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Kwame Brown Can’t Get No Respect

Council Chairman Kwame "Fully Loaded" Brown's standing among his colleagues appears to be pretty low these days. Navigatorgate obviously battered Brown's image with the public, but it appears it's also emboldened councilmembers to treat their leader like junior high students treat substitute teachers.

There's talk at the Wilson Building that Brown just doesn't have, and likely never will have after Navigatorgate, the level of respect councilmembers had for Mayor Vince Gray when he was chairman. Gray may be neck deep in his own problems right about now, but there was a general consensus that he was pretty good at holding the council together at his old gig.

The heartburn over Brown's leadership could be the kind of idle talk that comes whenever a new boss takes over, or it could be true, and Brown's at risk of losing control.

Rule of three, show us the way:

1) Ward 6 Councilmember Tommy Wells held a hearing last week on SUV procurement that thrust Brown's Navigator problems back into the news. LL hears Brown was downright pissed at Wells' decision to have a hearing, which lead to unflattering news stories about Brown's brief affair with luxury SUVs potentially costing the city upwards of $30,000. At the hearing, Wells took shots at Brown with references to "leaders" whose actions have undermined "the confidence of city's residents and beyond." Then Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans piled on, talking about how he wouldn't be "caught dead" in a taxpayer-funded ride. Were Gray still the chairman, there probably still would have been a hearing, but the tone might have been much softer. (Not to mention, would Gray have ordered up a fully loaded SUV as chairman?)

2) Two days before Wells' hearing, during a legislative meeting, Ward 5 Councilmember Harry Thomas Jr. and Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham had a spat in public view on the council dais. The topic: setting a date for a hearing that would allow a new craft brewery in Thomas' ward to offer tastings when it opens this summer. LL don't know how such a routine administrative matter wound up being fodder for an embarrassing cat fight, but it did, with Thomas threatening to force a vote on emergency legislation unless Graham set a specific date for a hearing.

"I would ask that you withdraw this," Graham said of Thomas' legislation after Graham promised to hold a hearing in early April.

“I would ask for a date certain, please," said Thomas.

“I don’t have a date," Graham replied.

“We can help, we can take a two minute delay and you can get me … I mean I’m serious about this. This affects the ability of a business to survive in the District of Columbia. And if that’s the case then I’ll just have my colleagues vote it up or down," said Thomas.

A few moments later, an exasperated Graham said: “Why are you hammering away at this in this way,"  When Thomas tried to interrupt, Graham cried: "Let me finish!”

To which Thomas replied: “Oh, I’m gonna let you finish.”

Yikes. LL heard that when their microphones were off, Graham and Thomas engaged in an even more heated exchanged that involved several naughty words.

Did this kind of exchanges happen when Gray was chairman? LL confesses to not having finished watching every archived hearing from the Chairman Gray era, but it did seem like Graham and Thomas cared not one iota for how bad their row made Brown look as chairman. It's hard to imagine they would have acted the same way when Gray was leading the council.

3) After Wells' hearing, interim at-large Councilmember Sekou Biddle's campaign released a statement calling on Brown to reimburse the city for the full cost of the Navigatorgate imbroglio. Brown has offered to reimburse the city for his use of the car, but is resisting paying back the full costs. Biddle, who is currently on the council thanks in no small part to Brown's efforts, is obviously trying to assert his own independence, and his actions should be viewed through the appropriate political lens. But it's telling that Biddle thought the rewards of bashing one of his political patrons outweighed whatever ire was sure to come his way from the chairman's office.

LL has a call into Brown and will update as needed.

One final note: it doesn't look like there's too many bright spots in Brown's near future. Brown's already acknowledged that a looming Office of Campaign Finance report on his 2008 campaign's finances is likely to hold more bad news for him. And there's a very real prospect of Biddle being replaced by Vincent Orange or Pat Mara, both of whom would make Brown's efforts at creating a harmonious council a lot more difficult.

  • StrangeFruit

    Sekou "Judas" Biddle will NOT get my vote!

