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Gray Aide and Nominee Has Car Controversy of His Own

In case you missed it, this week the council decided to delay a vote on the appointment of  Lloyd Jordan to the Board of Zoning Adjustment. Jordan is a strong ally of Mayor Vince Gray and was a lawyer for the Gray campaign last year.

The council voted to delay Jordan's appointment because a number of residents voiced concern that a) the nomination was going too fast, and b) Jordan isn't qualified for the job.

Those concerns do little to interest LL. What does interest LL is that Jordan, who used to head the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs, was once the topic of a 1999 Loose Lips column that reports on—wait for it—a controversy involving Jordan's use of a taxpayer-funded car.

Jordan gained local fame in St. Louis for making an issue of his work hours. When a city alderman hammered him for slinking around town in a city-provided Mercury Grand Marquis, Jordan snapped, "[H]e ought to know that I work around the clock. I've been averaging 14- to 16-hour days and put on about 400 miles a week," according to a 1993 article from the St. Louis Post Dispatch.

At least the director's tastes are consistent: Last year, he authorized the purchase of three Grand Marquis at D.C. taxpayers' expense—one for himself, one for a subordinate, and one for Barnett. "We had him set up for a Taurus or some sort of sedan," says a DCRA official. According to local dealers, the Ford Taurus starts at $16,000, but the Mercury starts at $22,000.

The 1999 LL (TBD editor Erik Wemple held the crown at that time) also reported that Jordan's DCRA had a fleet of sedans that weren't being used.

One of the places Jordan could start flexing his muscles is in dealing with DCRA's fleet of underutilized cars, which are housed in a parking garage near Union Station. Last year, the agency procured about 80 brand-new cars to shuttle its street-level officials around the city. But according to several department sources, only 20 to 25 of the vehicles hit the road each day.

That estimate appeared accurate to LL, who stopped by the garage this week. Rows of late-model sedans sit mothballed in a cavernous expanse at the junction of 1st and H Streets NE, their hoods caked with dust. With a power hose, a few sheets of cheesecloth, and a few flashy banners, DCRA management could turn the garage into a downtown showroom for Herb Gordon's Auto World. Luckily for DCRA management, though, the fallow assets are hidden from public view by a stone wall and a roll-up garage door that opens only a few times each day.

Oh well, at least they weren't SUVs. And one last gem from Wemple's reporting is that Jordan spent $20,000 decorating his new office. "'He picked the top of the line,' says a DCRA source."

For more background on Jordan, via a 1998 posting by D.C. Watch's Dorothy Brizill, see here. LL is trying to contact Jordan and will update as needed.

  • itsjustamess

    correction: that's government-owned vehicle, i.e., police car

  • AnotherDCResident

    LL is getting soft on the Gray Administration. Maybe he doesn't have the stomach for more fireworks, of which there would be plenty when ousting Fraudulent Checks Whiting. I know what kind of work she is actually performing at DPR for starters. Keep her away from the CC #s!!

  • SEis4ME

    Nutjobs unite!

    Alan has done story after story on the happenings with the Gray administration and you nutjobs feel as if he's been slacking in his critique because he hasn't written a piece on some irrelevant woman who possibly lied on her resume?

    Ok, here's the story:

    Cherita is accused of lying on her resume.

    There you go! That's the story.

  • ????

    I don't understand the point of this story? Smear campaign? Definitely, not real journalism!

  • Hall

    Looks like "One City" has a Facebook page now


  • Jim

    Is LLoyd Jordan qualified to serve on the BZA? Well, he was the Director of DCRA and he's a lawyer. Sounds pretty qualified to me. He probably learned a thing or two about land use regulation at DCRA.

    Jordan allegedly spent $20,000 to renovate his office at DCRA. Frankly, I don't see a scandal in that. Shoot, go try to buy some new office furniture. That stuff is expensive. Look, if he took some flat-screen TVs home with him, call the IG. But renovating a city office doesn't sound like a scandal. (Take a look at the nice digs at the DC Council.)

  • Southeast Ken

    isjustamess; thank you for that information about Cherita Whiting in the Washington Times. I too am baffled to why the Washington City Paper hasn't done an article on Cherita Whiting. Reading the article, Ms. Whiting might be losing her job.


  • itsjustamess

    @Southeast Ken - You're very welcomed. It's my pleasure! Incidentally, I had heard earlier this week Cherita Whiting was being fired but had no confirmation to verify it. It seems Cherita's Gray-V train ride is sputtering to a complete stop. Choo-choo! I meant, Chow!

  • Southeast Ken

    This is turning into a circus daily. I wouldn't be shocked by any more news relating to the current administration. I wish I could take my vote back from both Kwame Brown and Vincent Gray. I wouldn't have voted for anyone because I'm seeing, politicians are so corrupt and they don't serve the voters. My Ward 7 Councilmember has never responded to me. The same goes for DC At-Large Councilmembers Michael Brown, Kwame Brown, Miss David Catania, and Phil Mendelson. Some are saying we do have some representation. As I see it, I am not being represented by non of the D.C. Councilembers. I can't stand that bald headed loud mouth Holmes-Norton. I don't care if a federal appointed Control Board take over the District. I currently am not being represented by these clowns in the Wilson Building.

