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Lloyd Jordan Responds to 1999 Story About Lloyd Jordan

Lloyd Jordan, a nominee of Mayor Vince Gray to the Board of Zoning Adjustment, is hopping mad about the previous post LL put up that references a 1999 City Paper story chronicling certain aspects of Jordan's time as DCRA director.

"It's not true," Jordan says of the article. "This stuff is just crap."

Jordan emailed LL with, basically, a paragraph-by-paragraph rebuttal of the original story, which was written by Erik Wemple. In the interest of time, here are Jordan's complaints about the passages cited in LL's previous post.

On his car controversy in St. Louis, Jordan writes:

First my evidence will show that I sued the alderman for his false allegations and he had to make a formal apology. My evidence will show that the car I was given in St. Louis was the same car driven by my predecessor. Additionally it will show that my statement about my hours and mileage was true.

This isn't actually true. LL went poking through the archives and found story in which Jordan first responded to a St. Louis's alderman's complaints about Jordan riding around in a taxpayer-funded Grand Marquis sedan. The full quote from Jordan is: "If Mr. Shrewsbury worries about people having cars around the clock, he ought to know that I work around the clock. I've been averaging 14- to 16-hour days and put on about 400 miles a week. And since the flood situation began, it's been 19-hour days."

The Mr. Shrewsbury mentioned is former alderman James Shrewsbury, who is not listed anywhere in court records as ever being sued by Jordan.

When LL called Jordan to ask, Jordan said he sued another alderman who gave him a formal apology on a different matter. Shrewsbury never apologized for critiquing Jordan's use of a Grand Marquis, says Jordan.

Moving on, here' s Jordan on his alleged preference for a Grand Marquis over a Ford Taurus:

The evidence will show that I was never slated for a Taurus. More importantly the evidence will show that the 3 Marquis cost the District less than the Taurus. I believe tha cost was less than $10,000 for each. Further the second car did not go to a subordinate. Two cars were always used by other agencies or officials.

On the alleged underuse of DCRA's fleet of new sedans:

The evidence will show that when I got to DCRA they were buying 52 car because they were buying the cars retail. I got 80 cars for the same cost. The cars were in Union Station for several reason 1) we did not have title to the all the cars because the manaufacture had gotten the cars for DCRA from several dealerships across the country and all the titles did not come with the delivery 2) at that time we were at 614 H Street and there was no place to put the cars and keep them protected.

And on the alleged $20,000 in spending on his new office:

My evidence will show that this is a lie. The evidence will prove that , I did not pick out one piece of furniture for my office or the agency. The Office Property Management along with a committee of staffers at DCRA and Health and I believe OTR, met and chose layouts, furniture etc. The evidence will show that when I got to DCRA plans for the move was already under way.

LL spoke with Wemple, who says he remembers spending a lot of time making sure he had the goods before writing the Jordan story. (One of Wemple's editors in 1999 was Michael Schaffer, who is now one of LL's editors).

"I just remember being very, very solid on everything we printed," says Wemple.

Jordan, who wrote a lengthy letter to the editor after the original story ran, says he considered suing the paper back then, but decided against it. He left city government in 2000.

Jordan has now asked that the City Paper pull or "retract" both the original story and post linking to it.

  • itsjustamess

    @LL - Would you please kindly tell Mr. Jordan that WCP will pull or retract the original story and post just as soon as the Gray Administration pull and retract every unqualified employee, unmerited payscale increase, and undocumented felon, aka, Cherita Whiting.

    LL, I will be so appreciative if when those who know, know, you would please let me know if it's a Deal or No Deal...

    Thank you sweet writer.

  • samantha

    I wonder what skeletons and decayed rats are under the bed of media who have never contributed to this city but only come to defame and destroy by inuendo and half truths ? DC "new day journalists" are beneath the GlOBE AND ENQUIRER .

  • Drez

    I'm still waiting for the Gray admin to explain buttdialgate.
    To get in the new spirit of things, I'd consider a quid pro quo.

  • Anothernative

    Is it true, is the CP turning into a bunch of scavengers on a carcas. The Grey administration has not been proven to have committed any wrong doings, yet to here you buzzards squawking you would think they had been convicted of murder 1. I can expect as much from the rabid green shirters but CP, you gotta be a bit more professional in your coverage. Chances are that a bird dogger like Issa will at any expence try and make this Mayor look bad, but VG is nothing like he's being made out to be so don't get caught with egg on your face trying to sensationalize sh#t for the sake of a story.

  • Drez

    Gray doesn't need Congress's help to look bad. His administration has managed that all on their own.
    Regardless of how much I resent Congressional intrusion, I resent Gray for the foolishness that invited it.
    One City, soon to be under subpoena.

  • DR

    May the evidence show that Lloyd "Perry Mason" Jordan does not have a firm grasp of the English language. Seriously, D.C. has to settle for guys like this?

  • Sally

    One City, 3 investigations, Fifth Amendment.

  • art17

    @Sally, hilarious!!

  • AnotherDCResident

    We should all send cherita.whiting@dc.gov an email to ask her about her qualifications.

  • itsjustamess

    @AnotherDCResident - Wonderful idea! If she doesn't respond on that email, please feel free to send your thoughts to cherita_whiting@yahoo.com.

  • Hypocrite Much?


    Check out the Gray for Mayor Finance Report where this Lloyd Jordan guy made $20,000.00; Gerri Mason Hall made $30,000.00; Howard Brooks made $44,000.00 and LeRoy Ellis made $60,000.00.

    Now check out where these Gray Campaign people ended up in DC government:

    Lloyd Jordan: Board of Zoning Adjustment
    Gerri Mason Hall: Chief of Staff who's son got placed in DC government
    Howard Brooks: Son placed at Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development
    LeRoy Ellis: Special Assistant to DOES Director Dr. Webb

    Let's not forget that ALL of these people supposedly were financially secure prior to the election so why were they payed all of this money and for WHAT.

    The Gray Campaign had people "volunteering WITHOUT payment" because of the LIE that the compaign was BROKE and had no MONEY and yet these people were paid collectively over $150,000.00, and now they want to continue to suck at the DC taxpayer teet.

  • Concernedaboutdc

    LL is starting to seem like a catfish scavenger. Like Issa, he seems to be more interested in focusing attention on tabloid topics as opposed the greater issues facing this city. Like a 322 million dollar deficit in 2012.

  • The People’s Champ

    This paper has really lost a lot of credibility with this article.

  • imnotleavingdc

    Come on, CP! There really have to be more relevant issues to write about than this stuff! Why are you digging up 12 year old material to defame Mr. Jordan in the first place? Please, please, please write about something relevant to DC residents in 2011.

  • Anonymous, Too

    "Jordan has now asked that the City Paper pull or "retract" both the original story and post linking to it."

    City Paper should ask Mayor Gray tp pull or "retract" Lloyd Jordan's nomination to any position in DC government.

  • TM

    And evidence will also show that Jordan's grasp of grammar and syntax is tenuous, at best, and that he better enjoy one last tug at the teet because the Grayvy train is running on fumes.