  • itsjustamess

    @Calvin Gurley - You're punch-drunk. I've already knocked you the hell out, won the fight, and you still think we're in Round One. Go home. Nurse your wounds. Patch your eye. Tape up your ribcage and then if you're still feeling "determined" come back into the ring and I'll hit you with something so hard, it'll will jar your kinfolk in Africa.

    P.S. - I'm no Sir...I'm a LADY!!!!!

  • Calvin H. Gurley

    Itsjustamess why are you talking foolishly?

    “…Attend each of the upcoming candidates' forums and quiry folk present on why you were NEVER a serious contender in ANY race. Review your OCF reports and analyze the financial support you were able to garner. Search the internet news and blogs for any headline stories or breaking news on you…”

    Never a serious contender…ask V.Orange about that and his snake dealings in my campaign. And, ask again why the BOEE lied and submitted a false D.C. law to have my case dismissed by the D.C. Court of Appeals.

    Review your OCF reports. Why? To see how many candidates were bought off by developers, PEPCO and law firms? Or to see those who used the little money that they had to get elected as Kwame Brown in against Harold Brazil.

    Internet news and blogs for headline stories. Itsjustamess stay out of politics fore you don’t jack.

    Fool, the Wah. Post and City Paper and alike only run two horses in a mayor race. Only Fenty and Linda Cropp got most if not all the ink…with Marie Johns, Vicent Orange, Micheal Brown getting a few sentences. The local media only covers their selected candidates and if you are Black forget it . If you are connected to the white establishment you got press.

    Ask Alexander why he lashed out at the media [at a candidate’s forum] for failing to cover his mayoral election equally as they [media] did with Fenty and Gray?

    Why am I telling you this…you already know this –right? You Still….Don’t know jack.

  • Calvin H. Gurley

    Itsjustamess...I was correct!

    Still won't admit to your failure... with Hop Scotch politics. No backbone...no true nature.

    Still talking trash.

  • Calvin H. Gurley

    Itjustamess...your are correct I am wrong.

    I should had followed my Uncle's [George Gurley]advice never argue with a woman.

  • itsjustamess

    "Itsjustamess stay out of politics fore you don’t jack."

    Calvin Gurley - you stay out of politics for you can't WIN jack!

    If I am talking foolishly, then I am speaking your dialect. You called Vincent Orange a loser. I'm almost tempted to believe you for everyone knows it takes one to know one. And, you are the BIGGEST LOSER, aren't you? In fact, you wear two hats for you also are known as a REALLY BIG FOOL. Anyone who thinks our electoral process is so flawed, it should be blamed for every self-inflicted loss at the polls is just that a FOOL. Tell me, Calvin Gurley, when did you realize the system was out to "get you?" Yet, you still assert you are determined? To prove what? That you are a more unimproved buffoon than you were the last election cycle?

    Please, grow a thicker skin and stop all your darn whining. May I add, now would be a most opportuned time for you to locate your pants, pull them on, and zip them up? Or are you really trying to live up to your family name - Girley, sorry, Gurley!

  • TheAngryVoter

    HAHAHA if it isn't The Gurl name Calvin. Zip your mouth buddy, no one voted for you for chairman because you talk like a fool.

    I attended that Democratic State Committee Appointment meeting when they selected the interim At Large member, and my GOD it was beyond pathetic. Biddle clearly got elected because not just Kwame, but Barry and Harry "I Steal Money & please remember my Dad & Mom so I can win an election" Thomas was in the building threatening people for their votes & cutting deals.

    It was downright hilarious to the point where I kinda felt sorry for the Orange guy because you cant possibly go from tied votes, to councilmembers coming into the VOTING SECTION WITH VOTERS, PULLING THEM INTO CORNERS then walking out smiling as BIDDLE the RETARD WON smh.

    Kwame must have had something up his sleeve for Orange since he tore him a new hole for that bad debt.

    Gurley Face, Biddle becoming Interim At Large was a disgrace to the DC Democrats and showed how stupid & corrupt those fools are.

    You are bitter, weak, and upset that your campaign was so pathetic its crazy. Dorthy Douglas could get on the ballot and be a better candidate for a position than you can.

