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Promises Made, Promises Broken

Harry Thomas Jr.

The first time Ward 5 Councilmember Harry Thomas Jr. was ordered by a judge to hand over financial information related to his Team Thomas organization to the Office of the Attorney General, Thomas held a news conference to make a big show of his insistence that he had nothing to hide and was publicly disclosing the requested information.

Thomas said Team Thomas wasn't the unregulated slush fund his political enemies had alleged, but rather a non-profit group aimed at promoting youth sports like baseball and golf. Thomas added that Team Thomas represented his life's work, and he wasn't going to let a politically motivated investigation launched by former Attorney General Peter Nickles smear its good name.

(This much we know about Team Thomas: It is some sort of organization that has sold expensive baseball lessons; organized free youth sport clinics; given away Thanksgiving turkeys; paid for Thomas' trips to Vegas and Florida, as well his Audi SUV; and received funding from District taxpayers and companies with business before the city. For more, see this old LL column.)

The second time Thomas was ordered by a judge to hand over financial information (this time with orders to produce specifics about who gave to Team Thomas and how the money they donated was spent), Thomas held no news conference.

In fact, there's been no way to confirm whether Thomas even complied with the judge's orders to hand over the second round of documents. The new attorney general, Irv Nathan, has been mum on Team Thomas except to say that he hopes his investigation finishes sometime this spring.

Thomas is the chairman of the D.C. Council's economic development committee, so it would be nice to know which developers and other business interests might have given him money, and how that money was spent.

So LL asked Thomas back in January if he planned on releasing to the public the second round of requested information, just like he did with the first.

Thomas said he would. Here's a section of a clip from a January 11 conversation between Thomas and LL at the Wilson Building:

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But yesterday, when news broke that the Office of Campaign Finance has launched a "preliminary investigation" of Team Thomas, Thomas said he had never promised to release the second round of documents to the public.

"I told you I would give them to the proper people," Thomas told LL. He added that he has to be "calculating" about what he publicly discloses because he "wasn't going to feed a fire" being fanned by his political enemies.

If you say so...

Photo by Darrow Montgomery


  1. #1

    Harry Thomas....what a jerk. I feel sorry for Ward 5, they should have never voted for an idiot like that guy. Nothing has changed since he has been in office. Literally nothing. He needs to stay off the golf course with his buddies from Stadium Strip Club and get on his J.O.B


  2. #2

    Can we recall Thomas? Ward 5 doesn't have a councilmember, they have an opportunist...and a not-so-sharp one at that.

  3. #3


  4. #4

    What about the Queen of all media, Miss Jim Graham? You can add Marion Barry, Yvette Alexander, Jack Evans, Kwame Brown, Michael Brown, and Muriel Bowser into the mix.

  5. #5

    Okay, Rick M., please stop screaming. I suspect you are the only sucker on this board. BTW, what is the ward where you live? We did not all vote for HTJ, in fact, I felt anyone except HTJ should win, both in 2006 and 2010. It is disappointing that name recognition has carried him this far.

    As a Ward 5 resident, I heartily agree with Wonder Woman's suggestion. Let's recall this idiot ASAP. I will be glad to circulate petitions and ensure we get legitimate signatures from registered voters.

  6. #6

    'Wendy Washington', I live in Ward 2, Stadium Jack's district and I wrote in Carol Schwartz for mayor!

  7. #7

    I thought his dad was just as awful.

  8. #8

    Two real gems from Ward 5: Vincent “The slime-ball” Orange and Harry “shit-bird” Thomas Jr. Inexplicably, Slime-ball Orange may be on the verge of returning to the DC political stage!

  9. #9

    Ok maybe I was wrong I thought gray and thomas used the DPR investigation as a Fenty smear campaign. I guess they just thought I was doing what they were doing. Never! If these guys have betrayed the peoples trust they should be held accountable. The gall they have to run good people into the ground while they are plotting and scheming on the DC voters is incredible. I hope Thomas can recall teamthomas details, have his bank records subpoenaed, and friends testify. Its the least he could do as a elected official. He did the same thing to private citizens.

  10. #10

    hey people) can not believe that you are surprised)) oh come on!!! it is politics! it will never change) they will never keep their promises and you never should believe them) simple rule) don't spoil yuor nerves on that) it doesnt worth that sacrifice..

  11. AnotherDCResident

    What all this scandal stuff smacks of is ineffective regulators in DC government.

  12. #12

    So, when is he truning over the documents? This can not be swept under the rug!!

  13. #13

    "turning" (sp)

  14. Respected Citizens

    DC residents will be glad when this ends, and the truth prevails on Team Thomas.

    There's no doubt, he's a Man that has not forgotten his roots, something non-identificable for Gray nor Fenty.

  15. #15

    Sincliar...really? I guess there is no honor among thieves. You smeared yourself.

  16. #16

    HA! The truth prevails... that is a good one "Respected Citizens". If Team Thomas was legit, HTJ would have complied and shared the financials long ago, rather than let the issue fester. But, he is a clown, so we'll go through this ordeal.

  17. #17

    This is all a great deal of bullsh..t. We knew who Harry was long before he took office. This is a smear against the voters, but again everyone is dipping in the pot. The citizens lose again. Watching this bullsh..t on the council is so painful. I love it, this is the end of his political career. Watching him die slowly. burn baby burn. There will be more. stay tuned....

  18. #18

    Knowing how dense HTJ is, I suspect there are no records for him to present. If there are records, they are so woefully inadequate that the OCF investigators will be ROFL at the idiot. That is why HTJ is taking so long to produce the requested records -- either that or he is still trying to fabricate them.

  19. #19

    I don't understand why the IRS is not involved. . . If Thomas claims this was a nonprofit and treated it as one, the actions are contrary to federal law.

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