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Wilmot Agrees to Pay $180,000 Over Group Homes

LL mentioned in his last column that new Attorney General Irv Nathan had reached a tentative settlement with beloved group home leader and lobbyist David Wilmot, who former Attorney General Peter Nickles slapped late last year with a $240,000 fine and a threat to take away six of Wilmot's group homes for the developmentally disabled. Nickles sued then settled with Wilmot's non-profit group home provider, Individual Development Inc, in 2009 over alleged mistreatment of its residents.

Now the second settlement is official and its details are available for public view. Wilmot agreed to have IDI pay $180,000 to the District over the next six months. (It's worth noting that IDI relies entirely on public funding.)  Wilmot says in court records that the fines were imposed in error and the settlement is a "compromise solely for the purpose of ending the litigation." In return, the city won't take away IDI's group homes.

A court monitor for a federal court class-action case wrote in a February report that there have been recent improvements at IDI, which has "some promising initiatives underway to resolve longstanding problems." But, the monitor wrote, "continued monitoring is necessary to assess whether improvements and plans of correction can be sustained over time."

  • Watchthemoney

    Mayor Gray how long are you going to let Thomas D Bridenbaugh have a conflict of interest with the Office of Public Education Facilities Modernization ( OPEFM.dc.gov}. How long are city officials going to let the son - in - law of Turner Construction select contractors for DC School projects with a unaudited budget of $2 Billion plus dollars ??
    The top contracting adviser to the former DC school czar Allen Lew is the son - in - law of and executive whose company company has netted tens of millions in contracts from Allen Lew.
    Thomas D Bridenbaugh is the leading procurement consultant in Lew's agency, he has total control over lucurative deals in the $2 Billion - plus school facilities agency.
    Thomas D Bridenbaugh is also the husband of Rachel Engers, daugther of Turner Construction manager Tom Engers. The couple married in July 2005.
    Turner Construction & Tom Engers have been one of Lew's go - to contractors for more than a decade.
    Thomas D Bridenbaugh , Tom Engers and Allen Lew have worked together for more than 12 years.
    Turner Construction is also bidding on a $100 million dollar Dunbar or Cardozo High school renovation project this year.
    Mayor Gray has now made Allen Lew a City Administrator I would how many contracts Turner construction will get from City Adminstrator Allen Lew?????

  • Twin

    Proverty Pimp!

  • Rick Mangus

    What a slap on the wrist this was, there is NO JUSTICE in this city!

  • itsjustamess

    Don't worry...with all the scandals yet to unfold in the District, I daresay there won't be any threat or reason of a reduction-in-force for the FBI.