    The only way you will ever get into office is if you feast off the crumbs & coat tails that a fool would allow you to have in support.

    You have NO VOICE in the city, so you come on here and think you can talk your foolishness on the blog. This is by far the most loser like action I have ever witnessed in my life.


  • Calvin H. Gurley

    The AngryVoter…

    You fail to read my prior blog. You are wrong…”.. Kwame must have had something up his sleeve for Orange since he tore him a new hole for that bad debt..”

    This is the blog.
    Orange failed; the entire New York Avenue Market was forced to close due to Orange losing the deal/financing. Now, NY Ave. Market is another abandoned waste land.
    Ps. Orange went to Kwame [chairman of Econ./Development] as a last ditch effort to fund the NY Ave. development- Kwame turned his back on Orange. Orange swears revenge on Kwame Brown.

    SO THAT IS WHY ORANGE HAS A RANT AGAINST KWAME BROWN. What Democrat would turn another Democrat into the authorities [Bd of Elect/Ethics] to initiate an investigation into Kwame’s personal financial affairs?

    "Democrats don’t do that to other Democrats."

    Did not Orange before he spoke …APOLIGIZE if he did wrong when he revealed and put the BOEE on an investigation onto Kwame Brown’s personal financial mishaps?

    If you say yes, then why are you foolishly arguing with me?

    Kwame, Thomas and Barry did what someone told them to do. Why did the white councilmembers stated they were staying out this election?

    As a matter of fact. …the vote was Orange 30, Biddle 33 and the other candidate 7. I forget his name. However, that candidate of 7 votes told his support voters to go into a side room so he could converse them into giving Orange his 7 votes FOR THE NEXT VOTE!!

    How much corrupt was that when Barry, K. Brown and Thomas, Jr. did the same!!!

    I told Ron Edwards the announcer that the Democrats needed to be secluded from the audience FROM entering the seating area of the voters. Edwards declined my suggestion.

    NOW, tell Itjustamess –again what you stated since she don’t know jack about politics.

    The AngryVoter stated;
    1. “…Gurley Face, Biddle becoming Interim At Large was a disgrace to the DC Democrats and showed how stupid & “CORRUPT” those fools [Democratic State Committee] are.

    Are you reading this Itjustamess. I don’t argue with women like Itjustamess…as George Gurley indicated you can’t win.

    Itsjustamess…you don’t know jack about politics.
    Itsjustamess…is ignorant to the fact.

    That the BOEE switched software in the voting machine before the election. The approved software –approved by the Federal Election Commission was put aside and BOEE inserted another software. Read the post audit that BOEE is mandated to issue after each election.

    Itsjustamess…you don’t know jack. Leave politics alone until you are well read on the subject.

    I don’t mind educating you…but your ignorance show because you just don’t know JACK.

  • Calvin H. Gurley

    iTJUSTAMESS...STATED; "...Tell me, Calvin Gurley, when did you realize the system was out to "get you?"

    If you really want to know; give me your email and I will send you the BOEE lie and false submission of an erroneous D.C. law used to dismiss my appeal.

    Secondly, it was not the system as you might know it. I said V. Orange and I will not name the others.

    Itsjustamess...you are ignorant because YOU don't know Jack. So please don't go on ranting about your morals and righteousness and the way the system is through your limited and unfounded rose glasses.

    Secondly, you have already not admitted to your ignorance on your idiot Hop Scotch statement. Even when I reveal this BOEE case you still won’t admit to your ignorance.

    I talk facts people. And not the rhetoric and unfounded “how the world should be” empty talk you have been postulating.

    And that is another lesson I learned from George Gurley do your research and homework. I guess he was trying to warn me against ignorant folks like Itsjustamess.

    Itsjustamess I have enough of your ignorance.

    YOU are Correct and I am wrong. Your kicked my but.

  • TheAngryVoter

    Tsk Tsk Tsk, Gurley I know what I saw with my eyes and heard out of my ears your butt-buddy Kwame said and I quote "if you still want your contracts we agreed on, you will vote for Biddle & not Orange"

    I was shocked the chairman even had the audacity to threaten someone for a vote, it was beyond sickening. I have never witnessed a voter atmosphere like that and Im glad those politicians are suffering for this right now.

