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House Oversight Committee Does Gray a Big Favor

House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa said today that his committee has launched a "full investigation" into allegations made by the District's favorite 209-vote getting mayoral candidate, Sulaimon Brown, that Mayor Vince Gray's campaign illegally gave him money and promised him a city job.

Issa, a Republican from California, said in a statement that he'd instructed his staff to determine if the District "would be able to swiftly and fairly evaluate the merit of these charges and take necessary action if appropriate."

But the lack of cooperation from Gray's aides, Issa said, led him to believe that the District can't properly investigating l'affaire Sulaimon. "The initial findings of these efforts do not give me confidence that the District government can make this evaluation. As such, the Oversight and Government Reform Committee has begun a full investigation to determine the facts and will report its findings,” says Issa.

House oversight committee investigators will now join staff from the Office of Campaign Finance and federal investigators (the U.S. Attorney's Office says it's assessing Brown's allegations) in looking into Brown's claims.

While on its face this may look like more bad news for Gray, it's probably one of the better things that could happen to the mayor in this whole Sulaimon mess.

After Gray won the September primary, he held a series of town hall meetings in each ward where he'd begin the forums with long and kinda boring stump speeches. It seemed to LL that early on Gray stumbled upon the fact that the audience really responded to any mention of the District being treated unfairly by Congress, and how he was going to stand up and fight against those injustices. By the last town hall forum, the District v. Congress was a major part of the stump speech.

Now Issa, who probably should have been content to let the U.S. Attorney's Office do its thing before jumping in, has given Gray a near-perfect foil. In Robert McCartney's Post column today, former Mayor-for-life Marion Barry advises the mayor on how to handle the current scandal. Barry's advice essentially boils down to this: create an us v. them dynamic between Gray and the media and some councilmembers who were friendly to former Mayor Adrian Fenty.

That strategy might work in some parts of the city, but it wouldn't allow Gray to be the "one city" type mayor he wants to be.

But with Issa, it's a whole different dynamic. This is a town that voted 92 percent for President Obama, and Issa is the congressman who declared that Obama is "one of the most corrupt presidents in modern times." Gray hardly has to even do anything to win sympathy from his constituents, even those west of the park, with Issa as his chief persecutor.

In a statement, Gray's office essientially said, "bring it on" in response to Issa's announcement.

"Mayor Vincent C. Gray reiterated his position that he welcomes any investigation into the matter ... Mayor Gray believes that there are sufficient investigative bodies, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation, addressing and responding to Mr. Brown's allegations. Congressional involvement is not likely to illuminate any additional issues or information."

LL asked Issa's spokesman if any type of political considerations were discussed before making the decision to investigate. He said they were not. That's not surprising, but it's good news for Gray.

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    I just got off the telephone with Congressman Darrell Issa
    office. I stated to his staff, I am fed up with all the liberal bullshit and corruption by the DC Council and mayor. I welcome a federal 'Control Board' back in place. Also, I mentioned, I am fed up with liberal DC Councilmembers supporting illegal aliens and their causes. If a person is legally in the United States and has been fired for not been authorized to work in this country, why in the hell DC At-Large Councilmember Michael Brown and Ward 1 DC Councilwoman Jim Graham defending illegal aliens that has been fired?

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    Residents who are already skeptical of DC's ability to police itself may well say, "If it takes a crazy Republican to root out the crooks, fine."

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    For the record, Congressman Darrell Issa, (R) California chairs the committee that has oversight of District affairs.

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    Rep. Issa bring back the control board and suspend home rule, I can think of over 200 reasons to do so! 'Southeast Ken' thank you for having guts and the fortitude!

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    I do not like the headline, but have to agree with it -- if the HOC conducts a thorough investigation and not a witch hunt. If the HOC investigates Sillyman Brown's background as well. Let's face it, he will not be able to withstand intense scrutiny.

    Your assertion that, "Gray hardly has to even do anything to win sympathy from his constituents, even those west of the park, with Issa as his chief persecutor," is correct. Issa is one of those extremely partisan repugnicants whose sole goal is to ensure the President is not re-elected. He will surely persecute the Mayor, not investigate. I am sure this makes Sillyman happy -- has it brought him a new job?

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    wow! Issa that is a fox watching the hen house. I am with Wendy on this one. Can we say witch hunt.