    Do others get responses from their Ward and At-Large DC Councilmembers?

  • itsjustamess

    @Southeast Ken - This is dedicated to you...Cherita's Shoutout

    Check the box! (on the Southeast crew) Check the box! Check the box!...Check the box! (on the Northwest crew) Check the box! Check the box!...Check the box! (on the Southwest crew) Check the box! Check the box!...Check the box! (on the Northeast crew) Check the box! Check the box!...To the bridge now! I feel like checking the box! Check...check...checking the BOX! Yeah, sho you right!

  • Rick Mangus

    Trying to be a BIG SHOT, if I had my way they all would be driving a Ford Focus!

  • Ward 4 Resident

    Many Ward 4 residents that know Cherita Whiting wasn't aware, she's a former convicted ex felon. Emails had been circulating around Ward 4 regarding vicious comments coming from Ms. Whiting. Ms. Whiting doesn't care for Ward 4 Muriel Bowser. They both are former 4B ANC Commissioners from the Lamond-Riggs area of Northeast. Bowser doesn't care for Cherita Whiting either.

    Ms. Whiting personal attacks against others is now coming back to haunt her. She should have remained silent during the election, but she continue with her rhetoric and personal attacks against Bowser and Fenty. Now, her skeletons are coming out of the closet. When I first seen Ms. Whiting, she appeared to be a little rough around the edges (ghetto). After seeing her dam finger nails, she answered my question in my mind regarding her being ghetto.

  • Southeast Ken

    LOL LOL@isjustamess

    These woman must be related to Ms. Whiting. Ghetto as hell! LOL LOL


  • itsjustamess

    @Southeast Ken - I thought you needed a good chuckle today but you got me beat. Those young women were unfabulously ghetto indeed! lol

  • Hypocrite Much?


    Check out the Gray for Mayor Finance Report where this Lloyd Jordan guy made $20,000.00; Gerri Mason Hall made $30,000.00; Howard Brooks made $44,000.00 and LeRoy Ellis made $60,000.00.

    Now check out where these Gray Campaign people ended up in DC government:

    Lloyd Jordan: Board of Zoning Adjustment
    Gerri Mason Hall: Chief of Staff who's son got placed in DC government
    Howard Brooks: Son placed at Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development
    LeRoy Ellis: Special Assistant to DOES Director Dr. Webb

    Let's not forget that ALL of these people supposedly were financially secure prior to the election so why were they payed all of this money and for WHAT.

    The Gray Campaign had people "volunteering WITHOUT payment" because of the LIE that the compaign was BROKE and had no MONEY and yet these people were paid collectively over $150,000.00, and now they want to continue to suck at the DC taxpayer teet.

  • Southeast Ken

    LOL@itsjustamess; my oldest brother have been living in New York City for 40 years. When he sent me this video of these women, I thought about the finger nails. What is wrong with some of our people? I would have kept my mouth closed and not said anything to these animals. I didn't know you could eat on the NYC subway. I think Chuck Brown's music was being played in the background? LOL


  • itsjustamess

    @Southeast Ken - Could the music in the background been - Busting Loose? Awww! Wind me up, Chuck!

  • Southeast Ken

    LOL@itsjustamess; I think Cherita was in the dance scene in 'School Daze' doing the funk. LOL LOL

  • EP Sato

    I wrote to several CMs and the Mayor about a school issue and heard back from CMs Evans (My ward's CM) and Catania. I did hear back from DCPS, so someone must have forwarded my email to them.

    Still, I wrote to the Mayor, all 5 at-large members (4+ Chairman K. Brown) and only heard back from one of the at-large folks.

    From experience, Michael Brown gets back to folks usually, and Mayor Gray did when he was Chair. Not so sure why the constituent services operation disappeared once he became mayor though...

  • WishPeopleKnewtheFACTS

    @Hypocrite Much?
    You don't know much! You assume that Mr. Jordan received a spot in the "gov't" because of Gray...so not true. The people who volunteer to serve on the Board of Zoning Adjustment are NOT employees of the District of Columbia.
    They are eligible for a $25 per meeting stipend. However, Lloyd Jordan waived his right to receive a stipend.

    I see so many people want to talk about how Mr. Jordan did this and Mr. Jordan did that. I don't see anyone making mention about the fact that he waived his right to the stipend...why is that?

    It's so easy to try and pull good people down when you are already on the BOTTOM.

  • Exhausted

    Another prime example as to why the district government does not have to pay top dollar to retain highly qualified personnel. There are not and never have been any highly qualified personnel to retain. DC government cronies are and always have been a roving pack in inept fools who could never, ever find a legitimate private sector job with equivalent compensation. Let’s let them try.

  • NoneOtherThan

    SouthEastKen and itsjustamess are one person. Its a sock puppet. How sad. Get a life.