    Ward 7 & 8 are in terrible condition because Gray, Brown, Alexander, & Barry have done absolutely NOTHING to make any changes. NOTHING and they should be ran out of office immediately.

    What those councilmembers did that night were downright corrupt acts, they should not be at a vote threatening people for their ability to get city dollars for programs, instead they need to keep their behinds down at the Wilson Building and make the right decisions to move the city forward.

    Your true colors have shown Gurley, your more crazy than I thought. I bet Kwame gave you a tour of the city in his Navigator, and Thomas took you to Florida with him on the expense of Team Thomas.

    P.S. Biddle cannot hide from the shadows of Kwame Brown. Brown endorsed him, so he will fall right along with him. Biddle is weak and he challenged Brown to pay $30,000. Pathetic, he deserves to get thrown off the council like the rest of those money hungry criminals.


  • Calvin H. Gurley

    The Angry Voter stated: "... Kwame said and I quote "if you still want your contracts we agreed on, you will vote for Biddle & not Orange..."

    No problem...why are you arguing? I was not privy to what you heard. I do know as you do...that no one was supposed to corrupt the voters who were secluded in the front of the room.

    If you read my response between your anger…I stated I went to Ronnie Edwards to stop this side campaigning for either candidate by outside interest. You don’t read –Angry Voter.

    What colors are you talking about? I rave the same as you in all my blogs. Ward 7 had a solid THREE VOTES ON THE COUNCIL AND WARD 7 did not benefit from this majority on the Council.

    The Sopranos would have gotten more with those three councilmembers in their pockets than anything that Ward 7 residents never gotten.

    Angry Voter you can argue with yourself…just correctly read what is written before you comment.

  • itsjustamess

    @Calvin Gurley - You just don't get it...I could give a rat's behind about anything concerning you. You are a non-factor, indescript, insignificant, rubbish, debris, waste. Get it now? Probably not. You are pitiful indeed. Stop trying to convince yourself that you serve some higher calling to educate "us poor ignant folk" who are just are too illiterate and brainwashed to understand you're the second coming of Christ. You are unbelievably weak. You have allowed me to get up under your skin and into your bloodstream with such ease, I am regretful at having broken you down to a mere decimal. I am going to take leave in torturing you now, I want to the cause of St. Elizabeth's patient enrollment ballooning. Take care.

  • Calvin H. Gurley

    Itsjustamess…still attacking with no substance just your hurt feelings and uncontrolled emotions.

    Cheap, that you cannot have discourse with the facts and your failed” Hop Scotch” to the mayor office incorrect comment so you go after the messenger/person.

    If I offended you with my assertiveness than perhaps you are not ready for this. I speak from which I research and attend meetings, the Wash Pos. or the Television are not my sources. If it offends you that it’s coming from me…then that is a self-inflicted problem you have to rise above.

    Maybe you are more accepting of the names Malcolm, Kwame Torre, the Black Eagle or Mr. Bernie on radio WOL, or Petty Greene.


    iTJUSTAMESS...STATED; "...Tell me, Calvin Gurley, when did you realize the system was out to "get you?"

    You don’t know the system [at the candidate’s level]…because you are not in the system and have never been in the system. Madam.

    But, if you are willing to listen [don’t have to accept it]; Pat Mara [Republican At-Large Candidate] forge around 300 signatures on the petition to get his name on the Special Election Ballot. BOEE’s states that if forgeries are found then the entire petition ballot will be invalidated. Guess what? BOEE placed Mara name on the April 26 ballot anyway.

    Anthony Wms. did not have it so good. BOEE review of Wms. petition forgeries forced Wms off the ballot so he was forced to perform a write-in.

    The Director [some several vowels in his name from Virginia] stated he was not allowing voters to receive the stub off their ballot [receipt] after their cast their vote…and he was not giving anyone a reason why. Meeting in Ward 4 summer 2010.

    My dear…why do you think you are excluded? The system is not after ME the system is after all BLACK REGISTERED VOTERS –who continue to vote in the District.