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    ZOMG, this is so rich. Issa's got a longer almost-rap sheet that Sulaimon! http://bit.ly/eNR5V3

    Forget what Obama-loving DC thinks about the guy. To the extent anybody outside DC pays attention to this, they'll be rolling in the aisles.

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    A witch hunt is only effective if you've been drinking the witch's brew. Can't nobody set you up if first you don't caught up doing the wrong thing. You go, Southeast Ken, you're a man after my own heart. I don't particularly care for a federal takeover but when my house is burning down, I don't care who comes toting a pail of water. Gray is the arsonist in this fire and he should have known to keep all flammable materials and/or information away from Sulaimon Brown 'cause he was an explosive just waiting for someone to flick his bick and light his fire. Thar she blows!!!!

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    @Issa Fact, Jack, thanks for that link. It is all over now, Issa must have bonded with Sillyman during that sit-down!

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    As much as we resent the federal intrusion, we will resent Gray for being so monumentally stupid as to bring this upon us.
    Either that, or we're not one city.

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    The President showing support for this city, right! Let see he hasn't shown leadership or support to the rebels in Libya nor the situation in Japan, or closing Gitmo and played politics with 'Don't Ask Don't Tell, keep dreaming people!

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    Thank you Rick Mangus. I welcome a Control Board. When I was a child growing up in the District before Home Rule, we had 3 Commissioners overseeing District affairs. I welcome 3 Commissioners appointed by Congress back in place.

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    Thank you Rick Mangus. I welcome a Control Board. When I was a child growing up in the District before Home Rule, we had 3 Commissioners overseeing District affairs. I welcome 3 Commissioners appointed by Congress back in place. Although Gray wasn't a great choice, I voted for him because I hated Adrian Fenty.

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    itsjustamess, I read your comment in the Washington Times regarding Cherita Whiting. LOL LOL

  15. #15

    @Southeast Ken - I try to be an equal opportunity commenter...I'm not burying this bone, because I know there's still some meat on it. I'm going to chew it right down to the marrow.

  16. Southeast Ken FuckinIdiot

    Southeast Ken,you are a fucking idiot.

  17. #17

    @Southeast Ken FuckinIdiot; and so is your mammy. Did I hurt you feelings? If so get over it and welcome to the real world of freedom of speech. You might be the person in question with the 12 inch finger nails. LOL

    If so, you are one hot ghetto mess and you or your mammy probably look like Madea.

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    I hope Congress take control over the DC Council and mayor's offices and institute a federal Control Board.

    I am a native Washingtonian born and raised in Ward 7 and since DC got Home Rule, we have had nothing but liberal and corrupt bullshit from the Council of the District of Columbia. The Republicans might be worse, but I am glad there's a majority of Republicans in the House. Most citizens in the U.S. citizens are fed up with liberal bullshit like social programs, illegal immigration, gay marriage, etc.

    On the issue of gay marriage, I don't care if 2 people of the same sex want to get married. Let them be unhappy and get a divorce like most married heterosexuals. Nothing last forever or stays the same in this life.

  19. controlboardadvisor

    @Southeast Ken - LOL...Madea? Cherita, I meant Southeast Ken FuckinIdiot, had better leave you the hell alone.

  20. #20

    Now Lorraine will have some 'splainin' to do! All those dreams of power and glory nurtured for so many years, all those nasty things she stifled her gag reflex in order to be able to do in cheap hotels, offices, car seats, hallways, behind trees, all in the name of "career", now brought to a sorry end of huge attorney bills. Rather then "A" list she finds her self on the roster with the likes for Barbara Bullock, Gwendolyn Hemphill, Beth Dozoertz, Sally Quinn, Rasheeda Moore, etc...

    I hope they look into the sorry Crystal Palmer affair as well. There has got to be a story in how that no talent grifter ever got that job back after doing NOTHIING in it for so many years.

  21. #21

    LOL@controlboardadvisor; too bad I don't have long 12 inch finger nails that curl up. If I did, I would scratch Southeast Ken FuckinIdiot eyes out for attacking me. LOL LOL

    On a serious note, we're not going to get the vote with stuff like this happening, especially with the Republican control of Congress. Hey, we couldn't even get it when the Democrats had everything over the last two years.

    I agree with in the pockets of big business Ward 2 DC Councilmember Jack Evans, Kwame and Gray have embarrassed DC nationally and a Control Board might be back on the horizon.

