

    Dr. Pangboss, that would be a solid point if it wasn't for the fact that people in her own shop recommended to her that she stay at the W. I have met this woman and she is nothing like what people are portraying her.

  • Hrm…

    Tom is right, the person Lisa Mallory the new interim director actually suggested the W...talk about shady....why is no one talking about her? The people that were fired when Webb came in, were fired at the suggestion of Mallory....and Mallory makes a hefty pay check for being a deputy director over there...I have a very close friend who sits in that office and that person told me that Mallory has been orchestrating this for a while and was mad she was not made the director prior to Webb being appointed.....funny Mallory also took personal days last week, same days web was fired....also, how could Webb get a job for her son if a willing party would not hired him, mallory's fiancé the fire chief was the one that hired webs son....even more shady...there is more than one party to blame...I have never met Webb, but i was told by my friend in her office that webb was a breath of fresh air compared to Joe walsh who was a douche bag racist....

  • Cause everything on the internet is true..

    Maximillian- ms. reich was appointed to DOES from the campaign, she came in prior to Webb with a position and salary negotiated, just like Mr. leroy ellis, he too was from the campaign making 125k a year as a special assistant...she didn't hire them she inherited them...that’s the truth...oh by the way, ms. Reich is a lawyer, with license to practice in both New York state and DC…I would call that qualified….her staff from AZ came with a seriously large amount of experience, all from workforce development, with degrees and MBA’s…why don’t you do your due diligence before running your dumb a@@ mouth…

  • TomFoolery

    Sure seems to be more to this story than the city wants us to know!!!

  • Terry Miller

    All this stuff is overblown, and everyone knows it, even those that cry the loudest. It would perfectly OK if Fenty did it (and he did it for sure), but it is wrong if Gray doe?. Many agencies in D.C. government had to find jobs for "Fenty" people. The agency head was called up and told to make room, whether then needed it or not. I guess that was okay because Fenty did it?

    By the way, Fenty threw a lot of people away like used tissues, including another former Director of DOES, who did what he ordered in the summer youth employeement program, and was fired for it.

  • Andrew

    She was brutal, would not take advice from others - pushed change without building a team. She did not learn her environment and was heartless in her decision. Her style and professional intuition was absent - not the mission and the ability. I hope she learns from it. We do have very capable professionals locally - let’s try to get it right this time Mr. Mayor.

  • HaHa

    Who would want to build a team with flunkies lik you Andrew. Whoever takes this position is doomed from the jump. I wouldn't build a team with the corrupted from DC either. And that my friends is why she was punished.

  • http://windows Arizonian

    Dr.Webb got exactly what was coming to her! she manipulated her way as well as others with unethical acts long before she left Arizona. It was a pleasure to see her relocate to include the others that were led by her coat tail leaving their longtime positions with AZ Dept Economic Security, all done out of greed. I just hope they dont return, their all yours D.C.

  • Really

    Well I was going to wait and see what she did and I guess I never get the chance. Bahahahahah!

    DOES plays such a critical function from Unemployment, employment compensation, one-stops, youth employment etc., especially in times like these. We don't have the time to keep playing musical chairs.