    Did you read the BOEE’s post election audit of the voting machines? Well, I researched it. And as I said in the last blog – BOEE changed from the pre-approved Federal Election Commission’s voting machine software package and inserted a non-approved software package days before the election. Washington Post or this City Paper did not report this.

    Itjustamess…you are a hater- nor are you privy to the challenges, herculean tasks to get petition signatures in the zero winter temperature cold or hot summer temperatures and you [forget or ignorant] of those government employees who quit their jobs as result of the Hatch Act to try to change the ways of this corrupt, crooked, self-interest government.

    A young man left his job at Godard Space Agency [Charles Gaither]to run against Muriel Bowser. D. Hunter left his law practice to run in a prior year’s At-Large race. You like the Wash., Post ridicule a candidate whose campaign treasury cannot reach the $100,000. Mark.

    A clear sign that you are not thinking [you are just emotions]; that developers, big business, connected law firms names are written all on that DONATED money when A “Sell –OUT” candidate’s treasury reaches to that level.

    You are free to criticize or ridicule any candidate who tries. But you forget or hide when someone in the Black community have to cross the line and step up to bring change to this corrupt, hate Black folks government. And, the change can only happen at the Council level because that is where $10 billion dollar budget is controlled.

    Whatever, courage, gumption or revelation that a person has [in the midst of no Wash.post endorsement, no contributions from Developers, elite old D.C. family business, Marriott Family connections] to run for office to bring change…no one who has not done the same should NOT have the right to ridicule his or her attempts. Should they do ridicule the candidate…it just shows that they are haters.

    Itsjustamess…keep your hate to yourself. Madam.

  • itsjustamess

    Calvin Gurley - Are you still pissing on your own shoes? My goodness! Let it go already. You are so ignorant and hard-pressed to have an exchange with anybody, you're hell-bent on carrying on this psuedo-argument with me and I dismissed you long ago. Get a life! Are you really this anal? You're the ignorant one because if you were to ever find out who I am, you would deep-sea dive into a swamp. I am very well connected. There is not a person involved in politics that I have not been associated with. You are not included because you've never been INVOLVED in politics, you just run darn near every time there's an election. Your name-dropping does little to impress me. I am very well acquainted with Charles Gaither and have been so since the early 90s. I also know and have worked with D. Hunter. Anyone else you care to name? I am more known and RESPECTED than you will EVER be city-wide. I have helped mayors, councilmembers, anc commissioners, and school board members get elected in this city for years. I have attended more Democratic National Conventions than I can recall. Every major protest, I was front and center. I've probably been quoted far more times in the media than you've gotten votes in an election. I've done national campaigning long before Obama. If only you knew, I've even been in your sorry, pitiful presence more times than I care to remember. A few of those forums where you performed disasterously, I was there. In fact, last year at the Ward 8 Endorsement Forum, I sat so close to you, I could have shot a wart off your nose with a tic tac. So see, you are really the ignorant one. You're both ignorant and arrogant. You don't know and you don't care. Now please, don't bother writing me back 'cause I'm about to pluck you off like a roach on a fat man's sandwich. I'm done entertaining your BITCHING! MAN-UP and MOVE ON, why don't you?

  • http://citypaper Tony

    Itjustamess and Calvin, Willie Lynch is very happy with you two negroes arguing over drivel. Grow Up!

  • Calvin H. Gurley

    Dear Madam…Itsjustamess.

    I have read your - I this, I done this, I help him, I help her…I’s. Did Obama or Mayor Gray offer you a job?

    Your hate has shown in the past few blogs. However, what’s more revealing is from the level and from the low life, nasty unappealing environment in which you find reference of speech and comments.. Pissing on shoes, Shot a wart off , roaches…these references are surely not from the mind of an individual or well respected woman who have done so much in history.\

    Tony…you are correct; I will end this and not give Willie Lynch any ideas.

  • JudgeAdams

    I am glad Vincent Orange is running for At Large because I think he is the right candidate for the position.

    He is a CPA & Lawyer, and I think it is important if our city wants to move forward that we have professional people who will not make DC look like a first class joke.