  22. #22

    I am going to listen to black talk radio at 2 a.m. on WOL and hear what Ward 8 resident Mr. Cordell Shelton have to say on 'Mo Better Man's' show. Sometimes this show becomes a circus of foolishness and I turn off my radio. I listen to conservative talk radio on WMAL and whites in Virginia and Maryland are having a field day making racist comments about the District as if there are corrupt white politicians in those States.

    I tell you, race will always matter in the U.S. in my life time. Black politicians and executives should realize, in positions of power, they must be on guard at all times because most whites in America are looking at them under a microscope hoping that they will not succeed.

    Kwame Brown, Jack Johnson, Vincent Gray, and other black politicians should have known better. Can I consider Gray black because the man is whiter than most whites in America. Technically, we have the first white President in America. President Obama mother is white, but his appearance in that of a black man. I can say that for Mayor Gray. Somebody please tell the mayor to stop dying his hair black and let his gray show.

  23. #23


    Technically, we have the first white mayor in the District of Columbia. I've heard rumors, the mayor alleged to have tried to pass for white at GW University back in the early 60's during segregation and Jim Crowism. If so, I am not mad at him. I remember segregation in DC and in this country. Black U.S. citizens were treated less than human. This is an ugly past in our history in this country. I will take being called an N word or treated less than human by whites growing up to my grave. Hopefully, I will have peace once I've gone on to glory.

  24. Daddy Grace Fish Sandwich

    Looks like that old Gray Goose is about to be cooked...Congressional styled....I sure hope they add a side of Greens, fried fish, and a little Brown gravy....

  25. #25

    @Southeast Ken - You don't have to worry about Gray dyeing his black for too much longer...the stress he's about to be under, will turn it snow white. Heck, it might even fall out. I agree again with you. I am sick to the gills with our so-called Black leadership in this city and the nation. It seems something happens once they get in power. They are so happy to be at the party, they get drunker than Billie Carter on payday and lapse into a power-drunk hangover. Quite simply, they don't know what to do with power. They'd rather abuse it than use it. Power is as power does. Gray has gone from being all powerful to defensively powerless. Fenty, the marathon runner must be scratching his head. His record of doing everything as fast as humanly possible within four years has been embarrassingly surpassed in three short months. If he stays on this course, Gray will be gone in a flash. At least, I'm hoping so.

  26. 4A ANC Commissioner

    What a mess our city is in! If an investigation is opened by Congress, the F.B.I., and the U.S. Attorney's office, there will be more skeletons found in people's closets including other DC Councilmembers. The Cherita Whiting's story will come out eventually. The Washington Times and the Washington Examiner have told Cherita Whiting's story. Remember the Post is read all over the world and the City Paper is only read by a few.

  27. #27

    @DaddyGraceFishSandwich - It's good to see you appreciate my comments so much, you want to repost them. Thank you.

  28. Daddy Grace Fish Sandwich

    I found that comment on the Washington Post blog, but it was under a different scene name itsjustamess. What else can be said about these corrupt losers including former dictator Adrian Fenty?

    I have to finish frying fish for today's fish fry at the House of Prayer. Come get a fish dinner y'all.

  29. #29

    @4A ANC Commissioner - Surely living in Ward 4 and serving as an ANC commissioner, you must know the Cherita Whiting has not been told in its entirety. It'll be like taking the pin out of a hand grenade. Something or somebody is going to be blown to bits. Good thing I travel east of the river 'cause living west of the park or anywheres near Cherita is like stepping in a field of landmines.

  30. Daddy Grace Fish Sandwich

    itsjustamess, this is an original comment by me on this issue.

    The "Herman Munster" of the House. What part of DC's budget are you going to cut? Police, fire, sanitation? Hemie, I just don't think you are THAT stupid to piss of that many people. Remember, you "work" there, and so does your staff.
    You talk about "cutting spending" but you don't seem to mind wasting millions of dollars on investigations that will go nowhere.


  31. Daddy Grace Fish Sandwich

    Adrian Fenty was the poster boy for whites in America with his school reform bullshit. Fenty looked like an idiot on HBO 'Bill Maher's' show. I can assure you, some dirt will come out on baldy. What one does in the dark will soon come to the light. Fenty wanted to pass for white or anything other than black. He had Negroid features and he couldn't pass for white. Fenty favored whites over blacks and he was so dam disrespectful to black people. The late Dr. Dorothy Height can testify to this statement. Fenty will suffer at judgement day along with the rest of us. We are living in perilous times on earth.