    Regardless of what you say, Orange contributed to McKinley Tech coming back, the economic development emerging in Ward 5, the 10,000 summer jobs provided to our youth (yes kids from my community had the opportunity to work during that time)and creating jobs for people in various communities.

    I like Baseball as well, so I thought DC bringing the Nationals to the area and how that part of town has blossomed is amazing. If they didn't do something about that area at the time, it would still be a mess.

    Orange is my guy and I cannot wait until he gets back in office!

  • Really

    Just because Orange is a CPA/ "I'm a lawyer" in my TMZ voice doens't mean shit. They can be corrupt and slimy.

    Orange loves the spotlight and he's just as bad as Jacky poo. He's can be brought. He left the Ward 5 seat because we were too small time for him. He needed a bigger pool to swim in.

    He raised a freakin electric and I still have an issue of how he handled the "new town" deal.

    Ya'll can hammer Calivn about his participation in the poltical arena, but his points and what went down are correct.

    @Tony...I feel you!

  • Really

    Oh and during construction of the nationals stadium he didn't want to allow the jobs to be unionized.

  • TheAngryVoter

    @Really you sound like a retard. Orange worked in Government Operations for Pepco, the only people that have leverage towards raising rates is the utilities rates & regulatory committee. So you argument at this point SUCKS!

    If Orange can be brought, then why in the hell is he NOT in any scandals but the Mayor Gray, Kwame Brown, and Harry Thomas have been in scandals. You argument again SUCKS.

    The New Town project didn't go through because the other idiots on the council did not support the initiative. They wanted those dollars to go to other projects.

    Harry Thomas hasn't done jack squat for Ward 5, and how can you hate on someone for having other aspirations? You must tell your kids, not to succeed because you dont want them to be better than others. Or your pissed that Kwame & Gray left the at large & chairman seat to become chairman & mayor.

    Get real retard, are you so twisted in your own faults that you despise progression?

    Its one thing to talk about facts and who can honestly get shit done, its another to be in your feelings and talk trash because someone didnt kiss your ass like you wanted them too.


  • http://distcurm.blogspot.com/ IMGoph

    I just want to see one Orange supporter tell me why they support him without using one of his talking points.

    Give me something original. Give me something he doesn't use in his stump speech.

  • Calvin H. Gurley

    The Angry Voter…Relax. Give “REALLY” A BREAK

    –NO need in calling names.

    If you knew the following you would be calling everyone “a retard”.

    Biddle campaign manager the President of the Ward 4 Democrats is a PEPCO official also.

    However, when you lose a campaign [Harold Brazil/V.Orange] and PEPCO picks you up with a JOB –to feed your family…don’t you owe them something?

    Debbie Jarvis...daughter-in-law of honorable Charlene Drew-Jarvis.

    Remember those PEPCO managers and rank & file employees all have PEPCO stock…that includes V.Orange. And, all stockholders blue collar worker or someone who works in PEPCO Government Operations want their stock to increase in value –by way of increasing D.C. residents’ electrical rates/bill.

    PEPCO has had its hand in D.C. politics way before their God-child Sharon Pratt Dixon became Mayor.

    PEPCO was so connected to the U.S. Congress that it refused to allow the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency [EPA] inspectors into the Benning Road Plant to inspect the contamination of toxin into the Potomac or the air emissions that was giving residents upper respiratory problems.

    Guess what no fines or court appearances…Congress covered PEPCO all-the-way.

    Remember Eddie Murphy’s Distinguish Gentleman movie and the Energy Committee [Murphy sat on] was protecting the Electric Company. When the young girl tore Murphy away from the committee shenanigans as she revealed her bald head as a results of chemotherapy operations caused by the company's power lines located near her school.

    That movie is real. PEPCO got juice in the U.S. Congress.

  • DovesCry

    Is Kwame's father on Sekou's payroll? I just heard that from another person today, thats 4 people who have said that its true. Crazy....

  • http://distcurm.blogspot.com/ IMGoph

    dovescry: yes, he is. his name is marshall brown, and you can look it up in biddle's campaign finance report here.