  32. #32

    @DaddyGraceFishSandwich - Please don't offend me...I posted that comment hours ago on the Washington Post and Washington Examiner comment page attached to the hot off the press article, "
    House Committee Opens Probe Into Alleged Gray for Mayor Campaign Violations." The only "original" thing you added was "fried fish." I don't mind you using my quotes, just be gracious to give credit where credit is due. Since you don't seem to be able figure this one out - I am the same, "itsjustamess", on the Washington Post, Washington Times, Washington Examiner, Washington City Paper, and every other comment section I pen my words on. If my name doesn't distinguish me, my words darn sure do.

  33. 4A ANC Commissioner

    Itjustamess, I don't know Ms. Whiting personally. She's a former 4B ANC Commissioner in Ward 4. It's a known fact to many Ward 4 residents, Cherita Whiting and Ward 4 Councilmember Muriel Bowser don't like each other. With this being said, Bowser is now Committee Chairwoman over D.C. Parks and Recreation. This is the agency Ms. Cherita Whiting was appointed to by the Gray administration. There's nothing like a vengeful and scorned female. I can assure you, Muriel Bowser is going to make Cherita Whiting's life a living hell if she stays employed at Parks and Recreation. Fenty was an arrogant jerk, but he held his agency directors accountable and customer service was a priority. Since Gray's been in office, I can't get reply's back from agency directors and city employees. Fenty didn't tolerate this type of behavior. D.C. voters got what they voted for, a disaster. On the Dorothy Height issue, Adrian Fenty was wrong and he disrespected black Washingtonians for refusing to meet with this black 98 year old civil rights icon.

  34. #34

    @4A ANC Commisssioner - I know of Cherita Whiting but I dont know her. I've been in her presence, we've worked on several of the same issues and we share many political and community friends and associates. But knowing her or not doesn't sway me one way or the other. It's the principle of the matter. She admitted she did not check the box which also means, she did not fully disclose the nature of her felony conviction and incarceration in a federal BOP facility. Therefore, she warrants being unceremoniously fired from the employ of DC government. If she were any other Joe Blow, she would be a distant memory. She is no different than Sulaimon Brown. She played to get paid at our expense. All I'm saying is, "IT'S OUR MONEY AND WE WANT IT BACK NOW!!!"

  35. #35

    Cherita Whiting is truly the pin that will detonate the grenade when pulled. The fact the media acts as if afraid to cover the story on her is interesting. While I have little respect for Muriel Bowser or Cherita Whiting, it is not Bowser who harasses Whiting. It is quite the other way around. Whiting taunted Bowser for reporting nasty emails to Phil Mendelson in DC Watch just before Whiting left her job as an administrative assistant to become a special assistant. Google their names when they were ANC Chairs together. Whiting started the hostility toward Bowser. In fact, google the Deborah Nichols audit report on the ANC pointing out inadequate controls over the treasury when Whiting was in charge. The required amount of meetings were not held and there are not adequate meeting minutes as required by DC Code that explain how the money was spent. The meetings were December 1, 2003, through December 4, 2004. How did she become an ANC Commissioner in 2003 in the first place with a 2001 felony? This is an elected post in the District. She received a commendation from the City Council in 2005. For what? Now ask who she has bones on. That is where the real skeletons are.

    Whiting has had many people in the police department and school system targeted, disciplined and fired. She is allegedly good friends with the police chief Cat. Her political career didn't begin under Gray. In all fairness, she was appointed to the Commission on Women as a Ward 4 resident by Fenty closer to 2005 when she received her Council commendation. If Sulaimon Brown was the fox watching the hen house, follow the feathers on Whiting because she surely is a much more interesting fox than Sulaimon Brown will ever be. There is no telling what will come to the light of day when she is fully investigated -- if anyone ever drinks the liquid courage to look into her alleged deeds.

    Everyone deserves second chances when they try to rehabilitate and change for the better. With Whiting, though, her actions appear to be a pattern of mistakes more than simple mistakes.

  36. #36

    Hey Southeast Ken, help brother Cardell win the Board of Education seat. FUCK the control board idea because it is myopia concept use to control blacks. Also, have you notice your new recruit that has crawled from the woodwork of hate? Rick Magnus.

  37. #37

    'Tony' if your going to attack someone at lease learn how to spell there name right, stupid!

  38. Brightwood Ward 4 Resident

    Tony your using the race card is bullshit. We have had a mostly predominately black DC Council and mayors since 'Home Rule'. What have they done in the betterment for black District residents and for all residents? I can tell you, not a dam thing. Marion Barry is a disgrace to this city and he should retire and take his Bama ass back to his native Mississippi awaiting for the Grim Reaper to come for him. In regards to Rick, people should have a right to share their opinions without personal attacks against them. Although I might not agree with others, I support freedom of speech. Political correctness has destroyed the way of life in the United States and we no longer have freedom in this country to speak what's on our mind. If you say something someone else doesn't like, it's considered hate speech.

    For the record Tony, I am a black woman!

  39. #39

    The looney's are in the house!!!! Hey! Do the cabbage patch! Do the running man! Do the centipede! Hey! Hey!

    It's no wonder you nimwits were so blinded by Fenty and Rhee. You are utter idiots. Assuming you are DC residents, what nutjob who calls himself a DC resident would be willing to allow the control board to takeover DC. It's the silliest proposition since the idea of Texas seceding from the US.

    If taken, this action will NOT make your lives better. It will NOT give you any better representation. The only thing it will do is give you quacks the undulating orgasmic pleasure of playing "I told you so," at the expense of the little autonomy we currently enjoy.

  40. Brightwood Ward 4 Resident

    With the recent scandals involving Mayor Vincent Gray and DC Council Chair Kwame Brown, the mostly white Republican Congress will institute a federal Control Board to oversee DC affairs. These idiots brought this on themselves. I wasn't a Fenty fan either and I am glad he's gone from sight and mind.

  41. Brightwood Ward 4 Resident

    SEisForMe, I am not being represent now by the Council of the District of Columbia. Who told you politicians represent you? They represent themselves and their pockets. Yes I am a DC native and a resident. I was born 1953 in the old Freedmans Hospital, now Howard University Hospital. I graduated from Calvin Coolidge High School in 71. I left DC to attend Columbia University in NYC and I graduated from Columbia in 1975. Since then, I have been living back in my native Washington. It doesn't matter if a person was born or not born in the District. What matters, if they now live, vote, and pay taxes in the District. They have every right to voice their opinions on District affairs.

  42. #42

    Oh and nice article Alan but you or Mike should reconsider truthfulness when you say, "former Mayor-for-life Marion Barry advises the mayor on how to handle the current scandal. Barry's advice essentially boils down to this: create an us v. them dynamic between Gray and the media and some councilmembers who were friendly to former Mayor Adrian Fenty.

    That strategy might work in some parts of the city, but it wouldn't allow Gray to be the "one city" type mayor he wants to be.

    Well, sorta. But based on the link you provided to the column, neither you nor Robert seemed truthful.

    McCartney's actual words are, But Barry also sought to cast Gray’s predicament in what I saw as an “us versus them” context, an approach I hope the mayor rejects. He said Gray was the target of sniping by a hostile alliance of the media and a bloc of unfriendly council members. He called the latter the “Fenty Four,” saying they supported former mayor Adrian Fenty, openly or otherwise, in last year’s election..

    He went on to quote Barry as saying, “That makes it difficult [for Gray]. One of the anchors of managing a crisis is that you can control some things. [But] you can’t control those four council members,” Barry said. “The press is aiding and abetting the Fenty Four by always asking them what they think.”

    Now based on my reading, McCartney included "us vs. them" in quotes but didn't attribute the comment to Barry. He goes on to explain that HE (McCar) believes that Barry was trying to create an us vs. them dynamic. Those are McCarts thoughts.

    What Barry actually says is that in a crisis, you can't control everything like the Fenty Four, whom HE (Barry) believes are being added and abetted by the media. Those are some of Barry's thought.

    Nowhere in McCarts article does Barry suggest that Gray should create an us vs. them dynamic.

    So come on Alan and Mike. Taking another look at the story, are you reporting on Barry's true advice or what Robert portrays as advice that was never given?

    Saying that the media/Fenty Four is out to get Gray doesn't amount to his advising Gray to create the us vs. them dynamic.

  43. #43

    SEis4ME, no one is going to read the long statement you wrote that didn't make any sense. In the future, please try to make your point without writing a long statement or a book. In other words, please be brief with your comments. Gezz!

  44. #44

    For a tax-paying District Resident to say "I welcome a federal control board" is likened to a freed slave saying I want to reinstate "Massa" to control my life.

  45. Cherita's PR Person

    Amen to SEis4ME and DCRez! While it is true that Barry needed to me removed from power, the Control Board was not the "end all, be all" that people think it was. Remember, it wasn't until Barry HIRED Tony Williams as CFO did things start to get better. Barry didn't realize taht he could hire the CFO but not fire him. Tony did his thing and the rest was pure magic until my girl, Cherita, and her boy, Vinnie, started to 'socialize' on the regular!

    On the next episode of TV One's Unsung Series: "The Cherita Whiting Story!"

    Stay tuned........

  46. #46

    I have just one thing to say about all of this foolishNESS and the people who are involved, "THROW THE RASCALS OUT!"

  47. #47

    Reading alot of the rants,I conclude a lot of folks drinking the same kool aid people drank during the last election and are know realizing the Repucks could care less about the middle class and low income folks. Those relying on Issa to get to the truth, I perdict that the 3rd grader from Alaska will be our next President. Issa is about any bull shit he can find on any Democrat, not about facts or truth.This is stricktly a local matter and should remain as such, the error Gray made was placing too much trust and dependance on the people around him. Its apearent he has learn his lesson, time to move on.

  48. #48


    You read my mind! Every time I see that foolishness in print, I suspect it is stated by either a racist or a self-hating black.

  49. #49

    Those and yes you S.E. Ken clamoring for this Republican to step-in sound like some true plantation Negros.

    Maser…Maser wes need you to come take care of this here problems. You see Maser the new HNIC of DC isa causin some problems.

    Thanks for link about Issa. This story is now become comical. We have a former accused murder running to an accused arsonist.

  50. #50

    @Wendy Washington; that's your opinion. DC is a federal city and has always been under the rule by the U.S. Congress. Home Rule can be taken whether DC has a majority white, black, purple, Asian, or Latino population. This has nothing to do with racism. I am so sick of some blacks constantly using the race card. Are your Ward Councilmembers and 5 At-Large DC Councilmembers representing you and do they respond to you?

    Eleanor Holmes-Norton is a loud mouth individual that will get no respect from Republicans in power. The woman has no power and she need to retire or shut up.

  51. #51

    'Really', you sound like an uneducated typical DC BIGOTT!

  52. #52

    There is nothing that would get me to love Mayor Fenty. I was a huge supporter in the beginning. I spent hours of my time campaigning for him, getting people to donate and advocating for him. I absolutely adored Fenty as a councilmember. That love is loss.

    And equally with Gray, although I will try to afford Gray some more time before I pass final judgement.

    But Gray's downfall does not make me love Fenty. And that appears to be the general sentiment. People can simultaneous be disappointed in two people. It is indeed possible.

    Fenty was bad all on his own. He had the love of the people and squandered their good will.
    And when they were voting him out he had the nerve to invent the reason why they did not like him. CRAZY. If he should attrition on his way out the door things might possibly be different.

    If Fenty had invested time in a decent constituent team and paid attention to trying to boast local economic concerns--he would still be in office despite the level of arrongance. He would not have had everyone's vote but enough of his original base would have stayed with him. His people like Gray's people failed him. All politicians are arrogant --a loft belief in your own self important is a requisit of the job-but some have better staff. They return phone calls, facilitate constituents, our beacons of confidence in absence of the mayor--Fenty had none of that.

    Mayor Williams please, oh I beg of you please consider public office at some level.

  53. #53


    Boy, Mr. Hill doubled his salary in the last 2 years. Not a bad bump in the middle of a recession. You only got that kind of pay increase when orchestrate some quality publicity stunts for your boss.

  54. #54

    I saw Mr. Sulaimon Brown last night on Fox5 DC. The guy seem to have some type of mental health disorder. He need to seek some mental health counseling. Oops, I forgot, former Mayor Adrian Fenty and At-Large DC Councilmember David Catania closed the Department of Mental Health and privitized this agency.

  55. #55

    I thought Adrian Fenty's administration was inefficient, unethical and self-absorbed. As much as I came to absolutely despise him, I would never have asked for the control board to be back. I was here during the control board and basically, us citizens had absolutely no control over what happened in our city.

    I don't know why anyone would want to give up their rights just because they don't like the current administration.

  56. #56

    Terry- that seems to be the the push by Fentites. I guarantee you that most of them were not here during the control board period and as a result, don't know what the fuck they are talking about. It just baffles me that people could be this stupid. Do they really want Gray to fail so badly that they'll be willing to give up the very little rights that we do have as DC Citizens. Just crazy to me.

  57. #57

    The best mayor this city ever had was Antony Williams!

  58. #58

    @Rick Mangus - Absolutely!

  59. #59

    Sulaimon Brown is a complete fool. He is man who tells a "story" of being part of a sleazy arrangement where he "say" he didn't get his piece of the pie. So he decides to run and snitch to the FBI. Sulaimon Brown is a snitch who can't stand on his own two feet, period.

  60. #60

    @tony - It has been officially declared "Snitch Season." Just watch all the snitch maggots come running out of the termite-infested woodwork. Snitch over here, snitch over there, a burned b---- snitching everywhere.

  61. #61

    Hey Ron....I have a hole that you can lick.

  62. #62

    isjustamess; thank you for that information about Cherita Whiting in the Washington Times. I too am baffled to why the Washington City Paper hasn't done an article on Cherita Whiting? Reading the article, Ms. Whiting might be losing her job. itjustamess, dam you are on top of the Cherita Whiting story. LOL LOL


  63. #63

    Many Ward 4 residents that know Cherita Whiting wasn't aware, she's a former convicted ex felon. Emails had been circulating around Ward 4 regarding vicious comments coming from Ms. Whiting. Ms. Whiting doesn't care for Ward 4 Muriel Bowser. They both are former 4B ANC Commissioners from the Lamond-Riggs area of Northeast. Bowser doesn't care for Cherita Whiting either.

    Ms. Whiting personal attacks against others is now coming back to haunt her. She should have remained silent during the election, but she continue with her rhetoric and personal attacks against Bowser and Fenty. Now, her skeletons are coming out of the closet. When I first seen Ms. Whiting, she appeared to be a little rough around the edges (ghetto). After seeing her dam finger nails, she answered my question in my mind regarding her being ghetto.

  64. #64

    @Ward 4 Resident - Maya Angelou says, "If a person shows you who they are...believe them!"

  65. #65

    LOL LOL@isjustamess

    These woman must be related to Ms. Whiting. Ghetto as hell! LOL LOL


  66. #66

    @Rick Mangus, you are a complete idiot and definately could not have been around during the year's of the control board dictatorship or, you have absolutely no belief in the constitution of our great nation. Which ever catagory you fall under you couldn't be as well versed in civil rights as you think.

  67. #67

    Anothernative, i have been working with Rick's wife to help his mental state but progress has not rush out of the starting gate.

  68. #68

    Tony, Rick Mangus is gay. He's stated this many times. How on earth can he have a wife?. People should have a right to voice their opinions without personal attacks or being called names. This is what you liberals do when things get too hot in the kitchen.

    On another issue, why haven't the Washington City Paper written about Cherita Whiting? The woman is a liar and ex-felon hired by Vince Gray in a $65,000 position. What is this woman's qualifications to get this position?

    The Washington Examiner and Washington Times have only written about Chertia Whiting, not even the liberal Washington Post rag.


  69. #69

    'Anothernative' when you all stop acting like children who are out of control then maybe you will have a seat in Congress. I was a citizen in this city during the Control Board and then we got the best mayor that this city EVER HAD, Tony Williams. Washington, DC is the brunt of jokes even in London. Stop running this city like Catfish Row and stop playing the race card every time, it getting annoying and tiresome and it shows your lack of education!

    'Tony', sticks and stones baby, sticks and stones!

  70. #70

    Hey Rickie, i am not into whips,tongue ties.handcuffs, sticks and stones. SORRY!

  71. #71

    @DVHelsing, It's liberal minds that pulled this country out of Vietnam and that is struggling to get us out of Iraq and this other sh@t, as opposed to idlely standing by like lambs being led to slaughter listening to conservative rhetoric using the veil of patriotism sprun by drug addict talking heads.@Rick Mangus, I agree that AW was an excellent Mayor but please explain to me what catfish have to do with any of this?

  72. #72

    '4OURFUTURE' This town had respectability under Williams before we had Walter Washington who was a yes man for Congress and Lyndon Johnson then we had Mo Barry aka (Crackatowa) who ran this city straight out of a script from 'Amos and Andy'! We had Sharron Pratt Kelly Dixon, WTF who lied about how bad this city finances were! Fenty who had no leadership abilities. Now we have Gray who hasn't been in office for four months and need I say more!

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